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Thanks to Pat Richardson for searching all available yearbooks to compile this information.

Kam High Staff List


Mr. Jock Morse 1931 to 1970
Social Studies, History, English, Couns. Band mgr.47-54, Volunteer for many years after his retirement.
Mr. Des. Howard 1931 to 1968
French, dir.of drama, Library
Mr. Vernor Jones 1946 to 1971
Mr. Karl K. Knapp 1946 to 1969
English, annual
Mrs. Kathleen ("Kay") Elder 1949 to 1969
English, girl's counsellor
Miss Anne M. Turner 1950 to 1975
P.Ed.,Biology,Chemistry, coach
Mr. Clarence Duncan 1951 to 1970
English, Social Studies, Geography
Mr. Roy Hyslop 1951 to 1984
Ind. Ed. woodwork
Mrs. Eva M. Dundon 1952 to 1974
Art, French, Math
Miss Hazel Swadling 1953 to 1973
Commercial. KHS Grad. of 1930.
Mr. Elmo Marshall 1953 to 1966
Math, Science, Chemistry
Mr. Jim Barker 1953 to 1982
Social Studies, English, Literature
Mr. Bill Lennox 1953 to 1982
English, History, Socials, coach
Mr. Darrell Rye 1954 to 1984
Biology, Math
Mr. Doug. McWhannel 1955 to 1967
Social Studies, English, History
Mr. Joe McIlwain 1955 to 1970
Latin, English, Law, Ecomonics
Mrs. Marian Owens 1955 to 1969
Drama, Music, choir, director
Mr. Frank Hosek 1958 to 1980
Band, Music
Mr. Ken Wilson 1959 to 1981
Biology, Math, Chemistry
Mr. Bob Cleghorn 1959 to 1984
English, Art, Work Exp.
Mr. Peter Sbrocchi 1960 to 1974
English, French, German
Mr. Mickey Martino 1960 to 1979
Phys. Ed. , Commerce, Economics, coach, Athletic Director. Mickey is a member of the Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame.
Mr. Nick Kalyk 1961 to 1979
Math, Science, Agriculture., Chemistry coach rodeo club
Mr. Clive Goodwin 1962 to 1969
Math, English, Counsellor
Mr. Des Verma 1962 to 1987
Math, Science, Physics
Mr. John Thomas 1963 to 1994
Miss Mary Cameron 1963 to 1986
English,SocialSt., Guidance
Mrs. Mabel Kelleher 1963 to 1967
Mr. Tom Kerr 1963 to 1972
Drama, became director of Western Canada Theatre
Mr. Hay 1964 to 1967
Miss Lorraine Steele 1964 to 1967
Mr. Harry Densmore 1964 to 1985
Social Studies. , Math, Commerce
Mrs. Carlynn How (Ingledew) 1964 to 1966
Home Economics
Mr. Gadd 1965 to 1966
Photography club
Mr. Denis R. Travers 1965 to 1977
Ind. Ed. Woodwork
Mr. Denis How 1965 to 1967
English, SocialSt., Drama
Mrs Martini 1965 to 1967
French, English, Counselling
Mr. Alex. McKay 1965 to 1967
V.P '65-66 and Principal '66-'67. Went on to become Supt. of Schools in Penticton
Mrs. Oak 1965 to 1966
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