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Athletic Awards
Jerry Bond (football); Jim Marchuk (big block), Randy Esslemont (ACC Chairman and service block), Lynda Nicholson (second year big block), Victor Bifano (ACC outstanding service)
Acedemic Awards
Glennis Write and Maureen Sellers (Benzie bursary), Val Cope (Savona Community Bursary), Susan Wyse (Benzie and Rotary bursaries and top grade 13 student award),Glen Burgoyne (Benzie bursary and top grade 12 student award), Kathy Udesen (PEO Sisterhood and Kamloops Credit Association bursary), John Wilkinson (Benzie bursarie and mathematics medal), Ken Smedley (Drama award of tuition to Notre Dame Summer School), missing Linda Myronuk (Benzie bursary)
Top Scholastic Students
Susan Wyse (Grade 13), Alan Bogetti (Grade 11), Glen Burgoyne (Grade 12); Kidu Banks (Grade 10)
Lisa Buss, Jean Schaan, Trevor Goward, Gurmit Singh, Roland Neave
Brian Long, Keith Dinicol, Brian Lyall, Darrell Strong
We think the sign is great
This year the graduating class refrained from extensive paint jobs about the city but left a rather more forceful mark on Mt. Paul. The white limed letters "68 KSS GRAD" are about forty feet high and was no fly-by-night operation. Three students started the operation three weeks prior and planned it down to the last inch.

First they made scale drawings and them mapped out the letters. Finally on the night of Saturday June 8th about twenty boys packed 50 pound bags of lime up the mountain. At 10:30 the boys returned to town with mission accomplished.
Daddy, they're playing our song.

The 67-68 A.C.C. organized a successful carnival which was held in our gymnasium on May 11, 1968. School clubs and organizations created a vaiety of fun-filled booths which provided temendous entertainment for everyone.
Christmas Prom
Graduation Dance
Grand March
Grade 10 Initiation
Hurry! The storm's comin' fast!
But they said Batman never came on Sundays!
Exchange Students
In the fall these four students from Chelan spent one week at Kam High.

Randy Corn, Doris Lucas, Steve Sachenreuter, Len Townsend (Rotary Sponsor)
In the fall these four students from K.S.S. spent one week in Chelan Washington

Susan Rogers, Megan Suffredine, Lee Hartney, Ross Kipp
Woodwork Crew
It's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.
It's alright, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow!
They said there'd be days like today!
I'm sure my waist isn't that large!
Someone hand me a tomato!
I want to play my drum, pa-pa-pum-pum, rum pa-pa-pum!!
O.K. Snoopy, where are ya'?
I dare you to come and get her!!
Let's see: That's a c-a-t or is it a k-a-t? Hmmm!!
Inter School Dance
King and Queen of the Kampus
Powderpuff Football
Sadie Hawkins Dance
West Side Story

The production Westside Story displayed a limitless scope of talent among our faculty and students. It is thought to be the greatest achievement in the dramatic arts in the Kamloops area.

Mr. Kerr, the producer and director, was the moving force behind the play's success. His talent, his drive for perfection manifested themselves in this truly fantastic production.

This play involved choreography and song. James Colistro, a former K.S.S. student now a successful New York choreographer, instructed the actors in their movement and Mrs. W. Owen excellently directed the difficult song routines.

Christine Philion and Connie Glover displayed remarkable ability in choreography. Brian Long, long recognized as a talented actor scored another success. And Mr. J. D. Howard, relatively unknown in the field of acting, excellently portrayed the naïve pharmacist ("villiage idiot").

The production displays two segments of lower class society of the big city. These segments are of different color and culture and we are able to gain insight into the origin of some racial problems. The play is a modern version of Romeo and Juliet and it shows the difficulties of young lovers of different cultures. It is a moving story ending tragically in death. Throughout the play we felt the inevitability of the tragedy and we can recognize the need for understanding among men. And before we reach understanding we must learn to tolerate the differences between men. Let us hope this wonderful play has helped us to realize this need.
Art Club
One of the new clubs started this year was the Art Club. The executive was: President, Gennis Wright and Secretary, Jessie Chow. The members were: Barb Kane, Dot Samerow, Lynn Rutherford, Judy Kish, Annie Vandervliet, Glenna Zais and Cathy Wheeler. Mrs. Howard was the sponsor. The purpose of the club was mainly to stir interest in the fine arts and to provide a place where students could work together. Also the club hoped to be the nucleus of a bigger and better club the following year. Among the projects taken on were helping the committee decorate the Sadie Hawkins, and making the posters for various activities.
K.S.S. Senior Band
First row (left to right): Susan Killen, Mary Frolek, Linda Stevens, Glenda Hubbard, Jo-Anne Connelly, Lynda Myronuk, Pat McCauley, Brenda Bolton
Second row: Janis Killen, Janice Smith, Rod Ramage, Pria Fuoco, Larry McKay, Robbie Gulliford, Carleen Schneider, Don Banks, Robert Geier, Sandra Jepson, Leslie French, Terry Hasler, Fawn McLeod, Lorna Ottley
Third row: Sheila Crane, Brian Hosek, Diane Stoodley, Don Nelson, Nancy Edworthy, Susan White, Lidnsay McLeod, Helen Askew, Susie Rogers, Brian Hayashi, Rick McCoid, Lorna Stevens, Jim Clark
Fourth row: Don Hosek, Jack Nelson, John Cordonier, Alex MacLean, ,Keith Dinicol, Mary Stuart, Phil Banks, Mr. Hosek, Ron Duncan, Gerry Bond, Shelaugh Jolley, Lee Hartney, Janice Banks, Alan Crane, Bill Green, Marylin Edgar, Don Allan, Richard Askew, Glen Burgoyne, Kathy Hewlett
66-67 Band Returns from Expo in August
Kam-Hi's Senior Band of '67-'68 has had a busy but enjoyable year under its leader, Mr. Frank Hosek. The executive consisted of Lynda Myronuk treasurer, and Janis Killen secretary.

The band traditionally participated in the Armistice Day Parade, a Christmas and an Easter concert, and the commencement exercises. It also entertained the Yale-Cariboo Music Festival and scored marks of 87 and 89 for its selections.

The highlight of the '67-'68 season was the trip to Lethbridge from May 10-12. Here the band was hosted by the Lethbridge Junior B and which was originally established by Mr. Hosek and is presently under the leadership of his father, Mr. Frank Hosek, Sr.
Future Nurses' Club
Sheila Turner is the present of the Future Nurses' Club this year. Our vice-president is Darlene Davis. Miss Clements, our sponsor, usually attended all our meetings and our many tours.

We had a very successful tour of Tranquille November 3. Mr. Clau explained the operation of the school and extended an invitation to visit it weekly, which we accepted.

We had three homemade candy sales, the profit we put towards making a cake for the Student Nurses at the hospital on Valenties Day.

We have 28 girls in the group this year. It has been a very enjoyable club.
Library Club
This year's club was small but active. Mr. Cockburn was the sponsor. At Christmas was decorated the library for the Yuletide season. The duties of the members were: repair old books, replace books to the shelf, take care of checking in and out the books and generally keeping the library clean. We hope that next year's club will be even better.
Riding Club
Alison McLean, member of the K.S.S. Riding Club was crowned Miss Kamloops Rodeo Queen for 1968.

The members of the school Riding Club meet every Wednesday noon under the sponsorship of Mr. Rothenburger and Mr. Riis. The 1967 executives are: President Becky Cordonier; Vice President, Tom Vicars; Secretary, Bruce Bolton, and Treasurer, Don Armishaw.

Throughout the year, we held several activites enjoyed by the horselovers. In January it was a sleigh ride, with a big spaghetti dinenr after. Some of our members arranged for the exchange students from Orville to have a horseback ride at Cordonier's Ranch. On several occasions we got together with the John Peterson Riding Club and the North Kamloops Riding Club to have some parties at the Hacienda Caballo. To end off a successful year we helped to sponsor an overnight trail ride to Pass Lake.
Senior Cheerleaders
Junior Cheerleaders
This year the Red Devils footbal team got off to a poor start when they lost 39 to 0 to Penticton. They then beat Kelowna 20 to 12 in Kelowna and downed Vernon 13 to 0 in Vernon. They lost to Immaculata 34 to 0 here and to Penticton 39 to 6 in Penticton. A Chilliwack team came here for an exhibition game and defeated the Devils 14 to 0. The Devils grabbed fourth spot in the league when they defeated Vernon 12 to 7 here. The football season closed with a banquet in Penticton after the Sagebrush Bowl in which the Maple Ridge Ramblers, winners of the Vancouver league defeated Penticton, Okanagan winners. Our football queen, Nancy Edworthy, was in the Miss Okanagan Football Queen contest. It was announced at the banquet that Tom Cook had been named to the All-Star Team.
Boys' Curling
Kamloops' Secondary Schools Boys' curling team under its skip, Mark Ottem, captured the 1968 B.C. high schoold boys' championship title. The rink consisted of Mark Ottem - skip, Brian Chapman - third, Gordon Slater - second, and Larry Maralia - lead. Mr. Bernie Rothenburger and Mr. Ralph Gerrie - coaches.

The boys began a very successful season by winning the North Okanagan playdown at Revelstoke during the Chistmas holidays. They continued their luck by gaining the Okanagan title in Summerland and finally the B.C. crown in Salmon Arm.

The B.C. victory entitled the Ottem rink to an expense-paid tirp to Port Arthur, Ont. To compete in the Canadian Schoolboys' Championships during a week in March.

Although they were not victorious, Mark and his rink represented our school and our province well as they met and competed with curlers from all across Canada.
Girls' Curling
This year's Girls' Curling team consisted of June Colman - skip, Janis Killen - third, Phyllis Colman - second, and Leslei Carin - lead. Mr. Kelly Carin was the coach.

The girls won the North Okanagan playdowns at Christmas in Kamloops, and continued on to win the Okanagan title by defeating the South Okanagan visitors, Penticton. This was the win that gave the girls the right to compete in the provincial finals held in Burnaby at Easter. In the B.C. competition, our KSS team placed second, being defeated by Powell River in an extra game.
Grass Hockey

The Red Angels grasshockey team started their season off on a good note by winning their first tournament of the year. In their final league competition the Red Angels had four wins and no losses. In the Okanagan Grasshockey Tournament they placed second behind Salmon Arm. In October they participated in the B.C. finals held in Grand Forks. They were the only team out of 16 not to have a goal scored against them. The Red Angels travelled to the Victoria University to play in the Easter Jamboree. Out of a total of 10 games they won four, tied four and lost two.

The members of the Red Angels grasshockey team would like to acknowledge and thank their coach, Mr. Fynn and their sponsor, Miss Richardson.
Judo Club
Our Judo instructor was Mr. Sakakabara, a fifth-degree black belt.

The Judo Club began with many members and ended with a dedicated few. Judo, like any other art, requires practise to obtain proficiency. Training begins with learning how to break your falls properly. Then you learn to throw an opponent, hold him on the mat, and choke him.

This year as it was the club's first year, Mr. Sakakabara did not promote any members to higher grade belts. The club met two nights a week in the gym, using gym mats for practise. Next year we hope to have the real Judo mats, as gym mats are poor to fall on. We also hope to participate in some tournaments, which we did not do this year. Mr. Sakakabara hopes to get Judo clubs going in other schools and eventually have inter-school tournaments. So, if you want to keep in shape join the Judo Club next year.
Junior Girls' Basketball
Junior A

Front: Linda McDonald, Jane Clovechuk, Glenda Gesy, Diane McLaren, Sheilaugh Jolley
Back:Janice Banks, Kathy Kjelson, Lucille Matthews, Norm Cleveland, Renny Davis, Linda Stevens, Judy Banks

Coach: Norm Cleveland
Manager: Carol McIsaac
Team: Jane Clovechuk, Lucille Mathews, Linda McDonald, Linda Stevens, Sheilagh Jolley, Kathy Kjelson, Glenda Gesy, Diane McLaren, Janice Banks, Judy Banks, Penny Davis

This year the '67-'68 Junior Girls' Basketball team ended in first place in the league standings and went on to win the Zone Finals by defeating St. Ann's and Merritt. They then advanced to the Okanagan Finals where they defeated Salmon Arm and lost to Winfield, to place second in the Valley Finals. This was the end of a very rewarding and Successful season.
Senior B Girls' Basketball
Sprites — Senior B

Front, left to right: Cathy Lansdall, Rose Anne Shuttleworth, Brenda Lake, Mary Frolek
Back: Judy McKenzie, Debra McQuarters, Ruth Tompkins, Anne Sbrocchi, Caroline Kassiones.

Coach: Caroline Kassiones
Manager: Team: Cathy Lansdall, Ruth Tompins, Mary Frolek, Rose Anne Shuttleworth, Anne Sbrocchi, Judy McKenzie, Brenda Lake

The Senior B team had a fairly successful season with a record of 4 wins and 4 losses. We ended the season by travelling to Merritt to compete in the Senior B Zone Finals where we placed 4th. Much thanks is extended to our great coach, Caroline Kassiones, with a special "thank you" to our co-managers, Deb McQuarters and Valerie Cope.
Red Angels
Red Angels

Left to right: Susan Wyse, Coralea Watson, Judy Seibel, Cherie Kassiones, Janice Gee, Joan Peterson, Lynn Berry, Carol Trowski, Chris Schoening. Coach: Miss Richardson.

The Red Angels Basketball team has been very successful this year. They started the season with their own jamboree and won all their games. In the Christmas tourney they placed second. They also placed second in the Lakette tourney held in Penticton. The Red Angels were invited to compete in the second annual Herbette tournament in Nanaimo in February. In league games they came out in second place making them eligible for the Okanagan finals where they placed third. In the B.C. finals the girls made a good showing with Susan Wyse winning one of the two scholarships given.

The Red Angels along with Merrit and champion Salmon Arm proved that the Okanagan has the strongest girls' basketball teams in B.C.
Red Devils
Left to right: Front: Glen Burgoyne, Doug Cripps, Rick McCoid, Bernie Ivanco, Brian Cowan, Victor Bifano
2nd Row: Mr. Martino, Doug Marchuk, Howard Hall, Pat McLaughlin, Ron Carter, Jim Marchuk, Murry Hedley.

The 1967-1968 Red Devils with some of the best players that KSS has produced have had another successful season. Their 17-6 won, lost record, with only 1 loss in league play, merited them first place in the Okanagan Basketball League.

The Devils were unable to come up with victories in the inal games of 4 tournaments including the Okanagan championship. Jim Marchuk was the big gun this year coming first in scoring and first in rebounding.

Brian Cowan and Doug Cripps, considered on of the best guard combinations in B.C. came through with brilliant performances in their last year of high school ball.

Big Red Carter, first string centre, and Murray Hedley, first string forward had good seasons coming 3rd and 2nd in rebounding respectively.

Doug Marchuk, Bernie Franco, Pat McLaughlin and Rick McCord, all first year men, were the reason for many victories.

Howard Hall, a verteran of high school ball, who shoots a commendable 50 per cent had another tremendous season.

This year's team's performance has been one that has upheld the proud tradition of Red Devils basketball.
Soccer Teams
Coach: Mr. Strange
Captain: Murray Gagne
Team: Archie Jack, John Griffiths, Alan Kuroyama, Randy Wersch, Laurence Greef, Jim Bottoms, Phil Maher, Vice Corno, Dwayne Smith, William Camille, Pat Rose, Bruce Kingsbury, Carlo Corno, Bruce Moffatt, Bruce Landon

The Kam-High Soccer Clubs enjoyed a successful season in 1967-1968. The senior team beat Merritt 9-2 and 5-2. The team also lost their games to Nor-Kam 5-2 and 3-1. In an exhibition game after the season, the seniors held Nor-Kam at 2-1 until a few minutes remained when Nor-Kam manged to tie it up. Next year we will beat Nor-Kam.

Coach: Mr. Strange
Captain: Brian Hodson
Team: Dale Kinaschuk, Alan Burris, Tim Carmichael, Doug Schneider, Abbie Aspin, Bill Hales, Richard Beechman, Ron Daykin, Leonard Adolph, Wayne Hansen, Steve Latta, Robert Geier

The Junior Soccer Club also had a very successful season. They beat Merritt by a score of 6-1 and 9-2. The Juniors lost to Nor-Kam 2-1 and then won 3-1, but had to forfeit the game on a tchnicality.
Track & Field

Coaches: Miss Cole, Mrs. Forbes
Team: Raser Stewart, Barb Charles, Ernie Celesta, Heather Allan, Don Klapechki, Tod Mercer, Howard Hall, Bob Anderson, Laurence Greeff, Jim Huska, Bruce Moffat, Lucille Matthews, Bob Patterson, Brian Cowan, Doug Cripps, Kim Clark, Stephen Jules, Bud Ringer, Johan Griffiths, Terry Frolek
Volley Ball
Yearbook Staff
Left to right: Marion Gavin, Bridget Moss, Lynda Myronuk, Betty McKim.
Back: Mr. Knapp, Walter Harder, Barb Charles, Barry Hill-Tout

Annual Staff
Editor and Art Editor: Lynda Myronuk
Co-Editor: Bridgett Moss
Advertising: Ken Bradwell
Business Manager: Cris Hemingway
Sales Promotion: Marion Garvin
Photography: K.S.S. Photo Club: Walter Harder, Betty McKim, Barry Hill-Tout
Personals: Barb Charles
Sponsor: Mr. Knapp
Students' Council
L to R top, Bill Fowkes, David Scott, Doug Perry, Ed Basile, Ken Gordon, Bill Mainpize, Bill Murdoch, Gordon Bwll, Al Floyd, Ernie Cordonier
L to R middle, David DeBeck, Chris Schoening, Kathy Willan, Lynda Nicholson, Maureen Marshall, Saron Clarke, Janice Gee, Linda Terry, Carol Long, Becky Cordonier, Nancy Edworthy, Linda Martin, Ted Price
L to R bottom, Lee Hartney, Ruth McDonald, Sherry Biagoni, Mary Stewart, Diane Ehlers, Georgine Walker, Evelyn Marr, Joanne Saito

President — Ken Gordon
Vice-Pres. — Brian Long
Secretary — Carol Long
Treasurer —
Social Convenor — Maureen Marshall
ACC Chairman — Linda Jean Nicholson
FAC Chairman — Linda Martin
Foster Child
Elizabeth Milne

Elizabeth Milne is the little eight year old girl from India that the Student Council adopted this year as a foster child.

She is described as "a bright, cheerful child who loves to help". She and her sister and brothers were brought to Dr. Graham's Homes because her father had no job (they come from a famine area) and could not suport them.

Dr. Graham's Homes in Kalimpong, India, have been established for a long time, and have done a wondeful job in helping to provide a home and education for many needy children.

After students graduate from the school, they are placed in jobs, or enter vocational training or universities.

Many high schools, church groups, and individuals sponsor children in the homes.

This year, the Student Council raised money through doughnut sales to support Elizabeth.

It cost $120.00 a year to sponsor Elizabeth, and your support of this project has contributed to a very worthy cause.
A Ham!
Three Beauties.
I Grew Them Myself
Her Only Demure Moment
Dorm Candids
Christmas Party
Girls' Hall
Girls' Washroom
I don't know what she puts in that hot chocolate!?
Dan works out.
Quick, the wall's going fast
Social Calendar 1966 - 1967
Maureen Marshall

    24 - First Student's Council Meeting
    24 - 30 - Grade Eleven Interprovincial Exchange
    30 - Barn Bash

    11 - 13 - S.F. U. General Assembly of Students
    18 - 19 - Student Council Conference in Kelowna
    18 - Sadie Hawkins Dance
    29 - Sound of Music afternoon performance
    30 - Sound of Music four day run

    16 - A.C.C. Talent Show
    22 - Christmas Prom
    22 - Christmas Assembly

    16 - 20 - Christmas Exams

    1 - Pie-Eating Contest
    16 - Hearts and Soles Dance
    17 - J. A. MacDonald holiday

    2 -4 High School Drama Festival
    15 - 18 - B.C. Dom. Drama Festival Finals
    22 - Skating Party
    22 - 23 - Centennial Days

    17 - 21 - Easter Exams
    21 - Inter-School Dance
    23 - 29 - Winthrop Exchange
    29 - 6 Oroville Exchange

    5 - Band Dance
    17 - 21 - Family Album won B.C. Finals
    18 - Band in Penticton
    24 - Gradjinkas

    2 - Banquet and Prom
    7 - Family Album in Vancouver
    8 - Ceremonies in Auditorium
    9 - Student Council Elections
    15 - Awards Assembly
    19 - 23 - Final Exams
Christmas Prom
Hearts & Soles
King and Queen of Kampus
Graduation Ball
Loraine Osborne, Barry Hill-Tout, Linda Martin
Girls to Expo
L or R top — Marsha Irwin, Linda Jarrett, Donna Barnhart, Marleen Goodman, Barb Charles, Diane Ehlers, Glennis Wright, Linda Martin, Sue Atkinson, Jessie Chow
middle — Miss Dawe, Valerie Stephenson, Maureen Wilson, Beverley Popp, Peggy Niemi, Meg Greenwood, Phylis Dalin, Bonnie Hales, Jean Embleton, Beth Marshall, Loraine Osborne, Jean Snowdon, Miss Steele
bottom — Pat Philip, Deanna Barnhart, Janis Ferguson, Heather Barber, Pat Brighton, Carol Weisback, Ada Pain, Marion Garvin

Sponsors &mdash Miss Dawe, Miss Steele

Missing — Nancy Martin, Terry Hasler, Ada Reedman, Anne Sbrocchi, Pat Fetterley, Cathy Clark, Norma Antoniak, Jacuie Pepper, Donna Green, Janice Cavazzi, Susan Howie, Sherry Dunsdale, Frances Wittner, Lorraine Leader, Joanne Laing, Eleanor Spain, Janet Cain
Drama Club
L to R standing — Gerry Conti, Darcy Horn, Maureen Marshall, Bonnie Hales, Bill Murdock, Ron Carter, Brian Long, Danielle Dun, Brenda Smith, Barry Hill-Tout, Ron Proscurniak, Joan McKinnon
L to R sitting — Sheena Ferguson, Gay Rose, Joanne Banks, Marilyn Hanna, Ida Wellwood, Valerie Stephenson, Susan Marnock, Joanne Saito, Dean Chabot
Library Club
L to R standing — Sito Singh, Jean Froleck, Mr Cockburn
L to R sitting — Lorraine Osboren, Ralph Thompson, Valerie
Future Teachers Club
L to R standing — Betty Knoff, Loren McQuatters, Jean Frolek, Donna Shaw, Mr. Morse
L to R sitting — Carol Efanoff, Darleene Miner, Joanne Banks
Future Nurses Club
L to R standing — Inica Zwakenburg, Heather Allan, Miss Clemens
L to R sitting — Lenore Suffer, Judy Burnside, Kathy Middleton
Riding Club
L to R back — Mr. Rothenburger, Carolyn Cassionnes, Alison McLean, Bev Clarke, Tom Vicars, Alan Woodbury, Don Armishaw
L to R bottom — Elaine Woodworth, Donna Shwa, Gretta Larsen, Nancy Kershaw, Sandra Sponagle, Becky Cordonier, Marion Phillip
front — Inica Zwakenburg, Janis Killen, Carol Gardner, Judy Burnside
back — Brenda Smith, Ruth Balf, Lorraine Osborne
Senior Band
front — Marueen Gee, Sheila Crand, Brian Hosek, Mr Hosek (conductor), Janice Killen Linda Palen, Karen MacLarsen
second — Walter Louse, Gary Akenhead, Brian Lyall, John Mobbs, Ted Price, Peter Torregiani, Larry MacKay, Robert Gulliford, Carleen Schneider, Don Banks, Doreen Brown
third — Jane Davis, Lynn Fetterly, Carol Long, Brian Cowen, Rick McCoid, Don Marshall, Glen Burgoyne, Susan Rogers, Brian Hayashi, Mike Odynsky, Dale Braithwaite, Doug Thompson
fourth — John Cordonier, Jack Nelson, Don Hosek, Brian Long, Ray Willie, Ed Basile, Jim Smith, Joanne Connally, Lynda Myronuk, Dave Rorie, Gerry Bond, Richard Askew, Tim Crowder, Don Allen Marilyn Edgar
missing — Jack Fulton

The Senior Band this year celebrated the Centary by going to Expo. They worked hard, frantically saving money earned through chocolate drives and concerts. It was worth every bit of effort. The week spent travelling and one week spent in Montreal were all fantastic. 1967 was a year this band will never forget. There was a great deal of fun, cherished experiences, a few minor accidents, and many good friendships found on the trip.

The students of the 1966-67 Band wish to thank Mr. Hosek, their leader, for giving them the opportunity for such an experience and for putting up with them in the hectic two weeks. Thanks also go to our adopted mothers and fathers who were so much needed and appreciated many miles from home.
Junior Band
front — Anthea Holmes, Janice Smith, Pat McCauley, Mary Frolek, Charlie Hamilton, Leslie French, Warren Simons, Diane Stoodley
second — Lorna Stephens, Melodie Gilardi, Rod Ramage, Reg Fuoco, Ann Sbrocchi, Warren McKenzie, Ada Reidman, Nancy Martin, Doug Marchuk, Terry Hasler
third — Bill Green, Cathy Hewlett, Garth Reith, Don Nelson, Nancy Edworthy, Lindsay McLeod, Helen Askew, Dale Banno, Mike Odybskey
fourth — Don Hosek, Bruce Moffet, Alex McLean, Phil Park, David Otterley, Don McKinlay, Keith Dinicol, Mary Stewart, Phil Banks, Don Duncan, Cam Osborne, Mike O'Neill, Bill McLeod
back — Mr. Hosek, Lee Harney, Debbie Holiday

The Junior Band started the year by performing at a noon concert. Their second performance was the Christmas Concert where they joined the Senior Band and the Bell Canto Corale in a successful evening.

The Junior Band's first concert away from home was the Okanagan Junior Band Festival held in the spring at Penticton. The Band went home holding first place.

The two final performances were for the graduation ceremonies, the first at St. Ann's Academy and the second for our own graduates. These events marked the closing of a successful year.
Sound of Music
Athletic Co-ordinating Committee
L to R Front — Joanne Saito, Kathy Middleton, Mariane Philip, Diane Coleman, Darlene Reilly, , Mary-Anne Cook, Georgine Walker
L to R Middle —Sherry Biangoni, Lynda Nicholson, chairman, Brnea Smith, Ruth Balf, Margaret Clarkson, Pat Blanchard, Bev Kruesel, Cherie Cassiones, Liz Walker
back — Bridget Moss, Brenda Lake, Connie Glover, Chuck Ma, Ken Gordon, Barb Charles, Lynn Berry, Carol Gardener, Diane Ehlers, Mr. Martino, sponsor

Chairman: Lynda Nicholson
Secretary: Kathy Middleton
Treasurer: Geogine Walker

Athletic Calendar 1967

    16 - Red and Back Day Prep Rally, First Football Game

    22 - Football Queen Contest, Big Football Parade to Park

    19 - B.C. High School Girls Volleyball Finals
    18 - 20 - Devils at Prince George
    21 - Devils vs Harlem Stars

    9 - 10 - Devils Tournament
    16 - 17 Angels Tournament

    14 - Devils and Angels to Oroville
    25 - Challenge Cup Game
    27 - Red and Black Day

    24 - Basketball Okanagan Finals

    8 - 11 - B.C. Boys Basketball Finals
    23 - Indoor Trackmeet
Red Devils
L to R Front — Gen Garratt, Murray Hedley, Doug Cripps, Brian Cowan, Jim Marchuck, Bob Gerry, Mary Whitman
L to R Back — David Scott, Manager, Bob Paterson, Geoff Thomas, Ron Carter, Brain Marchuk, Mr. Martino, Coach
L to R Front — Lynda Jean Nicholson, Jane Davis, Judy Seibel, Cherie Cassiones
L to R Back – Lynn Berry, manager, Carolyn Cassiones, Coralea Watson, Janice Gee, Judy Johnson, Penny Marshall, Marilyn Hanna, Capt. Judy Seibel, Coach
L to R Front — John Wilkinson, Gerry Conti, Chuck Ma, Randy Esselmont
L to R Back — Glen Burgoyne, Bill Murcock, Glen Garratt, Murray Hedley, Ted Shukin
Missing — Vince Corneau, Rick Foulger
L to R Front — Ross Kipp, Alex McLean, Mike Sabatino, Doug Marchuk, Lyle Bradwell
L to R Back — Alan Bogetti, Don McKinley, Gerry Blanchard, Dave Thomas, Pat McLaughlin, Fraser Stewart, Mr. Chambers, Coach, Victor Bifano, Manager
L to R Front — Isobel Riley, Chris Schoening, Mary Frolek
L to R Back — Ida Wellwood, Barb Charles, Diane Stoodley, Megan Suffredine, Nancy Edworthy, Ann Sbrocchi, Carol Trowsky, Coach: Mrs. Sullivan
Senior Football
Front — Dean Chaboda, Mike Fripp
Middle — Fraser Stewart, Dennis Rignier, Doug Thompson, Bob Ormond, Allan Critcley, Allan Bogetti, Gerry Dupont, Stan Ashbee, Robbie Heron
Back — John Peters, Pat McLaughlin, Ed Basile, Mr. Chambers, Coach, Bot Davies, Richard Spain, Brian Marchuk, Phil Baker, Grant McLeod, Jim Kershaw, Allan Woodbury, Mark Tully, Everard Miasaki, Stewart Brechan
Junior Football
L to R Front — Dennis Gordon, Lyle Bradwell, Ken Smedley, Jim Heron, Doug Henderson
L to R Center — Mr. Chambers, coach, Robbie Heron, Bert Bucknell, Bret Cornell, Phil Maher
L to R Back — Jerry Dunn, Barry Kaywood, Ron Carter, Kim Melanchuk, Rick Dishin, Murray Hedley
Junior Girls Volleyball
L to R Nancy Edworthy, Ann Sbrocchi, Carol Trowsky, Nancy Irvine, Valerie Stephenson, Darlene Reilly, Lorna Stephens, Joyce Kaminishi
Missing — Susan Hurteav
Coach — Miss Richardson
Standing — Shawn Quinn, Debbie Holliday, Lynette Harvey
Kneeling & mdash; Lee Harney, Darlene Reilly
Sitting — Lorna Myers, Vicki Foster, Helen Clarke
Sponsor: Mrs. Cook
Girls Grasshockey
L to R Front — Diane, Susan Harvey, Lynn Berry, Lynda Nicholson, Carolyn Cassiones, Cherie Cassiones, Jean Frolek, Ruth Balf
L to R Back — Joanne Saito, Sheila Humphrey, Chris Schoening, Brenda Lake, Mary Frolek, Sherry Biagoni, Diane Stoodley, Daine Coleman, Debra McQuaters
Coach & mdash; Miss Richardson
Curling Club
L to R Standing — Mark Ottem, Jim Stewart
L to R Sitting — Janice Killen, Phylis Coleman
L to R Front — Ernie Thomas, Bruce Kingsbury, Don Clovechuk, Don Jury, Bob Chase
L to R Back — Mr. Strange, Coach, Smith, Darcy Horn, Chris Swaine, Murray Hedley
L to R Front — Craig Whalley, Domenic Joslin, John Philip, Steve Jules, Ernie Celista, Bud Ringer, Richard Spain, Mr. Dancer
L to R Center — Don Jury, Jerry Antoniak
L to R Back — Ed Barker, Lyle Smith, Jim ,Rick Dishin, Mike Anderson
Coach — Mr. Strange
Jr. & Sr. Boys Volleyball
L to R Front — Alex McLean, Berry Blanchard, Doug Marchuk
L to R Back — Mr. Woods, coach, Jim Marchuk, Brian Marchuk, Glen Garrett, Ken Gordon
Missing — Doug Cripps, Dale Reimer, Ron Harris, Bob Gerrie, Dale Banno, Phil Maher, Marion Philipic, Bill Zernhelt, Bruce Moffat

Senior Boys Volleyball

Our senior Boys Volleyball Team was very successful in its league games agains Chase and Nor-Kam this year. The team won all of its three tournaments in this leagure, as each team hosted one tourney. Having won the right to represent Kamloops, the boys travelled to Oliver for the Okanagan Championship. In this tournament our team played quality ball in bating out Vernon, but came up against the greater opposition of Oliver and Penticton to end up in third place.

Jim MarchukDale ReimerBrian Marchuk
Doug CrippsRon HarrisKen Gordon
Glen GarrettGerry BlanchardBob Gerrie
Coach: Mr. Woods
See Mommy, Pretty Blocks
Teacher's Widdle Angel
Could I please have my clothes back?
Some Show for a High School!
Wild Prom Parties!
This is the way we do it in Canada.
A Typical Pose
Student Teachers
Teachers in Action
The Students' Council
Seated from left to right: Don McGuire, Arline Oishi, John Rogers, Ted Price, Nita Jongschaap, Brenda Ehlers
Second row left to right: Gail Cruikshank, Georgina Walker, Fae Stroulger, Helen Schuek, Gail Stevens, Linda Fellingham, Liz Walker, Jane Cameron, Linda McKim
Back row left to right: Ken McKinley, Larry MacMillan, Gordon Bell, Ron McGuire, Gerry Bond, John Nelson, Ed Basile, Bill Fowkes

The Students' Council

That Student's Council of ours has certainly been busy this year. Along with all the tradional projects like the Christmas Prom, the grad ceremonies, the Slave Auction and so on, they've been keeping themselves occupied with many a new idea. Each Monday, the reps have had to stand up and give a quick description of Council doings. For Carnival, which they co-sponsored with the ACC, they crated a horrible House of Horrors. Remember the other new ideas – the bulletin board and those life-savers, the book and pen machines?

Congratulations, Council for a wonderful year.

ExecutivePresidentJohn Rogers
 Vice-presidentTed Price
 SecretaryArline Oishi
 TreasurerDon Maguire
 Social ConvenorBrenda Ehlers
 ACC ChairmanNita Jongschaap
 FAC ChairmanSusan DeBeck
Students Council
Our Worker
Hey, I think I like this new dance
You really like my new dress !
Don't look now but I think we're being watched.
Quick, hide the LSD.
Next we add the Sodium Nitrate and pray.
The class of 61
Seated from left to right: Marilyn Osbourne, Mary-Rose Cosco, Linda McKim.
Standing from left to right: John Kingsbury, Susan DeBeck, Peter Fairchild, Susan Rogers.

Fine Arts Council

1965 - 66 was a really good year for the fine arts council – as far as action goes. Remember all the new ideas in the FAC this year – the skit show? the Windfall? the Hootenanny? the Literary magazine? The FAC really tried to push the creative writing side of the arts with the magazine and pulicity for literary contests.

Executive:ChairmanSusan DeBeck
 Vice-ChairmanJohn Kingsbury
 SecretaryMargaret Ladbury
 TreasurerPeter Fairchile
The Band
Toot Toot Toot – the band was on the march again. This year they hit Calgary – and they all came home as Hororary Residents of Calgary complete with white stetsons. Their concert was part of an exchange program with a school in Calgary. With the Glee Club they played in the Golden Jubilee Auditorium - a marble columned and velvet seated affair capable of holding 3000 people. All the band members enjoyed themselves – but then they deserve to for working throughout the year. Earlier on they were busy with community concerts and selling thousands of chocolates.
A Toast to a great Band and a Great year.
Executive:PresidentDennis Semeniuk
 SecretaryLinda Irvine
 TreasurerCarole Long
 OthersRussel Noakes, Judy Hill, Gary Long, Jane Davis
Seated, left to right: Barry Hill-Tout, Darcy Horn, Bill Murdoch, Bill Stanley, Stan Coster.
Standing, left to right: Sheena Ferguson, Joan McKinnon, Penny Marsall, Calista Harvey, Sherry Morgan, Maureen Marshall, Marion Garvin.
Seated, left to right: Barbara Charles, Glennis Wright, Linda McKewan, Karen McLean, Joanne Connolly, Janeene Tyrrell
2nd row, left to right: Sheri Seminoff, Chris Swaine, Cathy Berscht, Ann Vandervleit, Joan Copeland, Cris Hemmingway, Gerry Dupont.
Top row, left to right: Murray Gagne, Sandy Cassidy, Bill Fowkes, Don Clovechuk, Brian Long, Ron Harris, Rick Hunter.
Seated, left to right: Patsy Sutherland, Jane Robinson, Gerry Conti, Karen Kjelson, Elaine Smedley, Brenda Smith.
Standing, left to right: Lesley Preston, Cathy Berscht, Helen Hunter, Judy McKenzie, Carine Campbell, Mr. Howe.
Glee Club
Bottom, left to right: Judy Pulley, Linda McKim, Arline Oishi, Susan Atkinson, Judy Edworthy, Pat Schoening.
2nd row, left to right: Cheryl Jones, Marion Garvin, Joanne Odynsky, Lorne Drummond, Gary Holland, Laurel Osborne, Betty Knox, Gale Abbot, Judy Burnside.
3rd row, left to right: Judy McKenzie, Brenda Edwardson, Susan Rogers, Corinne Black, Gwen Angell, Trudy Munro, Sandy Gabrie, Ed Street, Bonnie Horne, Diane Hay, Janice Killen, Carine Campbell.
Top row, left to right: Sharon Janes, Laurie Woodside, Judy Hughes, Shannon Pelkey, Jean Frolek, Bill Stanley, John MacIver, Teresa Bohn, Anne Preto, Fran Bentley, Sherry Farnsworth, Susan DeBeck, Kathie Middleton.
Missing: John Kingsbury, Mark Warwarwick, Gordon Portman, Russel Noakes.

Our Glee Club renewed honours this year as the best choir in the Kamloops region and in the Okanagan. Congratulations! As a reward for their excellence they went to Calgary to sing in the Golden Jubilee Auditorium. Throughout the year they managed to keep very well with concerts and pie sales. The boys got new red blazers as uniforms.

They sounded great.

Executive of the Glee ClubExecutive of the Boy's Chorus:
President - Susan DeBeckPresident - John Kingsbury
Vice President - Susan RogersSecretary/Treasurer - Russell Noakes
Secretary - Marilyn BarnesWardrobe/Music - Gary Holland
Treasurer - Marilyn Osborne
Wardrobe - Pat Schoening
Social Convenor - Sherry Farnsworth
Music - Bonnie Horne
Seated, left to right: Evelyn Anderson, Barbara Allen, Jane Davis, Christine Landbury
Standing, left to right: Karen McLaren, Linda Ziebart, Cathy Willian, Laurie Woodside, Sharon McHale, Pat Philips.

When you went to the Carnival, do you remember seeing the Pink Panther Pool and the Goodies-A-Go-Goo home baking? Those were made up by the busy Y-Teens. They've had projects to spare this year with the Retarded Children's Home, Tranquille School, Christmas Hampers and of course the Thursday noon donut sales, Their meetings have been busy too with speakers and discussions, slides and singsongs. In the party line, they've gone swimming in February, eaten all kinds of international dishes at their gourmet dinner in May and half drowned next year's members at a swimming prepper party.

Have fun next year, Y-Teens.

PresidentJane Davis
Vice presidentBarbara Allen
SecretarySharon James
TreasurerMary Rose Cosco
ProgramChris Landbury
RecreationLaurie Woodside
Social ConvenorEvelyn Anderson
DevotionalsJudy Harbridge
Photo Club
Barry Hill-tout

SponsorMr. Persello
PresidentBarry Hill-tout
Members:Walter Harder
 Doug Green
 Ross Waslenchuk
 Bart Vogelzang
 John Wilkinson
 Brian Lyall

The photography for '66 has been handled almost exclusively by Barry Hill-tout; his face has become very familiar at all school functions with his camera poised and ready for action. The photography and development of the pictures in this book are due almost entirely to him. Therefore we take this opportunity to thank him.
Library Club
Seated, left to right: Adele Saemerow, Margaret Osborne, Susan Atkinson, Maureen Wilson.
Standing, from left to right: Betty McKim, Lorraine Osborne, Charlotte Jones, Elaine Brown, Valerie Ross, Glennis Wright, Caroline Hewer.
Top from left to right, Wade Thompson, John Veillette, Anne Preto, Cheryl Bertolotti, Dianne Sternig.

We all owe thanks to the library club for all the work its done for us this year. Every day they have kept the filing up to date and on work bees they fixed up the old books and covered the new ones, Life wasn't all work and no play though for they went out to dinner three times, saw one show and went to a dance,

They deserved it and thank you.

PresidentValerie Ross
Vice PresidentBetty McKim
Social SecretaryLorraine Osborne
Seated, left to right: Jan Carter, Maureen Crawford, Mary-Rose Cosco, Fae Stroulger, Elizabeth Ottens, Jane Cameron.
Standing from left to right: Susan DeBeck, Liz Walker, Maureen Marshall, Lynda Jean Nicholson, Laurie Woodside, Linda Palin, Sharon Clarke, Donna Becker, Pat Blanchard.

That school newspaper of ours had a very productive year for 1965 - 66. Nine issues must be almost a record, Special credit should go to
Linda Myers - Advertising;
Mark Bayntun and Mary-Rose Cosco - News;
Chris Swaine and Lynda Jean Nicholson - Sports;
Lorrie Wilson - Art;
Patsy Sutherland, Brian Long, Lynda Myronuk and John Wilkinson - Features;
Sharon Clark and Maureen Crawford - Typists;
Liz Walker, Jane Camerron, Jan Carter, Pat Blanchard and Donna Becker - Humor;
and of course the editors, Margaret Ladbury and Fae Stroulger.
Future Nurses
Seated, left to right: Marsha Irwin, Ronali Wheeler, Linda Taylor, Sue LaFave
Standing, left to right: Maggie Pamucky, Sheila Turner, Sheila Johnson, Leslie Preston, Brenda Edwardson.

The hi-light of the year for the Future Nurses was the tour of the Royal Inland Hospital, the new wing and the Residency. But this wasn't their only activity. During the rest of the year, they heard speakers on just about every branch of the nursing profession. To bolster their firsthand, practical knowlede of nursing they all did volunteer work for the Public Health Baby clinic, Remember the Bag Drive? That was sponsored by the Future Nurses to aid the Public Health Nurses with their polio vaccine program.

Good luck with your careers!

PresidentLinda Taylor
Vice PresidentSheila Turner
Secretary/TreasurerSusan LaFave
Future Teachers
Seated, left to right: Linda McKim, Marjorie Humpries, Linda Lupic.
Standing, left to right: Linda Martin, Carol Kemp, Betty Knox.

The school marms of the future have been busily preparing for their chosen profession. All the future teachers had a first hand look at elementary school teaching by observing at Allan Matthews. Two of them, Linda McKim and Carol Kemp, went down to UBC for a fascinating conference on Teaching, Remember the Book Bin? All your old books went to the hospital via the Future Teachers.

Happy chalk-pushing.

PresidentMarjorie Humpries
Secretary/TreasurerCarol Kemp
Inter School Christian Fellowship
Seated, left to right: Judy Edworthy, Marilyn Osborne, Linda McKim.
Standing, left to right: Caroline Hewer, Harold Bloomfield, Bob Hearn.

The ISCF had a very successful revival this year. With plenty of action. They had speakers, some really hot discussions and of course some social events like carrolling and toboganning. Their candidate in the Basketball Queen Contest, Judy Edworthy, was crowned with honour. Remember that fabulous hootenanny? That was the ISCF.

PresidentBob Hearn
Vice President/Prayer and Devotional SecretaryHarold Bloomfield
Secretary/TreasurerJudy Edworthy
Missionary/SecretaryCaroline Hewer
Canadian Young Nationals
Remember the stir that the Canadian Young Nationals caused at the beginning of the year? It was election time and the club invited all the candidates to speak on their policies. When Mr. Diefenbaker hit town they turned out en masse to meet him. The members received first hand information on how elections are run by working on the various campaigns. And then there were the lucky six who went down to Vancouver for a personal meeting with the Prime Minister.
Thanks for livening it up, kids!

PresidentJohn Kingsbury
Vice PresidentMargaret Ladbury
SecretaryPeter Fairchild
TreasurerRon Strom
Message From The Social Convenor
It once was commonly believed thatKamloops Secondary School had a great lack in school spirit. The notion has, in just seven months been proven false,

School-sponsored events, including hootenannies, cakewaiks, a slave auction and indoor trackmeet met with keen enthusiasm; the Sadie Hawkins Dance even boasted a near-record attendance. Football games literally swarmed with kids and the long-lost cheerleaders turned out in double force. Support for the Devils was high - even feverish at times (especially during the B.C. playoffs in basketball),

Although havoc seemed sometimes to have taken over during the planning stages, the Christmas Prom and the Graduation Dance were wonderful highlights in the season, And after the sweat and tears, the exhaustive planning and cooperation of many, our biggest venture, the Carnival, turned out a real success,

In the big and the small from the start to the end, the word has been "get-up-and-go" Many have worked hard giving unceasingly of their time and talents to make the social year truly worthwhile.

Best thanks to my fellow students for all their support and best of luck to the Social Convenor next year,
Brenda Ehlers


September 24Red and Black Day, spaghetti dinner, football parade, oening game
October 22Sadie Hawkins Dance
October 29House Trackmeet, football queen parade and crowning
November 8 - 15Rotary Student exchange with Coulee Dam
November 19Westbank Council Conference
December 3Fulton Hat Dance
December 22Christmas Prom
January 5Slave Auction
January 6Bomb Scare
January 11Slave Day
January 28Fee Beepkin Bob
February 11Davis Valentine's Dance
April 29Zombie Shake (Inter-school Dance)
May 1 - 8Kiwanis Student Exchange with Oroville
May 7KSS Carnival
May 25Gradjinkas
May 27Graduation dance, banquet
June 10Graduation ceremonies
Riding Club
Seated, left to right: Jennifer Kirby, Greta Larsen, Doneen Head, Ruth Draper, Carolyn Cassiones, Donna Shaw.
Standing, left to right: Mr. Rothenburger, Don Armishaw, Tom Vicars, Alison McLean, Becky Cordonier, Mark Warkwarick, Clinton Landalls.

The Riding Club in KSS has become a popular and busy one. All the enthusiasts meet to talk horse-talk and to plan Fun-days for Bare-back racing, water racing, Barrel racing and all the rest.

They don't need an executive but Mr. Rothenburger is the sponsor.
Sandra Swaine and Fae Strouler

Slurp! Do you remember those spaghetti dinners the Hustlers put on? The school spirit club. Football and Basketball really kept them busy with all the posters and cheerleading.

Yah! Hustlers!

PresidentSandra Swaine
Vice PresidentLarry MacMillan
SecretaryFae Stroulger
Slave Days
The Group
… And you have to take it to bed with you
Why doesn't everyone wear slip-ons!
Three Easy
steps to
a bath
Exchange Students from Coulee Dam
Exchange Students from Oroville
Exchange Students to Oroville
Exchange Students to Coulee Dam
Again this year Kam High has been fortunate enough to have two exchange programmes.

Speaking for the exchange students, I'm sure they all had a marvellous time and benefited from their experiences.
Challenge Cup and Indoor Track Meet
Bat Man
Skit Day
What! No Hankie-Pankie
Athletic Co-ordinating Committee
Seated, left to right: Fac Stroulger, Nita Jongschaap, Ron Maguire.
2nd row, left to right: Linda Fellingham, Leslie Saunders, Lynda
Nicholson, Donna Becker, Liz Walker, Peggy Betts, Fawn McGillvary.
Top row, left to right: Jean Embelton, Maureen Marshall, Leong Leong,
Ed Basile, Maureen Ahern, Ken Gordon, Cherie Kassiones, Mary Jones.


What's the ACC been doing this year? Just about everything it seems. The year started with that great big bang - the football parade, Remember that? And then there was the basketball season when they sent the Devils down to the BC finals. That was the first year that KSS ever had a Basketball Queen and sock hops after the games, The climax was probably the Carnival though with all the food booths. If that didn’t seem like a full enough schedule there were all the money raisers to get the ACC out of its ever rising debts. After all you can’t sponsor five basketball teams, a football team, a grass hockey team, a volleyball team, a track team and a house system on mere peanuts.

Three cheers for the ACC and the fabulous job its done this year.

ChairmanNita Jongschaap
SecretaryFae Stroulger
TreasurerRon Maguire

Football Queen Contest
The second annual football queen contest was indeed a success! For three weeks six girls worked hard to try to win the title of Miss Football Queen. The contest was based on who could sell the most tickets to the game. Contestants included Sandra Swaine representing the Y-Teens, Sandra Taylor, representing the ACC of Kamloops, Rita Gardener, representing the AGC in Nor-Kam, Marylyn Barnes, for the Glee Club, Jane Cameron, for Students’ Council1 and finally the mysterious Miss “X” representing the Grade 13's. Miss “X” turned out to be Joe Mazotta.

Rita Gardener of North Kamloops, placed first in the contest. She received prizes donated by the Kamloops merchants totaling over $200.00. Ron McGuire, the captain of the football team had the privilege of crowning Rita. Runner up was Sandra Swaine of Y-Teens and there was also Jane Cameron of Students’ Council.
Red Devils
During the football season of 1965, the Red Devils placed third, winning four, losing four. They also played an exhibition game against Stevenson High of Vancouver and won it with a score of 13 – 7. This exhibition game was the Devils’ first win of the season after losing to Vernon Panthers, 27 - 13 and Kelowna Cubs, 33 – 18. After this win the Devils picked up in spirit and won their next two games against Penticton Golden Hawks and Kelowna's Immaculata Dons They then travelled to Vernon and lost a heart-breaking game with a score of 25 - 19 The following weekend in Kamloops they were trampled into the ground with an insulting score of 33 – 0. These last two losses ended the Devils' hopes of obtaining a play-off berth. The Devils came on strong in their last two games against Penticton Golden Hawks and Kelowna Immaculata Dons with a 13 - 0 and a 30 - 0 score respectively.
Red Devils
This was another year of disappointments for the interior champions. Under the expert coaching of Mr. Martino the big red rambled to another Okanagan Championship. In this tournament Bob Hearn, Bob Paterson, Dave Marshall, and Brian Marchuk, also M.V.P., were placed on the all-star team. The Devils again went undefeated in regular league play. However, the final tournament in Vancouver was a different story as they lost out to Oak Bay.

Lacking competition in the previous years, this year the team had a great number of games, Next year looks more promising as trips are planned to Oroville, Vancouver, Prince George, and Lethbridge. The Red Devils actually travel further than any other B.C. high school team.

With all this competition, what was lacking? Some say it was spirit, some say coordination between players, and others say it was talent, but in my opinion it was a bit of all three. To be a winning team you must be talented in all three fields. The Devils have lacked something every year. With a bit of luck, which every team needs, this team could be one of the best again next year, if not the best.

The team consists of:
22Bob Hearn - captain10John Rogers
15Dave Marshall - captain21Ron Kurlyowich
14Brian Marchuk13Doug Cripps
12Bob Paterson4Brian Cowan
3Paul Kipp20Larry Barton
Coach - Mr. MarinoManager - David Scott
Red Angels
The Red Angels had a very successful year of basketball placing third in league standings and third in zone playoffs. This proves that the Angels are still going strong.

They had the opportunity to travel to many different places during the season and, under the supervision of the coach, Miss Richardson, they represented KSS more than adequately.

Judy Seibel - mangagerNoreen Marshall
Joan McKinnon - managerGail Stevens - co-captain
Miss Richardson - coach
Sprites and Stars
Seated, left to right: Gordon Bell, Murray Cullen, Rick Foulger.
Standing, left to right: Bill Murdock, Brian Stewart, John Campbell, Bob Gerrie, Mr. Kalyx.

The Stars this year enjoyed a fairly successful season. In the Kamloops home tournament they won and advanced to the Okanagan finals. Unfortunately they lost out in this tournament losing both games they played by very narrow margins. A great deal of credit goes to Mr. Kalyx and all the boys who worked so hard to make this such a successful season.
Seated, left to right: Mary-Ann Cook, Lorraine Dahl, Judy Seibel, Joanne Connolly, Charlotte Jones.
Standing, left to right: Barbara Charles, Maureen Floyd, Laurie Woodside, Helen Jones, Maureen Marshall, Anne Martin.
Junior A Boys
Seated, left to right: Murray Hedley, Bruce Bucham, Ted Shuken, Jim Marchuk, Randy Esselmont.
Standing, left to right: Gerry Conti, Rick McCoid, Gerry Bond, John Wilkinson, Bob Chase.

The Junior A team this year had a very successful season. They played in a league of eight teams. They won all of the first twenty-two games they played, but lost the last game of the final so St. Ann's.

The team members are as follows:
Guards: Rick McCoid, Jim Marchuk, Bob Chase, John Wilkinson, Gerry Conti
Forwards: Gerry Bond, Ted Shuken, Randy Esselmont, Bruce Buckham, Ron Barton, Murray Hedley, Bryan Lyall
Manager: Brian Hayashi
Coach: Mr. Mol Galoway of North Kamloops
Left to right: Lynda Nicholson, Maureen Marshall, Sandra Swaine
Seated, left to right: Linda Jarrett, Linda Fellingham, Judy Seibel, Cheryl Jones, Anne Martin, Andrea Ross.
Standing, left to right: Jean Embelton, Laurie Woodside, Heather Allen, Barbara Dick, Myrna Buckley, Anne Preto, Carine Campbell, Lorraine Romanin, Penny Marshall.

Grasshockey had a very good run this year with our KSS team placing first in zone playoffs between North Zone and Kamloops Zone. The team then travelled to Salmon Arm and placed second in that tournament. Congratulations!

The members of the team are:
Carolyn KassionesCalista HarveyNoreen MarshallSusan Harvey
Cherie KassionesMary Ann CookRuth BalfMary Jones
Leslie SaundersBetty McKimLynn BerryBonnie Horn
Myrna Kinzel
Seated, left to right: Leslie Saunders, Mary-Ann Cook, Penny Marshall, Lynda Nicholson, Tana Clark, Betty McKim.
Standing, left to right: Susan Harvey, Lynn Berry, Ruth Balf, Laurie Woodside, Mary Jones, Carolyn Kassiones, Bonnie Horne, Cherie Kassiones.
Ski Club
Seated: Miss Clemens.
Standing, left to right: Brian Perry, Carole Bellos, Miss Hodge.

The Ski Club again had an enjoyable year. Their main activity was arranging bus trips up to Mount Todd. There were the usual accidents, including Miss Clemens' broken leg, but altogether they ahd a grand time.
Curling Club
Seated, left to right: Myrna Buckley and Anne Coates.
Standing, left to right: Ron Maguire and Brian Buckley.

The curling club got off to a great start around the middle of November. The fun really began after Christmas when the Bonspeils got underway. Our Bonspeil took place on February 13 and 14 with teams entered from as far away as Quesnel. The Quesnel team took home the trophy for first in the "A" event but the Stewart Malcolm rink of Kamloops managed to win the "B" event. In March four Kamloops teams travelled to Ashcroft. They all had a great weekend and were quite successful. The John Rogers team came home with the first in the "A" event while Ron McGuire took second in "B".

All in all it was a fairly successful year and we all had a lot of fun.
Annual Staff 1965 - '66
Bill Murdock
Bill Stanley

TypistLorraine Osborne
Business ManagerCris Hemmingway
PersonalsEd Basile
John Peters
Marion Garvin
HelpersGary Holland
Andrea Ross
Carole Long
PhotographyBarry Hill-tout
Neil McDonald
ArtSandy Larsen
John Veillette
Sports, BoysBill Murdoch
AdvertisingCalista Harvey
Bill Stanley
Gary Akenhead
Gary Holland
Cris Hemmingway
Cathy Wheeler
PresaleCathy Wheeler
Sports, GirlsLinda Palin
ClubsMargaret Ladbury
ChauffersGary Holland
Al Floyd
DedicationJohn Rogers
SponsorMr. K. K. Knapp
All together now, I love Mrs. Kelleher!
Hmm, let's see now, it says here two points for every basket and …
Lost in thought
Not now, he's watching.
The Royal World
Where's Shirley, Mike?
Romeo and Juliet at work
Where's everybody?
Wot Hoppen?
What's so interesting about the book?
Playing "Old Maid" perhaps?
Why doesn't everybody look this way?
Real ornery atmosphere, ain't it?
Two's Company, ten's a crowd.
The Kampus Staff

Kay Strong
Social Editor

Kaz Yasui
Business Manager

Bruce Verchere
Assistant Editor

Ricky Webber
Advertising Editor

Mich Nishizaki

Joan Ellis
Literary Editor

Shirley Evans

Sylvia Huntington

John Hilliker
Advertising Manager

Ruth Stockstad
Girls' Sports

Keith Patinson
Boys' Sports

May Ichii
Art Editor
Mr. Howard

Mr. Knapp

At last . . . it's all over! Never again! These worried comments have oft been spoken by former Editors of the Kampus but this year we have enjoyed (up to a point) the compiling of "Kampus '53". It has been quite an experience and a tremendous amount of work but with the splendid co-operation of the Staff it was done.

This year perhaps for the first time in many years we did not lack copy but had an abundance of it, resulting in a few overcrowded pages. However, we think overcrowding a bit helps to serve our purpose of presenting you the student, with an over all view of student activities during the past year. Naturally we were not able to get a complete coverage of all events, but have tried to portray the highlights. You will of course notice many omissions but we hope these omissions will be made less noticeable by our divider pages which carry our theme and our photoplate pages which attempt to do likewise.

The past year has been a year of tremendous activity in extra curricular activities. The Red Devils have brought back the trophy for the most sportsmanlike team which reflects the type of sports present in K.H.S. The cinder track, one of the best in B.C., is now complete and is in use. Taking a great part in the Social whirl was the newly organized “Rhythm Kids”, Kamloops High Schools’ own musicians. Mr. Humphreys should be congratulated for heading such a fine band.

As we have just moved to this new school overlooking Kamloops, it would be singularly fitting if this our “Kampus ‘53” has caught, with its pages the hope and anticipation which surrounds this school.

The sponsors and staff of the “’53 Kampus” specially hope that you will find this book to your satisfaction and up to your expectations, and may we congratulate the graduates of this Coronation Year, 1953.
Mich Nishizaki


Mrs. Dundon, Peggy Fennell, W. Schilling, K. Beck, B. Hawryschuck, J. Barwell, J. Chalmers, L. Day, B. Wilson, and others who helped with advertising.

Kampus Coronation Dance
Queen Betty Taylor
Crowned by Mr. Howard
Stella CampShirley EvansBetty TaylorLorraine WhelanKay Vickers

One of the most memorable events of the year was the crowning of Betty Taylor as Queen of the Kampus at the B.C. Girls' Tournament Dance. The contest which resulted in the crowning of Betty was sponsored by the Kampus Staff. This organization's sponsor, Mr. Howard crowned Betty, who was selected by popular vote over four other contestants. The other popular candidates were Stella Camp, Shirley Evans, Lorraine Whelan and Ray Vickers.

After the crowning and the presentation of an identification bracelet and a corsage to Her Highness, the five lovely contestants were led off the stage their escorts and began the 'Victory Waltz" to the terrific music of K.H.S's own Rhythm Kids. This new ten-piece dance band is under capable leadership of Stan Humphries, who really deserves a great deal credit for producing such an outstanding group musicians.

This dance which held in the Gym was first “sock dance" of year. From all reports visiting girls really enjoyed themselves and they thought dancing in Gym was a very appropriate way of ending the successful tournament.
"You Can't Get a Man With a Gun"
Senior Metric Party
Hi-Y House Party
"Mildred Is My Name"
"Stork Club Dance"
Ici on Parle Francais
K.H.S. Dustpan
The Dustpan swung into action early in September under the sponsorship of Mr. Barker. The first election for officers was held in September but with the resignation Of a few members, from the staff, another election was held in January.

The following comprised the staff of the Dustpan:
Advisory Editor Mich Nishizaki
Editor Joan Ellis
Assistant Editor Ricky Webber
Social Editor Kay Strong
Literary Peggy Fennell
Business Manager Benita Hawrschuck
Advertising Barbar Stephens
Exchange Jean Pyper
Circulation Tcheka Livett
Helen Hayward
Girls’ Sports Eleanor Higham
Boys’ Sports Mike Tonks
Henry Wakabayashi
Typing May Ichii
Mary Kuromi

The students of KHS have given us excellent support this year and we hope you will continue to support us in '54.
The Girls' Hi-Y has been very successful this year.

The executive consisted of: Audrey Pope, president; Shirley Evans, vice-president; May Ichii, secretary and Sylvia Huntington, treasurer, and sponsor Miss McArthur.

We started off the year by sponsoring a talk about the United Nations by Professor Haar of U.B.C. Following this came Initiation and Recognition. The Recognition Service was held during the Church service rather than after it. This year the Fall Conference was held in Kelowna in November and we chartered one of the school's buses to go down. Our parties throughout the year were lots of fun.

We completed one of our Service Projects at Christmas when we supplied a welfare family with gifts and a hamper.

Other events were the Christmas Assembly, housemeeting. We also ushered at the opening of the school and strung tags for the Orchestra Tag Day.

Preppers started in April along with plans for the 4th Annual Hi-Y Hoedown.

The completion of our main project of the year (we want to send a needy boy to a Fresh Air camp), the election of next year's executive and Graduation will take place in June. The new president and vice-president will attend President's Training Camp in order to make next year’s club better than ever.

Inter School Christian Fellowship
This year the ISCF was started in the new school under the sponsorship of Miss Lawrence. Our meetings which were held on Wednesdays, at noon, were opened with a prayer, followed by hymns and chorus, and finally by Bible study. Once a month there was either a social or a guest speaker. The socials this year included a wiener roast, a skating party, and a house party which were enjoyed by all. The members of the executive for the year were: president, Bill Smeaton; vice-president, Joanne Coxson; secretary, Franklin Arthur; Social convenor, David Reeves; adverting, Allan Thompson; sunshine secretary, Violet Bailey.
Pep and Cheer Club
Cheerleaders and the Pep Club

This year the cheerleader club started with a bang. Quite a large number of girls turned out for practice but only five were picked as cheerleaders. These girls, Truth Savage, Jenny Yuskiw, Bernice Armstrong, Dorothy Boyd and Penny Duck were ably assisted by Ricky Webber and Eddy Marini. However for one reason or another the boys dropped out leaving the girls alone. During the first part of the year Eddy Marini and Beverly Barwell were elected president and secretary-treasurer respectively. When Eddy left school, another election was held placing Bev. Barwell president and Eleanor Higham secretary. The girls cheered for many of the games, practising hard before each game to perfect the cheers. However they only made one trip to Salmon Arm. The Pep Club which started out with lots of assistance soon dwindled as the kids did not sit together and yell as one voice. Next year we hope to see better co-operation between the Pep Club and Cheerleaders.
Curling Club
The highlight of the Curling Club's very successful year was the trip to Vernon. Archie Gaber's rink was entered in the competition for the right to represent B.C. at the Canadian High School Curling Championships, but was defeated. Several other rinks were also entered in the bonspiel, but were not successful.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Beaton very kindly donated to the club "The Shirley Beaton Memorial Trophy" to be used in the high school bonspiel. The bonspiel was held with Jack Dunlop's rink winning the "A" competition and the trophy. Alan Louie's rink won the "B" competition. The members of this year's executive were: President, Andy Kassiones, Secretary, Shirley Page and Treasurer, Jack Dunlop. Mr. Cunningham was staff sponsor.

Curling Candids

B. Chalmers, K. Bryson, R. Collens, A. Carter B. Wilson, C. Smith, L. Turcott
J. Kopec, G. Massey, E. Klapstock, S. Page B. Sparks, A. Jeffrey, J. Gidd, J. Dunlop
B. Day, J. Taylor, W. Witt, R. Stockstad K. Strong, G. Allen, J. Piper, B. Howard

KSS at Waterloo

On the 28th of June, 1952, in the beautiful city of Waterloo, the Kamloops High School band added another laurel to its crown. This laurel was the greatest yet, for it was a dominion championship. The band received 87 marks for their playing. The Ontario band which came second received 83 1/2 marks. This certainty was an afternoon. It was 92 degrees and the tension didn't help solve the problem of the heat.

The next day, Sunday, the band went to Niagara Falls in two chartered buses. This magnificent "Wonder" can't be really appreciated until you've seen it. And then after you've seen it, it just can't be described.

Monday, the band went to Oshawa. Here, they were taken through the magnificent General Motors Plant. As hosts to the band, the G. M. Company held two banquets and were responsible for taking the band on a tour of Oshawa. Later that evening the band gave a concert as a final tribute to Ontario, for it was later that evening that the band arrived in Toronto to start their long journey home.

This is certainly a trip that will be long remembered. If possible, it should he taken by everybody.

Mayor Fitzwater
Mr. Gurney
Alex Drdul
and Bob Wanless

Mayor Fitzwater
Mr. McMurdo.

Girls' Senior High Volleyball
"A" Division — The girls' Volleyball was very successful this season as there was an extremely good turnout for all games. Fee House won the Girls' Volleyball Championship with an excellent team, who always turned out for all games.
Boys' Senior High Volleyball
"A" Division — The volleyball championship was won by Fee House. The team members were: Richard Oikawa, Ted Hansen, Roy Stephens, Bob Holt, Eddie Ando, Joe Kopec, John Brennan.
Girls' Senior High House Basketball
"A" Division — Fulton Senior "A" came out on top with a score of 17 to 11 against Pearse House Girls. Pearse House was the leading team trhought the basketball season but Fulton topped them in the final game.
High Scorers:
   Senior "A" — Norah Brennan, 63 points.
   Senior "B" — Glenda Lamb, 31 points.
Boys' Senior High House Baskeball
"A" Division — Fulton House managed to eliminate Davis House in the final game to become winners in the "A" Division.

Leading Scorers were:
   Bob Hold, 118 points.
   Gordie Beecroft, 94 points.
   Bob Gale, 86 points.
   Henry Wakabayashi, 73 points.
   Bob MacDonald, 63 points.
   Mike Tonks, 62 points.
Inter-B Boys Basketball
The Inter-B boys placed second in the local Inter-B League. The league was composed of the Dalgleish Inter-B, The K.H.S. Red Devil Inter-B and Kamloops Indian Residential School Inter-B.

The Inter-B boys also managed to capture the Gyro Club Trophy which is presented annually to the winner of the Interior Juvenile Playoffs.
Girs' Basketball "B" Division
Boys' Basketball "B" Division
In the noon hour game which proved to be one of the best games this season, Davis House managed to out-shoot Pearse House 14-12 in the final game.

Leading scorers —
   Jim Tateishi - 113 points.
   Laurie Day - 57 points.
   Wally Smeaton - 54 points.
Bantam Boys
The Bantam team this year was chosen from 10 Junior and Senior High boys. Coached by Mr. N. Turlik and Harold Foulger the team managed to cap the Thomas Lawson Trophy. This cup is presented annually to the top Bantam team in the Interior Loop.

Accompanied by Harold Foulger, the team travelled to Victoria but lost two games to the more experienced coast teams.
Red Devils
Front row: K. Pattinson, H. Wakabayashi, K. Boyd, B. Lyons, Mr. Wright (coach).
Back row: J. Hoshowski, T. Hausen, M. Tonks, B. Gail, B. Hold, B. McDonald, G. Beecroft.

Boys' Basketball Tournament

The first game in the Interior semi-finals was played at the K.A.A. Hall on February 27, when K.H.S. Red Devils met and trounced Clinton Blue Devils by a 78 to 25 score.

In the final game Red Devils outscored Salmon Arm High School 77-35 to give our local hoopsters the right to travel to the Invitational High School Tournament at Vancouver.

At 4 p.m. on Monday, March 16, Chris Wright's K.H.S. Red Devils left for the Vancouver High School Tournament. They arrived at the University of British Columbia at noon on Tuesday and had a practice in the Memorial Gymnasium at 4 o'clock. The following Wednesday the Red Devils downed the highly favored Vancouver College team 47-40 in one of the biggest upsets of the tournament.

On Thursday evening, Red Devils met West Vancouver and were edged out 39-34.

Victoria High dropped Red Devils 46-27 in their final game on Saturday.

In the final game of the tournament, played on Saturday night, South Burnaby beat the New Westminster Duke of Connaughts to take first place in the tournament.

Following the final game Red Devil co-captains, Gordie Beecroft and Bob Holt were presented with the Pacific Mills trophy, emblematic of the most sportsmanlike team at the tournament. This cup is presented annually to the team whose conduct on and off the floor is considered to be the most gentlemanly of the teams competing in the tournament.

The recipient of this trophy is chosen by the Vancouver Referees Association and it is a great credit to Mr. Wright and the Kamloops High School team to win such an award.
Red Angels
Front Row: M. Groome, S. Camp, G. Allen, M. Kenward.
Back Row: Miss Withers (coach), M. Wakida, E.l Fowles (captain), N. Brennand, R. Stockstad, T. Livett.

Girls' Basketball Tournament

The Kamloops High School Red Angels with the backing of the entire student body, held an extremely successful basketball tournament this year. The ticket sales for the tournament exceeded expectations and the Gym was filled to capacity on the important nights of the tournament.

The various teams started to arrive in Kamloops, on Thursday, March 12th, and continued to arrive until ten o'clock that evening. In order to start, the tournament with a “bang" the Kamloops High School Band royally welcomed these teams with
music at the C.P.R. Station. These various teams arrived from all over British Columbia and were as follows:
Semiahmoo Kamloops
John Oliver Creston
Mission Burnaby South
Cumberland Penticton

Although the Red Angels did not win, the Kamloops students were very glad to see the brilliant and deserving Semiahmoo team win the laurels.

Red Angels' Standings for the Year:
 Visitors ScoreHome Score
Salmon Arm722
Salmon Arm536

Senior High Track Meet
These results of the Track Meet held at Kamloops High School track grounds on March 13, 1953:
Senior Boys 880 yard Dash
1.Stoney OishiFee
2.Gordon LloydFulton
3.Bob HoltPearse
Senior Girs 440 yard Relay
1. Davis
2. Fulton
Senior Boys High Jump
1.Jack DennyPearse, 5' 6"
2.Don TrethawayDavis, 5' 0"
3.Allan MarriotFee, 4' 7"
Senior Girls Softwall Throw
1.Ethel FowlesFulton, 156' 7"
2.Jessie ChalmersDavis
3.Audrey BalckburnFee
Discus (Open Boys)
1.Hugh VeachDavis, 89' 9"
2.Gordie BeecroftFulton, 89' 2"
3.Bob HoltPearse, 84' 4"
Senior Boys 440 yard Relay
1. Fulton
2. Davis
3. Fee
Senior Girls High Jump
1.Marg GroomeFee, 4' 7"
2.Connie GilletFulton, 4' 2"
3.Mary LinnellDavis
Low Hurdles, (Open, Girls)
1.Ethel FowlesFulton, 16.2 sec.
2.Shirley MeldrumDavis
3.Louise BurmanPearse
Low Hurdles (Open, Boys)
1.John LeightonFee
2.Dave CampbellPearse
3.Bob McDonaldFulton
 Fulton70 points
 Pearse63 points
 Davis56 points
 Fee47 points

"The Circus"
Bus Drivers
Maintenance Staff
Junior "C" Volleyball
Girls Officials Club
Annual Staff

Mr. Howard

Kay Stong

Joan Ellis
Assistant Editor

John Hilliker
Business Manager

Mr. Knapp

Barbara Stephans
Photography Editor

Cave Heron
Boys Sports Editor

Ruth Stockstad
Girls Sports Editor

Janice Thornley
Advertising Manager

Gloria Allen
Social Editor

Jean Pyper   Barbara Howard
Personals - Co-ediors

Jessie Chalmers
Art Editor

Jaqua Howard   Carol Collins
Literary - Co-editors


Our new school has now completed its second year. This year the now more-familiar halls have held the largest grauating class in the history of K.H.S. This class has had the honor of being the first to graduate from our new auditorium.

Our various teams have again brought honor to us. This year more encouragement has been given to Juvenile and Bantam teams — the Red Angels and Red Devils of tomorrow.

We have chosen as our theme, the slogan of our High School Band, "Let's Go Duch, Eh!" As you know, these students will be leaving for Kerkrade, Holland, to participate in the International Music Festival shortly after school classes. The Kampus Staff joins with the whole school in wishing these "Ambassadors" every success. We know that they will make the country they represent proud of them.

As you know, it is the pictures that make an annual a success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Barbara Stephens, the photography editor for the wonderful job she has done. We should also like to express our appreciation to the staff, to Mr. Gurney, and the sponsors Messrs. Knapp and Howard, for their splendid cooperation without which, the annual could not have been published.

The purpose of this book is to record your activities throughout the year. We hope that we have succeeded in this design.
Kay Strong

  Arline Carter — Dedicating typing.
  Nadeane Haines — Photography.
  Deanna Martin, Louise Sponagle, Glenda Lamb, Audrey Richards, Ann Knowles, Shirley Evans — Personals
  Woto Uyeyama — Advertising
  Una Cameron, Betty Taylor — Typing
  Stewart Nansen, Mary Ann Ellis, and all other who did write-ups to make the '54 Kampus a success.
Student Government

Keith Pattinson
President of the Students' Council

Mr. B. Knowles
Sponsor of the Students' Council

Eleanor Higham
President of the Senior Executive

Vicki Martin
President of the House Cabinet

Brian Fisher
President of the Junior Executive

President's Message

As the term of 1954 draws to a close I am pleased to be afforded this opportunity to thank you one and all for the wonderful support and co-operation you have given the Students' Council during this, our first term of united effort.

This is the first year in the history of Kamloops High School that the Junior and Senior High have united together for the benefit of the school as a whole. The success we have achieved in working together, during the past year is due entirely to the wonderful support the Students' Council has received from all of you.

Those of you who have been elected to student office next year will have, I feel sure, the same support from the members of the staff and students that was ours during the past term, On behalf of the Students' Council, I wish to thank Mr. Gurney, Mr. Richards, Mrs. Elder, Mr. Knowles, Mr. Morse and the office and janitorial staffs for their assistance and guidance, for without it I am sure we would have been unable to fulfill the duties of our offices.

It is difficult for me to say farewell to the many friends it has been my good fortune to make during the past six years and to my fellow members of the Students’ Council whom I have worked with this year. I hope that in drawing up the new constitution and by putting it into force we have established a sound form of student government which will be the basis of strong student government in the years to come

In closing I wish every student of K.H.S. every success in their future endeavors and may Mr. A. N. McMurdo and his K.H.S. Band have a pleasant and rewarding trip and bring back more fame to our school.

Best of luck to the graduates of 1954.
Keith Pattinson

Members of the Students' Council (left to right) — Mrs. Elder, Sponsor of the Senior Executive; Vicki Martin, President of the House Cabinet; Betty Taylor, Secretary of the Senior Executive; Eleanor Higham, President of the Senior Executive; Ted Hanson, Vice-President of the Senior Executive; Mary Ann Dunlop, Junior High Representative; Mr. B. Knowles, Sponsor; Heather Carson, Secretary of Junior Executive; Brian Fisher, President of Junior Executive; Gulchern Singh, Junior High Representative; Mr. J. Morse, Sponsor of Junior High Executive.
Front row (left to right) — Gail Martin, Treasurer of the Students' Council; Keith Pattinson, President of the Students' Council; Una Cameron, Secretary for the Students' Council.

Members of the Senior Executive (left to right) — Mrs. Elder, Senior Executive Sponsor; Laurie Day, President of Fulton House; Eleanor Hewitt, Social Representative; Ted Hanson, Vice-President of the Senior Executive; Dave Heron, Grade 10 Representative; Ethel Fowles Girls’ Sports Representative; June Maki, Treasurer of the Senior Executive; Gerry Richardson, Vice-President Fee House; Kay Strong, Vice-president of Davis House; Betty Taylor, Secretary of Senior Executive; Elinor Higham, President of Senior Executive; Stoney Oishi, Boys' Sports Representative; Alex Drdul, Vice-President of Pearce House.

Members of Junior Executive (left to right) — Marie Wasui, Girls’ Sports; Mary Ann Dunlop, Vice-President of Fee House; Mr. Morse, Sponsor; Jim Freathy, Treasurer; Ralph Kopec, Vice-President of Davis House; Betty Lowden, Vice-President of Pearse House; Heather Carson, Secretary; Elaine Jeffery, Social President; Gulchern Singh, Vice-President; Bin English, Grade 7 Representative; Brian Fisher, President; missing, Wally Wozniuk, Boys' Sports.

Members of House Cabinet (left to right) — Allen Louie, President of Davis House; Gerry Richardson, Vice-President of Fee House; Art Jeffery, president of Pearce House; Laurie Day, President of Fulton House; Iris Young, Vice-President of Fulton House; Kay Strong, Vice-President of Davis House; Betty Lowdon, Vice-President of Pearce House; Rena La Blond, Fee House Representative; Vicky Martin, President of Fee House; Mary Anne Dunlop, Fee House Representative; Margaret Wyse, Pearse House Representative.
King and Queen of Kampus
Bertha Katarius
Bob Wanless
King and Queen

We are proud to present as this year's King and Queen of Kampus, Bertha Katarius and Bob Wanless. There was a little confusion about the way these two were chosen as the students seemed to have the idea that all the candidates were running in couples, which was not right.

The King and Queen were to be presented with Identification bracelets at the "Y-Teen How Down" but since it was cancelled they were presented these gifts at the Awards Assembly.

Congratulations, Berta and Bob!
Miscellaneous Candid Shots
Your Bike, Mr. Gurney?
Cowboy Knowles
The Red Angels' and Red Devils' Coaches?
"The trouble with kids nowadays"
"Now Laddie . . ."
C'est La Vie
Christmas Cheer
Waiting for the Bus??
Staff Party
Industrial Arts Class
Ass't Editor?!
Pearse Mascot
Bus Driver
Must Be A Good Story
Fill 'Er Up
Getting Hauled Out!
Sr. Matric Party
3:14 At K.H.S.
Sr. Matric Orchestra Ha! Ha!
Interesting Game?
New Auditorium
We Five!!
Convertible Eh?
Social Events of 1953 - 54

SeptemberThis was a busy month of just getting back to school and its routine. Old acquaintances renewed and new ones welcomed.
OctoberAn awards assembly was held to present the local scholarships to those students who merited them.
The Students' Councils' annual "Get Acquainted Dance" was held in the cafeteria with a terrific floorshow produced by Audri Blackburn.
NovemberRemembrance Day was thoughtfully acknowledged by the whole student body as they gathered in the gym for a reverent service. The first house assembly with Davis House doing the honor took place in the selling of a tomato? plantation way down south. Fulton House was host to the first house dance and everyone donned plaid shirts and jeans for a good old hardtime fun.
DecemberThe Y-Teen again presented the Christmas Assembly. Solos and joint singing of Christmas carols were enjoyed by all. The Christmas Formal, the first formal event of the year. It was a beautiful event with the girls in colorful formals to ad4 to the festive season.
JanuaryPearse House presented an "around the world saga" with representation from all lands. The "Polar Party" was the original theme of the Fee House dance and the decorations were tops.
FebruaryJunior Symphony Orchestra held their annual concert on the 4th of the month. Fulton House Assembly of a trial scene "Teacher Versus Student" was very successful and received high marks.
The Davis House Dance was a Gypsy Caraban with the Rhythm Kids doing the honors. Dave Arnott was Master of Ceremonies.
MarchThe Vocational Conference was held this month with speakers talking on every career possible. It was a great help to the students deciding their future occupations.
The Fee House Assembly was presented with Franklin Arthur stealing the show playing his guitar.
The House plays were presented and the critics noticed a great improvement this year. Pearse House came first and Fulton second with Fee third.
Pearse House presented the final house dance "The McPhearse's Clan Dig" and was represented by plaids of every sort.
K.H.S. Band presented their annual band concert.
AprilThe Public Speaking Contest was held with Truth Savage of Davis coming out on top.
MaySenior High elections were held.
Grade Eleven girls planned a Kajinkas as a farewell party for the grads.
K.H.S. Cheer Squad
The Cheerleaders of 1953-54 began the Fall term with much zeal and many plans. There were 10 girls at the first meeting at which new uniforms were chosen and practice days decided on. New cheers were soon made up and a great deal of practice was put into perfecting them. By the middle of the term there were only seven girls left but two boys had been added to the group.

The girls and boys cheered for all the Red Devil and Red Angel basketball games this year. Several trips were made with the basketball teams to Vernon, Kelowna, Oliver and Penticton. These trips and the fact that all the girls' games and most of the boys' games were won made the long practices seem worthwhile.

One of the new cheers was much in demand. This was called the "Wig Walk" and enacted out the popular "Tennessee Wig Walk." The girls were terrified and felt slightly silly at the first Performance before the home crowd. However it went off so well it became a favorite and soon visiting towns were asking to see the "Kamloops Wig Walk."

I think that even with the hard work and stiff muscles we had a lot of fun this year. I hope next year's cheerleaders can find as much enjoyment as we did in cheering their teams on to victory.
Square Dance Club
The Square Dance Club was formed last October under the sponsorship of Miss MacDonald and Mr. Ayling and now has approximately 25 members. The club meets in the Cafeteria every Tuesday afternoon. This club has done well for itself this year, and should continue to do so, if this year is any indication. A demonstration square with a caller, travelled to the O.M.T.T.A. Square Dance Festival at Armstrong and won second place at the Yale-Cariboo Music Festival, won third place which is very good for a brand-new club.
Dustpan Staff
Junior High Paper
Y-Teen Group
The Girls' Y-Teen Club has completed another year with the election of officers and the graduation ceremonies.

This year's executive consisted of: President, Shirley Page; Vice-President, Patsy Adkins; Secretary, Gail Martin; Treasurer, Mary King; and Sponsor, Miss McArthur.

The year started off with a bang and a rushing campaign for preppers. After the initiation, plans were made for the Fall Conference which was held in our high school at the end of October. Delegates came from Kimberley, Kelowna, Prince George and Penticton. The conference was voted highly successful. Early in November the Recognition Service was held in St. Paul's Cathedral Church as part of the evening service,

During November and December the club sponsored a "Kits for Korea" Campaign in which several items were collected by the different houses. The winner of the successful campaign was Fulton House. Other events were the Christmas Assembly, a progressive dinner, several candy sales, the sale of high school pennants and coat checking at the dances. During January and February the girls supplied tea for the teachers once a week for a small sum to aid the girls attending the Annual Mid-Winter Conference in Vancouver. This year's delegates were Myrtle Demque and Eleanor Hewlett.

The club is handling the concessions at the Interior School track meet and it is hoped that enough money will be obtained to send the new president and vice-president to Presidents Training Camp in late June, This training camp will be held at Camp Fircom on Bambire Island. These camps are held every year to aid the president and vice-president in making the next year's club better than ever.
Inter School Christian Fellowship
Camera Club
United Nations Club
This is a newly organized group. Its sponsors are Mr. Oldham and Miss Bradley. The officers are: President, Iris Young; Vice-President, Patsy Atkins; Secretary, Bob Edgar; Treasurer, Anne Madill; Publicity, Greta Fultsback. Through the U.N. study group knowledge of the affairs of the United Nations and world conditions is gained and this knowledge is applied to the lives of each member in hope that they will be better citizens of tomorrow and endeavor to establish peace with justice throughout the world. In the late summer there is to be a conference held at U.B.C., at which we hope to have a representative there to take part in the discussions and other activities.
Mr. McMurdo ... and his High School Band
By Alex Drdul

The Kamloops High School Band, under the direction of Mr. A. N. McMurdo, has become renowned not only through the province of B.C. but also through-out Canada. The Band has won many honors through the past years, of which I shall mention just a few. They have won the B.C. Championship twice; the Yale-Cariboo Music Festival several times, and the Okanagan festival four times. Once they also won the Canadian Intermediate championship at Waterloo. This last mentioned title is the greatest honor ever won by the Band, thus keeping their record of never having been defeated, intact.

All these honors have been entirely due to the wonderful music teacher of Kamloops, Mr. McMurdo. This brilliant man is "one in a million." He is kind, thoughtful, understanding — in fact there just are not enough words to describe him completely.

Maybe you, like many other people, are wondering what drive, what inner courage keeps him going? It is all because of his unabounding kindness and thoughtfulness towards those less fortunate than he.

He worries more, cares more, for his students than for himself. If a pupil desires to play an instrument, and that pupil has not got the money to buy it, Mr. McMurdo himself will buy it for him. If it gives satisfaction and enjoyment to that student, Mr. McMurdo is grateful. He is the kind of man who realizes the chances he did, and the chances he didn't have when he was a young lad. Whenever the occasion arises where he can help, he does so, always with the great unselfishness so characteristic of this remarkable man.

Although much is heard about Mr. McMurdo and the Band, little is heard about Mr. McMurdo's life. He was born, as almost everyone knows, in Scotland. He grew up with a rich musical heritage, being an accomplished violinist at the age of fifteen. When at the age of sixteen, he conducted his first Symphony Orchestra. This is a feat, I think, unequalled by very few people in music circles today. He has certificates, of which very few people ever hear or see, that would do any musician in any field honorable credit. Among his many certificates, are two from the London Music Festival in London, England, classifying him as a "violinist extraordinary." Also Mr. McMurdo has the honor of being acclaimed one of the three best violinists in Canada.

Many instances, too numerous to mention, could be brought out to show what a talented personage we have in Mr. McMurdo. Kamloops had never been so fortunate as when they enrolled Mr. McMurdo as the music teacher in the High School. But please don't think his job is just teaching during the day, then taking it easy for the rest of the time. Far from It! He conducts the Legion Symphony Orchestra, the High School Band and the City of Kamloops Elks Band. Then his music classes during the day, with special private tutoring on Saturdays, with two bands and one orchestra practice a week and now the special band practices on Sunday, keep him so occupied that he has no time for rest and sleep. Think of the patience he has! Truely he has a heart of gold! He is a tremendous man, taking his setbacks and disheartments with a smile, always looking at the better side of his problems. Think! that if you had to teach about four hundred students a day all year round, plus all his other organizations, how much a strain it would be on your mind and today, especially when Mr. McMurdo is not very healthy. Yet this one person has virtually hand formed the students of Kamloops High School into one vast musical congregation.

One last instance I would like to mention is the great amount of work Mr. McMurdo went to when the Old High School was on the shift system. Twice a week for two hours, Mr. McMurdo would give up his leisure time and rest to teach the students who were unfortunate enough not to be able to attend music classes during school hours. He helped and encouraged these students and it was just part of his extreme kindness to the students. Now, if that does not cause a thought of kindness and thankfulness to be raised in your mind, then nothing ever will.

This brings us to the present time when Kamloops and its Citizenry have the chance to bring world renown and honor to the city and the members of the High School Band. Because of Mr. McMurdo's untiring efforts, the Band has become so well known that this year they were invited to compete in the World Music Festival at Kerkrade, Holland. Now this is probably old news to everyone but somehow, very few people realize its full significance. It means a chance in a lifetime, an opportunity not to be pushed around, but one to be looked upon with the greatest feeling of awe and thanks. Can anyone possibly think of a better, more suitable way to honor Mr. McMurdo than by sending him and his band to Europe? I think not! When the Band won the competition at Waterloo, it was thought at the time that this was the best; the highlight of the Band's climb to fame. But it was not. Unknowingly at the time, it was a buildup to world recognition. It was somehow, inevitable that such a man with such brilliantly trained students, would eventually tread the uppermost heights in the musical world. Now I just mentioned that Mr. McMurdo's students were brilliantly trained. This is no understatement. For the amount of work of teaching the students that Mr. McMurdo puts in, and for the amount of time he has to teach them, it is remarkable what a fine group of musicians he has moulded together to comprise his Band. With all his time and patient work, his silent worries, his unknown illnesses, his numerous setbacks, he has at last almost fulfilled his wildest dreams. Only time will prove this man’s ability to take a group of students, to teach them and mould them into a Band of world renown.

Till now, I have only mentioned Mr. McMurdo and the Band. I have not yet mentioned a person whom almost everybody fails to notice or her about entirely. That person is Mrs. McMurdo. Few people know of the many times she has nursed Mr. McMurdo through long and serious illnesses, through many disheartening setbacks that would be sad enough to break the ambition of any man. She is an ideal wife, one who knows what will be needed next, and what to do for it. If it were not for his wonderful wife, Mr. McMurdo might not be the outstanding personage he is today.

Click for larger view

First Row: Vicky Martin, Donna Morse, Mitsuo Goto, Mickey Bafia, Sam Aura, Kiyo Kawata, Leona Richmond, Kay Strong, Jennie Yuskiw, Mary Ann Ellis, Donna Chapman, Kiyoko Own, Ethel Collins, Marilyn Bedard, Stoney Oishi, Bill Gurney, Paul Tennant, Allan Cole, David Wing.

Second Row: Bill Jones, Gloria Allern, Barbara Howard, Doug Shellard, Tahashi Kitamura, Coleen Long, Joan Ellis, Rae McMorran, Marilyn McLellan, Maurice Lambert, Ted Lewall, Gordon Gutrath, Den Burnham, Gordon Miyahara, Laurie Day.

Third Row: Stan Hlatky, Bob Macdonald, Carol Jones, Donna Mark, Frances Woodward, Dianna Martin, Jacqua Howard, Glenda Lamb, Gordon Blackwell, Dick Knowles, Torn Miyahara, Larry Humphrey, Frank Clark, Doug Takahashi, Andre Loewen, Blake Gordon, Lloyd Johnson.

Fourth Row: Ron Lister, Aria Chamberlain, Ben Hirowatari, Gerry Scott, David Kuromi, Mike Yamamoto, Larry Grant, Ted Miller, Dick Woo, Pat Throughgood, Sidney Roger, Johnston Pinchback, Read English, Suyeki Yoshida, Bob Wanless, Alex Drdul.

Fifth Row: Allen Fisher, Iris Sargent, Helen Hayward, Jo Hasler, Edna Uyeda, Mr. McMurdo, Elinor Humphtey, Truth Savage, Elinor Parenteau, Gen Antoniak, Les Davoren.

Sixth Row: Bill Stevens, Bob Young, John Williams, George Horner, James Brennan.

KSS Senior Girls Field Hockey Team
Congratulations to the Girls Field Hockey team on another successful year. It was a true rebuilding year for the team as we only had 5 returning players from last year's squad. Even though the majority of the team consisted of rookies, the girls still managed to finish second in league play and capped off the year with a very good showing at the Okanagan's by finishing fourth. The girls look forward to next year as all but one player returns to lineup and are hoping to improve on this year's performance. Good Luck Girls and Congratulations on the successful year.
KSS Senior Football Team
Without spring football the coaches knew it would be tough to put together a team in the fall. This prediction came true when only 12 senior members started practicing in the fall. A few more came around during the first week of school, but already the first exhibition game in Rutland had to be cancelled. The first exhibition game was played against Vernon on our school field. It was a 28 – 6 win for our boys in 30 degree heat. Now the league play started.

First, JP and a nine point loss before a big crowd at NorBrock on a beautiful Friday evening. Then, two big wins over Valleyview and NorKam, with 80 points put on the board for our boys. Then, Westsyde and a 4 point loss (26 – 22). Finally, a big win over AAA Salmon Arm (30 – 14 W) again on a fine Friday night at NorBrock Stadium.

The team was heading into the playoffs on a high. However, not yet mentioned were our injuries. The first game of the season claimed captain and two-way player, Jordan Levin, with a dislocated shoulder. Next, Pietur Fridriksson, with a separated shoulder in game five. Other players knew they had to pick up where these boys left off, but it was not to be. With only dressing 13 grade 11 and 12’s, the Seaton Sonics took it to our boys on the last weekend in October on a beautiful, sunny, Okanagan day, to finish the Red Devils only two months after starting. Yeoman’s service was put on the field by our boys, but with only 17 players to finish the game, it was not to be.

Five-year players were Sean Leach and Pearce Richards. Good luck in the future to all graduating seniors.
K.H.S. Choir '53 - '54
J. Madill, S. Fiddik, M. Nelson, M. Churchill, P. Singh, J. Nesbitt, E. McAIIister, N. Peters, P, Cowan, B. Bird, P Smart, J. Smith, V. CarIson, M. Doozda, D. Martin, E. Sands, B. Norvak, V. Wiren, D. Bradshaw, M. Smyth, A. Weldrake, M. Archimbault, S. Mohammed Ali, M. Wilcox, D. Stahl, M. Kobayashi, J. Burman, R. Emmington, C. Seevers, M. Serizawa, M. Barker, M. Klinck, S. Abrahaw, B. Bertoli, E. Bowman, C. Chartier, B. Cocks, T. Yamada, E. Fehr, E. Jongerhuis, T. Fleming, C. Haines, A. Schimpf, J. Nuttall-Smith, S. Zwarich.

The K.H.S. Choir, under the tutorship of Miss K. Lawrence, acquired the highest marks of the night in the Yale-Cariboo Festival. This festival was held in the K.H.S. gymnasium, Wednesday, April 7, 1954. Two members of this same choir received the highest marks in the duet songs, topping all other contestants of that group. The awards received by the choir were a shield and a cup.
Band to Holland
Click for larger view

Front row, left to right: Vicky Martin (flute), Ron Lister (trumpet), Barbara Howard (oboe), Mickey Bafia (clarinet), Donna Morse (flute), Bill Gurney (clarinet), Kay Strong (clarinet), Gordie Miyahara (clarinet), Jenie Yuskiw (clarinet), Allan Cole (clarinet), Leona Richmond (clarinet), Mits Goto (clarinet), Coleene Long (tenor saxophone), Bob Wanless (trumpet), Rae McMorran (alto saxophone), Larry Humphrey (alto saxophone), Gloria Allen (bassoon)

Second row, left to right: Archie (A. Nelson) McMurdo, band master, Peggy McMurdo, girls chaperone, Suyeki Yoshida (trumpet), Glenda Lamb (trombone), Read English (trumpet), Jacqua Howard (trombone), John Williams (drums), Carol Jones (trombone), Ted Millar (trumpet), Helen Hayward (bass viol and flag bearer), Doug Takahashi (tenor saxophone), Truth Savage (bass viol and flag bearer), Laurie Day ( French horn), Deanna Martin (trombone), Gerry Scott (trumpet), Bill Jones (French horn), Kio Kawata (clarinet), Dorothy McMurdo (band nurse and girls' chaperone), Jock Morse (band manager and boys' chaperone)

Top row, left to right: Dick Knowles (euphonium), Art Jeffery (baritone saxophone), Franklin Arthur (trumpet), Larry Grant (trumpet), Stoney Oishi (clarinet), Lloyd Johnson (euphonium), Bob Young (drums), Johnston Pinchback (trumpet), Allan Fisher (bass horn), Walter Massey (drums), John McLeod (bass horn), Ralph Collins (bass horn), Alex Drdul (trumpet), Les Davoren (bass horn), David Wing (clarinet), Gordon Blackwell (trombone), Dennis Burnham (clarinet)

Missing: Mary Ann Ellis (clarinet), Joan Ellis (horn), Marilyn McLellen ( French horn)
Fulton House Assembly
Sr. Matric Christmas Party
Pearce House Dance
Fulton House Dance
Fulton House Floorshow
Fulton Play
Fee House Dance
Pearce Plan
Davis House Assembly
Davis House Dance
Y-Teens Fall Rally
Annette and Russ
Mr. Turner
Square Dance
Square Dance
Fee House Dance
Pearce House Dance
Whally and Shirley
Fee House Assembly
Council Dance
Christmas Formal
Barb Cheers Them On!!
Turn Around, Kay
Gloria and Mick
Plan on Drowning ???
Angels vs. Owlettes
Kamloops vs. Oliver
Watch That Check!
Where Is It?
Pose for the Birdie
K.H.S. Juveniles
Vernon Wins
After the Game!!
What'cha Looking at?
What's the Big Joke ?
Yo-Ho-Ho and A ??
On To Penticton
Big Mac
Red Devils
Left to right: Front Row: Jim Teteshi, Ian Fraser, Laurie Day, manager; Chuck Gleave, Bob Boyd.

Back Row: Ted Hanson, captain; Bob Macdonald, Bob Cale, co-captain; Burce Verchere, Ken Lynons, Ron Hoover.

Mr. Nick Turlick, coach.

In this, their first year as accepted members of Okanagan Valley Basketball League, the Red Devils distinguished themselves admirably. Only two official games were lost in the eight game schedule against Penticton, Vernon, Kelowna and Oliver. Penticton won by three points here in Kamloops and the Red Devils were defeated by one point at Vernon, thus putting them in second place in league standings. Osoyoos challenged the Red Devils for the right to compete in the B.C. High School Tournament and were defeated by ten points in a two game total point series.

At Vancouver the Red Devils lost two games and won one to gain eleventh place in the sixteen team tournament. The Red Devils showing was disappointing in that they looked strong enough to at least attain eighth place. Jim Tateishi and Bob Gale were our outstanding players at Vancouver.

The team as a whole worked hard, played well and felt that the season was a success. Team members were Bob Gale, Bob MacDonald, Ted Hansen, Bob Boyd, Jim Tateishi, Ken Lyons, Ron Hoover, Bruce Verchere, Chuck Gleave, Ian Fraser, Laurie Day (manager).
Red Angels
Left to Right: Barbara Stephens, manager; Gloria Allen, Pat Tucher, Mary Linnell, Nori Goto, Sumiye Yamada, Ruth Stockstad, Jessie Chalmers, Ethel Fowles, captain; Miss Loise Withers, coach.

Missing: Margo Kenward.

This year the Red Angels had a nicely organized and well coached team. The team consisted of Gloria Allen, centre; Jess Chalmers, forward; Nori Goto, guard; Sumiye Yamada, forward; Ethel Fowles, forward; Ruth Stokstad, guard; Margo Kenward, centre; Mary Linnell, guard; Pat Tucker, forward; Norah Brennan, guard; Stella Camp, forward. Norah and Stella didn't play the entire season.

The Angels won all games against Vernon, Kelowna, Oliver, Penticton and Williams Lake, but lost out in the "two-game total-point" against Summerland. They lost the first game in Summerland 37-20 because of a lack of substitutes; won the second on home floor 40-25; but Summerland won out by two points.

Many thanks to our coach, Miss Withers, for her wonderful job and patience which moulded us into a winning team.
Sports Events 1953-54

SeptemberTeams were busy being organized in the Junior and Senior sections of the school.
House Soccer for boys and girls were being organized.
OctoberSoccer champs were Davis Girls and Pearse Boys.
House basketball started with two teams in each house.
City League started with the Juvenile Girls, Boys, Red Devils, Gremlins, Bantam Boys and Girls, and the Indian Residential School Boys and Girls Bantam and Juvenile teams competing.
The Kamloops High School was accepted in the Okanagan District in all inter-school sports.
NovemberSaturday, November 14, Kamloops Red Angels and Red Devils hosted the Oliver High School teams, with both Kamloops teams coming out on top. Red Angels score was 22-17.
Badminton Club played host to the K.A.A. Club.
Friday, November 20 three Kamloops teams travelled to Vernon with Kamloops coming out with two wins and one loss. Red Angels won 29-14 and Red Devils dropping a hard fought game 33-32. Gremlins won by a good margin.
Friday, November 27, Kamloops again travelled and this time to Kelowna. Red Angels and Red Devils won but Gremlins lost by a close score.
DecemberFriday, December 4, Kamloops hosted the Kelowna Owls and Owlettes with Kamloops coming out on top in both games.
Friday, December 11, Kamloops Red Angels and Dalgleish Juveniles hosted Williams Lake teams with Kamloops teams getting a good win over them.
JanuaryFriday, January 22, Kamloops played host to Vernon with Red Angels winning 40-28 and Red Devils beating Vernon 36-23. Saturday, January 30, Bantam Boys and Girls travelled to Vernon for a Bantam tournament with both teams playing four hard games in the one day with both Kamloops teams winning the tournament January 16, Juvenile boys and girls hosting Salmon Arm. Salmon Arm girls won their game by one point and the Kamloops boys won their game.
January 16, the Salmon Arm Badminton Club played the Kamloops Club with Salmon Arm winning most games.
Also the volleyball teams, boys and girls went to a tournament in Vernon fairing fairly well.
House basketball with Davis and Pearse winning in the boys, Fulton won both girls divisions.
FebruarySaturday, February 6, Kamloops senior teams hosted Penticton. Red Angels won 33-23 while Red Devils lost by the score of 51-48. This game put Red Devils in second place behind Penticton. Red Angels were in first spot.
Juveniles played Clinton at Kamloops with both Kamloops girls winning by one point and the boys losing by three.
Badminton Club hosted Nishi Club.
February 19, Red Angels and Red Devils travelled to the Okanagan first playing in Oliver. Red Angels won by the score of 40-24. Red Devils lost the game but won it by default.
On Saturday the teams travelled to Penticton. Red Angels fought a hard game to come out on top 19-16. This left the Red Angels in first place as they did not lose one game in the league season. Red Devils fought a harder game yet to win by one point 29-28. It put the Red Devils still in second place but it was the first time in seven years that a Kamloops basketball team have been able to beat Penticton on their home floor.
MarchThe first week in March the Red Devils were challenged by the Osoyoos team for a chance in the B.C. tournament. Red Devils won the first game by 10 points.
March 12 and 13 the Gremlins travelled to Victoria for a Bantam tournament.
March 13 Red Devils went to Osoyoos and tied the game to win by their ten points.
Red Angels were challenged by Summerland and travelled to that city to lose by 17 points which were partly due to lack of players.
March 20 Summerland came to Kamloops prepared to take the Okanagan Championship but were a pretty scared team as the Red Angels almost managed to win. The Red Angels won the game by 15 points but were two points short when the final whistle went.
The K.H.S. boys of the Curling Club travelled to Trail earlier in the month.
The Red Angels travelled to Williams Lake with the Juvenile Boys to win both games.
Volleyball teams travelled to Salmon Arm for a tournament.
The Bantam girls and boys travelled to Rutland and Kelowna for a tournament and both lost the tournament by one point.
Red Devils went to the coast for the B.C. Tournament.
Red Angels were invited to the B.C. Tournament at Mission but were unable to go.
AprilExams and Easter holidays cut into the sport but the boys track team have been practicing.
Inter-House volleyball Pearse won both boys and Fee won both girls.
MayMay 14, Inter-House Track Meet with Pearse House winning.
May 15, Boys' Track team travelled to Penticton for the Okanagan Track Meet and did very well considering it was the first year we had been entered.
JuneJune 5, Kamloops District Track Meet.
Girls Officials Club
The Girls' Officials Club was again sponsored by Miss Withers. This club is made up of a sports rep. from each house (both Jr. and Sr.) and two other members. It is their duty to officiate at the various house league games. Margo Kenward was chosen as President, this year and the other members of the club are Ethel Fowles, Betty Doney, Sumi Yamada, Nori Goto, Deanna Warsimage, Bonnie Cowen, Mona Boudier, Barb Howard, Borthy Boyd, Ruth Stockstad, Jess Chalmers, Maureen Schollen, Barb Stephens.
Boys Officials Club
The Boys' Officials Club started with a "Bang" when Mr. Turick, our sponsor, called a meeting to nominate a president and secretary. Bill Gurney was secretary and Dave Heron was president. The boys' officals club has many active members. All our members referee Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Softball. On behalf of the club we would like to extend our thanks to Mr. Turick for his wonderful support. Those in the club are: Ted Hansen, Bob Boyd, Chuck Gleave, Ron Hoover, Ken Lyons, Bob MacDonald, Jim Tatieshi, Bruce Verchere, John Glowaki, John Q. Brennan, James Brennan, Rose Lenard, Bill Smeaton, Wally Smeaton, Jack Denny.
The Badminton Report
The High School Badminton Club closes another year of Thursday night bird pushing. The club's president this year was Jack Denny, our vice-president was Laurie Day, and the secretary-treasurer was Chas Taylor. Our club was sponsored by Mr. Richards, who by the way, did a wonderful job.

The membership in the early part of the year was so great that it was necessary to form a senior club which met on Saturday mornings. There were 35-40 members of the club.

We played host to the Salmon Arm club for a tournament early in '54. At the end of February some of our members ventured to Salmon Arm for the North Okanagan tournament in which we gained only experience as the majority of prizes and trophies went to the Kelowna club.

So end the activities of the Badminton Club for this year.
This past year has been the most successful year the Curling Club has ever had. The club membership is approximately forty, which includes Junior and Senior High. Carmen Smith is president, Ann Oldfield vice-president; Allan Louie secretary, and John Hilliker, treasurer; Art Jeffreys, bonspiel manager.

Miss Turner, Mr. Brackenberry, and Mr. Cunningham, the sponsors, have been a great asset to the club. Curling takes place every Saturday morning in the Curling Rink.

Two teams of boys travelled to Trail to compete in the B.C. Bonspiel and put on an excellent show. Gerry Richardson's rink won one of the events. This year the girls formed a separate club and affiliated with the B.C. Ladies' Curling Association which enables the girls to gains experience. A rink, skipped by Barb Howard, travelled to Vernon to compete in the B.C. Ladies zone playdowns. The club champions this year were Carmen Smith's rink who won the Beaton Memorial Trophy. The biggest event of the Curling Club was the Invitational Mixed Bonspiel which turned out a great success and we hope to have a bigger and better one next year.
Bowling Club
The bowling club came into being for the first time this year. The club was divided into teams and they played every Thursday afternoon at the Bowladrome. John Howshowski was president. A bowling tournament was held at the end of the season to decide the club "champs." If this year is any example of the coming year in the bowling club we're sure that bowling will become one of the favorite sports in the school.
Kamloops High School Track Meet
In the annual House Track Meet held at Kamloops High School last Friday Pearse House came out on top with 59 1/2 points. Davis House came second in the afternoon long meet with 43 1/2 points. Third place was taken by Fulton House with 41 points while Fee house held the cellar position with 26 points. The complete list of results are listed below.

  • Girls' Softball Throw — Gwen Cook, 1; Anne Cooper, 2; Marilyn Hanna, 3.

  • Boys' High Jump — Gordon Tansley, 1; Bob Gannon, 2; Tom Ferguson, 3.

  • Girls' 75-Yard Dash — Louise Burman, 1; Jean Hutchinson, 2; Jean Lukaz, 3.

  • Boys' Softball Throw — G. Tansley, 1; John McMillan, 2; Roy Palmer, 3.

  • Girls' High Jump — Louise Burman, 1; Hilda Braithwaite, 2; Irene Romanczk, 3.

  • Boys' 75-Yard Dash — Don McMillan, 1; Bob Gannon, 2; R. Ferguson, 3.

  • Boys' Broad Jump — Bob Gannon, 1; J. McMillan 2,

  • Girls' 220-Yard Relay — Tomi Yamada, Louise Burman, Joanne Cooper, Shirley Hazyk, 1; Joan Moore, Sumiko Wakabayashi, Deanna Warsimage, Marion Fowles, 2; Marian Dunlop, Jean Lukaz, Barbara Cox, Hilda Braithwaite, 3.

  • Boys' 220-Yard Relay — John McMillan, Mike Matonovich, Ernie Tava, Jim Saklofsky, 1; Tom Ferguson, Roger Marriott, Bill Richmond, Bob Gannon, 2.

  • Boys' 100-Yard Dash — John Brennan, 1; Gerry Robinson, 2; Ted Poelma,3.

  • Girls' 100-Yard Dash — Suimiye Yamada, 1; Eleanor Humphrey, 2.

  • Boys' Broad Jump — Ray Wallace, 1; Dave Kuromi, 2; John Brennan, 3.

  • Girls' Discus — Donna Robert, 1; Eleanor Hewlett, 2; Margo Kenward and Bertha Katarius tie for 3.

  • Boys' 220-Yard Dash — Ted Hansen, 1; James Brennan, 2; Ben Hirowatari, 3.

  • Girls' 60-Yard Dash — Ethel Fowles, 1; Janice Thornley, 2; Betty Taylor, 3.

  • Boys' Shot-Put Open — George Tateishi, 1; Shig Tatsumi,2; Red Armstrong, 3.

  • Girls' Broad Jump — D. Roberge, 1; Barrie Fleming, 2; Eleanor Humphrey, 3.

  • Boys' 880-Yard Dash — Ted Poelma, 1; Shig Tatsumi, 2.

  • Girls' 440-Yard Relay — Betty Taylor, Joan Piper, Eleanor Humphrey, Charlotte Taylor, 1; Ethel Fowles, Puro Singh, Sumiye Yamada, Eleanor Hewlett, 2; Mary King, Frances Chocalacek, Thelma Wakabayashi, Dorothy Boyd, 3.

  • Boys' High Jump — Jim Strasman, 1; Don Tretheway, 2; Gordon Gutrath, 3;

  • Girls' Softball Throw — Ethel Fowles, 1; Marilyn Nelson, 2; Jessie Chalmers 3.

  • Boys' Discus — Dale Fiddick, 1; Jack Long, 2; Bob Burns, 3.

  • Boys' 440-Yard Relay — John Brennan, Shig Tatsumi, Ted Hansen, Jim Strasman, 1; Yarmoskuk, Edy Wallace, Don Trethewey, 2; J. Brennan, Ed Strasman, D. Kuromi, Gerry Robinson, 3.

  • Girls' High Jump — Abdru Loewen, 1; Eleanor Higham, 2; Frances Chocalacek, 3;

  • Boys Low Hurdles Open — Ted Hansen, 1; T. Poelma, 2; Dave Smythe, 3;

  • Girls' Low Hurdles Open — Shirley Meldrum, 1; Ethel Fowles, 2; Frances Chocalacek, 3.

Kampus King
Well !!
Out for a drive?
Sunday Best ? ?
Watch that boy !
Out to Trail, Boys!
How's the water?
Gremlins Star
Whistle my Love
Big Al!
We're ready
K.H.S. Trombonists
Okay Elsie
Who are your pals, Dave and Stew ?
Careful Son
What's so interesting?
Gals Swimming?
Hot Rod!
Wowie ! !
Hi !
That would drive any guy off the road
Where's the car Dale ?
R. A. Manager
All Alone
Saturday Morning Curlers
Food Good, Boys?
Filling Their Faces (?) at Revelstoke
Art Gets Trophy from President
Allan Louis's Rink
Massey Rink
K.H.S. Bonspiel Winners
Richardson Rink
Don't Fall
Car Trouble
Receiving Beaton Trophy
Emergency Stop!
Inter-High Winners
Trail Bonspiel Participants
Trail Bonspiel Participants
Bob Burns' Rink
Sanderson Rink
Inter-House Champs
Soccer — Davis
Soccer — Pearse
Pearce "B" Volleyball
Fee "A" Volleyball
Pearce "A" Volleyball
Fee "B" Volleyball
Davis "A" Basketball
Pearce "C" Basketball
Bantam Girls
Fulton "A" Basketball
Pearse "B" Basketball
Lusty Men
Elaine and Gordon
Sleepy Time Gals
Three Gals and a Car
Smile Pretty
Oh, Ethel ! !
Ticket Winners
Betty and Ethel
What a Mix-Up
The Touque Gang
Drink It Up!
Bud Schollen
Hazel and ?
"Public Speaking"
Dave and Stew
Me and My Guy
Catch Any Fish Boys ?
What's the Joke ?
Raving Beauties ??
Day Dreamer
Hi, Kid!
Pose Girls !
Going on a Trip ?
Don and Ann
Dot and Truth
What Fun !
Girls' Grad Class
Boys' Grad Class
The Merchant of Venice
From left to right: Bassanio, Antonio, Portia, The Duke, Salario, Nerissa, Gratiano, Shylock.

The fourth item on the annual entertainment programme was the portrayal of the Trial Scene taken from "The Merchant of Venice" being studied this year by the Matrics. The leading part, that of Portia, was admirably portrayed by Clare Adams, while Theodore Adams was outstanding in his part as Shylock. The other characters, Nerissa (Isabel Monteith), Duke of Venice (Bobby Dunbar), Antonio (David Westaway), Bassanio (Dick Griffin), Gratiano (Dick Cahilty), Salario (Lindsay Taylor), filled their respective parts exceedingly well, and, altogether, the scene was excellent—the rich costumes of the actors making the play very realistic.
The Musical Society
The greater interest in music has developed in the school this year under the enthusiastic leadership of Mr. Potter. A Glee Club has been formed with the object of training the students in part-songs. The one appearance of the Glee Club speaks well for its future success when it is more fully organized.

The High School Orchestra has performed creditably at several public functions this year. Its success may be attributed to the work of the individual players, and to the untiring efforts of its able director, Mr. Potter.
The Specials of 1930
"Special Spasms"

The class at "four" had had its fill,
And thoughts refused to come until
Gurney announced they'd have to stay
In after school to make them pay
For all the troubles he had borne
With such a class — 'twas hope forlorn.
But Fumi, all on pleasure keen
Arose and tapped Marge on the bean;
Eileen, resenting such display
With venom hollered aloud, "I say!"
Then Lin, awakening from his trance
Favored the victims with an 'orrible glance.
And Norah Richmond, thrilled to the heart,
Said to Kathie, "Gosh, he things he's smart!"
Kathie responded with her usual sniff.
"If I were closer I'd give him a biff."
Frances, disturbed in her concentration,
Murmured, "My conscience, what's the demonstration?"
And Mr. Gurney began to peep.
"Dear sir: We now are in receipt —"
But Dorothy, missing a line or two.
Hollered, "Say, what's the outline for "who"?
And Blanche in response, leaped up in her chair,
An traced the word with her pen in mid-air.
Then Timmy, shocked at all this riot.
Yelled, "For gosh sakes, do be quiet!"
Stan in the corner, undistributed,
Said "My, those girls should be curbed."
And David, displaying his newly waved-hair
And carefully arranging his noisy neckwear
Adjusted his glasses with great precision
And gazed at Joan — oh, what a vision! (?)
Then Mr. Gurney interfered,
And the look in his eyes was one to be feared.
"Miss Don, will you please read that back!"
—Oh shucks, what can a feller do?
The moral appeared a decade later,
Each of these students was a second-rater,
They paid for all their misdemeanours,
As window washers and chimney cleaners.
2 1/2 Wits.
Yokohama Maid
The Cast

The greatest success of the High School social season was the musical operetta, "Yokohama Maid." This was sponsored by the school Musical Club and was presented to the citizens fo Kamloops on February 20 and 21, in the High School Auditorium. On both nights a full house enjoyed this musical comedy to the fullest extent. A sum of three hundred dollars was realized and given to the school funds.

The leading characters were:
O Sing a Song, Japanese MaidBessie Ellis
Fateddo, Mayor of KyboshoAlan McCurrach
Takashi, HeraldLindsay Taylor
Tungwaga, Sing a Song's nurseMargaret Docker
Kissimee, Sing a Song's companionPearl Taylor
Knogudi, Fateddo's secretaryMervyn Huston
Muvon Yu, PolicemanBert Atchison
Harry Courtcase, American lawyerLindsay Taylor
HildaHazel Coates
StellaJanet Richmond
Au No, Americanized ChinamanVictor Arduini
PrompterEileen Steward
Editorial Staff

Mr. Howard

Jean Miyazawa

Mr. Knapp

David Nelson
(Assis. Editor)

Theme, theme . . . Theme, how many fruitless hours have readers of Yearbooks spent in order to track down the elusive theme? As you rifle through the pages of the ’51 Kampus, in order to find the theme, you wouldn’t find one for the simple reason . . . there isn’t one.

At one meeting, quite a discussion was held as to the selection of the theme. Many were suggested but they just didn’t seem to fit. Finally the question arose . . . Why have a theme? It was a good question. Fitting a theme of The Arabian Nights, for example, to a Basketball game, would be a rather incongruous, to say the least. Thus the general consensus of the meeting was not to have any theme and have anything that came into the minds of the Art Department.

The Annual Staff decided that the title “Kampus” would be retained since it was the wish of the preceding staff. The editorial staff has tried hard, but in vain, to cover all school events, social and otherwise. We have attempted to give you, the Student reader, an over-all view of student life in K.H.S. We have had all the graduate, class and team pictures taken by Photomart at considerable cost. But the staff felt that it was worth while expending the money since pictures are an important part of a Yearbook. We hope that you appreciate the tremendous amount of work that is involved in preparing this bundle of pictures and found memories. Please note that in contrast to the rising cost of living the “Kampus” is still the same price.

Many thanks are extended to the sponsors, Messrs. Knapp and Howard, who spent many hours correcting the atrocious copy presented by the staff writers.

The past year has been on of tremendous activity in extra-curricular activities. The Red Angels have taken the spot light away from the Red Devils this year, who, nonetheless, have completed a successful year. The K.H.S. Band and Orchestra have again brought laurels to their school. The highly successful play “Our Hearts were Young and Gay” was presented to capacity audiences. The student thespians and Miss Ireland should be congratulated for their high caliber performances.

The planting of the Blue Spruce by the graduating class of ’51 has set a precedent. It is a fitting appropriate gesture on the part of the class.

The sponsors and staff of the ’51 “Kampus” sincerely hop that you will drive from it much pleasure today and hope that this pleasure will increase as the years go by. A Yearbook, like a rare stamp or coin, increases in value as the year pass.

B. Webber, J. Huntington, M. Rebaglati, F. Eby, C. Gibbon, J. Seymour, S. Uyeyama, L. Dwyer, N. Haywood, J. Hilliker, A. Jamieson, J. Taylor, K. Kobayashi, M. Nihizaki, M. Takenaka.

Stella Reeves

Enid Lucas
(Art Editor)

Doug Whyte
(Business Manager)

Ricky Webber

Shirley Karawanski

Peggy Robertson
(Girls' Sports)

Laurie Day
(Boys' Sports)

Nonie Rebagliati

Marion Chalmers
Senior High School Students' Council
Left to right &mdash Mr. Lawrence (Sponsor), S. Millward (Sect.), J. Thompson (Vice-Pres.), R. Morelli (Pres.), A. Pattinson (Treas.), S. Marriott (Girls' Sports Rep.), M. Rebagliati (Social Pres.). Absent — S. Kato (Boys' Sports RE.)
1951-52 Students' Council
Front Row — S. Kennedy (Girls' Sports Rep.), J. Casper (Treasurer).
Back Row — B. Corbould (Vice-President), B. Holt (Boys' Sports Rep), F. Endersby (President).
Absent — E. Lucas (Secretary)
Red Devils
Kneeling — J. Fowles, G. Beecroft, K. Kochi.
Standing — L. Pelky, W. Brennan, B. Holt, C. C. Wright (Coach), H. Sparrow, T. Holt, D. Whyte
Red Angels
Front Row — T. Cooper, S. Marriott (Capt.), M. Rebaglainti
2nd Row — Mrs. Sowerby (Coach), A. Willoughby, S. Camp, D. Camp, Miss Turner (Manager)
Girs' Hi-Y
Front Row — B. Hawryschuk, V. Nishizaki, A. Pope.
2nd Row — S. Hume, E. Lucas, M. Takenaka
3rd Row — A. Hori (Pres.), A. Jamieson, C. Rickson, A. Knowles.
4th Row — J. Miyazawa, D. Passmore, G. Thompson, C. Gibbon.
Absent — K. Koyayashi, M. Bridgemena, M. Robertson, M. Macdonald

The past year has been a very busy one for the Hi-Y Club. We have undertaken the usual service projects plus a few extras, and this year we managed to cram in a social event for almost every month! The biggest service project was the Christmas one — the club undertook to provide acomplete Christmas for the students (15 of them) and the teacher of the Big Bar Creek School, 'way up in the Cariboo. We also packed candy for the Soroptomist Club to give to the Old Age Pensioners at their Christmas party.

The annual Hi-Y dance was held on Friday, the Thirteenth of April, and this year was called the "Hard Luck Hoedown." It was a huge success, both socially and financially. We netted $25, which we turned over to the Council for the purchase of much-needed track equipment.

Throughtout the year, the Club has staged money-makers, amon them a shoe-shine, a cookie sale, a "vegetable corsage", and many others.

The current project is the raising of enough maney to send a delegate to Hi-Y Leaders' Camp, to be held this summer at a camp on Howe Sound.

Incidentally, one of the most popular Hi-Y projects undertaken during the year was the making and selling of K.H.S. pennants and beanies, to be put to patriotic use at school sports functions, etc. These articles, particularly the beanies, were received with enthusiasm by the good students of K.H.S.

Hi-Y Graduation ceremonies were held on June 5 at a lawn party at Loretta Dwyer's home. The mothers of all club members were invited. At this ceremoney, the gradating members received their Hi-Y rings, together with special diplomas.

I am sure that all graduating members will look back with a smile upon the happy memories of Hi-Y days. It will be hard to forget the good times we have had as members of this world wide fellowship of the Y.W.C.A.
Grapevine Staff
Front Row — M. Nishizaki, H. Urchit (Editor), A. Pope.
2nd Row — S. Hume, E. Lucas.
3rd Row — K. Strong, G. Allen, Miss Ireland.
4th Row — M. Roberts, J. Pyper, B. Webber.
5th Row — S. Karawanski, B. Howard.
6th Row — Mr. Beck, R. Webber, F. Endersby, L. Day.
Senior Cheerleaders
Kneeling — I. Hudson, C. Silvorski, I. Jones, S. Evans.
Standing — P. Robertson, M. Chalmers.

There are about thirteen memebers in our club; our sponsor is Miss Woodman.

We cheered at a basketball game as you mish remember. Not discouraged, we tried again at the Junior High Track Meet. We are going to hav a dance on April 27 to support our trip to Vernon on June 2, but the dance was cancelled. This means for us the last eyar of Junior Cheerleaders so it's up to this year's grade VIIIs to carry on Junior Cheerleaders.
Inter-School Christian Fellowship
In the year 1929, a group of high school students met at the Y.M.C.A. in Toronto to discuss the Christian problems of their high school. This was the beginning of the Inter School Christian Fellowship movement in Canada, an interdenominational group, which has now grown to 220 groups meeting weekly in high school.

In British Columbia there are approximately thirty groups in the Vancouver area, approximately ten groups in Victoria and groups linking Prince Rupert, Kelowna, Pentiction, Trail, Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Kamloops, and other smaller towns. Trail and Kamloops are recent additiosn to I.S.C.F. having been formed last October.

The purposes of the I.S.C.F. are: "To know Christ and to make Him known," through Bible study; to bring as many students as possible into this factual, straightfoward study of the greatest book man possesses; to sponsor speakers; to help in educational features in high school assemblies; to introduce films such as those produced by the Moodie Bible Institute; and to contribute generally to school life.

The local group is under the sponsorship of Miss Margaret Bradshaw. Executive officers are as follows: President, Faith Cosens; Vice-President, Tom Holt; Secretary-Treasurer, Stella Reeves; Social Convener, Moira Milligan; Publicity Convener, Joyce Bradshaw. The year's average attendance has been between fifteen and twenty.

In the meetings various members took their turns in conducting the Bible study, (guided by a booklet). Items such as the question, the hurdle, the fact and the prayer for the week, were read by all the groups across Canada during the same week. Other activities during the year included: Talks by three outside speakers, two social and a skating party.

Election of next year's executive will be held in the near future, and , as I.S.C.F. goes into its second year, we are looking for big things.
Photography Club
Left to Right — D. Wyman, B. Fox, R. Mitcell, H. Veach, J. Watson,
Absent — D. Nelson.
King and Queen of the Kampus
In order to encourage the sales of the '51 Kampus, and to add a bit of color to the school year, the staff of the '51 Kampus held a contest to determine the KING AND QUEEN of the KAMPUS. This contest was held in conjunction with the Pre-Sales Week, with only those who made a down payment on an annual being eligible to vote; the voting was keen and the contest created much interest throughout the school.

We are proud to announce: LeRoy Critchfield and Gerrie Thompson.`
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Inter "B"
Inter "B" Dalgleish

Kneeling — R. Yasui, H. Wakabayashi, S. Kodama (Capt), R. Oikawa
Standing — J. Fowles, B. Gale, B. MacIntosh, J. Holt, B. Yingling, Mr. Beck (Coach).

This year's edition of the Kamloops Inter "B" basketball team managed to win three out of seven games it played. Although coached by Jim Beck, this year's team was handicapped by the lack of tall players and lost all four of its games to the tall youths of Penticton. Two of the games were for the Interior Inter "B" championship. On the brighter side of the picture, the Inter "B" squad managed to eke out two wins over Revelstoke High School, the first game being played and won in Kamloops and the second in Revelstoke. The latter game was won by a matter of one point, and this one point lead was in favor of the Revelstoke team except that they scored a basket a few seconds too late. The other game the Inter "B" squad won was played against the Indian School. It was a rough and tough affair in which the Inter "B" came out with more bruises and points than their losing opponents.

Those who made up this year's team are:

Jack Fowles and Sadao Kodama from last year's Inter "B", who provided the scoring punch and the leadership of the team; Jim Holt, free shot artist; Bob Gale, who doesn't know whetehr to make basketball or singing his career; Henry Wakabayashi, who tried hard as the others did to put the ball into the net; Richard Oikawa, speedy forward; and Barry McIntosh who we think should take his running shoes with him when playing out of town. Our new-comers from out of town are: Ken Yingling, red-headed centre from Blue River; rough and tough Roy Yasui from New Denver.

The team is indeed grateful to Mr. Beck, who so unselfishly donated his time and energy and without whose effort and Inter "B" basketball team could not have been formed.
Inter-Grade Hockey Champions - Grade 10
Front row — B. Chalmers, R. Evensen, R. Andersen, D. Burnham, A. Collier.
2nd row — K. Bryson (Manager), R. Brown, J. Brookall, J. Matonovitch, J. Dunlop, D. Dance (Asst. Mgr.)
3rd row — J. Yamake, G. Beecroft, A. Gaber (Playing Coach and Captain), W. Witt, A. Jeffrey.
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Maintenance Staff
B. Turner & F. Drayton
Jr. High Students' Council
Front row — B. Taylor, A. Puhallo, K. Strong
2nd row — P. Dohm, Mr. Morse, B. Macdonald
Junior High Annual Staff
Left to right — B. Howard, C. Allen, T. Livett, B. Stevens, J. Pyper, K. Strong
Senior High School Students' Council 1951-1952
Front row, left to right —
 Enid Lucas — Secretary
 Shirley Kennedy — Girls' Sports Rep.
 Marion Chalmers — Social Pres.
 Joyce Casper — Treasurer
Back row, left to right —
 Frank Endersby — President
 Brian Corbould — Vice-Pres.
 Bob Holt — Boys' Sports Rep.
Senior High School Students' Council 1952-1953
Front row, left to right —
 Ethel Fowles — Girls' Sports Rep.
 Doreen Monteith — Secretary
 Ann Hargraves — Social Pres.
Back row, left to right —
 Ricky Webber — Vice-Pres.
 Bob Holt — Boys' Sports Rep.
 Al Vicars — Treasurer
 Jim Taylor — President
Editorial Staff

Mr. Knapp

Suky Uyeyama

Mr. Howard

Mich Nishizaki
(Assist. Editor)

It's very hard for an inexperienced editor to create an Inspiring and thought-provoking editorial as other more clever editors have done.

However, this year we have a theme, and a good one, in fact, it's so good, It should have been thought of before . . . hunting and fishing. A good old plug for our town, which is a solid, up-and-coming flourisher hereabouts, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Work on the "Kampus" was started very late this year, and with the almost constant shifting of "Kampus" personnel, we had two strikes against us. Nevertheless, we rallied, and at the end, in a surge of feverish activity, we compiled this somewhat adequate (you may use your own judgment) Yearbook.

No attempt will be made to explain what amateurish quirks are hidden in the following pages, for you have, in most likelihood, read those parts first, or having failed to do so yet, wish to do so as soon as possible without having it pre-digested here.

For most of us, this year will be the last in our school on St. Paul Street, for farther up the hill, a brand-new building stands, unknown and untrod by the many thousands of future citizens who are yet to come.

I, for one, will remember, as long as I live, the years that gave me so much pleasure under the firm guidance of Mr. Gurney within the weary walls of our Old High School. Let's hope we all do.
I hope, too, that all will go well for the Coming Senior High Students' Council. In them, will be invested the responsibility of creating student willingness and Co-operation which are the bases of school Spirit. I don't envy their job.

I wish our graduates every success, but not their paths to be rosy, for only out of suffering, and sorrow, come the great men and women of this world.

Assistants:M. Takenaka A. Pope K. Yamamoto M. Ichii B. Howard J. Wilson S. Huntington J. Pyper A. Fuller S. Evans M. Kuromi J. Brown

Brian Corbould
(Business Manager)

Hank Follweiter

Kay Strong

Mary Brennan
Gerrie Thompson

Malvina Macdonald
Moyra Robertson

Bruce Verchere
(Boys' Sports)

Ricky Webber
(Advisory Editor)

Donela Camp
(Girls' Sports)
Special Commercial Grads
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Junior Matric Girls
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Junior Matric Boys
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Social Events of 1951 - 1952
SEPTEMBERThe Students' Council started the Social events off with a “Get Acquainted" dance. Laurie Day and Marina Dance showed us one way to get acquainted but the method is not advised for K.H.S. students!! In order to save money, the Council decided to use records instead of an orchestra. This new Idea received both praise and criticism from the students.
OCTOBERThe Grade X girls decided to initiate themselves Into the Senior High by having a "Plaid Parade." For those who did not appear in plaid shirts, and no make-up, a quick journey to the washroom and a good dunking under the taps was given.
 The orchestra held a dance in the Upper Legion Hall with Leroy Critchfield doing an able job as M.C. Pop, cake and Orchestra enjoyed by all.
NOVEMBEROne of the most successful dances of the year-the GradeXI’s "Kiddies' Bawl" was put on. Everybody, including the teachers joined in on the fun. Besides dancing, teeter-tottering? Farmer-in-the-dell? and skipping? were furthermore done to perfection. This was the first ordinary dance in which outside invitations were and the result was a packed house.
 A Remembrance Day assembly was held with the Students' Council and High School Band doing the major part of the ceremony. Frank Endersby, president, placed a wreath and two minutes' silence was observed.
 A basketball assembly was worked in before the first games of year (K.H.S. vs. Revelstoke) when the Red Devil and Red Angels teams were introduced. Following these games, a dance was organized in the K.A.A. Hall.
DECEMBERPractically everyone voted the teachers' "Hi-Hoe Down" the best dance of the year and/or of many years in the past. This was probably due to the informal way the dance was held and to the wonderful school spirit of the teachers. Their floor-show really exemplified this.
 Senior Matric had its usual rough-and-tumble sleigh-riding party after which the survivors dragged themselves back to Mr. Campbell’s cosy house and comfortable easy-chairs for games, cocoa hot-dogs.
 The day before Christmas holidays, the students gathered in auditorium to enjoy the Christmas programme of carol singing, solos and . . yes, even Santa Claus!
 The Christmas Formal had lovely decorations, good food orchestra but the crowd was scarce. This was probably because extra expenses at that time of year and students being away.
JANUARYAnother dance was held by the orchestra members with Vern Martin's Orchestra doing top honors. Pop and cake were again served. As a result, a considerable amount of money was added to build up the travelling expenses fund.
 Friday, the 25th was "Co-ed Day" and the Red Angels' "Topsy-Turvey" was packed with Junior Highs and Seniors. The main attraction was a pie-throwing contest with Gordie Beecroft being the winner.
 Following the "big" Red Devil vs. Duke of Connaught game, a dance took place in the K.A.A. to cheer up our boys-maybe.
FEBRUARYHey yo' all! Did yo' hear 'bout the Grade 'levens' "Southern Ball?” Stella Camp "can't help lovin' that man" and Trudean Cooper and Hanel Okipski sho' tol' us 'baut that "0l' Man River" in the floor show.
 An Impressive assembly was held in memory of our late King George VI. Members of the Students' Council read about our late King and Future Queen.
 In honor of the California All-Stars, a dance was held In the K.A.A Hall. They had just played the Red Devils on their (the former) tour of B.C. school teams.
MARCH"Spring has sprung-the grass has riz . " Well anyway this suggested the idea for the Grade X's "Spring Fever Frolic." It is certain that no one will forget those spring tonics!
 The "Kajinkas" is girls' night In K.H.S. Skits were presented and Grade X received the cup (no description, please!) for the best for their display of talent(?). Songs were sung and after that everyone trooped down to the Home Ec. lab. to . . . yes, EAT. It was said that Grade's was one of the best for years.
APRILEven if you don't dance it was worthwhile to go to the "HI-Y Hoedown" just for the food, PIE A LA MODE! The floor show consisted of the HI-Y girls singing those good old western tunes.
 Still trying to earn money, the Orchestra had another successful dance during the Easter holidays after its Bottle Drive.
 There was a Grade XI party and the only outspoken comment "Wow, what a party !"
MAYEven If the S.M.s and S.C.s "Comet" wasn't the most packed dance of the year, it was one of the most "entertaining!" Floor-show consisted of Frank Endersby telling that "A Guy is a Guy" and Larry Candido imitated ????? The "Hula Girls" did a "little number" and (Bruce Spencer) showed us the effects of the graduation punch. The main event was the presentation of a wallet to Hugh Sparrow and a necklace to Iona Hudson as they were voted "Man of the Year" an "Queen of the Campus." Jim Thompson was M.C. and the singing of S.M.'s themesong???? was a fitting climax.
Hi-Y Club
The Girls' HI-Y of 1951-52 has been successful both financially and socially.

The Executive consisted of: President, Enid Lucas. Secretary: Audrey Pope, whose positions were later taken over by Suky Uyeyama and May Ichii respectively. Vice-President, Aldyne Webb. Treasurer: Mich Takenaka, and Sponsor: Miss C. McArthur.

Activities were started immediately after initiation and recognition. The Club served at suppers, attended conferences, packed candy and hampers, he'd sales of candy, cookies, and homecooking, organized the Christmas Assembly, and held a successful Annual Hi-Y Hoedown. Two highlights of the year were Miss Dwyer's resumé of her year in Europe, and Mrs. Ruth Chisholm's enlightening visit.

"Preppers" were started in May, and a graduation ceremonial and a social is planned for June. Next term's President and Vice-President will be elected and sent to summer camp.

I hope each member has become more enriched within herself as a result of the friendships formed and knowledge gathered from our year together.
K.H.S. Newspaper
The K.H.S. 'Grapevine 'was renamed “The Dustpan" this year. An election was held In September and the following officers were elected:
EDITORMich Wishizaki
SOCIAL EDITORMalvina Macdonald
EXCHANGEGloria Allen
CIRCULATIONJean Pyper, Kay Strong
CURRENT EVENTSBarbara Stephens

The first issue was printed in October with four more following. Dorothy Stebbing very kindly stencilled all the issues for us.

We would like to thank all those who supported us this year and we hope to be able to carry on in '53.
Camera Club
The Camera Club, sponsored by Mr. Stewart, had a very successful year. At the beginning of the term an election of officers was held. Those elected were: David Nelson, president; Rose Andrews, vice-president; and Russ Mitchell, secretary-treasurer. This year the club had twenty-two members. Our campaign for members was sparked by a successful viewing of the slides from the Canadian Kodak Company and by allowing visitors to the meetings which were held every Tuesday.

The club also held two fund-raising events in the forms of a hot dog sale and an apple sale.

This year our membership was limited to about twenty, but we hope to have quite a few more members next year when we move into our new super darkroom in the new school.

Thanks, guys and gals, for your support.

Inter School Christian Fellowship
I.S.C.F. has really been rolling along this year under the grand leadership of Miss Lawrence. The following students have made up the executive for the past year: President, Faith Cosens; vice-president, David Reeves: secretary, Joan Dunlop; advertising, Tom Holt; and the social convener, Winnie Flann. The meetings which have been held every Wednesday noon started off with enthusiastic singing of choruses and a Bible Study which has proved helpful to many students. Also local speakers and visiting I.S.C.F. representatives have been guests at our meetings during the past year. In the fall, ten of the I.S.C.F.-ers attended a conference in Kelowna where they met Christian pupils of other schools and also learned things to help our group in the school. Much fun was had by all who attended our house parties and skating party during the past year and many are looking forward to a hike and wiener roast which is being planned for the near future. We shall be looking for you to join with us in order to make next year another success.
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Queen of the Kampus and Man of the Year
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Red Devils
The K.H.S. Red Devils began the 195l-52 basketball season with six players from the previous year, these being: Ken Kochi, Hugh Sparrow, Tom Holt, Gordon Beecroft, Bob Holt and Willie Brennan. Chris Wright, our coach, then added Henry Wabayashi, Sadao Kodama, Jim Holt, Bob Gale, Bob MacDonald and Barry Mayhew to complete his squad. During the past season, they played games against Vernon, Penticton, Kelowna, and Revelstoke. The team also played in the City League in Kamloops and in some exhibition games with Senior squads and with the famous, impressive California All-Stars. As the school team won the North Okanagan High School Championship by beating Vernon by 19 points in a two-game total-point series, it earned the right to enter the B.C. High School Tournament In Vancouver. This competition was held in the new U.B.C. million-dollar gymnasim from March 25 to 29. The squad did not fare so well but they won one out of three games.

The Red Devils ended the season with a very good record of wins - 17 out of 25 games. They won the City League championship and won out over Penticton in a closely-fought contest for the McPherson Cup, emblematic of Intermediate A supremacy. So, with three championships, they did well in the interior. Most of the older players will be leaving this year but next year's squad will be out to surpass the marks set by this year's Red Devil team.
Red Angels
So far as game scores were concerned, this year's basketball season was not too kind to the "Angels." However, financial success and friendships formed made up for the lack of wins. The team played Revevelstoke, Vernon, Armstrong and Salmon Arm and won three games out of the nine, as the first two were tough teams to try to gain a victory over.

Besides these games, at the beginning of the season the Red Angela played the “Senior Women" comprising, for the most part, last year's Angels - and won! Then at the closing of the season we played the teachers who "trampled" us 17-9. (Don't take me too literally).

Next year the season will begin with Mary Wakida, Nora Brennan, Trudean Cooper, Tina Ceci, Ethel Fowles, Angela Robischaud, Margo Kenward and Stella Camp. Jerry Thompson, Malvina Macdonald,
Maureen Scott, Shirley Kennedy and Dolena Camp will not be present. These girls will really be missed by the remaining players.

Our bus trips were probably the most memorable events. Our choral group??? consisted of Maureen, Tina, Margo and Malvina, Shirley and Jerry were, believe it or not, the quietest on the trips. Ethel was usually eating and dreaming of "potting" a basket from centre. "Sophie" somehow or other always managed to sneak on our bus. She has a good voice, though, and received many encores!!! I thnk our games with Revelstoke were of "more than passing interest" to Ange, Nora and Dolena.

"Deena said - "No games with Penticton! Gee, I'll never see my 'Friend'." Miss Turner said - "Stella, what are you thinking about, Vernon? or Revelstoke? – hmmm.” The innocent's reply -Blush! "Miss Turner, how can you say that!!"

In conclusion, we are all thankful to Mrs. Sowerby, our coach, for donating her valuable time.
Junior Girls
Dalgleish Juniors
This year's Inter "B" team commenced late In the year. As a result, It was not such a successful season from the victory viewpoint. The team managed a couple of victories over the Indian School. The team lost two heart-breakers - by two points each time. One game was lost to Salmon Arm High School and the other to Armstrong. With a new gymnasium and more time, a better team is planned for next year,

Senior Cheerleaders
Though not too successful, the K.H.S. Rambler hockey team was well-balanced and powerful but suffered for lack of available Ice time and competition from other high schools. One home game was managed, though, against Bralorne, and K.H.S. students were able to see that they had a good time. The highlight of the year was the B.C. Invitational Hockey Tournament held In Penticton's brand new rink. Hopes were pretty high when the team set out on the trip. The first game was a thriller all the way and Ramblers and Vernon tied. However, during the next game Penticton pulled a real surprise and to the chagrin of all Ramblers, beat the visitors. This wasn't in the rules at all. Against Kelowna, the team had their backs to the wall and had to win at all costs. They triumphed by blanking the Okanagan team, 4-0. This brought the team into the finals against Vernon on Saturday night. This game proved disastrous for K.H.S. as Vernon, playing aggressive hockey, won the championship in no uncertain fashion. In spite of all the difficulties, we can always look forward and make plans for next year, when it is to be hoped that a proper High School League will be operating and another strong team will take to the ice.

Volleyball Seniors
Volleyball Juniors
Grade Xii girls' Volleyball team racked up anoher two points towards the shield when they squeezed out Grad XI by one point in the final game of a three-game series. This seris was reminiscent of the year's play. All the tems were closely matched. Practice like this makes good future school teams. Maybe next year there'll be one. Let us hope so, but it is up to YOU.
Inter-Grade Hockey Champs
Grass Hockey Juniors and Seniors
As there was no Senior Matric team, Seniors and Juniors joined forces. Maybe this was the reason for Grade XII's win in the finals against X. Grade XIs fell behind because only a few of their players turned out. Grass Hockey is the sport of revenge, and this year was not exception, ask any of the players, they'll show you their scars.
Basketball Seniors
Basketball Sophomores
The tide has turned. Although Grade X gave them a run for their money, Grade Xi and Grade XII girls again played off for the Senior High Championship. The Grade XI squad won the one-bame final by a score of 17-10. At one point during the schedule, the victors were denounced for "rough-housing." (Girls' rugby practice is to be held on September 12.)
Tim Holt - Highscore Basketball
There was keen interest and a good turnout for bowling this year. The Senior Matric - Special Commercial combination quite handily won the play-offs. We would like to give credit here to Doreen Kennedy for an exceptionally fine job of managing the Bowling Club.
The high scorers were:
GirlsBarbara Christofferson268BoysKeith Barker314
 Doreen Kennedy243 Jim Holt310

All in all, bowling was an extremely better sport this year.
In September, with approximately forty-five members, badminton got off to an early start. On account of the large number of players, the Seniors met Wednesday evenings and the Juniors Saturday mornings. The new members learned quickly under the able supervision of Mr. Perry Richards, who has sponsored badminton for over six years. A team was to be picked to represent Kamloops at tournaments in Kelowna and Prince George but because of unfortunate circumstances, this team was unable to make the trip. Nevertheless, practice is never wasted and badminton will be stronger still to enter any competition next year. The top players were Lorraine Whelan, Molly Bostock, Ted Weys, Keith Pattinson and Peter Smart.
Under the direction of the men's curling club, some sixty-four K.H.S. students learned the art of curling. Although half of the season was devoted to practice and becoming familiar with the game, a few scheduled games were played. Ralf Collin's, Jerry Richardson's and Jack Dunlop's rinks were the top ones, not forgetting Marion Chalmers' all-girl rink.

The curling club executive consisted of David Allen, president, and Marion Chalmers, secretary.

Thirty-five of the more enthusiastic curlers travelled by school-bus to Vernon to accept a challenge from Vernon High School. Kamloops broke even, winning five out of the ten games. On the return trip, Vernon was able to win only two out of the eight games. Revelstoke and Kelowna also extended invitations to Kamloops to curl.

Curling promises to be a great success in the High School next year. If all goes well K.H.S. should be able to compete in the B.C. Inter-High School bonspiel next winter. The Dominion High School Championship is also to be played somewhere in B.C. next year.
Girls' Graduation Class
Click for larger view

Top row, left to right: Eleanor Hewlett, Florence Coneybeare, Gail Martin, Joan Wyse, Ann Madill, Marilyn Nelson, June Bryson, Marilyn Genier, Marilyn Conner, Patricia Sadlier-Brown, Katie Davidson, Marjory Stewart, Grace Mortimer, Anita Watt, Greta Fulsebakke, Patsy Atkins.

Second row, left to right: Joan Ellis, Audrey Richards, Glenda Lamb, Mary Linnel, Frances Lukaz, Iris Young, Patricia Luyat1 Janice Thrnley, Ruby Puhallo, Sherwyn Thompson, May Iwasaki, Lois Hoey, Donna Morse, Jennifer Fleetham.

Third row, left to right: Mary Churchill, Corrine Gaudreau, Haruko Kamachi, Mutsuko Kobayashi, Iris Sargent, Puro Singh, Evelyn Follweiter, Wendolyn Finn, Mona Boudier, Dolores Roberts, Louise Blair, Margaret Proctor. Tomie Nishizaki, Miyeko Kobayashi, Elizabeth Pasquill, Sheryn Fiddick.

Front row, left to right: Nori Goto, Hayako Sakaki, Elsie Mori, Reiko Tanaka, Elsie Schochenmaier, Marion Hickling, Hazel Dunham, Betty Doney, Elaine Stewart, Gloria Cox, Nadeane Haines. — BILL COWLEY PHOTO.

Boys' Graduation Class
Click for larger view

Top row, left to right: Stewart Nanson, James Hambrook, Gerry Robinson Leonard Poncelet, Leslie Proudfoot, Allan Thompson, Duncan Campbell, Donald Trethewey, Gordon Hayward Ian Fraser, Ronald Hoover, Kenneth Lyons, Robert Boyd, Franklyn Arthur, Dale Fiddick.

Second row, left to right: Tom Miyahara, Roy Olson, Donald Betz, Barry Desmond, Peter Elder, Larry Grant, Frederick Linge, Robert Dunsmuir, Woto Uyeyama, Shigeru Tatsumi, Jim Leong, Harold Betz, Robert Burns, Lloyd Johnson.

Third row left to right: Kiyoshi Kawata, John Brennan, Ross Leonard, John Glowacki, John Long, Tom Kenal, David Sparrow John Williams, Douglas Takahashi, Lawrence Humphrey, Lawrence Samanich, Sam Leong, Suyeki Yoshida, Kazuo Kawata, Edward Lewall, Jan Witt.

Front row, left to right: Isamu Aura, Ronald Lister, Michael Dohm, Brian Desrocher, Ronald Kalmakoff, Tetsuo Yoshida, Ronald Jones, Gordon Miyahara, Martin Hladyniuk, Read English, Walter Kuzyk, Mike Bafia, Barry Hobbins, and Frank Clark. — BILL COWLEY PHOTO.
Yearbook Staff

Mr. Howard

Joan Ellis

Carol Collins

Mr. Knapp

Deanna Martin
Business Manager

The hustle and bustle of this year's Annual staff is over. Everyone takes a long breath of relief as the final responsibilities are turned over to the staff of the Sentinel.

The Annual has had a good year. The close co-operation of all the members and the accepting of responsibility has brought the 1954-55 annual forth, This year has also been a successful one for the whole school. Under the very capable direction of Mrs. W. 0. Owens and Mr. A. McMurdo, The Pirates of Penzance, a Gilbert and Sullivan production, was successfully staged and well received. The Kamloops High School Band returned in September, from a very eventful trip to Europe, where it won top awards in the World Festival in Holland. In the sports circle, the basket ball teams and track teams brought many honors to our school.

The theme of this year's Annual is taken from the great Mediaeval Period of Chivalry and Kings. The theme was one of our staff's biggest headaches. You can imagine trying to fit the Graduates with armour and sweeping trains, or trying to make our Literary section (and talent) resemble Mallory. You now ask, "Well, why pick this theme?" We haven't got much of an answer except, "Our staff hasn't a very great imagination." We had two "Merlin the Magicians" on our staff, Mr. K. K. Knapp and Mr. D. Howard, who gave so freely of their time and advice to our struggling staff.

This year's Annual is dedicated to the graduating class. We hope that through this yearbook, the Graduates of 1955, will be able to keep fresh the memories of school friends and activities.


Audrey RichardsJacqua Howard
Exchange EditorPre-Sale Manager
Hayako SakakiGrade 11 — Joe Hasler
Miyoko KobayashiGrade 10 — Darrel Hartney

Louise Sponaugle
Social Editor

Dave Heron
Boys' Sports

Dave Arnott
Art Editor

Woto Uyeyama

Dave Sparrow

Pat Tucker & Ron Jones
Personals — Co-ediors

DougTakahashi & John Williams

Mary Linnell & Glenda Lamb
Girls' Sports — Co-editors

Student Government

Students Council


Front row, left to right: Mrs. Elder, Ann Atamanchuck, Gail Martin, John Williams, Donna Morse, Stoni Oishi.
Back row: Nori Goto, Grace Watanabe, Pete Elder, Gulchern Singh, Ron Jones, Dale Fidick.


Front row, left to right: Jim Freathy, Mac Jardine, Joe Slater, Elaine Jeffery, Mr. Morse.
Back row: Allan Blair, Shirley Kuzyk, David Pearson, Don Schollen, Gerry Cook, Pat Gould, Wendy Patterson.


Front row, left to right: Audrey Richards, Grace Edey, Sandra Brechin.
Back row: John Christianson, Martin Hladyniuk, Woto Uyeyama.

Office Staff
Maintenance Staff
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King and Queen of the Kampus
We of the Annual staff are glad to congratulate the King and Queen of the Kampus Dale Fiddick and Grace Mortimer. The King and Queen received congratulatory cups which were presented by the Editor of the Annual at the awards Assembly.

The annual staff and the Student Body of K.H.S. would like to wish every success to this year's King and Queen of the Kampus.

Congratulations, Grace and Dale.
Social Events of 1954 - 1955


Back to the old grind of school, home work and detentions.


The Students' Council presented its annual "Get-Acquinted Dance" under the theme of "Football Folly."


Remembrance Day Service was held this year in the new auditorium — Pearce House Assembly.


The Y-Teen girls held their annual Christmas Assembly this month and carols were enjoyed by all. December 17 heralded the big formal of the year. —The "Christmas Formal."


Davis House held its assembly for the year under the title of a "Class Room Tour of K.H.S." which was highly appreciated by all the students and the faculty.

"Snow Flake Frolic" was the dance produced by Fee House and it was tops.


"Pearse House Burlesque" – A dance enjoyed by all. Fulton House had one of the most original Assemblies

The big special production of the year the operetta, "Pirates of Penzance."


"The Greasy Spoon" represented the teenage hangout in the Fee House Assembly

The Davis House held its dance of the year under the unusual title of "Come on o' our House."


Easter exams, then . . . the Easter holidays (Hurray!)


The orchestra and band held a joint bottle drive and joint concert during this month. Also in May the band and the "Ambassadors" travelled to several districts around Kamloops.

Senior High Elections were held.

Grade XI girls held their annual "Gradjinkas" party as a farewell to the "grad girls."


Graduation (At Last!!)

High School Conference

We were among the 173 delegates representing 92 schools from throughout B.C. attending the Eighth Annual High School Conference sponsored by the Alma Mater Society of U B C held March 4 and 5.

Our time-filled two-day conference started off with a bang at 8:30 Friday morning when all delegates met in the auditorium for registration. Here, we were swamped with pamphlets and interesting material dealing with various phases of varsity life. We then proceeded to one of the recently constructed lecture buildings on the campus.

The President of U.B.C., Dr. N. A. M. MacKenzie gave us a warm welcome, endorsed by the President of the Students' Council, Dick Underhill. Next we were given instructions on conference procedure and warned about just what we could expect to get away with during our visit. Dr. M. A. Bryce, head of the Department of Chemistry, outlined to the delegates the "Values of a University Education," in which he stressed the importance of a higher generalized education rather than a purely specialized or technical education. Dr. S. Rothstein, Assistant Head Librarian, gave the delegates a picture of the focal point of knowledge the library. He told of some of the facilities available to varsity students and of the service the library, the third largest in Canada, offers to the whole province.

The numerous scholarships and bursaries available to students who wish to further their education, but are hampered by financial difficulties, were discussed by Dean W. H. Gage, who left the impression as being sincerely concerned with the welfare of the students and more than willing to give assistance whenever the opportunity affords.

Friday afternoon was occupied with attending sample lectures, which in our case were psychology and history, and taking part in an extracurricular discussion concerning some of the social and government aspects of U.B.C.

Commencing at 9:30 Saturday morning, all delegates took part in a panel discussion which constituted brief outlines of the different professions and courses offered by each of the prominent faculties. Following the conclusion of the panel discussion, which occupied all our morning, we were treated to lunch at Fort Camp and given an explanation of Open House which is held every three years. The delegates were divided into several groups and taken on a conducted tour of the variety of displays. The lengthy and tedious work and planning which the students of each faculty had put into this project was evident, but the enthusiastic remarks of the visiting public viewing the displays were extremely rewarding to the students.

A most successful banquet and dance, which exemplified the conference as a whole, culminated our stay at the university.

In conclusion, we should like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you for allowing us the privilege of representing Kamloops High School at the conference this

Cheer Leaders Club
Under the sponsorship of Miss Gilmore, the senior cheesquad was once again formed in Kam-Hi' for '54-55.

Officers were as follows: President, Pat Cowan; Secretary-Treasurer, Heather Carson.

The big basketball games were improved by the capable leadership of the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders were at the home floor games of Trapp Tech, Duke of Connaught and Revelstoke. The squad travelled with the teams to Vernon, Revelstoke and Salmon Arm.

The cheerleaders made a good show at the Kamloops track meet, raising the excitement of the crowd to a high pitch.

The only disappointment of the year was the poor turnout for the games.

The cheerleaders of this year are Heather Carson, Donna Anderson, Deanna Warsimage, Brenda Ward, Dave Sparrow and Ron Jones.
Secretary PAT TUCKER

The year's activity began In September with the annual Initiation Party which proved successful in that it gave everyone a chance to be well acquainted.

We held a Recognition Service for 30 new members at the United Church. Five members attended the Fall Conference in Penticton and three members attended the Mid-Winter Conference in Victoria, These three members were: Jacqua Howard, Mona Emmington and Greta Fulsebakke.

Other highlights of the year's activity were: candy sales, home cooking sale, church parade, house parties, serving tea at teachers' convention, stocking drive, fagging day, donation of a. blanket to the Welfare Kits for Korea and guest speakers at home of our meeting.

We are sending next year's president and vice-president to a summer camp at the coast which Is the usual procedure every year.

This year has been very successful and It is hoped that there will be many new members in the fall of 1955-56.
Future Teachers
The Future Teachers' Club of the high school is designed to give the students who are considering teaching as a career, an insight into the profession. Our program has included: talks by teachers of the high school who have taught in other lands, films, and panel discussions. When the student teachers were at the school, we had a lively discussion with them about university life. While the students from normal school were practice-teaching in. Kamloops, we had interesting talks about life in teacher training. We also had an enjoyable and educational time observing teaching methods in. the elementary schools.. Mrs. Elder, our sponsor, reported on the B.C. conference of future teachers clubs' sponsors and told of activities of clubs all across Canada and the United States. Our executive is: Betty Doney, secretary; Sandra Ashby, program convener; and Donna Morse, president. We have had an enjoyable time this year, learning about one of the most important aspects of our future.
The above letters stand for Inter School Christian Fellowship. This club, held every Wednesday at noon, is for students of all denominations. We have Bible studies, questions and answers, speakers. often are visiting Missionaries. This proves to be very interesting, as he or she may be from Egypt, India or from some other interesting far-off land. We then have a social once a month. These socials take the form of outdoor hikes up Mount Paul, skating parties, or maybe an indoor party. We also have two conferences a year, fall and spring. The spring conference, this year was held in Penticton. The students who attended got a lot out of it. Miss Swadling, our sponsor, and all of we I.S.C.Fers extend a hearty welcome to all who wish to join this club.
High School Senior Choir
The Senior Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Marion Owens, had a very successful 1954-55 season. Our first performance was singing for the Parent-Teacher Association where we sang "Tom's Gone to Hilo," "On Wings of Song" and the amusing "Leather Winged Bat." At Christmas we entertained the Old Age Pensioners with a group of “Carols From Other Lands." The highlight of the year came at the Yale-Cariboo Musical Festival when we won The Canadian Daughters League Trophy. Recently we sang for the Ladies' Auxiliary to the Royal Inland Hospital at their fashion show. Our only hope is that our audiences enjoyed our programs as much as we enjoyed singing them.
Band to Holland
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On July 5, 1954, the fifty-two members of the Kamloops Band to Holland left the C.N.R. station to compete in the World Musical Festival, in Kerkrade, Holland. After the train trip across Canada we arrived in Quebec and boarded the Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, which was to be our home for the next eight days. After four days of our own cooking on the train, this seemed like heaven, although there were some pretty green faces for the first few days. We docked at Southhampton and boarded a special train which took us to London. Most of our time here was spent in sightseeing such famous places as the Tower of London, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus and many more. During our stay here we played a short concert for the Lord Mayor and later took a trip to the beautiful seaside resort of Torquay, where we performed again. During our stay in Scotland, we visited Mr. McMurdo's home town, Catrine, and for most of us, Mr. McMurdo included this was the highlight of the whole trip. As we played the last number of our concert “Loch Lomond" every one in the band and in the audience, too, wished the concert could go on for another two hours. Many tears were shed as we left Catrine, with the strains of "Will Ye No Come Back Again?" gradually fading away in the distance. We concluded our stay in Glasgow, and went back to London for a few days. During this time everybody bought souvenirs, clothes, and almost went broke We sailed from Harwick, across the English Channel to the Hook of Holland where after a good deal of trouble with the customs officials, we boarded our train and finally arrived at our destination – Kerkrade. Here we were met by a welcome sight, the R.C.A.F., whose guests we were to be for the next week.

With the R.C.A.F. we toured Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and played concerts at all four R.C.A.F. Fighter Wings. Although our days were long and tiring, we were treated like kings, and for the first time since we left Canada we feasted on hamburgers! After our tour, we returned to Kerkrade, where we played a concert for the Ambassador to Canada and the Burgermeister of Kerkrade. Here we received a standing ovation. Next day was the climax of our trip. Competing with other parts of Europe, we tied for first place. The day after in the marching contest competing with 13 other bands we came first. By the time we boarded the Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt for the trip home we were all seasoned sailors, and no one felt the effect of the Atlantic to any extent. On August 27, we landed at Quebec. The few days we spent travelling across Canada seemed like the longest part of the whole trip, and as we drew closer to home hours seemed like days. When we pulled into the junction we were greeted by hundreds of people, the Elks' Band, and rain What a wonderful and unforgettable homecoming! During the two months in which we had been away we had travelled over 18,000 miles and played over 72 concerts, an experience which not many teenagers would be able to tell about. Once back at school things soon got back to normal. The '54-'55 band executive was as follows: Ron Lister, president; Jacqua Howard, secretary-treasurer; and Larry Humphrey, Edna Uyeda, Eleanor Humphrey and Gordy Miyahara members of the executive. At Christmas we played four concerts. We played concerts at Heffley Creek, Chase and a joint concert with the orchestra. We held a bottle drive with the orchestra which was quite successful.
Pirates of Penzance
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This year's production, Pirates of Penzance started with practices in December and continued until early March. Practices were held twice a week to begin with and increased as the time drew near.

Much work went into this production. Both Mrs. Owens and Mr. McMurdo spent hours in preparation. Vocal scores, librettos, light, costumes and scenery had to be purchased or made.

Leads and understudies were assigned their parts in December. All those who participated in the operetta enjoyed themselves.

The first performance was the afternoon of March 3, for the school. There were four night performances and two afternoon. At the last performance Mrs. Owens and Mr. McMurdo were presented with tokens of gratitude also the leads were presented with flowers.

The thank you's are too numerous to mention here but all that was done to help was truly appreciated.

Pirates of Penzance will be remembered and the memories of it enjoyed but there is next year and another operetta and a great many boys and girls who will enjoy working a similar production "Mikado."

The leads in this year's cast were:
IAN FRASERPirate Lieutenant

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Sports Events 1954-55


Boys soccer was cancelled due to lack of participation as a result of poor playing field. Girls teams in both the Junior and Senior High were being organized. Girls Soccer was being organized by both the P.E. teachers and the House Sports Reps.


The boys basketball freethrow contest was started this month.

After poor participation from the Houses, Girls Soccer was discontinued. Girls basketball started with teams being formed in each House, later the afterschool teams were discontinued from lack of players.


Boys basketball was well underway. The first badminton tournament was won by Pearce House.

Red Angels were not entered in the Okanagan District Basketball League this year.


The boys basketball teams were showing great promise in League Leadership.

House Table Tennis started, with the games being played at noon hour.


The second badminton tournament was won by The Fulton House boys. Table tennis was won by Pearce.

The indoor track meet was a huge success with a great variety of entries. Davis House was the winner, Fulton was second, Fee third, and Pearse fourth


Basketball playoffs were won by the Pearse Boys. Volleyball was just being organized. The Davis House Girls won the basketball playoff in one of the best House games of the eyar.


The boys volleyball playoffs were won by Davis House.

In House volleyball games, Fulton girls were undefeated through all games and won the tournament. The School volleyball team travelled to Ashcroft, but was defeated. Ashcroft girls won a hard-fought battele against the Flyers, in Ashcroft.


Boys six-man football started this month. Most activities were interrupted by examinations and Easter holidays.

Senior girls Softball started, although a few games had to be cancelled because of rain. The First Annual Kamloops High School Gym Display was held on April 29, it was a big success and very well attended.


Boys softball was highly underway. The Inter-House Track Meet was held with great success, May 20.

May 14 the Okanagan Track Meet was held in Kelowna.

May 28 Kamloops District Track Meet was held at Merrit.

K.H.S. Red Devils
The Red Devils enjoyed one of their better seasons this year. Not entering in any organized high school league, the Devils had to rely upon exhibition games. They chose their opposition well, thereby playing some of the best teams in B.C.

Bob Boyd, CaptainGuard
Ken Lyons, Vice-CaptainForward
Gordon HaywardCentre
John GlowackiForward
Bin GurneyGuard
Bill KenalGuard
John BrennanForward
Bruce MacdonaldForward
Gordon TansleyCentre
Coach: Mr. Sorochan


All games played against were in the Interior League.
Times PlayedVisitorsWonLostTied
2Salmon Arm11
2Williams Lake2
2Trapp Tech2
1Duke of Connaught1
1Lord Byng1
1South Burnaby1
1Queen Elizabeth1
K.H.S. Red Angels
The 1954-55 squad of Red Angels blazed a memorable and successful record that is yet to be equalled in Kamloops.

This all came about with the co-operation and hard work of the girls and their coach.
9GLORIA ALLEN, CaptainCentre
3ETHEL FOWLES, Vice-CaptainGuard, Forward
8MARGO KENARDGuard, Forward, Centre
1OPAT TUCKERGuard, Forward
12HELEN EMERICKForward, Centre
15CAROL HOLTForward, Centre
 Manager-Barbara Stephens
 Coach-Lois Withers

The Red Angels played ten exhibition games making a total of 7 wins, 2 ties and 1 loss.
Williams Lake2
Trapp Tech11
Lord Byng1
South Burnaby 1

In the Okanagan Senior Women's "B" League, the Red Angels played 10 games winning 7 and losing 3. They placed third in the league, an exceptional achievement considering they were the only High School team entered.

In the Okanagan Tournament the Red Angels won the cup by defeating Similkameen, Vernon. and Kelowna. Four Red Angels made the All-Stat team. They were: Ethel Fowles, Margo Kenward, Gloria Allen, Noni Goto.

At the B.C. Tournament the Red Angels placed sixth in the province. They defeated Queen Elizabeth 19-17, lost to Mission 37-30 and lost to Cranbrook 35-33. Mission went on to win the cup, defeating Nanaimo by 20 points.
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Junior High Students' Council
Senior High School Students' Council
Boys' Basketball
Basketball, as usual, was the high-light of the sports year. Though neither the girls' or boys' team was able to drain the victor's cup in the City League they certainly were able to quench their thirst after the Tournament in Salmon Arm. By winning this contest it gave both the Kamloops twine-swishing squads the High School Basketball championships of the North Okanagan. The road to victory was rough going for both teams, more for the boys than for the girls. The latter were hard-pressed by Revelstoke and the boys by Armstrong and Enderby.

During the invasion of Kamloops by Vernon, both our basketball teams lost — the boys by a considerable margin and the girls by a small one. We were just being the perfect host, of course!

CoachMr. McDiarmid
Centres:Bus Ellis
 John McElroy
Forwards:Allen Corbin
 Walter Waslykow
 Tony Greer
 Jim Ellis
Guards:Harry Smith (Sub-coach)
 Frank Aldworth (Captain)
 Trevor Pollard
 Arnold Foulger
Girls' Basketball
CoachMiss Webb
Moral SupporterMiss Murray
Center:Betty Hoover
Forwards:Jean Hoover
 Doreen Burrows
Guards:Marion Ellis
 Viola Neil
(All promising
Mildred Harknett
Grace Johnston
Jean Lee
Verna Lee
Marion Suffa
Rugby Team
Rugby created so much interest and enthusiasm in its first year that it is thought that this game is destined to replace the now almost defunct game of soccer.

The new game was introduced with a four-team league, coached by that well-known local sportsman, Hec. McKenzie. The teams; The Bombers, Roughriders, Eskimos and Bronks, wer captained by Jim Baird, Harold Gatien, Melville Querns and Bill Smith respectively. The Roughriders went through the league without a defeat but lost the playoffs to the "brawny, bold, brainy Bombers bossed by Baird". The regulars of the "champs" were: Arnold "Flippy" Foulger, (Snap), Georger "G Man" ASh (End), Don "Prof." Griffiths (End), Jim "Cap" Baird (Quarterback), with a strong supporting second string of Pete Claxton, Don. Fisher, Jim Laidlaw and Doug. Carson.
Schoolboy Patrol
Laurel Nelson
Annual Editor
Patricia Brennan
Assistant Editor
Men From Vernon
The Winners of the Brennan Trophy
Standing, left to right: C. Falconer, goal; J. Harper, coverpoint; H. Vicars, left wing; a. Swanson, right wing.

Sitting: B. McCall, secretary; W. Brennan, president of the leagure and donor of the tophy; S. Lynes, referee.

Bottom: A. Milton, point; R. Palmer, captain and rover; A. Brue, centre.

Kamloops High School has reason to be proud of the fact that the Brennan Hockey Cup was captured this year by the Athletics, captained by Richard Palmer of the '19 class. This champion team was co,posed entirely of K. H. S. students and ex-students. Naturally, we feel proud of their record and rejoice that they have added another trophy to the list of K. H. S. achievements.
The K. H. S. Girls' Red Cross Guild
For the past five years the girls of the K. H. S. have successfully carried on a Red Cross Guild, although it has been on a small scale; nevertheless it has developed among the girls the spirit of co-operation as well as helping the boys overseas.

On September 23, 1918, a meeting was held to reorganize the Guild. The following officers were elected:
Honorary President - Miss McLean.
President - Mary McLauchlin.
Vice-President - Nora Vicars.
Secretary-Treasurere - Jean Wilson.

Two girls were also chosen from each room, as an exeutive committee:
Matriculation Room - Molly Barton and Mae Grindron.
Advanced Junio - Kathleen Bingham and Miriam Mosss.
Preliminary - Doris Fee and Agnes Philip.
Commercial - Reta Gill and Laura McNeill.

As money was needed to send boxes to the K. H. S. boys overseas, a very successful tea was held, by which the guild realzized the sum of $18.20. Unfortunately the schools then closed, so the girls were unable to send their accustomed boxes, but in their place sent cigarettes, and to those who did not smoke, books.

The girls did not confine themselves to the overseas boys, but showed their appreciation to the returned men by fitting up a ward at the Royal Inland Hospital with linen.

Thus, in the future, the K. H. S. Red Cross Guild can feel proud to think that they did their bit to help win the mighty struggle which lasted four long years.
King and Queen of the Kampus
Pat TuckerBruce Macdonald

The Annual Staff are very proud to present as this year's King and Queen of the Kampus, Bruce Macdonald and Pat Tucker. The King and Queen received tokens of congratulation from the editor of the Annual, at the Graduation Prom.

A strange coincidence this year was that the King and Queen chosen happened to ba a couple who have been going together for the last two years.

The Annual Staff and student body of K.H.S. wuold like to with Pat and Bruce the best of luck in their careers.

Congratualtions, Pat and Bruce!
Social Events of 1955 - 56

September:Well here we are again ! !
 Back to the old grind of school, school, and more school ! ! !
October:This month heralded the Annual Students' Council "Get-Acquainted Dance" as teh theme of "Fall Fair."
November:In memory of the Great Occasion of Sadie Hawkins Day, Davis House held its "Sadie Hawkins Hop."
 Remembrance Day service was held on November 11
December:The big formal of the year was "The Christmas Formal."
 Y-Teens held their annual Christmas Assembly which thoroughly was enjoyed by all.
January:Friday the 13th was the big day and night for old K.H.S.
 The Senior High held its indoor track meet in the afternoon. Fulton House held its "Track Hop" that night.
February:The second buig annual Operetta of K.H.S. this year was Gilbert and Sullivan's production of "Mikado."
 Fee House held its "Cupid Capers" to mark the occasion of St. Valentine's Day.
March:Career Day was again held this month.
 Pearce House held its "Spring Frolic".
 Easter Esams, then . . . Easter holidasy (Hurray ! ! !)
April:The Band and Orchestra went to Victoria for four days to attend the Band and Orchestra conference there.
 The school held an assembly for the visiting students of Tonasket.
May:K.H.S.'s out-door track meet was held this month.
 Grade XI girls held their annual "Grad Jinkas" party as a farewell to the "Grad Girls."
June:Graduation (at long last ! ! ! We hope?)
The Mikado

This year's operetta, the "Mikado" was a very enjoyable and successful production. Casting and rehearsing were begun early in October, and rehersals continued on from there, twice a week, after school for the chorus, and once a week at night for the leads plus chorus. These were increased as the time drew near.

Both Mrs. Owens and Mr. McMurdo spent hours in preparation and were well rewarded for the generous time they spent.

Vocal scores and librettos were purchased, the lovely scenery was done by Mrs. Dundon's art classes, and the beautiful rich-looking costumes were rented from an agency in Winnipeg.

The first performance was for the school. There were four night performances plus a matinee for the elementary schools and the Provincial Home for the Aged. At the last performance tokens of gratitude were presented to Mrs. Owens and Mr. McMurdo. A vote of thanks goes out too, to all who helped backstage, participating, the orchestra or otherwise helped make our production a success.

The "Mikado" will be a pleasant memory to many people for a long time to come.

It is hoped we shall produce another operetta in the near future.

The principals in this year's cast were:

Nanki-PooEd Strasman
Pish-TushDennis Dunford
Poh-BahGarth Walker
Ko-KoIan Fraser
Yum-YumJudy Neilly, Bev McGaw, Joyce Kennedy
Pitti-SingBetty Lowden
Peep-BoMarilyn Hanna, Susan Bostock
KatishaPenny Oxnard, Marily Hogge
MikadoGerry Cook
Mikado Exerpts
Future Teachers' Club
This year the Future Teachers' Club has had a most successful year. It was comprised of students from Grade XI, XII and XIII who co-operated very well under the watchful eye of our sponsor Mrs. Elder, The club itself was formed last year as an aid to prospective teachers who wanted to obtain a more adequate knowledge of the profession. At our meetings, held every second Monday, we had a variety of activities. Besides visiting the new Lloyd George annex we invited both elementary and secondary school teachers to speak to the group. Many members, during their study periods and on career days observed teachers at work. We also had some enlightening discussions among ourselves and held one debate. The officers, elected last fall, were:
Programme ChairmanNONO THOMPSON

In summary I believe that the meetings were very helpful to all those contemplating the teaching profession. Especially interesting were the talks given by Doctor Henry Johnson, now on the staff of the College of Education; Mr. F. C. Boyes, Principal of the Vancouver Normal School; three members of K.H.S.'s teaching staff — Miss Turner, Mr. Howard, and Mr. McIlwain and four elementary school teachers Miss Shirley Kuzyak, Miss Ann Knowles and Mr. Jack Neen of the Lloyd George staff and Mr. Toews vice-principal of the North Kamloops elementary school.
Hi-Y Teens
The past year has been a very active one for all Hi-Y-Teens. Our aim was to do a service project for the school, the community and the world. The club got underway with initiation in the fall. We held Recognition Services for twenty-eight new members at the Anglican church. Our first project was serving coffee to the teachers who attended the teachers' convention. In October we sent delegates to the interior conference in Kelowna. The biggest project was the Christmas one, the club sponsored the assembly, we also supplied a needy family with a Christmas hamper and gifts. We packed candy for the Soroptimist Club to give to the senior citizens at their Christmas party. In January, Miss Campbell the national representative of the Y.W.C.A. visited with us.

During the year the Y-Teen members have collected the money at the noon hour shows, sponsored a teachers’ baby picture contest, polished the trophies, attended church in a group, entertained Grade XI and XII girls from the Indian Residential School, and sponsored several candy sales and a home-cooking-sale.

We are endeavoring to send two members to the Hi-Y-Teen presidents' camp to be held at Howe Sound. To wind up the year a graduation tea was held on May 29 to which the mothers of all club members were invited.

Our executives for 1955-1956 were:

I am sure that all Y-Teens have enjoyed the year's activities of this world-wide fellowship of the Y.W.C.A.

"Kamloops High School Hi-Lights" was this year's Senior High paper. As "news" published less frequently than once a month would be somewhat pointless, the paper concentrated more on such things as "What Boys Think About Girls" and vice-versa. The people who contributed most to Hi-Lights were Mr. McIlwain and Miss Turner, the Sponsors; and Donna Donaldson and Frances Woodward the Advertising Managers; and Bob Blacklock whose writing pulled Hi-Lights out of its anaemic condition; Jack Calder, Marv Johnson, Bill Cowley, and Mr. Pasquill of the Kamloops Daily Sentinel have our sincere thanks for the wonderful job of arranging and printing which they did.

PhotographerBLAKE GORDON
Social ActivitiesJACQUA HOWARD and JO HASLER

Glee Club
Future Teachers' Club
Candid Photos
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Track and Field
"All right, you guys, another five laps; fast!"

Such slavemaster-like words are by no means unknown to the members of this year's Track and Field Team.

Mr. Feke and Mrs. Olson, coaches of the team, have adopted such tactics in view of the inherent laziness of K.H.S. students.

Don Trethewey is this year's Team Captain; Paul Tennant, Track Captain, and Grant Handford, Field Captain, Mr. Know!es is Sponsor of the Club, and Earl Nye is our manager.

During the months when the track was covered with snow (the term "track" apparently originated because of its resemblance to the C.P.R.'s right of way) practices were held in the Gymnasium. The more fanatical members have permanently bent ankles from taking the corners in the gym at a fairly good clip. When the snow melted from the track, we commenced training in earnest. Sprinters automatically became broad-jumpers and hurdlers as they avoided the boulders. and watercourses on the track.

Teams were sent to The Vancouver Relays and various meets in the Okanagan. Ours was the host team for the Central Mainland Track Meet which was held here early in June.
Tumbling Club
Membership in the tumbling club was down this year as compared to the previous one. The students that did turn out were again coached by Mr. Feke. The club provided half-time entertainment at the basketball games. Mr. Feke was hoping to enter some students in the B.C. Gymnastics Championships held at the Coast in May but we did not make it. Instead of a gym display an exhibition of a gym period was held for the P.-T.A.
Athletic Co-ordinating Committee
This year the Athletic Co-Ordinating Committee, sponsored by Mr. Hail, boys' Physical Ed. teacher headed by president Heather Carson, had a very heavy schedule. Many do not realize the extent of the work done by members of the A.C.C. Travel, home games, entertainment billets, refreshments, gates, tickets, and many more preliminary items are organized and directed by an individual committee. These committees, working as a unit, operated very smoothly this term. This group is a branch of the students' council and is a great asset to the Council The committees are given a set amount of money per year and are required to operate efficiently on it.
Members of the committee are:
Vice-PresidentBRIAN FISHER
TreasurerPAT HALL

Committee Heads are:
EntertainmentBRIAN FISHER

Junior Jets
The Junior Jets, the school's 1955-56 Bantam basketball team, has had a very successful year. They attended a tournament on March 16 and 17 in Vancouver, at which time they were defeated by three much more experienced girls' teams, Ladysmith, Majorettes and Kitsilano.

Earlier In the season, they were made Interior Champions of the Northern Division through a two-game total-point series against Revelstoke, a team which provided Kamloops with even competition, the score being: Kamloops 69, Revelstoke 18.

Cheerleaders — Senior Squad

A group of enthusiastic students consisting of three boys and two girls-all Grade 12's got together and tried to boost school spirit in the latter part of this year. Their uniforms were: Girls, Black V-necks, red pleated skirts, white socks and black shoes; Boys:
Red V-necks, black pants and black shoes.

This group provided a limitless amount of spirit, entertainment, and competition among the other cheerleaders. Gayle Stewart, one of the Jr. High cheerleaders was invited to supply the kicks and cartwheels for the group.

This cheer squad travelled to Salmon Arm and Armstrong and also cheered for home games Their presence at the games provided that extra spark that has been missing at the basketball games.

Members of this group were: Louise Sponaugle, Carolyn Collins, Gayle Stewart, James Brennan, Stan HIatky and George Homer.

Many thanks are extended to Mr. Knowles who gave time and hard work to see this small club function successfully.

Cheerleaders — Junior-Senior

Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Olson the cheerleaders got off to a good start with 30 girls attending practices from which were picked ten girls. The cheerleaders this year were: Arlene Chorney, Gayle Stewart, Dorothy Wyrcimage, Ardyce Hook and Deanna Warsimage. They travelled to Revelstoke and Armstrong and were present when home teams played against Ashcroft, Revelstoke, South Burnaby and Armstrong.

This year's uniforms were: white turtlenecks, red skirts, white socks and saddle shoes.

Our thanks go to Mrs. Olson whose sponsorship helped our cheer squad to function successfully.

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Red Angels
This year the Red Angels had a well-organized team that consisted of:
Helen EverichGuard-Centre
Maureen SchollenGuard
Carol HuntCentre
Tomi YamadaForward
Carol HainesGuard
Sumi WakabayashiForward
Pat Tucker-GuardForward
Sheila Mohammed AliCentre
Susan GottfriedsonForward
ManagerMarilyn Hannah
CoachMrs. Olson

In the Okanagan Senior "B" Women's League the Red Angels did not come out too well, winning one
game against Chuck Laidlaw's K-Jets. But, this was not the team's main goal. The most important objective was the High School Tournament at Oliver, where the Angels came second winning all their games except one against Kelowna. Carol Holt was picked for the "All Star Tearn."

When the Red Angels travelled to Vancouver they lost out to Lord Byng School Girls with the close score of 22-18. Their second game was even with the Angels coming out on top with the score of 22-21.

A great loss to the team, also to the school was the Red Angels' coach, Miss Withers who left the team at Christmas time, and was missed by every-one. But, many thanks to Mrs. Olson, the team went on to many victories.
Sports Events 1955-56

September:Teams were busy being organized in the Junijor-Senior sections of the school. Boys' Soccer teams and Girls' Grass Hockey teams started playing.
October:After poor participation from the Houses, Girls' Grass Hockey and Boys' Soccer was discontinued. The Boys' and Girls' Bantam Basketball teams got under way. Girl's Basketball started with teams being formed in every House.
November:Boys' House Basketball was well underway. The Red Angel and Red Devil teams were organized. The Gremlins formed a strong team.
December:Both Junior and Senior Basketball teams were well into their schedules and showing great promise. The Junior and Senior House Basketball teams had good participation for all games.
January:A busy month: An Indoor Track Meet; Basketball Tournament, Red Devils travelled to Oliver and the Coast; the Gremlins travelled to the Coast; the House basketball finals, and Curling Bonspiels were held at Kelowna and Osoyoos.
February:Basketball playoffs were won by the Davis Senior Boys'. The Pearse House Girls' won the basketball play-offs in one of the best House games of the year~ The Curling Club travelled to Kelowna for a bonspiel. The Curling Club was also host to seven visiting teams for their bonspiel.
March:Volleyball playoffs were not played; due to the good weather, House Softball got under way. The Curling Club travelled to Osoyoos for a Curling bonspiel.
April:A Track Team travelled to the Vancouver relays and won honors.
May:Boys' Six-Man Football started this month under the House System. The P.E. Dept. put on a small gym display for the P-TA. Boys' and Girls' Softball was well under way. The Track Club travelled to Summer-land and Vernon. The Inter-House Track Meet was a great success with Davis the winner, Pearse second, Fee third and Fulton fourth.
Boys' Graduation Class
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Girls' Graduation Class
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Annual Staff

Mr. Howard

Deanna Martin

Daryll Hartney
Assistant Editor

Mr. Knapp

Jacqua Howard
This will be my last year in the halls of K.H.S. as it will be for many other students. As I sit and write this editorial, I can clearly remember the outstanding events that took place during the course of the year. Can you remember the hustle, the bustle, and the bother that went into the production of the Mikado? Yet you must admit it was a grand success and the participants are to be congratulated for their wonderful performance. I can still hear the remarks made when the first edition of the “Hi Lights” went on sale. There were arguments for and against the paper, but it ranked among the top high school papers of the province. The track and field club brought honours to our school soil it, too, is to be congratulated. The gym shook from rafters to foundations on the afternoons of January 12 and 13. These were the days of the indoor track meet, There was a good show of house spirit, something which this school, for some unknown reason, has been lacking. This same enthusiasm was shown at the outdoor track meet of May 18.

The books of the annual for 1955-56 have now been closed. We too, have had a very successful year At first it seemed as if nothing would go right. The exams came at the wrong time and one thing led to another. However the material for the annual was finally placed in the hands if the Sentinal Staff. This book is our accomplishment. We worked to the best of our ability. If any material has been omitted, which you feel should be included we offer our apologies

The year book for 1955-56 has been dedicated to Mr. F. X. Potter, who for so many years has given his time to the education of promising (and unpromising) scientists. Many well known citizens of Canada have passed through the hands of Mr. Potter. To express our gratitude and the thanks of the past students we dedicate "Kampus 1955-56" to Mr. Potter.

I should like to thank our sponsors Mr. Howard and Mr. Knapp, for their untiring efforts to help the staff of this book correct their mistakes.

On behalf of the annual staff I wish the students who will fill our shoes in the years to come the best of luck in all their endeavours.

Jo Hasler

Louise Sponaugle

Donna Donaldson
Business Manager

Pat Tucker
Girls' Sports

Joe Slater
Boys' Sports

Ted Piper

Maureen Garf

Barbara Nowak

Frances Chocholacek
Typing and Exchange
Student Government

Senior Executive

Junior Executive

House Cabinet

Girls' Graduating Class
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Front row (left to right) - Norma Stephens, Evelyn Bowman, Anne Jesson, Tomi Yamada, Masako Serizawa, Alice Mori, Betty Liu, Patsy Taylor, Margaret Wyse, Marie Masui, Muriel Wyrcimaga, Sandra Smith, Helen Bafia, Eileen Sawracki, Patricia Vicars, Donna Davidson, Stella Black, Claudia Newman;

Second row - Bernice Olson, Lois Hickling, Jean Hutchinson, Marianne Dunlop, Brenda Ward, Margaret Jackson, Sharron Flynn, Mildred Chmilar, Ramona Barclay, Joyce Hensel, Lois Patterson, Ruth Motokado, Shirley Bonner, Joan Martin, Heather Carson, Darrell Hartney, Pauline King, Ruth Robel, Carol Holt, Carol Taylor, Colleen Lang;

Third Row - Betty Lowdon, Joan Moore, Hazel Dawe, Marilynne Klinck, Shirley Smith, Bernice Hoye, Susan Gottfriedsen, Sharron Martin, Sumi Wakabayashi, Helen Holt, Bonita Smith, Shirley Abraham, Evelyn Fehr, Rosemarie Werbosky, Wilma Ernewein, Maida Barker, Mary Gillitt, Evelyn David, KatharinE' Waby, Jenny Wessel, Helen Faessler, Patricia King. Missing: Jacqueline Bertin.
Boys' Graduating Class
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Front Row (left to right) - Lawrence Atamanehuk, Roy Nukina, George Nishimura, Ernest Standish, William Blake, Sydney Nelson, Richard Forde, Gerald Glowacki, Roy Nesbitt, Jerry Desmond, David Low, Gary Sternig, John Madson, David Fukuhara Gordon Kusomoto, Tom Nishimura, Maurice Lambert, Dennis Humphrey;

Second Row - Donald Fraser, William Low, Koji Kobayashi, Tom Walker, Rene Coulpier, Roger Marriott, Glen Coxon, Arthur Drake, Donald Smeaton, Yoshi Nishimura, Kernal Singh, Finch Kirby, Richard Sawada, Larry Larson, Dave Gillespie, Graham Boothroyd. Kenneth Chorney, Jack Strand;

Third Row - Douglas Shellard, Donald Johnson, Roy Robel, Donald Keith, Arnold Bygate, Robert Flieger, Robert DeLeeneer, Brian Fisher, Manfred Selfridge, Larry Taves, Wayne Highland, Allen Raymond, Gulchern Singh, Walter Wozniak, Clifford Lindsay, Ray Blair, Edward Maloney, Ronald MacColl.

Missing: Frank Bjoda, Ernest Bjoda.
Annual Staff

Mr. Howard

Darryl Hartley

Bev Jones
Assistant Editor

Mr. Knapp

Margaret Wyse
It's over — never again. These same words have been probably spoken by former editors, but even though there was a lot of work connected with it, it is one experience I'll never forget. We feel our Indian theme is in perfect accordance with Kamloops, as it is one of the oldest interior towns in B.C.

When we look back in a year or so, we will remember not only friends, but also the hard work that went into "Melody Magic", school dances, basketball games, track meets, assemblies, and most of all, our Graduation.

On behalf of the Annual Staff, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the graduates the best of luck in the future.


Grade 11 personalsPat Gould
Grade 10 personalsJoan Turner
Colleen LangBonnie Smith
Bernice Hoye
And all those who helped by doing write-ups for the annual.

Pat Taylor

Berry Lowden

Marie Yasui
Business Manager

Brenda Ward
Girls' Sports


Gary MacKenzie
Boys' Sports

Dave Fukuhara

Gerry Cook

Brian Fisher

Caroll Tordoff
Typing and Exchange

Student Government

Senior Executive

This '56-'57 term has been one of trials and tribuations for the Senior Executive. The House System, complete with decayed spirit, came under the executive's jurisdiction and the discouragements were plentiful. Plans for a new system of clubs was defeated therefore the "House System" struggles on.

The members of the executive along with the very capable Mrs. Elder have done a magnificent job of handling the government of the Senior High School; my thanks and best wishes to them and to the graduating class of 1957.

Front Row - Pat Gould, treasurer; Carroll Tordoff, secretary; Joan Turner, Grade 10 representative; Darrel Hartney, social representative; Susan Gotlfriedsen, girls' sports; Mrs. Elder, sponsor;

Second Row - Kernal Singh; vice-president; Mac Jardine, boys' sports; Yosh Nishimura, Pearse House president; Maurice Lambert, Fee House president; Rene Coulpier, Fulton House president; Brian Fisher, president. (Missing: Brenda Ward, Davis House president.)

Students Council

Front Row (left to right) - V. W. Jones, sponsor; Tomi Yamada, sports representative; Maureen Meacham, secretary Junior Executive; Bev. Jones, treasurer; Wendy Paterson, vice-president Junior Executive; Carroll Tordoff, secretary Senior Executive; Heather Carson, secretary;

Second Row (left to right) - Gary MacKenzie, sports representative; Chern Singh, president; Terry Upton, president Junior Executive; Kernal Singh, vice-president Senior Executive; Brian Fisher, Senior president.

Junior Executive

This year's Junior Executive has not had as much to do as did the Junior Executives of the past few years. Our main source of money came from the sale of students' cards, and even though this was the only big source, a large amount of money was obtained.

At the beginning of the school year the Junior Executive gave a cheque for $100 (one hundred dollars) to the North Kamloops Students' Council to help them get started.

During the year several grants were made to various clubs and the school paper.

Throughout the school term, the music classes and band have been using the instruments loaned to the school by the Junior Legion Orchestra Symphony Society. These instruments have now been given to the school by the J.L.O.S.S. As a last project, the Junior Executive is having a plaque made in appreciation to the J.L.O.S.S. When the plaque arrives it will be put up in the foyer of the auditorium.

Front Row (left to right) - Isabel McKague, Grade 7 rep.; Muriel Turner, Soc. Con.; Wendy Patterson, Vice-Pres.; Maureen Meacham, Sec.;

Back Row (left to right) - Lynn Barker, Girls' Sports rep.; Louise Samann, Treas.; Terry Upton, Pres.; Terry Henderson, Boys' Sports Rep.
Skating Party
Teacher: Miss Murray

Rear Row from right to Left: "Tubby" Davies, Jacob Befurt, Bill Turnbull, ? , ? ,Bill McCoid, ?
Middle row: leaning over, Sadie Service, ? Pinchbeck (?), ? , Velma Home (?).
Front row: ? , ? , Miss Murray, ? . Doreen Docker (?), ? , ?
On the ice: Bob Stewart, Sid Reith

Photo Courtesy Sid Reith
King and Queen of the Kampus
This year the Annual staff is proud to present the King and Queen of the Kampus, Dave Gillespie and Brenda Ward.

Brenda and Dave were crowned at the Coronation Bop, and were presented with tokens of congratulation by the Editor at the Graduation Formal.

The Annual staff would like to congratulate Brenda and Dave and wish them every success in the future.

Social Calendar 1956 - 1967

September4School Opens
5"Outer Space Hop"
20First Term Exams
11Remembrance Day Assembly
13House Meetings
16Student's Council Conference in Armstrong
19"Y-Teens" Host Interior Conference
28First Pep Rally
8"Red Devils" Travel to Salmon Arm
15Fulto's "Winter Wonderland"
21Assembly - Bon Voyage to Mr. Potter
21Christmas Formal
2Elvis Comes to Town in "Love Me Tender"
7School Opens
18Salmon Arm High vs "Devils and Angels"
20K.H.S. Band Travels to Vernon
26Curlers to Kelowna
29"Angels and Devils" Travel to Vancouver

1Indoor Track Meet
8Fee's "Tropical Heat Wave"
9Revelstoke High vs "Devils and Angels"
10K.H.S. Bonspeil
14Valentine Sock Dance
23South Burnaby vs "Devils and Angels"
25House Meetings
28Annual Band Concert
1"Devils and Angels" Travel to Salmon Arm
2Curlers to Osoyoos
12"Devils" to B.C. Tournament in Vancouver
22Pearce's "Cornation Bop"
27 - 29Melody Magic
1April Fool's Day!
3Davis House Dance
10Exchange Students from Tonasket
15Easter Exams
19Easter Holidays Begin
14Indoor Track Meet
17K.H.S. Band to Victoria
22"Grad Jinkas"
6Graduation Ceremonies
7Banquet and Dance
High School Conference Report
Chern Singh and Heather Carson recently attended the Tenth Annual U.B.C. High School Conference, representing the students and student body of K.H.S. Here now, are their comments on the visit:

The conference got off to a bright and early start at 8 :30 Friday, February 22. Present were 225 delegates from the 116 schools, the largest contingent ever.

After the speeches of welcome, we attended an interesting lecture on "The Value of a University Education" given by Dr. W. A. Bryce.

In the afternoon, we were sent our separate ways to listen to a sample classroom lecture and lectures on "Extra-Curricular Activities."

Then we returned to Brock Hall for some much-needed relaxation before we were led to a delicious meal at Acadia Camp, one of the university residences.

That night we were given a choice of seeing either "Girl Crazy," a musical play put on by
the students, or a basketball game.

The following day we were taken on a tour of the Campus. We visited the Museum of Anthropology, the Art Gallery, the Hydraulics Laboratory in the Engineering Building, where we saw scale dams and canals in use, and the Van de Graff Generator (atom smasher); a model hut in which one can lie in bed and reach for anything in the room, and the Library which we were told, contains 300,000 books.

Dean W. H. Gage then spoke to us on "Scholarships and Bursaries", He estimated that, on the average, it takes an out-of-town student $1,000 to maintain himself at university for one year. In the afternoon, the faculty members described the various departments of the University. We were given an opportunity to ask questions of the speakers. That evening we were treated to a very enjoyable banquet and dance. One of the speakers at the banquet was the Deputy Minister of Education, J. F. K. English, a former principal of Kamloops High.

In concluding, we would like to say that we have a considerable number of pamphlets, notes and general information on all aspects of University life, which should be very informative to anyone who is interested.

Outer-Space Hop
The first dance of the year was the Students Council's get-acquainted dance, the Outer-Space Hop. It was just out of this world with a "real gone" spaceman, Gerry Cook, complete with space ship.

We were also entertained with songs by Pat Taylor and Judy Neilly.

The music was supplied by "Flying" Fisher and the Six Teens.

We are sure that everyone got well acquainted.
KHS Senior Band
This year the band has carried on under the direction of Miss Frances Day.

The executive of the band this year is Dave Gillespie, president; Maurice Lambert, vice-president; Ste1Ia Black, secretary; Betty Lowdon, treasurer; Marianne Dunlop, Graham Boothroyd and Pat Gould are the members of the Board.

We have had two bottle drives and we did well in both. We travelled to Vernon in January for the Junior Chamber of Commerce Award presentations. We travelled to Kelowna on May 9, 10, 11 for the Annual Band and Orchestra Conference.

We took 1st class honors in the Yale-Cariboo Musical Festival with 87 marks awarded.

Many and sincere thanks go to Miss Day for giving her time so freely to the tremendous job of Band leader.
KHS Junior Band
For many years our late and beloved instrumental conductor, Mr. A. Nelson McMurdo planned on building up a Junior Band in the school-besides his Senior Band. Several attempts were made but due to ill health, "Mr. Mc" was forced to abandon the idea. At last, we are proud to say, his dream has been realized and KHS has a fine 30 piece Junior Band. The group worked very hard and entered the Yale-Cariboo Music Festival, receiving 82 points for their interpretation of "Waves of the Danube" by Olivodoti. May this new group have a long and prosperous future ahead of it.
Pep Club
Front Row (left to right) - Shirley Bonner, Gerry Cook, Bernice Hoye;
Second Row (left to righl) - Connie Callaghan, Marilyn Burnett, Dy-Ann Edwards, Tomi Yamada, Gail Honey, Marie Yasui, Gayle Stewart, Joan Sternig, Shirley Smith, Brenda Ward;
Third Row (left to right) - Peggy Jackson, Margaret Sutherland, Lynn Oldham, Jean Zirnhelt, Adelle Ratcliffe, Helen Marriott, Arlene Chorney, Lynne Barker, Beulah Philip, Marilyn Kay, Beverley Stevenson;
Fourth Row (left to right) - Kay Nagai, Jean Atkins, Iris Fletcher, June Reynilds, Margaret Wyse, Sharon Miller.

"To Promote School Spirit" is the purpose of the newly organized Pep Club. This has been the first year that a Pep Club has been organized successfully. The executive for the year are as follows:

President - Brenda Ward;
Secretary - Treasurer-Marie Yasui;
Social Convener - Susan Gottfriedsen.

A Pep Rally was held during noon hour to encourage the attendance at basketball games. The three Pep Club Cheerleaders, Bernice Hoye, Shirley Bonner and Jerry Cook did much to promote school spirit at basketball games. Under the able leadership of Shirley Smith, Connie Callaghan, Jean Atkins and Beverley Stevenson, the Cheer Squad encouraged the basketball teams to victory.

Special mention should be given to Gail Honey who designed our crest and to Dy-Ann Edwards who made the Pep Club sign which hangs in the Gym.

Many thanks to Miss Thornley, our sponsor, and to Mrs. Butler for her co-operation and suggestions.
"Melody Magic"
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Sopranos - Linda Bergstrom, Shirley Bonner, Arlana Bulman, Connie Callaghan, Donna Cassell, Lorraine Clapperton, Shannon Dorie, Maureen Gerry, Betty Liu, Jennifer Malcolm, Maureen Meacham, Charlene Moat, Ruth Motokado, Judy Neilly, Lynn Oldham, Lorna Olson, Diane Peacock, June Reynolds, Masako Serizawa, Phyllis Slominski, Inez Smillie, Frances Smith, Beverley Stevenson, Lynda Vye, Carol Waugh, Phyllis Wilson, Ivy Wooley, Tomi Yamada;

Second Sopranos - Winona Abel, Lynne Barker, Marilyn Burnett, Donna Davidson, Pat Dorion, Margo French, Marianne Hearn, Ann Holmes, Miriam Parkes, Wendy Paterson, Shirley Reiter, Margaret Sutherland, Gayle Symonds, Sharon Tansley, Pat Trail, Muriel Turner, Lorraine Wolfe;

Altos - Heather Carson, Jo-Ann Cooper, Beverley Ford, Pat Gould, Peggy Jackson, Karen Kenward, Joyce MacSween, Doreen McCluskey, Ann Milton, Pennie Oxnard, Linda Pinchback, Adelle Ratcliffe, Louise Samann, Rosalie Sawracki, Carol Tordoff, Terry Turner, Brenda Ward, Valerie Westerman, Margaret Wyse, Marie Yasui.

The Glee Club has had a most successful year. Strenuous practice began last fall for our production "Melody Magic." Our first performance was in Merritt where, although the audience was not too large, they were appreciative. The girls enjoyed very much the five performances of "Melody Magic" in our own auditorium. The executive are thankful to the many students who sold tickets. We feel the people of Kamloops responded very well. Near the beginning of the year we elected an executive. They are as follows:
President - Marilynne Klinck;
Secretary-Brenda Ward;
Treasurer-Peggy-Lou Jackson;
Wardrobe Mistress-Bev. Ford;
Social Convener-Roberta Lang;
Librarian-Margaret Wyse.

During the year we have also sung at a variety show at the North Kamloops High School. A triple trio composed of Glee Club members have sung at the Lions Variety Show and the Canadian Daughters' League Convention.

After the last performance of "Melody Magic" the teachers gave us a party and provided interesting entertainment. We will be ending the year with a big wiener roast and swimming party.

The girls have enjoyed working together this year and are expecting bigger and better things for next year.

"Melody Magic," this year's musical production, was put on by the Kamloops High School Glee Club.

The Club is made up of sixty-six girls, ranging from grades nine to thirteen and is divided into three voices -sopranos, second sopranos and altos.

There were three acts in the production, the first being Music of the Churches, the second-Songs of the Nations and the third and final act-Songs of the Season. Each scene was improved by colourful costumes and lighting.

The soloists in the first act were Arlana Bulman, who opened with. Ave Maria, and Judy Nielly, who sang the Lord's Prayer.

The second act was made more vivid by folk dances and a solo by Pennie Oxnard.
The soloists in the last and final act were Arlana Bulman, who sang a folk song "Oh No John" in a very charming manner, and Donna Cassel, who sang the beautiful "My Hero" from the Chocolate Soldier.

"Melody Magic" was performed on three evenings, March 27, 28 and 29, plus a matinee on the afternoon of March 27.

Under the splendid direction of Mrs. Marion Owens, the Glee Club was able to put on an elegant show, which, from all reports, the public enjoyed immensely.
Mr. McMurdo
Hi-Y Teens
President:Pat VicarsADVISORS:
Vice.President: Alice MariMiss C. McArlhur
Secretary: Penny OxnardMiss M. Aylard
Treasurer: Gerry Macham

Despite a small membership, the Y-Teens have been very active. The highlight of the year was the Interior Conference held this year at K.H.S., with delegates attending from Penticton, Kelowna, Bralorne and Kimberley.

The Annual Recognition Service was held in November in the Chapel of St. Paul's Church. The address was given by Canon J. C. Jolley. This was followed by a Tea for the parents in the Parish Hall. In February. two delegates. Pat Vicars and Marjorie Clark, were sent to the mid-winter conference in Victoria. It is hoped that two delegates can again be sent to the Leadership Training Camp in August on Gambier Island.

The service projects for this year have been: collected money at the noon hour shows, canvassed on Poppy Day, prepared a Christmas hamper, were hostesses to the Grade XI and XII girls of the Indian Residential School, and held a nylon stocking drive in March. Some money raising projects have been: engaging in donut and candy sales. bake sales, serving tea to the teachers and serving at banquets.
Projectionist Club
Front Row (left to right): Roger Dayton, Hiroshi Nishimura, Joe Shmyr, John Clark;

Back Row (left to right): Steve Tredwell, Robert Flieger, Chern Singh, Ken Hoshowski, Bob Dunsmuir.

The Projectionist Club, sponsored by Mr. Stuart, had a very successful year. The older members passed on their skill to the newcomers in order to keep up the responsibility of their club. The noon-hour shows, held in the auditorium during the winter months, took care of the monotony which persisted through the school. The club also donated their time on special occasions for showing films to different organizations outside of the school.
Future Teachers Club
First Row (left to right) - Jean Atkins, Marie Yasui, Shirley Bonner, Margaret Ann Wyse, Eileen Sawraki, Ruth Robel, Teacher - Mrs. Elder;

Second Row (left to right) - Frances Woodward, Ann Weldrake, Marilyn Burnett, Elaine Jeffery, Marilynne Klinck, Brenda Ward.

At the first meeting of the year the Future Teachers' Club elected their officers as follows:
Vice-presidentJENNY WESSEL
Secretary-treasurerMARIE Y ASUI
Programme chairmanELAINE JEFFREY

The club meets every other Thursday with an attendance of between twenty and thirty. Many special speakers have been enjoyed this year. They are: Miss Betty Taylor, teacher in N.K. Elementary School; Mrs. C. Morgan, Lloyd George School teacher; Mr. Marriott, school inspector; Miss Dickson and Mr. McIlwain of our own school. Two films from Victoria College were also very interesting. Some of the club members have had the opportunity of observing in elementary school classes and some have even taught. The club, consisting of grade XI, XII and XIII students, is sponsored by Mrs. Elder who has spoken to us on the many things necessary to understand when one enters teaching. The programme this year has been very helpful to all those who are contemplating entering this profession.
Kneeling: David Wyse;
Front Row: Gayle Muller, Bev Ford, Joan Turner, Joan Dalgleish, Maureen Meacham;
Second Row: Joan Sternig, Bev. Jones, Gayle Stewart, Carroll Tordoff, Pat Gould;
Third Row: Dave Fukahara, Allan Gould, Kernal Singh, Brian Fisher, Gerry Cook.

EditorPat Gould
Co-EditorGerry Cook
Junior EditorAllan Gould
AdvertisingJoan Dalgleish
TypingCarroll Tordoff
PhotographyDave Fukuhara, Gerry Cook
ColumnistBob Blacklock
Sports EditorsKernal Singh, Bev Ford
CartoonistBrian Fisher
Exchange EditorJoan Turner
ReportersGayle Muller, David Wyse, Maureen Meacham, Bev Jones, Marg Sutherland, Joan Sternig, Gayle Stewart

This year the Hi-Lights experienced one of its better years. The only dull point was its financial situation. The expenses on a roving reporter and printing costs on a large edition didn't quite balance out with money brought in by the paper and the minimum of advertising in it. The staff of Hi-Lights along with their sponsors Miss Turner and Mr. McIlwain would like to thank the students of KHS for increasing our circulation to 500 copies and the staff also forgets the ups and downs of this year so as to extend the best to the staff of the next year's paper.
Candid Photos
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A.C.C. Club
Front Row (left to right) - Dy-Ann Edwards, Bev Jones, Gayle Muller, Gayle Stewart, Joan Sternig;
Second Row (left to right) - Gail Honey, Gary MacKenzie, Arlene Chorney.

The Athletic Co-ordinating Committee is a branch of the Students' Council. It is the responsibility of this group to organize inter-school athletic activities. All the billets for the Revelstoke and South Burnaby basketball teams were arranged by the billet committee. Refreshments were sold at all basketball games and the outdoor track meet by the refreshment committee. When South Burnaby visited Kamloops the ACC sponsored a sock dance in the cafeteria after the game.
Vice-presidentGARY MacKENZIE

Badminton Club
Front Row (left to right) - Lynn Oldham, Marilyn Hannah, Maureen Shaw, Marion Fowles, Laureen Peterson;
Second Row (left to right) - Ross Edwards, Ken Hoshowski Peter Howard, John Haywood Farmer, Gary Fillinger, Arthur Drake;
Third Row (left to right) - Steve Tredwell, Peter John Luttmer, Dave Fukuhara.

This year the Badminton Club was sponsored by Mrs. Butler (Miss Clarke). A small fee was paid by the members each week when they met to compete.

On Monday, March 25, 1957, the members finished the season with a tournament in which Grant Robertson and Ken Howsouski won a prize for the best doubles.

The members would like to thank Mrs. Butler for devoting her time and energy to the club.

Curling Club
The High School Curing Club started the year off with a bang. It gradually got smaller until only about twenty-five were steady members. Mr. Johnson was sponsor of our Kamloops club. Mr. Kennedy was the North Kamloops sponsor. Trips were made to Salmon Arm, Revelstoke, Kelowna and Osoyoos.

Eugina Chapman's rink was runner-up in "B" event at Salmon Arm, and Mike Taylor's rink was winner of "C" event at Kelowna. We put on our own bonspiel with 16 rinks participating. The year could have been more successful if there had been a bigger turn-out. Good luck next year.
The cheerleaders got off to a good start this year with Mrs. Butler (Miss Clarke) as sponsor. Student support was lacking at first but this did not bother the cheerleaders. Their peppy cheers helped lead KHS teams to victory.

During the season they made two big basketball trips with the Red Devils - one to Vancouver and one to Salmon Arm, and also cheered at many home games. Members are: Jackie Cooper, Marilyn McKay, Sydney Savage, Gayle Stewart, Joan Sternig, Sharon Miller, Margery Pedder, Mary Prodda, Mary Ellen Gamble and Elspeth Norman.

Congratulations and good luck next year!

Playing in two leagues this year, the Gremlins chalked up twenty wins and five losses. In the City Juvenile League, they swept to seven straight victories against North Kamloops and "the Indian School in regular league play and playoff competition.

In the Interior Juvenile Division they finished second in league play, beating Kelowna, but dropping a hard-fought two game total point series with Summerland. In the opener of the finals, Summerland nipped the Gremlins 46-33. In the second game the tables were turned. The Gremlins won 35-33 but failed to take the series.

In exhibition games, the Gremlins won all but two, beating Vernon, Merritt, and three Vancouver Boys' Clubs. The Gremlins played three games against the Red Devils, winning one and losing two. They also played two games against the KBC Clowns, winning both.
Officials Club
Front Row (left to right) - Gayle Stewart, Joan Sternig, Arlene Chorney, Joan Moore, Carol Holt;
Second Row> (left to right) - Koji Kobayashi, Richard Ratcliffe, Glen McKnight, Dave Fukuhara.

Under the sponsorship of Mr. A. Field, the Officials' Club functioned fairly successfully, providing scorers, timers and referees for all inter-house sports. The club worked very hard officiating at the indoor track meet. New whistles were obtained, thanks to the Students' Council.

Members are:


Juvenile Girls Basketball
The Juvenile Girls' Basketball group had a very successful year. They were coached by Mrs. Butler.

The team went on several trips which included Merritt, Clinton, and Revelstoke. They defeated Merritt but lost to Clinton. The girls played four games against Revelstoke, two exhibition and a two-game total point series. They won both exhibition games but lost the total point series by one point.
Red Devils
Left to right - Brian Fisher, Walter Massey, Gerry Glowacki, Bruce Mac Donald Wayne Highland, Dick Sawada, Jim Freathy, Larry Larson, Garry Sternig, Jim Hurst, Richard Ratcliff.

Finished Season with Good Average

Kamloops High School's Senior Basketball team. the Red Devils, did not have quite so strong a club as last year's, but finished the season with quite a good average, winning 44 per cent of their games. The Devils entered the Okanagan Senior C League in which they won three games and lost five. They played a two-game total-point series with Revelstoke, winning 102-97, and thus gained the right to participate in the High School Tournament at Salmon Arm. Here they won two games and barely lost one.

The Red Devils then journeyed to Vancouver to take part in the B.C. High School Basketball Tournament. They found the opposition a bit stiffer there and dropped two close, hard-fought games to West Vancouver and Abbotsford.

The rest of the Red Devils' games were exhibition. Many thanks to coach Art Field for producing a good, hardworking basketball team.
Red Devils' Schedule
(Red Devils' score in left hand column)
Red Devilsvs. Clothiers25 - 54
vs. Chevrons52 - 63
vs. Gremlins50 - 42
vs. Gremlins45 - 35
vs. Armstrong H.S.69 - 54
vs. Gremlins29 - 32
vs. Salmon Arm H.S.65 - 42
vs. Lord Byng38 - 65
vs. South Burnaby32 - 40
vs. N.K.H.S.50 - 35
vs. Armstrong H.S.48 - 50
vs. South Burnaby56 - 54
Red Devilsvs. Chevrons49 - 75
vs. Armstrong49 - 39
vs. Salmon Arm41 - 40
vs. Revelstoke60 - 44
vs. Royalite46 - 53
vs. Royalite65 - 83
vs. Chevrons61 - 72
vs. Revelstoke36 - 46
Red Devilsvs. Revelstoke
(2 game total point)
102 - 97
Red Devilsvs. Armstrong38 - 22
vs. Penticton52 - 50
vs. Kelowna36 - 37
Red Devilsvs. West Vancouver36 - 42
vs. Abbotsford40 - 43
Red Angels
Back Row (left to right) - Sharron Martin, Gayle Stewart, Marilyn Hanna, Carol Holt, Joan Moore, Bev. Ford, Susan Gottfriedsen;
Front Row (left to right) - Arlene Chorney, Margaret Borsato, Tomi Yamada, Gwen Cook.

Busy Year

The 1956-'57 tribe of Red Angels had a very busy year that included games with teams all over B.C. The line-up is as follows:
Margaret BorsatoForward
Arlene ChorneyForward
Gwen CookGuard
Bev FordGuard
Susan GottfriedsenForward
Marilyn HannahCentre
Carol HoltCentre
Joan MooreForward
Gayle StewartGuard
Sumi WakabayashiForward
Tomi YamadaForward

List of games played:
Times PlayedWonLostTied
1Salmon Arm010
1Lord Byng010
1Burnaby South100

The Red Angels were playing against one of the hardest leagues of the valley - that of the Senior Women's "B" League which provided very strong competition. They lost out in this league but had exhibition games where they made their comeback, playing against Salmon Arm, Revelstoke and Coast teams. On February 9th the Red Angels were host to Revelstoke when they became the Northern Zone Champions by defeating Revelstoke 41-20. In the Okanagan series at Salmon Arm, the girls lost out but every game was close. Tomi Yamada was chosen for first string on the All-Star Team and Sumi Wakabayashi on the second string.
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Annual Club
First Row (left to right): Margaret Sutherland, Beverley Jones, Mary-Ellen Gamble, Susan Bostock, Pat Gould;
Second Row: Gary Mackenzie, Gail Stewart, Elaine Jeffrey, Carroll Tordoff, Margaret Wyse, Steve Tredwell;
Third Row: Lynn Oldhatn, Dawne Becker, Sharon Martin, Susie Normand, Bev Ford.

The pages of this Annual take you back over the past year. It has been a successful year for Kamloops High School. In the field of music, Mrs. Owens and Mr. Hosek produced the operetta, H.M.S. Pinafore, and both the Glee Club and the Band received high marks in the music festival. The basketball teams played well and won many of their games. This year saw the beginning of a high school football league consisting of the K.H.S. Mustangs, K.H.S. 58'ers, and N.K.H.S. Saints.

The biggest problem facing this year's annual staff was, as usual, the selection of a theme. A pun by one of our sponsors on the birth of British Columbia, CIRCA 1858, gave us our inspiration. After that, it was not too difficult to fit our various clubs, teams and other activities into the pattern of a three ring circus.

Everyone on the staff and many other willing volunteers have worked long hours to make the annual a success. My sincere thanks go to them, and particularly to our sponsors, Mr. Knapp and Mr. Howard.

Senior Students Council
First Row (left to right): Joe Slater (President), Arlana Bulman, Carroll Tordoff (Secretary), Pat Gould (Treasurer), Mac Jardine;
Second Row: Louise Samann, Maureen Meacham, Joan Dalgleish, Anne McCall;
Third Row: Maurice Lambert, Don Gurney, Bill English, Terry Turner, Bev Ford (Social Convener), Mrs. Elder (Sponsor);
Fourth Row: Hiroshi Nishimura, Ken Hoshowski, Allan Gould, Bill Martin (Vice-President).
Athletic Co-ordinating Committee
First Row (left to right): Sheila Colquhoun, Sharlene Embury, Joan Sternig, Gayle Stewart, Akiko Gado;
Middle Row: Carol Holt, Arlene Chorney, Dawne Becker, Bev Ford, Marilyn Hannah, Joan Moore;
Back Row: Sharon Martin, Jack Hooper, Bill English, Brian Evans, Joe Slater, Mo Van Nostrand, Gerry Cook, Mac Jardine, Dave Fukahara.

Junior Students Council

President's Message

On behalf of the Junior Students' Council, I should like to say that this year has been a very successful one for our school. I should like to thank the junior students who gave so generously of their time to help canvass the city for the Band's tag day and other projects throughout the year. In the past year the school spirit has risen considerably, thanks to the efforts of the Physical Education Department. The basketball games and tournaments have been well attended as have the school dances. The house system has been improved and a few new events have been added to the agenda. I should like to congratulate the students who achieved Honour Roll standing. Those who participated in the school production of H.M.S. Pinafore also deserve commendation for a job well done.

In conclusion, I should like to thank our sponsor Mr. Morse who guided us through the bewildering maze of speeches and meetings.

In Front: Bryan Wayne;
First Row (left to right): Vianne Zirnhelt, Gayle Emery (Social Representative), Joy Potts (Secretary), Aline Beech (Girls' Sports Rep), Jill Zingrich;
Second Row: Victor Banno, Albert Basile (Boys' Sports Rep), Charlie Harada;
Third Row: Bob Martin, Jack Buckham (President), David Conlin, Robert Banno (Treasurer),
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Class of 1958
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On Thursday evening, June 5, the graduation ceremonies took place in the High School Auditorium. Ninety students took part in the ceremonies conducted by Principal W. A. Gurney. This year the idea of caps and gowns was initiated along with a candlelight ceremony, which was very impressive. Professor William G. Dixon, Director of the School of Social Work, University of British Columbia, gave the address to the Graduates. Beverley Jones gave the reply to the speaker. Joe Slater gave the Valedictory address. Following the exercises, a reception was prepared by the ladies of the P.T.A. in the cafeteria for the graduates, their families and friends.

On Friday evening, June 6th, the banquet was held at Alex's Bar-B-Q. Joe Slater, President of the Students' Council, was Master of Ceremonies. Mr. McWhannel gave an interesting and humorous speech, then the class prophecies and Last Will and Testaments were read.

Following the banquet, the Graduation Dance was held in the Gym on a Centennial Theme. Graduation Week at K.H.S., including the many parties bath private and one at Alex's Bar-B-Q and the memorable wiener roasts will long be remembered by the 1958 Graduates.
Grad Dance 1958

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Ambassadors to Tonasket
Front row left to right: Sonja Kelgard, Joan Turner, Jill Zingrich;
Back row: John Davoren, David Benstead, David Conlin
King and Queen of the Kampus
Jim Freathy and Bev Ford

We of the Annual staff are happy to Congratulate the King and Queen of the Kampus, Jim Freathy and
Bev Ford. Mr. Howard crowned Bev and Jim at the "Kampus Karnival" on March 28th.
The Annual staff and the Student Body of K.H.S. would like to wish every success to this year's King and Queen of the Kampus.

Best of luck in the future, Bev and Jim!
Senior Students Council

Ken Hoshowski

Maureen Meacham

Hiroshi Nishimura

Lynn Oldham

Mrs. Elder

Lynn Barker
Social Convenor
President's Message
The last day of this year's school term draws near. At the termination of this term, many students will see halls of K. H. S. for the last time. Some students will now venture into the hardships of the outside world. Many will seek higher education through further schooling. But wherever we go, we will always carry the memories of Kamloops High School.

It has been a pleasure for me to be the President of the Senior Students' Council for this school term. The council members have donated their time and effort to make this year the success it has been. To this group, Mrs. Elder, Mr. Gurney, the staff, the office and janitorial staffs, may I express my sincere thanks.

The accomplishments throughout the year were numerous. Our basketball teams brought fame to our school. The K.H.S. band was again victorious. Other clubs have also contributed to the fine standard of his school. To the individual students winning scholarships may I also convey my congratulations.
At this time I should like to congratulate the students elected for next year's students' council. I feel that they will receive the same support that we received from the students and the staff. In closing I should like to wish my fellow graduates good luck, good fortune, and good health in their future endeavors.
Hiroshi Nishimura

Jim Halawell
A.C.C. Chairman

Steve Tredwell

Shirley Adie

David Wyse

Terry Turner

Allan Gould

Vince Basile

Jim Dimmick

Jack Buckham

Bob Martin

Albert Basile

Dave Conlin

Mike Black

Front Row (left to right): Kent Govett, Frank Gregory, John Wallace, Barry Thompson.
Middle Row: Roger Dayton, Jack Merrick, Melvyn McMahon, Jim Dimmick.
Back Row: Peter Howard, Hiroshi Nishimura, Ken Hoshowski, Steve Tredwell.

This year the Projectionists' Club was as busy as it has been in past years. Mr. Morse gave brief but important instructions to the many new members. With Mr. Stewart in charge of films, the noon-hour shows started in October and were discontinued in March.

The club wishes to thank Mr. Morse and Mr. Stewart for donating their time.
First row (left to right) - Gerry Macham, Margaret Sutherland, Sheila Colquhoun, Marilyn Burnett, Marjorie Clark, Mary Ellen Gamble, Penny Oxnard;
Second row - Susan Bostock, Joan Sternig, Inez Smillie, Ann Holmes, Joan Dalgleish, Beulah Philip;
Third row - Diane Parker, Arlene Chorney, Carol Waugh, Joan Turner, Julie Shannon;
Fourth row - Eugenia Chapman Lynn Oldham, Dawne Becker, Adelle Ratcliffe, Miriam Parkes, Susie Normand.

President — Marjory Clark
Vice-President — Margaret Sutherland
Secretary — Beulah Philip
Treasurer — Joan Turner

Y-Teens started this year with an initiation party for the grade elevens. This was a huge success all around; fun for the kids, sponsors and janitors. The steps were a little cleaner via the toothbrush and Dad's longjohns got a little dirtier.

An impressive Recognition Service was held in the Library with the mothers in attendance.

The next event was the Penticton Conference in October, which was loads of fun and very beneficial to the club. Our Western Extension Secretary, Mavis Thurley, gave us some very interesting lectures.

At the Boys' Basketball Tournament, theY-Teens served supper for the teams.

Christmas brought cheer to the old folks with carol singing from our hearts voices and a needy family received a much appreciated hamper. This was worked into a party at Marj's.

We held a bake sale in January and another in April. Donut sales were carried on every Wednesday and girls took money at the noon hour shows. Nylons were collected in April for the widows of Japan.

Our February party was held at Carol Ann's with Sheila providing the hilarious entertainment.

A very interesting Panel Discussion with the mothers was held at Colquhouns' about Teenagers. Mothers, daughters benefitted from it.

We were hosts to the I.R.S. Girls at a party in May.

Best wishes to the Grads of '58!
Front Row (left to right) - Beryl Swadling, Marianne Hearn, Beth Edwards, Marilyn Burwett;
Second row - Hazel Dawe, Gail Angell, Laurel Dawe, Ruth Robel;
Back row - Bruce Smyth, Adelle Ratcliffe.

The Inter-School Christian Fellowship Club this year had an average attendance of 22. The officers were: President, Hazel Dawe; Vice-President, Marilynne Klinck; Secretary-Treasurer, Marianne Hearn; and Sponsor, Mr. J. Shannon. We met weekly on Wednesday, our meeting taking the form of Bible Studies, special speakers, and feature sessions.

Some of our special speakers have been Mr. Paul Edwardson, evangelists Don Holliday and George Shuttleworth, and Mrs. D. M. Crawford of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Our club was broken up into two teams, and to keep up with the times we named them "Sputniks" and "Poochniks." Our big project this year was a Gym Party held at North Kamloops High School and attended by our group, the North Kamloops I.S.C.F., and the Nurses' Christian Fellowship. As a special attraction, we, had a group of young men from Vancouver, alias "The Wiretappers" speak and provide special music at the party.

We have had a very worthwhile year, and we hope that next year's club will be even better.
Future Nurses Club
Front Row (left to right): Joan Sternig, Bev Ford, Sharon Canty, Caroline Robertson, Margaret Sutherland.
Second Row: Arlene Chorney, Beverley Beatty, Linda Beeman, Julia Shannon, Joan Dalgleish, Pat Gould.
Third Row: Diane Parker Lynn Oldham, Marjorie Teddar, Miriam Parkes, Joan Hodgson, Gerry Macham.
Fourth Row: Lorraine Wolfe, Thelma Green, Carol Ann Waugh, Susie Normand, Penny Oxnard, Eugenia Chapman.

This club was newly formed this year under the sponsorship of Miss Lymbery; and met twice monthly. We were fortunate to have many guest speakers, including representatives of the Armed Forces, industrial Nursing, Public. Health, Air Stewardess and Teaching and Supervision. We had three student nurses from the Royal Inland Hospital who gave talks, and we also visited the hospital where we made a tour and attended a lecture.

At Christmas. we raised $30 in a very successful house competition penny drive. The money was used for a hamper and toys for a needy family.

President: Beverley Ford. Secretary: Mary Ellen Gamble. Treasurer: Gerry Macham.
Future Teachers Club
Front Row (left to right): Margaret Wyse, Beverley Jones, Joan Turner , Elainee Jeffery, President, Joan Dalgleish.
Second Row: Eugenia Chapman, Hazel Dawe, Shirley Bonner, Adelle Ratcliffe, Ruth Robel.

The Future Teacher's Club has had a most successful year. It was comprised of students from Grade 11, 12, and 13 who co-operated very well under our sponsor, Mr. Howard. The club's objective is to provide a more adequate knowledge of the profession. At our meetings, held every second Thursday, we had a variety of activities. Besides visiting the Lloyd George School we invited both elementary and secondary school teachers to speak to the group. We also had some enlightening discussions among ourselves.

Especially interesting were the talks given by Doctor Henry Jonnson when he was guest speaker at the public meeting sponsored by the Kamloops Parent Teacher Council; Mr. F. C. Boyes, an instructor at the College of Education who addressed our club when he was guest speaker of the Teachers' Convention; three members of K.H.S.'s teaching staff - Miss Green, Mr. McIlwain, Mr. Street; one member of the Lloyd George teaching staff - Miss Donna Morse. To culminate our meetings at the end of the year we had three student teachers from the College of Education.

In summary I believe that the meetings helped us to become more familiar with all the different aspects of teaching and left with us a keen desire to become part of that profession.

President: Elaine Jeffery.

The Radio Club
First Row (left to right): Hiroshi Nishimura, Ken Hoshowski, Don Gurney, Steve Tredwell.
Second Row: Bruce Smyth, Rupert Lambert, Cliff Noakes.

The newly formed Radio Club is sponsored by Mr. McWhannel, and was formed by Ken Hoshowski. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in the field of radio and electronics. Some of the boys' goals are to form their own amateur stations. An amateur station will eventually be established in the school. The radio club has set up its headquarters in the old lost and found room. The equipment consists of short wave receiver for the 20 and 40 meter bands, a set of tools and a complete antenna set. In the future, we should like to get some test instruments and a transmitter. Well, see you all next year, and come on girls, you can join too!
Click for larger view
HMS Pinafore
Click for larger view

The highlight of the KHS social season was the presentation of the musical operetta, "H.M.S. Pinafore".

The operetta was produced and directed by Mrs. M. Owens with the orchestra under the direction of Mr. F. Hosek. Costumes, make-up, staging, lighting, and advertising were under the supervision of our hard-working teachers.

The rigid schedules began with the chorus and orchestra holding practices almost every day. The cast this year was somewhat younger, however, the many practices resulted in an excellent group.
Practices were comparatively smooth with no major calamities occurring. The hard-working stage crew and the art crew did a terrific job in making a spectacular scenery.

Finally - it's the big day! The orchestra begins the overture and soon the curtains open!

The four night performances went exceptionally well; even though a certain little "light fixture" took a notion to try and put "Buttercup" (Susan) out of commission.

After the fourth performance a party was held in the cafeteria for all those who had taken any part in making the show the great success it was. It was here the teachers put on their hilarious performance of "KHS Staff".

Congratulations KHS on another highly successful production, and best of luck in the future!

Produced by Kamloops Jr.-Sr. High School.
All student cast.
Directed by Mrs. Marian Owens.
Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Frank Hosek.

In order of appearance
BUTTERCUPSusan Bostock, Feb. 24-25
 Pennie Oxnard, Feb. 26-27
BOATSWAINClarence Zart
RALPHAllan Gould
UnderstudyBrian Evans
JOSEPHINEArlana Bulman, Feb. 24-25
 Inez Smillie, Feb. 26-27
PrompterLynn Barker
DancerEwena Kenward
DrummerBill Collier
TENORS: John Davoren, Bill English, Doug Howard, Roger Lancaster, David Wyse.
BASSES: Sid Burton, Bob Carson, Waverly Conan, Henry Giddens, Don Gurney, Jim Letcher, Wayne McConechy, Derek McGillivray, Ted Piper, Dave Stockford, Munro Strachan, Steve Tredwell.
(Sisters, Cousins, Aunts)
SOPRANOS: Shannon Dorie, Pat Dorion, Bev McGaw, Jennifer Malcolm, Lynn Oldham, Wendy Paterson, Frances Smith, Muriel Turner, Carol Waugh.
ALTOS: Winona Abel, Diane Clark, Marianne Hearn, Wendy Howard, Joyce MacSween, Joan McConechy, Ann Milton, Miriam Parkes, Louise Samann, Lorraine Wolfe.
Violin, Mr. Frank Hosek; Clarinets, Pat Gould, Beverly Jones; French Horn, Gayle Muller; Trumpet, Dick Freeman; Percussion, Joe Slater; Piano, Delia Hyslop.
Glee Club
Click for larger view

Musical Memories

Becker, Dawne
Bergstrom, Linda
Bulman, Arlana
Cassell, Donna
Clapperton, Lorraine
Cook, Dorrie
Dorie, Shannon
Gerry, Maureen
Hasler, Linda
Klinck, Marilynne
Malcolm, Jennifer
Meacham, Maureen
Moat, Charlene
Oldham, Lynn
Olson, Lorna
Parkes, Rae
Smillie, Inez
Smith, Frances
Smith, Phyllis
Takahashi, Marilyn
Waugh, Carol
Wilson, Phyllis
Woolley, Ivy
Angel, Gail
Armstrong, Lillian
Beech, Aline
Bowers, Sandra
Drewry, Jean
Gamble, Mary Ellen
Gould, Pat
Abel, Winona
Barker, Lynne
Bostock, Susan
Burnett, Marilyn
Coates, Ruth
Dorion, Pat
French, Margo
Hearn, Marianne
Holmes, Andie
Lamb, Bev
Mackay, Linda
Normand, Susie
Parkes, Bridget
Parkes, Miriam
Paterson, Wendy
Reiter, Shirley
Sandiford, Terry
Sutherland, Marg
Symonds, Gayl
Tansley, Sheran
Turner, Muriel
Wolfe, Lorraine

Junior High Glee Club
Row 1 (left to right): Linda Parker, Deron Bacon, Joan Hughes, Joan Padley, Judy Summers, Susan Symonds, Marguerite Robson, Tanna Richmond, Darlene McAuliffe, Beverley Swain, Dale Halawell;
Row 2: Judy Tredwell, Claire Thompson, Violet Peterson, Kathleen Mackie, Marilyn Kriese, Betty Low, Judy Ziprick, Audrey MacDonald; Joanne Critchfield, Pam Ottem, Lynne Maskell, Louise McArthur, Marie Knuff;
Row 3: Helen Boultbee, Lynn Smith, Bonnie Anderson, Sheila MacSween, Karen Cragg, Joan Hoover, Sue Potts, Dawne Blackwell, Sheila Beech, Merne Cullen, Andrea Tannassee;
Row 4: Evelyn Clapperton, Barbara Waugh, Ruth Clapperton, Darlene Hoshowski, Beth Edwards, Eileen Sowerby, Jocelyn Rogers, Judy Hull, Kay Sutherland, Gail Millar, Carole Scammel, Darlene Bath.
Boys Choir
Row 1 : Lorne Coxson, Roy Derrick, Lyle Pledge, David Cavazzi, Bruce Campbell, Barrie Webb;
Row 2: Colin Jackson, Richard Davies, Norman Finlayson, John Balf, Larry Vanstone, George Patterson;
Row 3: Larry Roberge, Doug Smith, Ray Hansen, Mike Malcolm, Dick Parkes, Dennis Seevers;
Row 4: Brian Keith, Neil Burton, Ken Swenerton, Del Richmond, David Jordan;
Absent: Danny Oxnard, Robert Hay, Bobby Affleck, Richard Hay, Kit Nagurski, Ricky Telford, Clif Skrypnyk, David McFadden, Mike McKinnon, Rodney Arnold, Darryl Lindquist.

K.H.S. Band
Click for larger view

This year saw high enthusiasm and an excellent season for our K.H.S. Band. The band was under the new direction of Mr. Frank Hosek who brought an increasing note of perfection in the performance of the band.

The major activities of the band this year included a concert in December, which was well attended and very successful. We also played at a P.T.A. meeting. A "bottle drive" to raise funds was held in October and profitable Tag Day was held in March. Our first out-of-town trip was on March 8 and 9 when we played at the Centennial Ski-Tournament in Revelstoke.

We attended a Band Conference in Vancouver from May 7 to 12. The members attended various clinics on musical instruments and participated in concerts. This trip proved very beneficial and successful and everyone had a terrific time.

We held a joint concert with the Glee Club in May which was very well attended. We feel this year was very advantageous and wish the best of luck to next year's band.

Treasurer: DOUG HOWARD
Executive Members:
Hazel Dawe
Patricia Gould
Beverley Jones
Margaret Sutherland
Fred Kitamura
Joan Turner
Hiroshi Nishimura
Lynn Oldham
Karen Kenward
Sonja Kelgard
Louise Samaan
David Benstead
Margo French
Anne McCall
Shirley Reiter
Roger Dayton
Allan Gould
Maureen Meacham
Vincent Basile
Valerie Westerman
Jane Jongschaap
Maureen Shaw
Pam Piddington
Gwen Cook
Dy-Ann Edwards
Connie Callaghan
Frank Allen
Lucille Frolek
Sharon Storey
William Bowles
Garth Pare
Beulah Philip
Betty Boultbee
Marvin McCord
Tad Nishimura
Joyce MacSween
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Junior Cheerleaders
Junior Cheerleaders - Dale Halawell, Phyllis Smith, Bonnie Stewart, Darlene McAuliffe, Judy Sommers.
Missing: Judy Tredwell.

Towards the middle of the basketball season a group of Junior Cheerleaders was organized.. Under the able direction of Miss Beattie, their sponsor, these girls cheered for a majority of the home games and really helped to make this year's sports' season a success.

Kamloops vs. South Burnaby February 15, 1958
Cheerleaders (left to right): Louise Samann, Joan Sternig, Jackie Cooper.
Taken by Sidney Burton.

Curling Club
Front Row (left to right): Betty Boultbee, Phyllis Smith, Mary Ellen Gamble, Maureen Hatch, Sharron Hatch.
Second Row: Diane Robel, Joy Potts, Ewena Kenward, Marnie Laidlaw, Susia Norman.
Back Row: Barry Thompson, Garry Fellinger, David Benstead, Hugh Douglas, Bob Carson, Jack Buckham, Stu Roberts, Jim Halawell.

The Curling Club, this year, having almost 60 members, was able to form twelve rinks and have scheduled games every Tuesday and Thursday after school. Mike Taylor's rink, winning nine games in eleven wound up on top of the schedule. Rinks were entered from the club in four out of town high school bonspiels, but were knocked out of contention before they could win any prizes.

The highlight of the club's season was the 4th Annual Kamloops High School Bonspiel, held March 15 and 16. The bonspiel proved to be the best ever with prizes and trophies valued at several hundred dollars. The rink skipped by Mike Fraser of Osoyoos once again took top honours. The secondary event was won by a local rink, skipped by Dave Benstead.

Membership of the club is expected to double next year. A great deal of thanks and appreciation has been given to Miss Gilchrist for the work she has put into the club and the enthusiasm shown for the club this year.
Senior Badminton
Front Row (left to right0: Beulah Philip, Adelle Ratcliffe, Aline Beech, Pam Piddington.
Middle Row: Marlene Downey, Marion Fowles, Marilyn Hannah, Linda Beeman.
Back Row: Dennis Beeman, Malcolm Shepherd, Gary Fillinger.
First Row (left to right): Gloria Harrison, Phyllis Smith, Shirley Reiter.
Second Row: Miss Beattie, Margo French, Bonnie Colquhoun, Ewena Kenward.
K.H.S. Red Devils

Annual Basketball Tournament

On December 6 and 7, The KH.S. Red Devils were hosts at Kamloops High's first Annual Basketball Tournament. The tournament was comprised of teams from Prince George, Summerland, North Kamloops, the Indian Residential School, the Kamloops Boys Club, and our Red Devils. Unfortunately the Devils were beaten out in the second day and Prince George went ahead to cop the trophy donated 'by Mr. Ray Street. A sideline of the tournament was the cheerleading contest which was also won by Prince George.
Juvenile Girls Basketball
Front Row (left to right): Ewena Kenward, Gayle Emery, Gloria Harrison.
Second Row: Joyce MacSween, Shirley Reiter, Maureen Shaw, Miss Beattie (coach).
Third Row: Margo French, Carol Richmond, Judy Colquhoun, Jane Jongschaap.

The Juvenile girls' basketball team was organized in order to give Grade 9 and 10 girls more basketball experience before playing Red Angels, The girls played two home and home series with Indian School Girls' team and made one trip to Revelstoke to tangle with the Revelstoke Senior girls.

This year's team is as follows:
Carol RichmondCenter
Jane JongschaapCenter
Judy ColquhounCenter
Margo FrenchForward
Laurie Ann KennedyForward
Gayle EmeryForward
Sheila BoyceForward
Linda DahlForward
Maureen MeachamForward
Ewena KenwardGuard
Sherin BoyceGuard
Gloria HarrisonGuard
Shirley ReiterGuard
Joyce MacSweenGuard
Maureen ShawGuard
Junior Jets
First Row: (left to right): Mrs. Street (coach), Gail Stoery, Kathy Ramsey, Joanne Critchfield, Joan McKnight, Sidney Noble, Norma Edmonson.
Second Row: Karen Bebloe, Naomi Kenward, Pam Ottem, Jocelyn Rogers, Sheila Beech.
Third Row: Bonnie Colquhoun, Norma Mathews, Sheila MacSween, Susan Buckham, Marilyn Hannah (coach).

The 57-58 season of the Junior High girls' team, the Junior Jets was quite successful under the coaching of Mrs. Street and the co-coaching of Marilyn Hannah. They defeated North Kamloops 18-17, and 15-9, and lost to North: Kamloops 22-14 and K.H.S. Juveniles 10-9.

Rather than disappoint some of the girls and in order that everyone may gain experience all those who turned out for practices played in at least one game.

Those girls who turned out for Junior Jets games are as follows:
Sydney NobleJoanne CritchfieldBonnie Stewart
Norma EdmundsonNaomi KenwardGayle Miller
Diane BondGail StoreyNorma Matthews
Sheila BeechJoan McKnightEileen Sowerby
Jocelyn RogersSusan BuckhamRae Parkes
  Darlene Hoshowski 
Red Angels
First Row (left to right): Rosalie Sawracki, Gayle Stewart, Arlene Corney.
Second Row: Miss Gilchrist, coach; Bev Ford, Marilyn Hannah, Sharlene Embury, Sharon Martin, manager.
Third Row: Carol Holt, Joan Moore, Gwen Cook, Margaret Borsato, Marion Fowles, Karen Kenward.

Red Angles and Red Devils

The annual visit of South Burnaby to Kamloops High School was a huge success. The gym was decorated with large welcome signs especially made for this occasion and a capacity crowd was in attendance. The Angels were victorious but the Devils lost by a very narrow margin, in a hard fought game. Following the game a dance was held in the cafeteria for cheerleaders, coaches, players and all those who helped make Burnaby's trip a memorable one. Refreshments were served and Mrs. Owens kindly consented to present a few numbers from the High School production of H.M.S. Pinafore.

Following this Joe Slater, president of the Students' Council, presented the Captain of the Burnaby boys' team with a gold "K" to symbolize the spirit with which Kamloops anticipates their yearly visit.

All those who attended had a thoroughly enjoyable time.
Pep Club
First Row (left to right): Louise Samann, Jerry Cook, Jackie Cooper.
Second Row: Darlene McAuliffe, Dale Halawell Judy Tredwell, Phyllis Smith, Judy Sommers, Bonnie Stewart.
Third Row: Sheila Colquhoun, Aline Beech, Sandra Follett, Evelr.n Frolek, Gayle Stewart.
Fourth Row: Pat Dorion, Cecilia Frolek, Michele Osborne, Sheila Beech, Adelle Ratcliffe, Dy-Ann Edwards.
Fifth Row: Sheila Fair, Sneila Bogetti, Betty Boultbee, Arlene Chorney, Jocelyn Rodgers, Linda Beeman, Lynn Oldham, Carol Ann Waugh.
Sixth Row: Bev Stevenson, Maureen Bird, Beulah Philip, Miriam Parkes, Marilyn Hannah, Marjorie Teddar.

This year several pep rallies were held preceding the most important basketball games and tournaments. These rallies were sponsored by the Pep Club with Gerry Cook acting as M.C. Mr. Street gave some very good pep talks to arouse school spirit and also some very entertaining skits. The Pep leaders led the rally with different cheers, and various forms of entertainment were provided. All in all, we believe these pep rallies did much to increase the attendance and spirit at the basketball games.
Benstead Curling Rink
Junior Badminton Club
Front Row (left to right): Kenny Hunter, David Cavazzi, Ronnie McKay, David Jorden.
Second Row: Darlene McCauliffe, Bonnie Stewart. Sandra Follett, Joanne Critchfield, Lynn Smith.
Third Row: Kathie Ramsey, Miss Beattie, Jocelyn Rogers, Mary Reid.
Fourth Row: Sheila Beech, Gail Miller, Carol Sommath, Kay Sutherland.
Front Row (left to right): Albert Basille, Allan Adie, Doug Hay, Frank Allen.
Back row: Roger Lancaster, Roger Huewlitt, Eric Davis, Michael Sawyer, Barry Plummer, John Farmer.

After an extremely shaky start, the bantam boys' basketball team staged a comeback after Christmas, posting a 7 won, 4 lost record in the period and came within a whisker of taking the Bantam League play offs. The Gremlins pulled their biggest upset of the season by dumping the North Kamloops Bantams, who had lost only two games, 78-66 in the league semi-finals. The final series saw the Gremlins thrash the Indian Residential School 42-18 in the first game, but dropping each of the next two by six points.

Besides the City League competition, the team played several exhibition games out of town against Penticton, Merritt, Armstrong, Chase and Summerland, winning four of these.

The Gremlins most important win was probably the game against Penticton, as it was the first win of the season.
Junior Soccer
Front Row (left to right): Michael Lawrence, Allan Shumka, Larry Roberge;
Second Row: Frank Allan, Duane Weir, Skip Holmes;
Third Row: Andrew Kropinski, Ted Hannis, Bill Graf;
Fourth Row: John Cox, Bob Bradley, Cecil Sagart.

The Jr. Boys' Soccer team coached by Mr. Field played six exhibition games this year with the North Kamloops Senior team. The smaller inexperienced Kamloops team fought hard in all the games but failed to come up with a win.

High scorer for the Kamloops team is centre forward Ted Hannis, who was ably assisted by teammates Jim McCully,David Clarke, Bill Graf, Cecil Sagert, Allan Shumka, Ray, Holmes: Don Sharp, Frank Allen, Andrew Kropinski, John Cox, Dwaine Weir, Michael Lawrence, David Corbett, Warren Hewlitt, Roger Lancaster, Bob Johnson, Hugh Douglas, Larry Roberge and Bob Bradley.
House Sports

House Sports

House sports this year have been very well supported. Through the efforts of the Physical Education Department there has been a greater variety of. sports, making it possible for more students to participate in House sports.
This year's sports agenda has included:
1. Volleyball
2. Basketball.
3. Ping Pong Tournament.
4. BadmintonTournament.
5. Indoor and Outdoor Track Meets.
6. Baseball.

Special thanks go to Mr. Street who has greatly inspired School Spirit as weri as House Spirit. Thanks also goes to those students who helped make the House System a success in 1958.

Senior Girls Davis

First Row (left to right): Pat Gould, Beulah Philip, Diana Westburg, Frances Hislop;
Back Row: Linda Beeman, Marilyn Hannah, Marjorie Teddar, Susie Normand.

Junior Fulton House
Basketball and Volleyball

First Row (left to right): Sheila Beech, captain; Joanne Critchfield, Susan Wallace, Sandra Follett;
Second Row: Marilyn Kriese, Gail Miller, Sheila MacSween, Kay Sutherland.

Senior High School Students' Council
I have been asked to write an account at the activities at the Senior High Students' Council. In doing this, I will be brief and to be brief, I am going to deal with it under tour headings, War Work, Social functions, Sports and Miscellaneous.

The connection at the Council to the School's War Work has been through War Savings Stamps and the well-known Penny Jars. When it was decided to sell the Stamps through the School, the Council made a loan at ten dollars to Mr. Gurney, with which to buy the first lot at Stamps. On consulting with Mr. Gurney, we decided that it would be the best plan to sell the stamps through the office. This we will agree was the best procedure. The Penny Jar Campaign was put into effect about tour weeks before Christmas. About ninety dollars and some odd cents have been collected for the Red Cross in this manner.

The Social Activities in the School include dances, "mixers" morning assemblies, Friday afternoon "Lits.”, Open Lit., olubs, and the School Band. The dances and "mixers", at which there were two each, were very popular among the students, and had there been more time, we would have had another "mixer". The morning assembly on Wednesday was a high point in every week. The Glee Club did an able job in leading the singing and Mr. Morse deserves the thanks at every student for his leading in the singing. There was one open Lit. held this year, just before the Christmas holidays. It presented a varied program and was well received by the audience. Mr. Curtis, the leader of the School Band, and his musicians were present at the "Lit." and gave a pleasing interlude of music.
The sport of the School concern the three Rugby teams, the girls and boys basket-ball teams, ping-pong, the interclass softball and the track-meet. The Council purchased new bats and balls for the Softball Tournament towards the end at the year. The Track-Meet proved itself to be very popular after being dormant for a number at years.

The Council this year, as in past years, decided to raise funds by selling Students' Cards. We sold enough cards to provide for the expenses of all the activities mentioned above. Crests were purchased to sell to the students last November and School Pins were bought just before the writing at this article.

Al together, the year was very successful from the standpoint at student activities.

John Parker.

(Ed.note; - The first Students' Council was formed in 1930 and the following report was taken from the 1930 Annual).

"This being the first year in the history of "The Students' Council", the members sincerely hope it has been a success. The aims of the encourage athletic activities, to promote musical, literary and social clubs, to control the finances and to arouse a spirit of loyalty among the students.

Naturally, the members look back with a little pride in their hearts knowing that they belonged to the first Students' Council. We hope that the work we have started will be carried on throughout the
years. Good luck and a hand clasp across the page to our successors.
Junior High Students' Council
The first meeting of the Junior High Council was held on September 7, 1940 and the question of Students’ Cards was discussed. A committee was appointed to study the question. It was decided to have a Question Box in the halls to allow the students to submit ideas and questions for the Council. A very active committee was appointed for the sales of War Savings Stamps.

During the third and fourth meeting of the Council we discussed the price of Students' Cards and concluded that the price should be changed from 35 ¢ to 40 ¢. Suggestions for a Ping-pong tournament football tournament, and for a Junior High basketball team were brought up and discussed. Meanwhile the War Savings Stamps Committee reported satisfactory progress. Mr. Gurney announced that we may have two parties this year and committees were immediately formed to prepare first party. The suggestion to have some kind of stage entertainment during the intermission was brought up.

Business of the November 19th meeting dealt briefly with plans the Christmas Concert. At the beginning of the new year, the Lord Mayor’s fund and further ideas for the Ping-pong were suggested. The price of entry at the latter was set by the committee in charge of the entertainment. It was also decided that the Council would take over the School Paper. John Wing spoke to us about having more interest in the Junior High concerning the Annual. A "mixer" was set for March 12th. After a report from the committee in charge of the preparation. At the same meeting the question of Girl Cadets was discussed. On April 29th, the council held its last meeting with the main topics being the Annual and Daylight Savings Time.

Brian Robinson.

Kamloops High School sports reached a new high in sporting pleasure as this year's Athletic Representatives. Betty Hoover and Jim Ellis swung into action. Our sports representatives worked out a full year's schedu1e. Which included all the former years' sports such as rugby, basketball, ping-pong and softball as well as a new feature which has been absent for several years, a track meet. Surely no sports fan can accuse the school of not featuring enough sports this year. A few sports seem to have died out in our schedule, but seeing that they were never very popular, and that new sports tend to creep in, we should not mourn too much over them. Sports which can be classed in this file are our old friends Soccer and Grass Hockey. We hope, with our fingers crossed, that perhaps next year-these sports will be resumed. This is hardly the time to make a plea, but if a few more students had taken part in sports, and those who had not taken part had come down to boost the players, we would have had an even more successful year.

Boys sports started early with a Rugby program, being all arranged only to have our Athletic Representative Harold Gatein, suddenly pull out on the westbound leaving all the loose strings to Jim Ellis. Jim arranged a schedule having three teams, captained by Jim McGown, John Haywood and Tony Greer. The number of teams had to be out down from four teams of the previous year to three, because fewer players turned out. With the Athletic-minded Grade 9's coming up next year, let us hope that we will regain some of our lost numbers.

Fate arranged it so that two-thirds of the players playing won something. John Haywood's Roughriders coming through the schedule victorious with a grand total of 8 points won the Rugby Crests. In the schedule. the Bronks and Blue Bombers had an even total of five points each. In the play-offs. Jim McGown's Bombers were the victors and as a reward received the Stan Holmes' Rugby Trophy.

Kamloops High School was represented by only one team in the Inter City Basketball League this year. The boys had lost too many players to support a team, but a team was made up called the Esquires on which over half of the boys were from the High School. The girls' team. was the outstanding team in the City League and finally won the Inter City Women's Basketball Cup. The attendance at these games every Wednesday night was remarkably poor after realizing the good play our teams gave us. The big basketball attraction of the year came in the form of the North Okanagan Basketball Tournament between Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Revelstoke and Enderby.

Marnee McAllister

This year we continued the custom of having a Ping-pong Tournament. even surpassing those of previous years. The winners in the tournament were:
Senior High SchoolGirls — Dorothy Pringle
  Boys — Bill Embree
Junior High SchoolGirls — Pat Graves
 Boys — Harold Foulger

Boys' Rugby Team
Boys' Basketball Team
Girls' Basketball Team
Traffic Patrol
One of the most useful services being carried out by the students is the work being done by the Safety Patrol. They have done their utmost to prove themselves worthy of the responsibility that has been placed in them. We are certainly proud of our patrol.
Annual Staff
Editor-in-ChiefJohn Wing
Personal EditorNorah Corbould
Activities EditorBetty Hindle
Sports EditorReg Humpbreys
Magazine EditorJoan Bergevin
Business ManagerBetty Stewart
AssistantsBetty Carey
 Nina Dear
 Sylvia Hall
Art EditorGordon Wright
AssistantsWalter Maki
 Bill Davies
PhotographersBill Embree
 Ken Wilson
Staff AdvisorMr. W. H. Gurney

At last the Annual is completed for another year, and a few, but only a few, energetic students heave a sigh of relief. For this year they have pioneered in several undertakings. The first is that the "KAYAITCHESS" has been produced entirely by student effort, although Mr. Gurney, Mr. Howard and Miss Murray read over the majority of the articles, for which help we are very grateful. Outside of that, the photographs were taken, the articles written and edited, solely by the labours of a select group of pupils embued with school spirit.

It has been a great financial enterprise, for after much discussion the staff decided to have our Annual lithographed. As this is a great change in form from the usual yearbook, we hope it is agreeable to all.

In order to meet the increased expenses, our advertising campaign was necessarily much more extensive than in former years. We extend our thanks to all advertisers who have contributed so liberally to make our publication a success, and to the members of the business staff, headed by Betty Stewart, no have kept our accounts out of the red. The co-operation of the "Kamloops Sentinel" is greatly appreciated, and without their timely suggestion this be-oo-tiful 1941 edition of the Annual would not have replaced the customary mimeographed copy.

Most of us do not realize the time and energy spent in preparing the "KAYAITCHESS", but we regard it as a school fixture which suddenly appears two or three days before the June Exams. The idea is then to pester as many people as possible, whether teachers, friends, or enemies, for their autographs. When school closes, the Annual is completely forgotten and is left in the attic almost totally unread. This is not the aim of the compilers of the Annual. They have tried to make it interesting reading for everyone from Senior Matric to Grade VII. They want you to keep it as a reminder of your school life in 1940-41. After looking through this revitalized edition, we hope there will be many enthusiastic to carry on the work during the years to come.
Norah Corbould

The High School Band
At the beginning of the school term it was decided that the young musicians of the sohoo1 should get together and form a school band, so that we could play at some of the different school acivities. The Students' Council granted us ten dollars for the purchasing of band books and under the able leadership of Mr. Curtis, we started on our way. John Wing was e1ected President and Rae Snowden as SecretaryTreasurer. So far we have played for one of the School Lits, and a number of morning Assemblies. The members of the band are:

ConductorMr. Curtis
First TrumpetsRae Snowden
John Andren
Second TrumpetsBob Cheeseman
ClarinetsIrene Cooper
Barry Peters
Jim MacDiarmid
J. Tourjek
FlutesMary Carson
Bill MacDiarmid
HornHolly Andrews
OboeMiriam Turnbull
TromboneMaurioe Baillargeon
BassoonJim Thompson
BassJohn Wing

Annual Staff

Maureen Meacham
Advertising Manager

Hiroshi Nishimura

Allan Gould
Assistant Editor

Mr. Knapp

Louise Samann
Social Editor

Another year has come to an end. Each year at this time, there is always a hustle in the Annual staff to complete the last few "forgotten" items in the Annual. Somehow or other, the Annual is always completed; and this copy is our edition for 1959. If any items which you think should have been included have been left out, please accept our apologies.

This year has been a remarkable one. From the day school opened in September to this day, many activities and club organizations have brought back the old glory to K.H.S. True, the school spirit has again been lacking, but that lack did not stop many of our clubs and sport teams from participating in many activities. Back in December, our own Red Devils had the privilege of playing the internationally famous Harlem Clowns. Two months later, the Red Devils came first in their Second Invitational Basketball Tournament. Also in the same month, the Red Angels brought another trophy to K.H.S. by coming on top in their First Invitational Basketball Tournament. A month later, our youngest basketball team, the Junior Jets, in their tournament displayed a
wonderful showing by obtaining a second place.

And, of course, the K.H.S. Band has come out on top again. Almost ten years ago, our band, under the direction of Mr. A.N. McMurdo, brought back the first place trophy from Waterloo. Four years later, again under the direction of Mr. McMurdo, the band, in travelling to Kerdrade, Holland, brought back fame to our school and also to our "little" city of Kamloops in the midst of nowhere. Then, in May of this year, Mr. F. Hosek and the K.H.S. Band, in travelling to Moose Jaw, kept up the string of first place victories for the K.H.S. Band.

These accomplishments are only a few of the many achieved throughout this school term. May I take this opportunity to congratulate all the teachers and students responsible for these wonderful achievements. In closing, the members of the Annual Staff of 1959 wish to express their sincere thanks to our sponsor Mr. Knapp. Without his help, our accomplishment would have been impossible.
Hiroshi Nishimura Editor-In-Chief

Ken Hoshowski
Photography Editor

Steve Tredwell
Typing and Exchange

Vince Basile
Personal Editor

Laureen Ford
Literary Editor

Sheila Colquhoun
Art Editor

Gail Stewart
Girls' Sports

Peter Howard
Boys' Sports

Junior Students Council
The 1958 - 59 Junior Students Council started the year with a considerable bank account, and increased this with the sale of students cards. The student-card pictures this year were coloured and appealed to most of the Junior High School as many bought them.

The members of the Council held a penny drive on February 3rd to help the crippled children and collected the sum of $48.63, which was greatly appreciated by the sponsors of the Marching Mothers.

During the course of the year the council donated money to many clubs and organizations. A hundred dollars was donated to the band for new instruments, $125.00 to the A.C. C. and $150.00 to the Physical Education Department for softball equipment.

The council made plans for a graduation for Grade 9's but this was dropped because of lack of support of students.

A present was bought for Mr. Morse the sponsor, in appreciation of his services. Also a travelling case was bought for Mr. Gurney, our principal as a going away present. Cups for highest academic standings in grades VII, VIII, and IX were bought and also medals for best citizens.
In all the Junior Students Council had a good year.
Athletic Co-ordinating Committee
This year, the A.C.C., by an amendment to the High School Constitution, became the governing body behind all sporting activities. With this added responsibility the A.C.C. bore up very well and all events went off smoothly.

The main athletic events of the year were the Harlem Clowns game and the three Invitational tournaments. To the members of the A.C.C. goes a vote of thanks for the smoothness with which they were conducted.

The A.C.C. is composed of representatives from all sporting clubs, six sports representatives from each House and volunteers from the student body.
The A. C. C. staff for the year was:
PresidentJim Halawell
SecretaryGayle Stewart
TreasurerJack Hooper
 Gary Fillinger
PublicityAllan Gould

Graduating Class of 1958-1959
Click for larger view

First row, left to right: Carol Waugh, Mary Ellen Gamble, Judy Armstrong, Arlene Chorney, Laureen Forde, Joan Sternig, Gladys Bailey, Joan Turner, Sharon Canty, Elspeth Normand, Bev Beatty, Dawne Becker, Judy Nicholson, Linda Beeman, Marjorie Tedder, Carolyn Butcher, Thelma Green.
Second row: Sheila Colquhoun, Jeannette Kuzenko, Audrie Sands, Joan Dagleish, Jo Anne Takeuchi, Carole Carter, Jackie Cooper, Irene McLaughlin, Lynn Hasler, Donna McLean, Frances Hislop, Diana Westburg, Miriam Parkes, Anne Holmes, Joan Hodeson, Mary Perrotta, Beulah Phillip, Ruby Sargent, Doreen King, Frances Smith, Adelle Radcliffe, Dennis Loy.
Third row: Orland Lee, Elizabeth Romanetz, Wayne McConarchy, Bill English, Harry Kitamura, Marion Fowles, Anne McEwan, Diane Parker, Lynn Oldham, Marilyn Hannah. Mary Nelson, Helen Walker, Julie Shannon, Jean Zirnhelt, Gayle Stewart, Lorraine Wolfe, Jerald Bedard, Veronica Slotylak, Inez Smillie.
Fourth row: Peter Howard, Bob H. Jones, Jerry Aie, Gary Fillinger ,Don Gurney, Doug Howard, Hiroshi Nishimura, Fred Kitamura, Noel Hunt, Waverley Conan, Ron Adie, Bob Huffman, Gordon Falconer, Erle Nye, Albert Wood.
Fifth row: Derek McGilluray, Earl Otto, John Haywood-Farmer, Verne Shook, Bob Gaglardi, Hank Giddens, Dale Cassidy, Ken Chester, Bob A. Jones, Terry Shaw, Marvin Christianson, Neil Stanley, Fred Gammie, Gordon Rousseau, Jim Halawell, Ken Hoshowski, Atonio Preto, Norm Connolly, Steve Tredwell, Colin Day, John Pickrem, Dave Stockford, Gordon Williamson, Chester Strong, Stewart Grafton, Morley Brown, Danny Richardson, Rick Hamilton, Trent Cox, Jim Dunsmuir.
Click for larger view
Click for larger view
King and Queen of the Kampus
Sheila Colquhoun and Doug Howard

We of the Annual Staff are glad to congratulate this years' King and Queen of the Kampus. Doug Howard and Sheila Colquhoun.

Congratulations, Doug and Sheila. We wish you every success in the future.
Social Calendar

SeptemberBack to the Old Grind
OctoberStudents' Council "Home-coming Dance"
First Term Exams
NovemberRutland Conference
Davis House Dance
DecemberChristmas Prom
Christmas Holidays
JanuaryFee House Dance
Second Term Exams
FebruaryY-Teen's "Pink Champagne Dance"
Pearse House Dance
MarchHigh School Conference
Easter Holidays
AprilEaster Exams
MayKinsmen Band Festival in Moose Jaw
Final Exams

Delegates - Y-Teen ConferenceDance
K.H.S. Band
Click for larger view

First row, left to right: Cecelia Frolek, Elspeth Normand, Bridget Parkes, Carol Richmond, Mr. Frank Hosek, Conductor; Margo French, Mary Ellen Gamble, Secretary; Lynn Oldham.
Second row: Lorna Olson, Ken Hutton, Gordon Falconer, Cliff Noakes, Carol Waugh, Roger Lancaster, Barry Thompson, Miriam Parkes, Larry Arouini, Linda Beeman, Bill English, Henry Giddens, Hiroshi Nishimora.
Third Row: Gary Fillinger, Jerry Summers, Wendy Howard, Diane Clark, Colleen Russell, Marilyn Takahashi, Bonnie Nakashima, Barbara Tennant, Murray Thompson, David Wyse, Ricky Hutchinson, Ken Hoshowski, Joan Hodgson, Don Gurney, President; Joan Turner, Bev Lamb.
Fourth row: Neal Burton, Hugh Douglas, Bob Carson, Allan Gould, Treasurer; Peter Howard, Bill Holtbee, Dennis Beeman, Lyman Warner, Neal McMillan, Richard Hart, Warren Hewlet, Bruce Smythe, Susan Farmer, Bob Jones, Sid Burton, Bob Bradley, Roy Hutchinson, Philip Grant.
Fifth row: Wayne Montgomery, Bill Collier, Earl Pasquill, Dave Terry, Dave Stockford, Pat Merrick, Dave Owens, Larry Bedard, Joyce McSween, Steve Tredwell, Colin Day, Marvin McCord.

This year our band enjoyed one of the most successful years in its existence. Under the direction of Mr. Frank Hosek, this group of 65 young musicians worked diligently all year and achieved high honours. This past year the band chose as its objective a trip to participate in the Kinsmen International Band Festival in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. To compete in this festival however, required many frustrating hours of practice and much hard work in order to raise enough money to travel to Moose Jaw. The band held concerts, bottle drives, a chocolate drive, a coat hanger drive, a tag day, and also sold festival tickets in an effort to obtain the amount needed.

The band also entered the Yale Cariboo Musical Festival and won two shields with marks of 85 and 88 for their presentations of the "New World Symphony" and the "First Swedish Rhapsody”.

After this success the band again settled down to more and more practicing for the trip to Moose Jaw. When the great event finally arrived, our band made us proud! They played a concert at the Moose Jaw Training School which was well received by all the patients. In their class competition, they placed first with 90 marks over five other bands from Canada and the United States. In the marching competition they placed second out of twelve bands. The band finished the season by playing for the graduation ceremonies, by holding a free concert, and by playing for the Queen on her visit here in July. Our heartiest congratulations go out to the band and also our best wishes for ever greater success for our future band.

Row one, Left to Right: Diane Parker, Judy Nicholson, Sheila Colquhoun, President; Adelle Radcliffe, Gayle Symonds, Linda Bergstrom, Dorie Cook.
Row two: Mary Ellen Gamble, Rosalie Sawracki, Inez Smillie, Pat Dorion, Lynn Nicol, Beulah Phillip.
Row three: Joan Turner, Joan Dagleish, Miriam Parkes, Karen Kenward, Cecelia Frolek.
Row four: Margo French, Shirley Reiter, Joyce McSween, Sonja Kwlgard, Jane Jongschaap.
Row five: Carol Waugh, Dawne Becker, Lynn Oldham, Elspeth Normand.

Y-teens got off to a flying start this year with a Preppers Party where all interested grade eleven girls were converted from innocent, unsuspecting human beings to "Y-teens". Following the Preppers meetings and exam, an hilarious initiation party was endured by all- even the Preppers. Our Recognition Service was held again in the library with the mothers in attendance. Mrs. Warr was the guest speaker.

The Interior Conference was held in Kelowna this year. Miss Viola Williams, who worked in Korea, was the guest speaker and she gave us a very interesting talk. This conference acquainted us with the activities and services of other clubs and the aim of Y-teens.

Our service projects were humerous and varied. We collected money at noon hour shows, served at a banquet for the Red Cross and also collected squares for them, collected hampers for the needy, sang Carols at Glenfair at Christmas time, and donated money to Pleasant Street School.

In order to finance these services, it was necessary to have money raising projects. These were weekly do-nut sales, a shoe- shine, a pie sale, and the big smash of the year, the Y-teen Talent Show.

Under education we had a series of religious speakers representing different faith - a most interesting and rewarding study. We also had an Avon demonstration, and a Mother and Daughter Debate on Racial Discrimination and teenage drinking.

Social life is very prevalent in the Y - teen organization along with all others mentioned. Each month we endeavour to have a house party. The "Pink Champagne Ball", a Valentine dance, held at Colquhoun's, with Julia Shannon reigning as Queen and Dawn Becker and Karen Kenward as Princesses, was a huge success. To finalize the Y-teen. year, as Graduation Tea was given to the grads and their mothers by the grade eleven girls. The guest speaker, Mrs. Piercy, gave the grads a talk on the history of girls. Diplomas were presented by Miss McArthur and Miss Aylard, advisors, plus the merit awards to Beulah Phillip and Dorie Cook. Sheila Colquhoun was given a Y-teen ring for the completion of her year as President.

The Y-teen grads wish next year's council, Jane Jongschaap and Carolyn Minkley all the luck in the world for Y-teens, 1960.
Future Nurses Club
Row one, left to right: Rosalie Sawracki, Darlene Hobday, Ruth Kuromi, Frances Hislop.
Row two: Karen Kenward, Marie Makortoff, Joyce McSween, Lynn Nicol, Jane Jongschaap.
Row three: Maureen Bird, Cecelia Frolek, Thelma Green, Donna McLean, Diana Westburg.

The Future Nurses Club had an interesting program this year. They began their meetings in October and in December had an afternoon tour of the hospital. Refreshments were servef after at the nurses' residence.

Meetings were held twice monthly and at each meeting a guest speaker was present. The speeches included the basic course described by three students, C.N.A. Experimental School of Nursing, Missionary Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Nursing in the Services, Nursing in a small hospital, and Post Graduate Courses.

In December a" Penny Drive" was held; the proceeds of twenty- five dollars was used for a hamper and toys for a: needy family.

This year's executive was Marjorie Tedder, President; Diana Westburg, Secretary; Sharon Cnaty, Vice- President.
Future Teachers Club
Row one, Left to Right: Helen Walker" Mary Ellen Gamble, Mary Nelson, Adelle Radcliffe, Beulah Phillip.
Row two: Miriam Parkes, Joan Turner, Carol Waugh, Lauvel Dawe.
Row three: Cecelia Frolek, Joan Dalgleish.
Inter-School Christian Fellowship
The Inter School Christian Fellowship Club began this year with a pep talk from our staff member, Mr. Mike Coldrin of Victoria. Meetings were held weekly each Wednesday. These meetings were taken in form of Bible Studies, speakers and planned programmes. Speakers from this area were Re. Craig, Rev. Handy, Mrs. Black, and Mrs. Entz. A visiting missionary was Miss Blanche Palmer. from the Philippine Islands. The group was divided into two teams and exciting competition was enjoyed by all.

This year's executive was: Marianne Hearn, President; Gail Angell, Secretary-Treasurer; Ruth Kuromi, Publicity Manager; Gladys Bailey, Social Convener; Mr. D. Allen, Sponsor.
Click for larger view
Click for larger view
Rouges Gallery
K.H.S. Red Devils
Row one, left to right: Jack Hooper, Manager; Brian Evans, Doug Howard, George Makortoff, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Dennis Hunter, Mr. Currie, Coach.
Row two: Gary McKenzie, Neil Stanley, Glen McKnight, Bill Martin, Bill Sutherland, Dennis Smith.
Missing: Jim Newman.

The Kamloops High School Red Devils finished this year with a very good win-loss record.

In their opening tournament of the year, held at Summerland, the Red Devils placed third, winning three games and losing two; one to Oliver and the. other to Penticton.

In their own tournament here, the Devils emerged on top to win the Ray Street trophy, winning over eight other teams.

In the Kamloops City league, comprised of the North Kamloops Saints, K.H.S. Gremlins, K.B.C. Argys, K.I.R.S. Braves and the Red Devils; the Devils came out on top with eleven wins and no losses and went on to win the championship in two straight games over the North Kamloops Saints.

In competition for the right to go to the B.C. High School Basketball Tournament in Vancouver,
the Devils did not fair so well, losing a two game total point series against Salmon Arm; winning against Vernon, and then losing again against Penticton to be eliminated.

All in all the Red Devils had a very successful season.

Team members were: Dennis Smith, Bill Martin, Glen McKnight, Brian Evans, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Neil Stanley, Bill Sutherland, Doug Howard, Dennis Hunter, Gary McKenzie, George Makortoff, Jim Newman, Jack Hooper, Manager; Mr. Currie, Coach.
K.H.S. Red Angels
Left to right: Diane Bond, Marion Fowles, Bev Ford, Gayle Stewart, Karen Kenward, Marlene Edmundson, Louise Samann, Ewena Kenward, Gloria Harrison, Jane Jongschaap.

The 58-59 Red Angel squad has had an extremely successful year. Out of a total of seventeen games the Kamloops High girls were victorious in fourteen and bowed to their opponents for three only. They made a trip to Salmon Arm and lost by a score of 27 - 21. Their trip to Summerland proved more successful as they defeated the Rockettes 23-9. Here is a brief summary of the Red Angels' games:
North Kamloops 40
Summerland 20
Salmon Arm 02
K.I.R.S. 30
Penticton 10
Clinton 10

During the course of the year the Red Angels hosted a ten-team tournament. Out of ten very strong opponents our Red Angels proved themselves true champions by defeating Penticton in the final game by a score of 28- 27. As a result of this tournament the Red Angels, now C.M.D. Champs, represented the Central Mainland District at the B.C. Basketball Finals held at V.B.C.. At the coast the Angels won their first game 36-26 against Summerland and lost the second game to Nanaimo 42-33.

The members of this years team are: Bev Ford, Gayle Stewart, Ewena Kenward, Diane Bond, Gloria Harrison, Louise Samann, Jane Jongschaap, Marion Fowles, Karen Kenward, Marlene Edmundson, Jackie Cooper, Manager; Miss K. Wong, Coach.
K.H.S. Gremlins
Kneeling, Left to Right: Vince Basile, Doug Hay, Tom Ashley
Back Row: Allan Gould, Jack Buckham, Dave Bensted, Roger Lancaster, Stuart Brown, Warren Hewlett, Mike Soyer

The Gremlins of K.H.S. had a very successful year despite the fact that they were competing against older and more experienced teams. They distinguished themselves by finishing fourth out of eleven teams in the Kamloops Invitational Tournament. In addition to this, they pulled off the biggest upset of the tourney by defeating last year's Okanagan Senior Champions, the Osoyoos Hornets, 50-49.

At the end of February, they travelled to Prince George to take part in the Northern Interior Tournament. Here they finished second losing to North Kamloops Saints 48-46. Two of our players Jack Buckham and Doug Anthony, were selected to the first "All-Star" team of the tournament. The Gremlins also played well in the City League as they defeated each of the other teams at least once, except for the Red Devils. Many thanks to coach, Bill Lennox who was responsible for the team's success.
K.H.S. Stars
Kneeling, Left to Right: Kenny Hunter, Hugh Douglas
Back Row: Norman De Leneer, Robert Banno, Albert Basile, Pat Small, Wendell Beblow, Gene Peziuk

The Bantam Boy "Stars", a newly formed basketball team was sponsored by the Junior Students' Council. This team was coached by Mr. Paul Manley and managed by Armando Basso. The captain of the team was Albert Basile. These three people worked strenuously to keep the team operating.
The "Stars" started the season off without a coach, but through the help of Mr. Gurney, the team managed to obtain Mr. Manley as coach, and Mr. Richards as teacher in charge at one of the weekly practice.

This team up until Christmas lost most of their games in the league because of lack of height and experience. However, after a long Christmas Holiday, the boys were eager to start the second half of the season off with a different attitude. This attitude helped the team along and they won half of their games in the city league, and their one out of town game against Salmon Arm. The "Stars" achievement of the year came when they won the first annual Bantam Boys' Invitational Basketball Tournament. Two of their players in this tournament made the All- Star team.
K.H.S. Junior Jets
First Row, Left to Right: Bonnie Stewart, Gayle Miller, Karen Beblow, Naomi Kenward, Jo-Ann Critchfield, Pam Ottem, Sheila Beech.
Second Row: Susan Hamilton, Kay Sutherland, Barbara Waugh, Jocelyn Rogers. Susan Buckham, Mrs. Van Ryswyck, Coach.

That's okay Jets
That's allright,
All you've got to do
Is fight - fight - fight!

This was the chant at the K.H.S. gym during the final game of the first annual Bantam Girls Basketball Tournament. At this tournament our Jets hosted K.I.R.S., Nor-Kam Hi., Salmon Arm, Merritt and Clinton. The tourney lasted until late afternoon with the Jets matching skill with Salmon Arm in the final game. The Jets lost by a 33-19 score. Despite the loss of the Tournament the Junior Jets had a very successful season under the coaching of Mrs. Van Ryswyk.

Nice going Jets. We wish you the best of luck next year.
Junior Girls Softball
First Row, Left to Right: Marilyn Kriese, Susan Symonos, Naomi Kenward, Karen Beblow, Gayle Miller, Jo-Ann Critchfield, Loretta Flatt, Shiela Beech.
Back Row: Susan Hamilton, Sharon Carson, Bonnie Anderson, Doreen Moyer, Jocelyn Rogers, Susan Buckham, Darlene Hoshowski, Eileen Sowerby, Mrs. Van Ryswick, Coach.
Senior Cheerleaders
Sheila Colquhoun, Judy Colquhoun, Judy Nicholson.

Our Senior teams surged forth to victory this year under the very adequate cheerleading from our Senior Cheerleaders. As well as inspiring the teams, their unique and colorful cheers entertained the crowds. The Senior Cheerleaders cheered at the majority of the home games and also travelled with the teams to Salmon Arm, Vernon, and Penticton. With financial assistance from our ACC the girls were able to buy new uniforms which consisted of black sweaters and red princess lined jumpers. Our thanks for these Senior girls who so ably assisted in making this sports year a success. The 58-59 Senior Cheerleaders are Judy Nicholson, Judy Colquhoun and Sheila Colquhoun.

Junior Cheerleaders

Left to Right: Phyllis Smith, Susan Wallace, Judy Summers, Sheila Beech, Sally Wallace, Bonnie Stewart.
Curling Club
First Row, Left to Right: Dave Bensted, President; Betty Boultbee, Vice-President; Gary Fillinger.
Second Row: Bill Bowles, Dave Conlin, Barry Thompson, Hiroshi Nishimura.
Missing: 55 other members.

1958-59 was a very successful year for the curling club. Membership was increased from 48 in 1957 to 64. To cope with this large membership, curling was held four times a week instead of two. A regular draw was held during these sessions which saw a rink skipped by Ron Adie end up on top. He and his rink were presented with trophies. Kamloops rinks participated in four out-of-town bonspiels. The Wayne McConechy rink won first in "A" event at Revelstoke and a rink Skipped by David Bensted managed third in "A" event at Osoyoos. Teams were unsuccessful at Salmon Arm and Kelowna.

The season was ended with the club's 5th Annual Mixed Bonspiel. This was the big event of the year and was held March 13th to 15th. "A" 'event and the Shirley Beaton Trophy were won by the Gerald Caughlin rink of Osoyoos. Kamloops rinks placed as follows: Mike Taylor 1st in "B" event, Rich Hamilton 3rd in "B" event, Roger Parkes 1st in "C" and David Bensted 2nd in "C" event.

The executive for the year was: President, David Bensted; Vice-President, Betty Boultbee; Secretary, Dianna Robel; Treasurer, Jack Buckham; Sponsor, Mr. Jarrett.

Annual Staff 1960
Students' Council

Maureen Meacham

Vince Basile

Allan Gould

Bill Bowles

Louise Samann
Social Convenor

Jack Buckham
A.C.C. Chairman

Mrs. Elder

Left to right
Front row: Gail Miller, Sue Potts, Bill Bowles, Allan Gould, Vince Basile, Loui8e Samann, Jack Buckham, Arlana Bulman, Lynda Parker, June Il0
Middle row: Dawn Blackwell, Hiroshi Nishimura, Nora Holt, Barbara Waugh, David Jordon, Dianne Bond, Dave Bensted, Robert Banno, Loretta Hart, Susan Symonds
Back row: Kit Nagurski, Lynn Oldham, Tad Nishimura, Stuart Brown, Peter Hall, Jim. Dimmick Gail Angel, Victor Banno
Athletic Co-ordinating Committee
First Row: Allan Gould, David Wyse, Doug Hay, Roger Parkes, Roger Lancaster, Jack Buckham, Sharon Storey, Doug Anthony, Vince Basile
Second Row: Jo-Anne Critchfield, Dianne Veness, Bonnie Stewart, Bev Phillips, Bonnie Colquhoun, Marilyn Quinn, Margaret Maloney, Bev Bishop, Sue Potts, Mr. Middleton,
Third Row: Albert Basi1e, Norm Holt, David Bensted, Ezio Cividino.
Pep Club
The Pep Club, a new undertaking this year, proved to be very successful under the able .pon8orship of Mrs. Van Ryswyk.

School hats, a school song, the cheerleaders and school spirit were all part of the club. Next year the Pep Club with invaluable experience should be an even greater success.

SponsorMrs. Van Ryswyk
ChairmanDoug Hay
TreasurerHelen Boultbee
SecretaryGloria Harrison
A.C.C. RepGeraldine Basso
Girls Graduating Class 1960
Click for larger view

Front Row: Diann Robinson, Maureen Shaw, Kathy Smith, Marjorie Ingram, Maureen Meacham, Marlene Miller, Margo French, Eileen Olexiuk, Norah Maki, Wendy Krag, Gayle Symonds, Kathy Kingsbury, Marilyn Gagnon, Irene Yurenka, Rae Rorrison, Pat Dorion, Sharon Storey, Linda Hamilton.

Row 2: Phyllis Slominski, Eileen Delgarno, Cecelia Frolek, Ruth Kuromi, Linda Bergstrom, Marie Makortoff, Betty Boultee, Karen Kenward, Darlene Hobday, Lorna Olson, Lucille Frolek, Maureen McLeod, Margaret Borsato, Bonnie Nakashima, Louise Samann, Arlana Bulman, Donna Anderson, Peggy Begg, Edith Dunningham, Lynne Nichol, Anne McMurphy, Carolyn Minkley, Jane Jongschaap, Carole Richmond, Phyllis Wilson, Pam Piddington.

Row 3: Laurel Dawe, Terry Turner, Trudy Hicks, Lorraine Clapperton, Shirley Adie, Mary Claire Heatley, Dorrie Cook, Winnie Vinnie, Phil Flatt, Sheran Tansley, Marion Rosseau, Terry Sandiford, Hazel Gibbs, Pat Keith, Joyce MacSween, Heather Gesy, Pat Boyd, Marianne Hearne, Sandra Gregson, Wendy Howard, Connie Meiklejohn, Shirley Reiter, Sonja Kelgard, Diane Clark.
Boys Graduating Class 1960
Click for larger view

Front Row: Jim Newman, Mike Henderson, Doug Hay, Bill Collier, Floyd Burnett, David Wyse, Bob Myronuk, John Wallace, Brian Wallace, Dave Turner, Frank Allen, Larry Arduni, Bill Bowles, Alan Adie, Pat Lynch, Steve Carey, Murray MacDonald.

Row 2: David MacLean, Ron Stanmore, Bill McGaw, Roger Parkes, Alvin Jones, Adolf Huettl, Terry Grant, Wayne Thompson, Bob Carson, Barry Thompson, Vincent Basile, Sid Burton, Glen Simpson, Jack Wessel, Dave Bensted, Peter Morton, Doug Owen, Rod Dale-Johnson, Don Ranta, George Makortoff, Michael Sawyer, Allan Gould.

Row 3: Barry Jones, Joseph Mung, Ian Sandulak, Darrel Long, Barrie Brady, Ernie Shorthouse, Jim Rogers, Marvin McCord, Trevor Jensenn, Jim Winder, Bill Alysworth, Roger Dayton, Roger Lancaster, John Clark, Bob Bradley, Bob Haywood, Tad Nishimura, Stuart Brown, Gerry Basso.
Candid Photos
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Click for larger view
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King and Queen of the Kampus
Arlana Bulman and Dave Wyse

The Annual Staff wishes to extend congratulations and good luck to this year's King and Queen of the Kampus. Congratulations, Arlana and Dave.

Social Calendar

SeptemberBack to School!
OctoberBeatnik Ball
Penticton High School Converence
Black Cat Bop
NovemberRemembrance Day Services
Y-Teens Interior Conference
Student Exchange with Cashmere
Red Angel Tournament
DecemberChristmas Prom
Christmas Holidays at Last!
JanuaryRed Devils Tournament
B.C. High School Curling Championships
FebruaryLeap Year Leap
U.B.C. Conference
City League Basketball Touney
MarchCareer Day
Red Angels - "B.C. Champs"
Springtime Frolic
Curling Bonspiel
AprilDrama Festival
Easter Holidays (Annual Staff work on Annual)
MayHobo Hop
Outdoor Track Meet
Glee Club Concert
Student Exchange with Seattle and Tonasket
JuneGraduation at Last!
Awards Assembly
B.C. Champs
At 2:00 A.M. Thursday morning, March 10, 1960, eleven sleepy Red Angels piled out of cars and watched a broken gas tank drain six gallons of gas into the deepening snow. Standing there in the dark wilderness, the shivering girls must have wondered whether this trip was worth all the trouble; but as the gas drained out of the tank, spirit drained into the Angels', spirit which lived throughout the Tournament, and carried the girls on to an unexpected but well deserved victory.

The Angels played a total of four games in this tournament. In their first game they defeated the well known Jay-O team from Vancouver, 36-30. After defeating Mt. Newton, 39-15, they battled against Mt. Douglas from Victoria, to take the Semi-Final Game 35-25.

In the tightly packed Women's Gym at U.B.C., the Angels played the Final Game Saturday night against Mission, and came out on top, 28-18 to become the B.C. Provincial Champs of 1960.

The Provincial Playoffs held at this time every year since 1948 had never been won by any Interior team, until the Angels' broke the Coast "Jinx" and won the right to put "Kamloops-1960" on this much treasured cup.

The Angels hope to do as well next year; nevertheless, this happy victory will live in the hearts of the Kamloops students for many years to come.

K.H.S. Red Angels
PLAYERS ARE: Jane Jongschaap, Karen Kenward, Sue Hamilton, Marily Braaten, Gloria Harrison, Dianne Bond, Marlene Miller, Eena Kenward, Pam Ottem, Lorna McLeod, Donna Anderson.
COACH: Miss Minette
MANAGER: Diana Veness

The Red Angels' Sr. Girls Basketball Team of K.H.S. was very successful during the 59-60 terms. During the basketball season the girls played games against teams from Armstrong, N.Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Penticton, Osoyoos, Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Mission, Princeton, Barriere, and Ke1owna. They lost only four games during the entire season. Two of these losses went to Salmon Arm, and the two went to Osoyoos and the Indian School. Besides attending a Tournament in Salmon Arm, in which they placed third, the Angels hosted an Invitational Tournament in the latter part of November. In this tourney they managed to come out on top, beating the spirited N.Kamloops team 28-21 in the final game. To finish the season, the Angels represented the Central Mainland District of B.C. in the Provincial Playoffs at U.B.C., March 10, 11, 12. Here, they made history by being the first Interior Team to take the B.C. Championship.

Next year the Angels will suffer a big loss by losing Sue, Donna, Karen and Marlene. But with new material coming up from the Junior teams, the future looks much brighter for the 60-61 term. On behalf of the school, the Annual Staff would like to congratulate the Angels on their outstanding performance at the B.C. Tournament. As a result of their prowess and good sportsmanship much honour and glory has come home to K.H.S. Well done gir1s! Kyeba!
K.H.S. Red Devils
4 Vince Basile14 Stuart Roberts
10 George Makortoff15 Allan Gould
11 Warren Hewlett21 Jack Buckham (Capt.)
12 Stuart Brown22 Pete Hall
13 Doug Anthony23 Neal Stanley
Jim Newman (Missing) 
Manager: Gordie Shields 
Coach: Mr. Martino 
Yell: Zorro: 
Average Height: 6 ft. 1/2" 

With the helpful coaching of Mr. Martino, the Red Devils had a successful season this year, holding an impressive record of 32 wins & 9 losses. Eighteen of these wins were in succession. They became city champs by beating the Indian School in the City Playoffs with Jack Buckham and Stuart Roberts being selected as All-Stars. The championship was also decided more strongly in their favour by their victory over the 1933 "Old timers” in a hilarious game, with a close score of 53-50: The Devils had a city league record of 11 wins and 2 losses. Another laugh for the fans of KHS came with the game featuring the Harlem Clowns against the Devils. "Vincie" proved to be good for a few laughs when the Clowns picked on him as the subject of their outrageous jokes!

This year the Devils played in three tourneys, in which they met many new teams. At the Summerland Tournament they came 2nd. losing to Pentiction, 56-50. Warren Hewlett starred for the Devils and was selected to the All-Star Team.

Probably the biggest thrill for the students of the black and red was the Devils' own Invitational Tourney. The odds favoured the Devils, so it was quite a shock when they lost their first game to Quesnel, 37-36. This was a heartbreaker, but the next day the Devils, putting on a magnificent show, came from behind to win five consecutive games, beating out Summerland in the final 45-44 and winning the Ray Street Trophy. Jack Buckham and Vince Basile proved to be the backbone of the team and were selected to the All-Star team for their efforts.

In the Interior playoffs, which decided the team to travel to the Coast for the B.C. Playoffs, the Devils did not fare too well. They started out well by beating Salmon Arm in a best of three series, thereby earning a bye in the Kelowna Tournament. In this tourney they fell to Penticton and Oliver. By placing third, they lost their chance to travel to Coast as representatives of the CMD.
COACH: Mr. Lennox
BACK ROW: Doug Hay, Peter Hall, Doug Anthony, Roger Lancaster, Robert Banno
FRONT ROW: Dave Bensted, Albert Basile

The Gremlins coached by Mr. Lennox were fairly successful this year. They placed third in the city league, beating every team except the Argys and winning six out of fourteen games.

In other basketball activity they were even more successful. In our own Invitational Tournament they placed fourth out of the nine teams entered in the tourney; and in a tournament held in Prince George, the Gremlins placed second losing only to Prince George.

Individually, Doug Anthony, Waverly Conan, and Peter Hall placed in the top ten in the scoring race: Nice work fellows!
BACK ROW: Coach - Mrs. Van Ryswyk Norma Whiteman, Judy Hull, Barbara Waugh, Sandie Stuart, Meri1ee Beatty, Pam Ottem
FRONT ROW: Gayle Miller, Marg Marra, Dale Halawell, Judy Tredwell
MISSING: Annilee Samoridny, Kay Sutherland

The Sprites were a newly formed intermediate girls basketball team this year. As there was no intermediate league, the Sprites took part in the Kamloops Senior league competing against the Red Angels, Norkits, and the K.I.R.S. Cubs. They also took part in the Red Angels' Invitational Tournament where they won the award for the "Most Sportsmanlike Team". Nest year the Sprites should provide even keener competition in the Senior League.
PLAYERS: Don Anthony, Bill Adams, Robert Hay, Gordon Honey, Gene Pazuik, Eric Cavaghan, Denny Harrison, David Jordan, Martin Gerry

This year the Stars, KHS's Junior Boys Basketball team, had a fairly successful 1959-60 season. They played in a league with KBC Clowns, KIRS Braves, NKHS and JPHS, Winning 9 of the 18 games played. In the league tournament the Stars placed second, losing to the KBC Clowns. The top scorers for the team were Martin Gerry with 92 points, David Jordan with 85 points and Don Anthony with 78 points. This year the Stars were coached by a Grade 13 student, Ray Williams.
Junior Jets
COACH: Mrs. van Ryswyk
Back row: L to R - Gail Storey, Karen Beblow, Viane Zirnhelt, Jocelyn Rogers, Margaret Jackson, Bonnie Colquhoun, Bev Raymond.
Front row: Naomi Kenward, Joanne Critchfield, Joy Jackson, Bonnie Stewart, Judy Summers.
Missing: Susan Buckham

The jets had a very good season this year; they managed to win all games before the tournaments started. This team consists of girls from Grade 9, and for their ages they set up a very high standard of junior Basketball. The jets held their own tourney on February 27, and took an easy win over Reve1stoke and North Kamloops whom they met in the final games. On March 5 at St. Ann's Academy, the girls took the City League Trophy. On March 12, the Jets went to Rutland for the Interior Championship Games. The team met Salmon Arm in the final game, losing a very close and well fought competition, to place second. Next year many of the players will migrate to the Red Angels. A splendid record, girls!
Junior Cheerleaders
LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Wallace, Judy Summers, Bonnie Stewart, Sally Wallace

Senior Cheerleaders

LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Brown, Norma Bell, Linda Allen, Bev Phillips, Judy Colquhoun


Kamloops High to thee we're loyal,
Kamloops High School is our cry.
With the red and black unfurled,
We are out to show the world
That we come from Kamloops,
Kamloops, Kamloops High!!
This year the Cheerleaders proved to be a great boon to the spirit of K.H.S. The Senior Cheerleaders, coached by Judy Colquhoun attended many Senior games and put on a good show with their new cheers and the new school song. This song, illustrated here, has done very well, travelling to many other schools, via K.H.S. students on bus trips. The Seniors distinguished themselves from Cheerleaders of other schools by their black tights and red princess-line jumpers.

The juniors have also done very well this year. These four little pixies probably attended all of the junior games and tourneys, plus many of the Senior games. They proved to be the spark plug for much of the school spirit displayed in the K.H.S. gym and gave the junior boys' teams reason to put even a little more effort into their games. The juniors also looked attractive in their black plaid skirts and red tops with the big "K'" s across their fronts. A very good show girls!

Senior Volleyball Team
COACH: Miss Minette
FRONT ROW: Susan Symonds, Marguerite Robson, Rusty Smith
BACK ROW: Marilyn Quinn, Sheran Tans1ey, Doreen Moyer (Captain), Lynne Hughey (Manager Dianne Harris
MISSING: Norma Jackson, and Lorna Green

This year the Senior Girls Volleyball Team took part in four Tournaments. They brought much credit to K.H.S. with their good sportsmanship and fine volleyball playing. In the tourneys in Salmon Arm, Vernon, and North Kam1oops, the girls placed third, finding Salmon Arm and Vernon their keenest competitors In the second tournament hosted by North Kam1oops, the team overcame all difficulties and brought home the Okanagan Mainland District Trophy.

Junior Volleyball Team

COACH: Mrs. Van Ryswyk
MEMBERS: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynne Maskell, Suzanne Bertrand, Bev Bishop, Gayle Meikle John, Janie Thompson, Linda Parker, Arlene Olson, Margaret Maloney, Betty MacEwan, Cathy McDougall.
MISSING: Marion Basile, Cheryl Collins, Nancy Jones, Diane Smith.

The Junior Girls Volleyball Team had quite a busy 1959-60 season playing n two tournaments, travelling to Salmon Arm on January 9th, and hosting a tournament on February 13th.

In Salmon Arm they proved themselves the better team by defeating Vernon, Salmon Arm, Enderby and North Kam1oops, but they fell sadly to their Junior Counterparts, the John Peterson Volleyball Team.

In their own tournament on February 13th, the Junior Volleyball Team again were defeated by the John Peterson team but came back to win against North Kam1oops, Lloyd George and Salmon Arm.
K.H.S. Track Team

A. Ainsworth
D. Anthony
M. Basile
H. Blumenscheit
B. Brady
B. Brady
F. Brown
J. Buckham
V. Banno
W. Beblow
E. Cividino
N. Deleenhier
G. Donald
E. Dunningham
M. French
K. Goodman
T. Garley
B. Graf
R. Grant
S. Hamiltonx
R. Harmston
W. Hewlett
G. Harrison
S. Howard
N. Jones
E. Kenward
A. Larsen
L. Lee
D. McAuliffe
M. Maloney
M. Marra
B. Martin
E. Martin
L. McLeod
C. Noakes
R. Parkes
G. Paziuk
A. Preto
S. Reiter
J. Rogers
J. Robers
R. Horrison
G. Schall
A. Shaver
A. Shumka
J. Summers

Manager: Al Basile

The K.H.S Track Team for 1960 under the able coaching of Mr. Martino, Miss J. Minette, and Mrs. A. Van Ryswyk is composed of 50 fine athletes. These track members have practised every day after school since the Easter Holidays to get in condition for the track meets that followed in May and June.

The track year has travelled to Penticton for the Okanagan Meet, and to North Kamloops for the Central Mainland District Meet. In both of these Track Meets the Kamloops Team was successful. At Penticton, Kamloops won several events. At North Kam1oops, the Kamloops team emerged as the winner of the meet.
Sr. Girls Softball
FIRST ROW: Marlene Edmonson, Marilyn Quinn, Lorna McLeod, Irene Carrat, Charmaine Tyrell.
SECOND ROW: Jane Jongschaap, (Manager), Doreen Moyer, Sandra Jurmain, Carolyn Minkley, Sharon Tansley, Sue Hamilton, Susan Symonds, Marilyn Braaten.

COACH: Miss Minette

Another enthusiastic group of girls formed themselves into two well co-ordinated and successful softball teams. The junior girls team was coached by Mrs. Van Ryswyk and Lynne Smith and played in a league with North Kamloops, John Petersen, St. Anne's Academy and the Indian School. Practices for this team were held Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 - 8:00 with games on Friday nights.

The Senior Softball team, coached by Miss Minette, practiced Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 8:30 and played their games on Sunday nights. They won a majority of their games against St. Anne's Academy, North Kamloops and the Indian School

Jr. Girls Softball

BACK ROW: Jo-Ann Critchfield, Eleen Sowerby, Susan Buckham, Darlene S., Karen Beblow, Arlene Olsen, Mrs. Van Ryswyk
FRONT ROW: Judy Summers, Naomi Kenward, Bonnie Stewart and Linda Parker.
Girls Gym Club
BACK ROW: Susan Symonds, Marise Stewart, Judy Hull Doreen Moyer, Helen Strong Lynne Hughes, Edith Dunningham, Gwenette Kent.
MIDDLE ROW: Sheron Sonnenberg, Sharon Mitchell, Betty Mortenson, Linda Parker, Jo-Anne Critchfield, Naomi Kenward, Bev Raymond, Bonnie Stewart
FRONT ROW: Susan Hamilton June Jensen, Roberta Ollett, Lynne Smith, Wendy Critchfield, Ann Shaver, Ann Larson, Ann Torreggani, Phyllis Smith

The Gymnastics Club started in February with over 40 pupils turning out to the first practice. With the sponsors, Mr. Martino, Mrs. Van Ryswyk, and Miss Minette, the boys and girls met and practised every Tuesday and Thursday until the Gym Display which was held on March 28. This was put on by the members of the Gym Club and the Physical Education classes for the parents and the P.T.A. The Display was a success and many parents now have a better knowledge of what Physical Education does for the student. Following the display the Gym Club practised every Friday after school.

Boys Gym Club

MEMBERS FROM TOP TO BOTIOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Fitger, Keith Swain, Ezio Cividino, Terry Henderson, Elliot Martin, Ray Hansen, Stuart Wayne, Glen Esse1mont, Gene Paziuk, Wayne Nicol, Ray Williams and Sponsor: Mr. Martino.
Inter-House Track Meet
Click for larger view
Badminton Club
BACK ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Holtby, Lynne Smith, Trevor Jensen.
FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Farmer, Roger Parkes,(President), Salley Wallace (Treasurer)
SPONSOR: Mr. Campbell

The badminton club started its 1959-60 season with a large enthusiastic group. Under the Sponsorship of Mr. D. Campbell, the club started in September and met every Tuesday evening from 7:00 - 9:00 P.M., until April. Pictured above is the Badminton Club Executive.
Bowling Club
BACK ROW: LEFT TO RI GHT: Gene Paziuk, Daniel Conroy, Jimmy Jamieson, Roy Grant, Mr. Knapp (Sponsor)
FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Lorainne Clapperton, Irene Carrat, Arlene Conner, Diane Knapp, Sharon Mitchell, and Lenore Carleton.

The Bowling Club is another group which started the season with a very large turnout. As a result of the large number of members, it was necessary to divide the group into Junior and Senior Divisions. Each of these sections played for their houses. Mr. Knapp and Mr. Barker sponsored the club. Mr. Barker, Dave Wyse, and Lorainne Clapperton headed the Senior section; the Junior section was headed by Mr. Knapp, Danny Conroy and Lenore Carleton. The Club played their games on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Kamloops Bowladrome, with excellent bowling ability shown by all members. Honourable mention in the alley bowling field goes to Dave Pearson, who bowled over three hundred.
Curling Club
BACK ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Rae Parkes, Mary Reid, Albert Basile, Dave Pearson, Roger. Parkes, John Pickrem, Betty Bou1tbee, Mr. Middleton (SPONSOR)
FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Potts, Phyllis Smith, Dave Bensted (President) Joy Potts, Bridget Parkes

1959-60 proved to be one of the most successful sessions for the K.H.S. Curling Club. There were 12 teams in the regular draw which was run off after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first draw was completed before Christmas with Dave Bensted's rink on top. Another draw was held after Christmas, and this time the Ron Adie rink was victorious. As usual, the highlight of the year was the club bonspie1 which was without a doubt the best ever held. Thirty-two rinks participated, 24 of which were from out of town. Visiting rinks came from as far away as Chilliwack and Hope. Rinks from K.H.S. participated in several out of town bonspiels. Dave Bensted Rink won first in "A" event at the Ashcroft High School Bonspie1.
Challenge Cup
* Council
- Teachers

* Officials Club
- Council

Tiddely Winks
* Officials Club
- Y-Teens

Spelling Bee
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Y-Teen Club
PRESIDENT : Jane Jongschaap
SECRETARY: Jill Zingrich
TREASURER: Ruth Coates

The Y-Teens got off to a good start this year when a group of unsuspecting Grade 11 girls were herded into and exposed to the life of the Y-Teens. Following the "Prepper" meeting, a hilarious initiation party was endured by all members and would-be members. Our. Recognition Service was held together with the North Kamloops Y-Teens in the K.H.S. auditorium with the mothers in attendance, and Mrs. Oldham as guest speaker.

The Interior Conference was held here this year and Miss Sybil Conroy of the "Save the Children's Fund" was the guest speaker. The Conference proved helpful and enjoyable for all representatives.

The big Service project of the year yielded $141 for the "World Refugee Fund". This was the largest sum collected by any B.C. Y-Teen group, and we have much right to be proud of our school and club for all their help and cooperation in this worthy cause.
Other service projects were the collections of money at noon-hour shows, serving at a Salvation Army and Honour Club Banquet, carolling at Glenfair, and donating a Christmas hamper to a needy family.

Our finances were kept up by weekly "do-nut" sales. A pie sale raised money for the representatives to go to the Mid-Winter Conference at Victoria. This conference was not only a reunion of friends, but also a source of many helpful hints. We heard several wonderful speakers such as Miss Laura Butter, a "Minister of the United Church", and Dr. Brock Chisholm of Victoria College. The delegates, Jane Jongschaap and Ruth Coates, both rated this conference as "terrific."

Under education we had a series of religious speakers and a representative of Beauty Counsellor to give some demonstrations.

Social life was very active as we tried to have at least one "house party" a month.

The already successful year was capped by a graduation Tea at which awards and scrolls were presented.

The Y-Teen Grads wish the next year's club the best of luck in their activities.
K.H.S. Band
The band had a very successful year. The executive for this year is as follows:

President:Hiroshi Nishimura
Vice Pres:Bob Jones
Secretary:Margo French
Treasurer:Allan Gould
Directors:Sue Farmer
 Bev Lamb
 Peter Howard

The band has been busy playing at various Civic Functions. Last July the band was asked to play for the Queen's visit to Kamloops. During the past school year, the band played for the United Appeal, Tranquille and the Provincial Home. They also played for the Annual Scout District Church Parade. In February, the Band presented it's annual concert which proved to be very successful. At the beginning of April they travelled to Kelowna for the Okanagan Music Festival. They received first place in the High School Baud competition, a class of seven bands. They placed second in the Open Division. At our own local Festival, K.H.S. Band won over North Kamloops. For money-raisers, the band held two bottle drives as well as a chocolate drive at Christmas. To end the year, the band played a few numbers at the Glee Club Concert and assisted at Graduation and the Awards' Day Assembly.

The band, under the direction of Mr. Hosek, has maintained a high standard all year and ay it continue to do so!
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This year, K.H.S. was proud to present Gilbert and Sullivan's "Patience" of, "Bunthorne's Bride," a famous satire on the esthetic craze of the early 1880's.

The Operetta was produced and directed by Mrs. Owens, with the orchestra under the direction of Mr. Frank Hosek. Casting and rehearsing began early in October and soon the whole school was working very hard at making the production a success. A vote of thanks goes to everyone who helped with the production, both on stage and off. "Patience" will be a pleasant memory to many people for a long time.

The Principals in this year's cast were:
PatienceArland BulmanMajorNorman DeLeenheer
JaneRuth CoatesDukeLorne Coxson
AngelaJean DrewryBunthorneDavid Wyse
EllaLinda HaslerGrosvenorAllan Gould
ShaphirRae ParkesSolicitorEdwin Thomas
ColonelRoger ParkesPrompterBridget Parkes

Highlights Staff
FIRST ROW: Lorraine Haughton, Jean Pentland, Lynn Nicol, Mike Rolton, Naomi Kenward
SECOND ROW: Dick Harmston, Bill Graf, Sonja Kelgard
SPONSOR: Miss H. Swadling
EXECUTIVE: President - Marianne Hearn; Vice-President - Marlene Downey; Secretary-Treasurer - Ruth Kuromi; Social Con. - Gail Angell

OUR MOTTO: To Know Christ and Make Him Known

  • Miss Belch - Missionary from Africa

  • Christmas Pantomime - Directed by Rev. Dunbar

  • Several Ministers from the city spoke

  • The Club presented an Easter program on April 10 in the school at Black Pines.

  • For our own Easter program we enjoyed various musical numbers and also in attendance were two visiting youth leaders from Regina

  • Our Annual conference at the Okanagan was held on May 6,7, & 8

The Glee Club
PRESIDENT: Karen Kenward
SECRETARY: Louise Samann
TREASURER: Ruth Coates
LIBRARIAN: Jill Zingrich

Under their conductor, Mrs. Owens, this group of about sixty girls met every Friday noon and occasionally Tuesday evenings to practise and perfect songs for forthcoming performances. This year the Glee Club attended two festivals, held two concerts, and took part in many other functions.

At the Remembrance Day Service in November, the Glee Club joined with the band to sing "Testament of Nations."

December saw these songsters brushing up and learning their Christmas music. It was a busy month, but the girls took great delight in singing for the patients at Tranquille, the new Canadian citizens, and especially for the audience at their own concert.

At the Kelowna Festival in April, the girls tied for second with Kelowna. At the Kamloops-Yale-Cariboo Music Festival, they had no competition but sang very well. The adjudicator said the Glee Club's performance was of an almost professional calibre.

On May 24, the Glee Club gave their' fifth annual spring concert. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the lovely pieces the girls presented.

Singing favourite selections of the Grade XII students, the Glee Club ended its very musical year by participating in the Graduation, ceremonies.

A special thanks is extended to Mrs. Owens for her wonderful kindness, patience, and guidance and for the time she has devoted to the Glee Club.
Future Teachers Club
ROW ONE: L to R: Nora Maki, Ceclia Frolek, Helen Walker, Mary Nelson, Marge Tedder, Mary Ellen Gamble, (Pres.) Wendy Howard, (Secretary) Mariann Hearn, Frances Hislop, Bonnie Taylor
ROW TWO: L to R: Peggy Begg, Lorraine Haughton, Eileen Olexiuk, Marilyn Braaten, Phil Flatt, Marlene Downey, Diane Clark, Joy Potts, Ruth Coates, Lorna Olson
ROW THREE: L to R: Judy McCallum, Jean Drewry, Jill Zingrich, Dianne Harris, Gail Angell, Mary Chappel, Linda Hasler.
Future Nurses Club
ROW ONE: L to R: Diane Robel, Winnie Vinnie, Darlene Hobday, Gayle Symonds, Karen Kenward, (President) Shirley Reiter, Sharon Storey, Bridget Parks,
ROW TWO: L to R: Marlene Miller, Dorrie Cook, Joyce McSween, Bev Phillips, Margo French, Marguerite Fagg, Sharon Hull, Helen Brown, Diane Hystad
Projectionist Club
The Projectionist Club has the job, of showing movies in the auditorium at noon hour each day during the winter months. The club, sponsored this year by Mr. Marshall, has no president but decisions are made by the person with the most experience. Composed entirely of boys, the club has had nearly twenty members during the year, at times outnumbering the paying "customers"
Annual Club
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Student Council
‎FRONT ROW: Pat Kitamura, Sally Wallace, Robert Banno, Pete Hall, Richard ‎Harmston, Jill Zingrich, Dianne Bond, Robert Ohrazda, Sharon Tucker
‎CENTER ROW: June Iio, Sue Potts, Donna Burdett, Isabelle McHague, Jane Jongschaap, Sharon Carson, Gail Glendenning, Judy Tredwell, Charlene Kingsley
‎BACK ROW: Bob Smillie, Bill Adam, Victor Banno, Dennis DeMarchi, Mike Bolton, Roger Waddell, Jim Dimmick, Andy McLaren, Doug Hunter, Kats Kitamura, ‎Charlie Harada
‎MISSING: Bill Graf, F.T. Middleton, <-- SPONSOR

Bill Graf

Richard Harmston

Jill Zingich

Robert Banno

Pete Hall
ACC Chairman

Dianne Bond
Social Convenor

President's Message

‎Another school year draws inexorably to a close; another graduating class and another Student's Council fade into oblivion; the school year of '60 - '61 with its many events and accomplishments becomes another excerpt from the unwritten pages ‎of KHS history. Next year will see a new graduating class, a new Student's Council, ‎new events and accomplishments; such is the relentless march of school life.

‎What has been said and done in this year's council will have but an exiguous influence on future councils, but will remain with its members for the rest of their lives, however dim the memories may become. What is most important, KHS tradition has been upheld for another year. Our clubs, our sports, our social functions – all have been successful. Kamloops High has emerged in the front ranks in virtually every endeavour it has undertaken (with the lone exception of football, which, in its foundling year, has not been as successful as it was hoped) - Basketball, Band, Track, and Field, Volleyball, Academics, Dances, to name a few.

‎Too, we have seen a number of innovations to school life of ultimate benefit to the entire student body. Our student assemblies have afforded us an opportunity to become informed on school affairs, to learn of contemporary events through guest speakers, and to escape the monotony of schoolwork. The newly-formed Fine Arts Council has brought the clubs under the Students' Council and thus counterbalances Council control of athletics under the ACC. A student handbook has now been assembled, containing maps of the school, explanation of our school system, and other pertinent information. This means that grade 9's and new students will ‎have a ready-made guide to the school and hence will be better able to adapt themselves to the intricacies of KHS.

‎It has been my honour and privilege to have served as President of the Students' Council through the '60 - '61 school year. To the teaching staff I say thank-you (Oops: I almost added, "for a job well done"); to the students, I say thank you for your support of this year's council, and I wish you every success in the future; and to my fellow graduates, may these twelve years be merely the beginning of your education, and may you have every success and happiness throughout your lifetime.
Athletic Co-ordinating Committee
‎SEATED: Joanne Kipp, Linda Green, Bernard Martin, Pete Hall, Dale Hala­well, Pam Ottem, Bev Raymond, Naomi Kenward, Arlene Olsen.
‎STANDING: Mr. Jones (sponsor), Bob Smillie, Dave Pearson, Ken Wong, ‎Dan Conroy, Bert Marshall, Mike Bolton, Jim Dimmick, Doug Hunter, Paul Webber, Sue Buckham, Laurie Bell.
‎MISSING: Lynne Smith.
Fine Arts Council
‎SEATED: Bruce Handford, Jerry Summers, Bob Ohrazda, Rae Parkes, Margaret ‎Marra.
‎STANDING: Peter McIsaac, Mike Bolton, Wayne Turner, Dave Pearson.
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Girls' Graduating Class
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Boys' Graduating Class
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Indoor Tack Meet
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Gold K
Maureen Marshall and Mr McWannel receive Gold K awards from next year's Student's Council president Brian Long during the June award ceremony. The Gold K is the highest award given by the KSS Student Council.
KSS Honour Roll
Kamloops Secondary School has a large list of honor students form the first term examinations. On the list recently announced by the Principal Ed Tait are:

Front row from left: Ruth Balf, Judy McKenzie, Laurel Zis, Janice Banks, Julie Ann Garrish, Jean Sutherland;
Second row: Gina Giacham, Darlene Sowrachki, Lesley Philip, Susan Wyse, Noreen Critchley, Carol Gardner;
Third row: Carol Gulliford, Glennis Wright, Brenda Bolton, Gail Wittner, Linda Lange, Diane Cherchas and Marueen Lidster;
Fourth row: Maureen Sellers, Janis Killen, Gurmit Singh, Glen Burgoyne, John Wilkinson, Randy Esslemont; Lynda Myronuk, Dennis Waslenchuk, Richard Askew, Phil Maher, Don MacKinlay, Alan Bogetti, Charlie Hamilton, Doug Green, Alan Curtis and Pat McLauchlin;
Top line: Richard Blakely, Ken Tani, Charles McLaren, Phil Park, Craig Whalley, Jerry Bond.
— Sentinal Photo
Gun Club
FRONT ROW: Jack Chillie, Ricky McShane, Chuck Henderson, Dick Parkes
BACK ROW: Mr. Wilson (sponsor), Roy Steward, Evan Martin
Pep Club
SEATED: Sally Wallace, Sue Buckham, Susan Wallace, Bonnie Stewart, Linda Parker, Arlene Olson
STANDING: Karen Beblow, Darryl LaCroix, Aileen Sowerby, Sandra Steele, Sharon Tucker, Shirley Montenson, Betty Low
Photography Club
Seated: Ken Wong, Kent Govett, Pete McIsaac, Rupert Lambert.
Standing: Mr. Davis, Sponsor.
Projectionists Club
Seated: John Balf, Wayne Turner, Loren Coxsen.
Standing: Trevor Perry, Ray Foleck.
FRONT ROW: Naomi Kenward, Mary Scott, Cliff Noakes (Business Manager) Mike Bolton (Editor), Richard Harmston, Margaret Marra, Marguerite Robson, Yvonne Bing
BACK ROW: Sharon Carson, Diane Knapp, Robert Banno (Sports Editor), Dave Pearson, Rupert Lambert, Pete McIsaac, June Jensen, Danny Conroy, Sharon Tucker, Daphne Kelgard
MISSING: Bill Graf

This year, our school paper met with several successes which should lay a solid basis for next year and all the forthcoming days of its publication. Briefly, the achievements of Hi-Lights were threefold. First, as never before, the paper is now financially stable. Each issue resulted in a substantial profit and a fairly large sum has been accumulated to provide security for future years. Second, the paper's size was increased by two pages, the price remaining at its previous level. Third, the number of issues was increased by one. These advancements mark the continuation of a considerable trend of progress which has been made during the past three years.

Perhaps next year, even greater achievements will be made.
Front Row: Heather-Jean McDougall, May Howard, Rae Parkes, Sandra Bowers, Charlene Kingsley, Louise McArthur.
Second Row: Sally Wallace, Margare1 Manley, June Jensen, Helen Strong, Merne Cullen, Marilyn McKnight, Marguerite Robson, Susan Wallace.

President: Sandra Bowers
Vice-President: Rae Parkes
Secretary: Charlene Kingsly
Treasurer: Jocelyn Rogers
Front Row: Marlene Downey, Donna Davidson, Gail Angell, Carol Dawe, Evelyn Froleck.
Second Row: Lucille Funk, Barbara Broening, Margaret Hewer, Velma Filer, Miss Swadling.(Sponsor)
Glee Club
FIRST ROW: Louise Burns, Linda Bertrand, Judy Summers, Phyllis Smith, Susan Wallace, Andrea Tannassee, Bridget Parkes, Ruth Coates, Harvey Whiteman, Sally Wallace, Dale Hallawell.

SECOND ROW: Louise McArthur, Darren Bacon, Heather Jean McDougall, Sandie Wilson, Bev Crawford, Daryl LaCroix, Heather Trent, Sue Potts, Gail Miller, Jean Drewry, Shirley Mortensen.

THIRD ROW: Wendy Cassell, Joanne Peters, Judy Hull, Linda Rowe, Carol Dawe, Lois Doonan, Joan Hughes, Diane Knapp, Susan Symonds, Sandra Bowers, Norma Whiteman, Jean Neill.

FOURTH ROW: Linda Hasler, Rae Parkes, Daphne Cripps, Sharon Hull, Marlene Downy, Barbara Waugh, Daphne MacLean, Beth Edwards, Merne Cullen, Bonnie Colquhoun, Kathy McDougall, Erin Campbell.

MISSING: Joy Potts, Judy Tredwell, Lynne Smith, Cheryl Gustafson, Pam Ottem

The Kamloops High School Glee Club, consisting of approximately fifty members, was under the direction, until Christmas, of Mrs. Finn. After Christmas, Mrs. M. Owens came back to conduct us once again. We have had a very good season. The club received marks of 88% and 86% in the Yale-Cariboo Musical Festival. The Glee Club has been working very hard in preparation for their annual concert, "Springtime Fantasy", which was presented on May 30. The Glee Club also put on a concert at Tranquille on May 17. The Glee Club presented such songs as "Stranger in Paradise", "The Happy Wanderer", and "May You Always".
Inter School Dance
K.H.S., venturing timidly forth from the comforting security of tradition, participated in an inter-school dance with Nor-Kam providing the first "first" for many a moon and as such it was a fantabulous success. The theme was Hawaiian in both decoration and dress hence everybody came brightly attired in colourful Hawaiian shirts or grass skirts. Larry and the "Swingbeats" provided the music — once again to everyone's delight. Besides being a 'first," it was also a "last" being the final dance of this school term. A most effective way to end an exciting social year.
Christmas Prom
The Christmas Prom is at the same time the apex of the social arc and the biggest worry on a girl's social calendar. However, both male and female alike look forward to it with tingling anticipation. This year's prom, thanks to our social convener, Dianne Bond, was worth the worry and was a just object of the anticipation. The decorations were marvelous consisting of miles and miles of silver tinsel, coloured lights and snowy Christmas trees.

Congratulations: A splendid effort.
King and Queen of the Kampus
KHS - Shoreline Exchange
During the week of March 19-26, four KHS students spent a week at Seattle in the homes of the four Shoreline High School Students who came to Kamloops. Ambassadors of both schools agree that the Kiwanis-sponsored program was interesting, educational, and, quote, "lots of fun."

KHS Ambassadors

From left: Jack Buckham, Joy Potts, Lynne Smith, and Bill Graf.

Shoreline Ambassadors

From left: Bill Nelson, Kathy Knaak, Barbara Runkle, Steve Blake.

Harvest Time Dance

This, the first dance of the year was the Student's Council's get-acquainted event. The gathering was planned to educate the new recruits in the ways of our sophisticated society. Senior students received pumpkins bearing a grade nine student's name. They then dictated to their young charges the costume they were
to wear to the dance. Both seniors and juniors came clad in costumes ranging from ragged, unshaven hobos to cute, mushy babies.

The dance was a tremendous success with one of the largest turnouts ever. With the donning of weird costumes, inhibitions disappeared, and everyone had a rollicking good time.

Royal Rag

The "Royal Rag" dance, an annual feature of K.H.S., was as always a success. The dress in keeping with the presence of "royalty" was quite formal. The sources of atmosphere for the evening were the attractive decorations and the humour of the surprise emcee, Mr. Kalyk, and of Mr. Howard who conducted the crowning ceremony.

Highlight of the evening was the announcement of the King and Queen of the Kampus, Jack Buckham and Dianne Bond respectively.

Mr. Howard gave his usual "coronation" speech.

Mad Dance

As a final closing to Leap Year, Pearse House presented a turnabout (girl ask boy) dance with a "mad" theme. The dress was optional either informal or "madsville" though most choose the former. Dim lights, low music and humorous readings of excerpts from Mad Magazine by Bob Ohrazda provided the atmosphere. On the whole the dance was quite successful although the attendance was not quite up to par.

Cupid Capers

"Cupid Capers", which was held on Feb. 10, was a big, bold success. Chief reason for this was "Larry and His Swingbeats" a real live dance-band, with a wide repertoire of "rock N'roll" tunes. Some 200 students swung with the "Swingbeats" amidst a bright profusion of red, white and pink streamers, capering cupids and, paper hearts. Once again couples were predominant in conventional K.H.S. fashion.

Gym Club
KNEELING: Gene Paziuk
STANDING: Jean Sjoquist, Phyllis Smith, Marilyn Whitby
MISSING: most of the Club

The Gym Club, under the able coaching of Mr. D. Summers enjoyed a successful year in 1960. It is hoped more students will turn out in '61.
Junior Girls Volleyball
Coach: Miss Sampson

Members: Yvonne Martin, Bella Reid, Barbara Haughton, Janice Ward, Linda Green, Linda Bertrand, Christine Edwards.
Junior and Senior Boys Volleyball
Front Row: Bob Smilie, Lester Lee, Paul Webber
Back Row: Ken Wong, Ken Chernekoff, Reinard Blumenscheit, Del Ottem, Mr. Nickolas Kalyk (Coach).

Junior Volleyball: K.H.S. 's junior volleyball squad won the city championship; defeating North Kamloops, St. Ann's Academy and K.I.R.S. This team was ably coached by Mr. N. Kalyk.

Senior Volleyball: Coach Nick Kalyk's "Spikers" finished third in the zone finals, losing out to Vernon and Salmon Arm. However, the team was always in contention and should fare better next year.
Coach: Miss Gail Stewart
Manager: Kathy Beaton
Captain: Gail Storey

Members: Karen Beblow, Bonnie Colquhoun, Jo-Anne Critchfield, Dale Halawell, Barbara Waugh, Judy Hull, joy Jackson, Bev Raymond, Gail Storey, Norma Whiteman, Vi-Anne Zirnhelt.

For the 1960-61 basketball season, the Sprites were under the able coaching of Gail Stewart who is a former K. H. S. Red Angel.

The Sprites played practice games with the K. I. R. S. Senior Girls, Vernon Sr. Girls and the Gremlins and Junior Jets of K. H. S.
Junior Jets
Coach: Ewena Kenward
Manager: Daphne Kelgard
Members: Joan Edworthy, Sharon Carson, Bernadine Beuhler, Karen Bond, Thea Bou1tbee, Laurie Bell, Jo-Anne Kipp, Sharon Tucker, Alana Haughton, Wendy Williams, Donna MacLeod, Elizabeth Shaw, Karen Hughey

Sponsor: Miss Sampson

The Junior Jets had a very successful basketball season under the coaching of Ewena Kenward. During the season, they played in three tournaments. At John Peterson Jr. High they played third and at N. K. H. S. they came out in first place to capture the City Championship. The 1960-61 top scorer for the Junior Jets was Jo-Anne Kipp.
Junior Cheerleaders
Row 1: Susan Nicolson, Janine Pepper.
Row 2: Barbara Derewenko, Pat Fuoco, Cheryl Gustafson

This year our Junior Cheerleaders cheered for the Junior Jets, the Stars, the Gremlins and the Junior Soccer Teams. They took part in the Soccer tournament at Rutland and the Basketball tournaments at St. Anne's Academy, K. I. R. S. and North Kamloops.

Open the door,
Roll out the mat,
Come on team
Let's knock 'em flat!
Senior Cheerleaders
Members: Linda Allen, Frances Brown, Suzanne Bertrand, Sandra Jurmain, Judy Summers, Janie Thompson.

The Senior Cheerleaders cheered for the Red Angels and the Red Devils basketball teams. They also took part in the Angels and the Devils Invitational Basketball Tournaments, The North Okanagan Championships and the Red Angels League Playoffs. Mr. Kalyk was chief criticizer and gave many helpful hints at the weekly practices.
K.H.S. Red Devils
Front Row: G. Richards, R. Miller, W. Nicol, B. McGilvery, B. Graf, B. Wallace, B. Boyd, B. Martin
Second Row: H. George, coach, G. Pazuik, E. Trestain, R., B. Marshall, G. Esselmont, R. Parkes, D. Conroy
Third Row: E. Martin, R. Harris, D. Newman, L. McLeod, N. Holt, D. Demarchi, B.
Smith, J. Cox, W. Beblow, R. Stewart, K. Swaine, G. Robertson, B. Lundell, D. Pearson, Manager.

The Okanagan Valley last year joined the B.C. Lion's mushrooming minor football program with four teams: Kamloops, N. Kamloops, Vernon and Kelowna joining the league.

Vernon won the league championship this year with Kelowna second, North Kamloops third, and the hapless Red Devils last.

1961 promises a better future for the entire league and Kamloops in particular. Night games are planned and a new entry, Penticton will enter. In K.H.S. sweeping changes will be made to improve on the Red and Black's last place finish and to ensure K.H.S. students a winning team.
Badminton Club
Front Row: Heather Jean McDougall, Diane Smith, Janie Thompson, Bonnie Stewart, June Jensen, Janice Chisholm, Sue Buckham, Donna Burnside, Jackie Rooke, Katherine McDougal.
Back Row: Peter McIsaac, Rupert Lambert, Bob Affleck, Trevor Jensen, Roy Youie, Allan Campbell, Ian Britt.

The K.H.S. Badminton Club enjoyed another successful year in 1960 and 1961. Dennis Beeman was elected President with Sue Buckham as secretary.
Front Row: Bob Hearn, Dale Sandyke, Bob Smillie, Paul Webber, Gerry Hill
Back Row: Doug Hunter(Mgr.), Rhynard Blumenscheit, Ken Cooper, Bud Atkins, Jamie Thompson, Mike DeBeck, Del Ottem, Nick Kalyk (coach)

As 1960 saw a fine crop of freshmen athletes enter Kamloops High, this year's version of the Stars was the most successful since the team's formation 2 years ago. Hard-working coach Nick Kalyk molded the Stars into the valley's finest junior basketball team.

The Stars fared amazingly well in older, more experienced competition, winning the City Bantam Championship from the Gremlins.

In the City Junior Finals, the Stars lost to the KIRS Smokies, who eventually went on to win the Okanagan Championship. However, the Stars proved themselves the top by soundly trouncing the Smokies in two games straight.
Front Row: John Scott, Peter Davids, Eric Cavaghan, Grant McFarlane
Back Row: Ron McKay, Dave Cavazzi, Richard Hay, Helmut Blumenscheit, Denny Harrison, Bob Gordon, Mickey Martino (Coach)

The Gremlins once again returned to Bantam classification this year, and under the leadership of coach M. Martino, emerged with a very favorable won-loss record. As most farm teams do however, the Gremlins lost their top talent to the senior team and hence lost the City League Bantam Championship to the Stars.
Curling Club
Front Row: Bev Raymond, Darrell LaCroix, Linda Parker, Phyllis Smith, Roger Parkes, John Pickrem (President), Rae Parkes, Rae Dalgleish, Sue Potts
Second Row: Bridget Parkes, Wayne Sallows, Ricky Cotter, Neil Burton, Rod Dale-Johnson, Ted Woodrow, Roy Derrick, Margaret Jackson, Mary Scott, Mr. Middleton (Sponsor)
Missing: Joy Potts, Bob Melvin, Allan Adie, missing 30 other members

The Curling Club, comprised of some 48 members, once again enjoyed a very successful year.

In our own Kamloops Bonspiel, the rinks of Bridget Parkes and Lynn Phillips fared very well. A total of 24 rinks took part including 8 from Kamloops.

In the Kelowna Bonspiel, Bridget Parkes' rink finished 3rd in the "C" event.

In the Canadian High School Playdowns, Roger Parkes' rink won the local zone finals but lost out to Jerry Coughlin in the Okanagan zone finals. Jerry Coughlins rink, of course, went on to win the Canadian Championship.

Mr. Middleton worked very hard as the club's sponsor.
Bowling Club
Bottom Row: Peter McIsaac, Alan Campbell, Roger Waddell
First Row: Sharon Tucker, Marilynne McKnight, Lynn Maskell, Dick Parkes, Dan Conroy, June Jensen, Diane Smith, Wendy Hoye, Margaret Marra
Second Row: Shirley Mortenson, Diane Knapp, Rupert Lambert, Ricky Beal, Lyman Warner, Steve Edgar, Roy Latremouille, Betty Low, Carolyn Blake, Betty Mortenson

The K.H.S. Bowling Club once again enjoyed a highly successful year. The K.H.S. club captured several tournament events, including the regional tourney on March 11. At the Western Canadian Championships at Burnaby, the Red and Black placed a respectable third.

Dan Conroy was president of the club and Mr. Cleghorn, the sponsor.
K.H.S. Red Angels
Standing: (Left to Right): Mrs. Van Ryswick (coach), Pam Ottem, Jane Jongshaap, Diane Bond, Jocelyn Rodgers, Sue Buckham, Marilyn Whitby, (manager.)
Kneeling: (Left to Right): Naomi Kenward, Bonnie Stewart, Ewena Kenward, Gail Millar, Lorna McLeod.
Missing: Jane Pye.

The KHS Red Angels came out on the top of the Central Mainland League to represent this area in the B. C. Championships in Vancouver. This League consisted of the K.I.R.S., N.K.H.S., St. Ann's and K.H.S. In the Red Angels' Tournament, Prince George placed first with the Red Angels right behind to win the consolation. The team travelled to Vernon, Kelowna, and Salmon Arm to participate in the Okanagan League.

In Vancouver, they played South Burnaby for the first game and won 43-24, but lost the second game to Victoria, 35-25. Victoria played Salmon Arm in the final game of the tournament and Salmon Arm was victorious.

Our team played two exhibition games with the B.C. and Dominion Sr. "B" Champs, the Kelowna Teddy Bears.

The Red Angels put on two talent shows to raise money to pay for team jackets.
K.H.S. Red Devils
3Terry Johnston
4Victor Banno
10Warren Hewlett
11Peter Hall
12Tom Ashlee
13Alan Shumka
14Robert Banno
15Dave Jordan
21Jack Buckham
22Ken Hunter
23Mike Flynn
Manager: Jim Dimmick
Coach: Mr. Martino
Yell: "Zorro"

The Red Devils won-lost record indicates a moderately successful season in 1960. Against local competition, they came through unscathed, defeating North Kamloops, K.I.R.S., Kamloops Boys' Club, and the St. Ann's Academy with comparative ease. In the tougher Okanagan league competition the Red and Black bowed to Summerland, Oliver, and Salmon Arm but downed the Vernon and Penticton teams. The Devils this year failed to win a single tournament. The Red Devils were also entered in the Kamloops Senior Men's League in which they won their share of ballgames.

At the end of the year the Red and Black whipped Burnaby Central High by a comfortable margin. This was a rebuilding year in Coach Martino's plans for the ultimate goal of the B. C. Championship. The fact that practically the entire team will return next year, coupled with the success of our freshmen team may indicate the formation of a basketball dynasty at K. H. S.
Social Calendar
SEPTEMBER Back to the cold grind, homework, and detentions.
OCTOBER Indoor Trackmeet
Student Council's Harvest Time Dance
First Student Council Assembly
NOVEMBER Pearse House "MAD" Dance
Second Student Council Assembly
DECEMBER Christmas Prom
JANUARY Annual Red Devil Invitational Basketball Tournament
FEBRUARY Red Angel Talent Show
Drama Festival
Red Angel's Annual Invitational Basketball Tournament
Fee's "Cupid Capers"
First Political Forum - the Honourable P.A. Gaglardi
MARCH Curling Bonspiel
"Royal Rag"
Okanagan Senior Boys Basketball Play-offs
Second Political Forum - Mr. Robert Strachan
APRIL A.C.C. Cake Walk
Inter-school Dance - "Tropical Hop"
Third Political Forum - Mr. Ray Perrault
MAY Outdoor Trackmeet
Preparing for GRAD
JUNE Grad-Jinkas
Graduation Ceremonies, Banquet and Dance
Awards Assembly
Your Annuals (on time)

Future Teacher's Club
Seated: Marilyn Takahashi, Marilyn McKnight, U1anne Marris, Ann Holmes, Heather Jean McDougall.
Standing: Jean Drewry, Adelle Preto, Ida Mathews, Marlene Downey, Yvonne Bing.
Missing: A number of other members.
Future Nurse's Club
Seated: Marry Harry, Donna Jepson, Kathy Jepson.
Standing: Winnie Vinnie, Carolyn Blake.
Missing: A number of other members.
Annual Staff

Cheryl Gustafson

Mr. Knapp

Gloria Williams

On behalf of the Annual Staff of '62, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped in the production of this yearbook. We are gratefully indebted to all students who contributed pictures or literary works, and to those who wrote personals for the senior grades. Special thanks to Kathy Mackie and Rae Parkes; and to typists Bob Simpson, Holly Lyons, Gerry Farmer, and Marg Robson for help received from them. Without the co-operation of the students and staff members, this yearbook could not have been a success.
Gloria Williams.

Patti Priest

Business Manager
Dan Conroy

Advertising Manager
Russell Stewart

Reba Nye

Bruce Handford

Darlene McAuliffe

Girls Sports
Laurie Bell

Boys Sports
Helmut Blumenscheit

Lynne Maskell

Mary Reid

Linda Rowe

Judy Hull

Betty Low

Roger Waddell

Eileen Sowerby

Teacher's Candids
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Students' Council
Having served for the past year as President of your Students' Council, I extend these parting words to the members of the 1961-62 student body and faculty. To the graduates — happiness. May your four academic years at Kamloops High have formed a ground-work that will be of value to you wherever you go. May the experience acquired through our clubs and teams be of ultimate benefit, and may the mere reminiscence of your school and its associates bring happiness.

I take this opportunity to thank the student body for its co-operative interest (the consistency of which has been as in the past, somewhat questionable) in school affairs in general. Only with this interest and co-operation could the Executive carry out their varied duties. Deservious of special thanks is Mr. MacMillan, advisor to the Students' Council, from whom came wise words of advice and suggestion. Special recognition is also forwarded to the officers, sponsors and active members of the various clubs and teams, the subsistence of which is, in effect, the nucleus of extra-curricular activity.

This year has been a memorable year for sports fans. With one of the most amazing comebacks ever seen at Kamloops High; displaying a complete reversal of form from last year our football team walked off with the Okanagan Championship. Basketball fans, too, had a great year. Two years ago, a talented Red Angels team took the B. C. Championship handily; this year an upstart team, short on talent but long an spirit, fought their way to their second title in three years.

Concluding, I wish to extend my sincere best wishes to the graduating class of this year for happiness and success in their endeavours; to the undergraduates, may your remaining years at Kamloops High be years of achievement and merit.
Victor Banno


Helmut Blumenscheit

Merne Cullen

Peter Hall

Front Row (left to right)
Don Grafton, Alice MacArthur, Darlene McAuliffe, Bruce Handford, Merne Cullen, Victor Banno, Sue Buckham, Helmut Blumenscheit, Peter Hall, Sue Potts, Bev Raymond.
Middle Row (left to right)
Mr. Middleton, Jocelyn Rogers, Bonnie Stewart, Jill Zingrich, Sue Symonds, Suzanne Owen, Pat Murdock, Margaret MacLean, Joan Edworthy, Alan Garland.
Back Row (left to right)
Robert Banno, Jim French, Terry Jolly, Roger Waddell, Rhynard BlumensCheit, Dave Jordan, Kit Nagurski, Doug Hunter.

Bruce Handford
F.A.C. Chairman

Darlene McAuliffe
Social Convenor

Sue Buckham
A.C.C. Chairman

Fine Arts Council
Front Row (left to right)
Gloria Williams, Sharon Tucker (Treasurer), Judy Tredwell (Secretary), Bruce Handford (Chairman), Marg Marra, Reba Nye.
Back Row (left to right)
Carol Dawe, Joanne Juk, Peggy Cunning, Adrienne Allen.

Athletic Co-ordinating Committee
Front Row (left to right)
Louise MacArthur, Eileen Sowerby, Reinhard Blumenscheit, Sue Buckham (Chairman), Cheryl Gustafson, Daphne Smith, Evelyn Frolek, Niki Norberg.
Back Row (left to right)
Bob Hearn, Lynne Hughey, Dan Conroy, Helmet Blumenscheit, Dave Cavazzi, Bruce Handford, Judy Hull, Jerry Hill.
Girls' Graduating Class
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Boys' Graduating Class
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'Round About
Do That Right, Now
Music Class
Watch It Lady
Big Business
Better Make It Good
Having Trouble?
The Swing Kings
"Sure Shot" Harry
The Champs in Action
Free Shot
Solve Algebraically
Mr. English
Mr. Potter
Mr. Jackson
Well I'll Be Hanged
From the Back Seat
Hard At It
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
The End(s)
King and Queen of the Kampus
Crowning of the King and Queen at the Davis House "Maytime Melody" with Sue Bechtel receiveing the crown for Merne Cullen.

Merne Cullen

Russell Stewart
Leave it to Jane

This year Kam-Hi hit the acting boards again with the hilarious musical comedy "Leave It To Jane". The play was centered around a football theme at dear old "Atwater", a small college in the southern U.S.A. Atwater is trying to win a football game against rival college "Bingham", but complications set in and only true love saved the day. Beth Odynsky played "Jane", the college glamour girl who is also "Dr. Witherspoon's" (Bruce Handford) daughter. "Stub" (Bob Ohrazda) and "Bessie" (Deron Bacon) use "Jane" to lure "Bill" (Norm DeLeenheer) to come to Atwater, but "Bill" is the son of "Mr. Bolton"(Ezio Cividino) who owns Bingham.

Too add touches of laughter are "Bub" (Lorne Coxon), his father "Senator Hicks", (Keith Swain), Flora Wiggins(Eileen Sowerby), "Silent Murphy" (John Cox), "Mattie Magowan" (Vance Jones), and "Ollie Mitchell" (Grant McFarlane). There were also boys and girls choruses which did a terrific job.

At the end of the play, Atwater wins and "Bill and Jane", "Stub and Bess", and "Flora and Mattie" all get their love.

Many thanks go to Mr. Hosek, Miss Poggemiller and Mrs. Owens for all their hard work they did to make the playa success. Thanks also to any others who were in the play. Production dates were Feb. 26, 27, 28, and March 1. The matinee on Feb. 26 was enthusiastically received by nearly all members of the student body.
KHS - Shoreline Exchange

Shoreline Ambassadors

Left to Right: Sue Bechtel, Don Norman, Carol Anne Wade, and one Shoreline delegate from N. Kamloops

KHS Ambassadors

Victor Banno

Merne Cullen

Marguerite Hystead

Peter Davies
Girls' Basketball Team
Left to right: Miss Murray, Doreen Downey, Rena Moffatt, Marion Lee, Pauline Johhson, Bertelle Hoover, Isobel Edgar, Daisy Gulliford, Winnie Haanah, Muriel Kipp
Boys' Basketball Team
Left to right
Row One: Lyle Kennedy, Gordon Dowding, Rusell Wasylkow, Fred McIntyre, Jack McShane.
Row Two: Alex Clarke, Courtney Britton, Kenny Lowes, Harry Smith, Joe Carlin.
Row Three: Mr. Jackson, Norman McEwen, Herb. Kelly, Albert Roos, Frank Walsby.
Football Team
Left to Right
First Row: Johnnie Henderson, Jack McShane, Kenny Lowes, Courtney Britton, Gordon Dowding.
Second Row: Harry Smith, Herbert Kelly, Morris Roy, Joe Carlin, Roger Roberts.
Third Row: Alec. Clarke, Ben Burgoyne, Paul Derrick , Lester Oakley.
Fourth Row: Mr. Morse, Mr. Kay, Mr. Gurney.
Annual Staff
Left to Right
Front Row: Lionel Nelson, Isobel McIntyre, Louise O'Brien, Eleanor Carson, John Lidstone.
Second Row: Ronald Garret, Gordon Dowding, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Stevenson , Norwood Sarles.
First Kamloops School Class
Kam High

Roy Jackson
Brett McGillvray
Andy McLaren
John Oldham
Dan Conroy

Glen Esselmont

Don McKay

Russell Stewart

Wayne Gesy
Rob Preston
Doug Smith

Gerry Collinge
Don Youwe
Dan Cadden

Jim French

The football team amalgamated with North Kamloops this year and will do so in the future as it is now a School District team. The team had a successful season as they ended in the third place. They were tied for second place with Penticton but lost out because of points for and against. They won three of their six league games.

Mr. Kalyk was the Head of Football, and the coaches were: Grant McLeod (head coach), Ron Long, Al Whitney and Derek McGillivray. Bret McGillivray was the offensive captain and Dan Conroy defensive captain.

The team was fortunate in having Bret McGillivray, Doug Smith and Brian Fedorick attend the B.C. Lions football clinic in Vancouver during the Easter holidays. Rumors have it that the coaches were really impressed with the boys.

This spring there is a practice session mainly for conditioning and establishing a routine for the boys. They will be turning out early in September and they are expected to be in top physical condition.

Student participation was better this year than previous years and next season it is expected to be better yet. So remember, students, come to the game early to ensure yourself a seat!!!!
--- Keep Roaring Boys ---

John CoxMilt WilliamsTerry Galbraith
Wendel BeblowBill MainprizeDave Workman

Charlie Cook

Stuart Houghton

Gary Rutherford

Ron McGuire

Jim Ringer

Dave McDonald

Brian Bogetti

Country Hoedown
K.S.S. went Western for the first event on the '62-'63 social calendar. The Student's council sponsored a Get Acquainted dance with the theme of Country Hoedown: Mr. Frank Brown called the square dances and everyone had a round of good old-fashioned fun.

Ray, Jim, and Belle don Western duds as they travel to the "Old Barn" for a Country Hoedown.

Suzanne Owen and an unidentified companion stomp out a number

Senior Girls Grasshockey
Team Members
Standing (left to right): Linda Woodbury (manager), Janice Zingrich, Karen Bond, Sharon Carson, Trina Gregson.
Seated (left to right): Thea Boultbee, Wendy Williams, Carol Marsh, Laurie Bell, Peggy Willis.
Missing: Joan Edworthy, Jo-Anne Kipp, Lynn Simons, Linda Green, Karen Hughey, Sharon Tucker.

The Autumn sports picture for girls began with grasshockey. The Senior Girls team had
a successful year, competing with such teams as Salmon Arm, Enderby and Lumby.

Kamloops Secondary had the only team in the North this year. The girls hope that other schools in this area will form teams next year for competition.
Noon Hour Activities

Brian DeBeck keeps Mr. Martino company in the gym every so often. This was taken during one of the many "rest" periods.

A popular activity for the Senior Matrics is homework. Here Judy Juk and Terry Day "hit the books" in the Cafe.

Janis McCully, Barbara Williams, and Bernard Chmilar get some fresh air after sitting in the stuffy rooms all morning.

Joy Johnston performs at one of the many variety shows in the auditorium.

The photographer got a snap of Mike Williams and his friend as they were having one of their numberous "chats".

Rick Beal poses (???) for a picture in the gym at one of the many "Cake Walks" sponsored by the A.C.C.

Camera-shy Niki Norberg got caught in this one as she rests her weary legs on the steps during noon-hour.

Helen Strong strikes a careless pose at the Challenge Cup game against teh Y-Teens. The Future Nurses came out victorious for the second time in a row.

Victorious after a well-played game of bubble-gum blowing, the Future Nurses retained the Challenge Cup. Rumor has it that the Beer Mug came in really handy once or twice.

The "Silver Strings" performed at a show at John Peterson during noon-hour. Here Charlie Cook gives the kids a round on the drums.
Kamloops High School Band

The school year of 62-63 proved to be a very successful one for the band. The highlight of the year was the trip to Vancouver where the band placed a close second to the Kitsilano Boy's Band. A week later the band competed in the Okanagan Music Festival and received top marks in a class of 5. In our local festival they won over North Kamloops and Vernon.

The band started the year with a public concert. They also played at the Cenotaph for the Remembrance Day Service. The band also performed a selection of Christmas songs for the children at Tranquille School

At the end of the year the band presented another public concert and invited as their guests, the Senior Citizens.

Drink today for tomorrow may never come

Take a picture? Auh! There's no film in your camera

Oh! Jooan

Bon Voyage
Fine Arts Council
(left to right)
Gerry Hill, Anne Torregiani, Tessie Takahashi, Louise McArthur (Chairman) Rodger Waddell, Heather Trent, Neil Burton.

The Fine Arts Council had a successful but rather inactive year. The Council met its budget and managed to give all clubs their requested grants.
Athletic Co-ordinating Committee
(left to right) standing Mike Bertrand, Heather Trent, Gerry Hill.

(sitting) Cheryl Gustafson, Bob Hearn, Sharon Carson, Reinhard Blumenscheit (Chairman), Mary Reid, Linda Woodbury, Dan Conroy.

The Athletic Coordinating Council, in contrast to the F.A.C., had a very active year, but also had
financial troubles. The A.C.C. got the House System in swing with the indoor track meet. House volleyball and basketball was played during the winter but was discontinued in the spring. Friday noon sock dances, sponsored by the A.C.C. were well attended. Guest instrumentalists "The Shadows" and "The Silver Strings" played occasionally at the sock hops. The Challenge Cup was kept in circulation this vear. Clubs and teams fighting for the coveted beer-mug played a variety of games: basketball, hopscotch, bubble-gum blowing,and knitting (the football team had a great knitting squad). The A.C.C. bought new uniforms for several teams and sent many teams to out-of-town tournaments. The financial strain caused by this year's large expenditures found the A.C.C. in debt in May. But a year-end fund-raising bid, a week long car wash at noon hours, pulled the Council out of the hole.
Future Teachers
The future teachers have had a successful year with Mr. Jones as sponsor and Jack McDonald as president. Other members are Bill Mugford, Shirley Greening,Nancy Hudson Judy Juk, Heather Jean MacDougall, David Manders, Marjorie Milman, Jocelyn Rogers, Nina Shenton, Lenore Stoneberg, Helen Strong, Theresa Ferguson, and Marilynne McKnight. The club has had many various discussions, Mr. Middleton, Mrs. Elder, and Some student teachers as speakers at various times throughout the year.
In the above picture (Front Row:) left to right - Ron Bekter, Karen Hughey, Sharon Carson and Lyn Hemmingway.

(Middle Row:) Erika Salo, Linda Woodbury and Daphne Kelgard,

(Back Row:) Lee Traford, Janne Johnston and Anne Balf.

Missing: Rodger Waddell, Dan Conroy, Ross Walker, Barbara Derewenko, Audrey Zwarich, Bob Hearn and Gerry Hill.

The paper has had another successful year with Miss Turner as the sponsor, Sharon Carson as editor, and Lyn Hemmingway as co-editor.
Library Club
Gwen Nicol, Pearl Bailey, Joyce Smith, Lenore Stoneberg, Bill Mugford (President), Fern and Heather Zais.

The Library Club contributed greatly to our school as a service organization. Above the members are busy repairing books.
Standing: Miss Swadling, Barb Broening Rod Fowler, Carole Dawe, Cheryl Gustafson.

Seated: Leslie Hickling, Marg Hewer, Gerry Hill (Pres.) Marilyn Kriese, Mary Dragonette. Missing:
Gwen Nicol, Pearl Bailey, Bob Hearn, Reinhard Blumenscheit, Margaret McLean.

The Interschool Christian Fellowship group enjoyed an active year, working hard to fulfill its motto, "To know Christ and to make Christ known."
Students Council

Sue Potts (Social Convenor), Reinhard Blumschiet (A.C.C.Chairman), Cheryl Gustafson (Vice President), Bob Smillie (President); Doug Hunter (Treasurer), Louise McArthur (F.A.C. Chairman)

missing - Bonnie Stewart (Secretary).

Besides its regular activities, this year's Council took on an extra project -- the bringing in of the Chilliwack High School Band and Choir to perform here. Their attendance marked a homecoming for Mr. Warr, their director, and a K.S.S. graduate.

During January the Council took on the A.C.C. in a hard-fought game of basketball. As a result our Students' Council held the Challenge Cup for a short while.

The slight increase in school spirit was largely due to the increase in the number of Students , Council - sponsored assemblies. The guest speakers at these assemblies were interesting and student participation was good.

Four dances were sponsored by the Students' Council this year:
The Country Hoedown, Get Acquainted Dance, the Christmas Prom and The Farewell Dance. The attendance at these dances was not spectacular, but those who did attend report that they had a good time regardless of the small number.

Click for larger view
Red Devils
The K.S.S. Red Devils of 1962-63, coached by Mr. Martino, had a very good season until the tourney held at Salmon Arm. Penticton, Salmon Arm, Oliver and our Red Devils participated. They lost a heart-breaker to Penticton who eliminated them, and ended their season. Prior to this tourney the Red Devils had a very successful season, as far as the league games went, winning all six of them. In the league these were teams from Vernon, Salmon Arm, North Kamloops and of course Kamloops.

The Devils of next year look like they will be another good contender. Most of their guards will be leaving, but all the forwards and the centres will still be here. Good luck on next year's
play and let us hope you bring home a winning team. Congratulations on this year's play and good luck in all future games!

In games outside the league the Devils did quite well. In 2 exhibition games with Vernon and Kelowna they were victorious. In three tourneys, two in Kamloops and one in Salmon Arm they won 12 games and lost only 3. Two of these tournaments they won, losing the one in Salmon Arm.
Members of this years team were:
CoachMr. Martino
D. JordanP. Webber
R. BlumenscheitB. Smillie
V. BannoJ. Oldham
M. FlynnB. Atkins
J. SurlineJ. Scott
D. WebterM. DeBeck
D. CavazziMan. M. Bertrand
In the Christmas Tournament held at our school we had our centre Dave Jordan place on the All Star team.

Our sincere thanks go out to the coach, Mr. Martino for the fine job he has done with the Red Devils this year, and our hopes go out to him for an even better team next year.
Since we would like to see our Devils do better next year and maybe go as far as the B.C. finals, we should tell you that they always play better with a crowd, the larger the better.
Red Angels Basketball
Janice Zingrich, Sharon Tucker, Mary Thompson, Bonnie Stewart, Pat Murdoch, Karen Beblow, Daphne Kelgard (manager), Sue Buckham, JoAnne Kipp, Carol Corsi, Karen Bond, Laurie Bell.

The Red Angels played extremely well this year under the expert coaching of Mrs. Van Ryswyk. They played in our gym against such teams as North Kamloops, Vernon and Salmon Arm. The out of town trips included Salmon Arm and Vernon. The climax of the season~was a trip to Vancouver for the Provincial Tournament on March 8th to the 10th. The team emerged second, being defeated by Salmon Arm. Although they put up a big fight in the final game of the tension-packet tournament, the Red Angels were not able to defeat Salmon Arm. The Kam. High students and the Annual Club offer our congratulations to Mrs. Van and the girls on their successful year and especially on their good showing in Vancouver.


The Angels team will suffer greatly next year by the loss of Mrs. Van Ryswyk. With her help the Angels have won two provincial Championships and she will be remembered by everyone in the school.

Be Good!!!

Hmmm, I wonder what they're saying

Dig, dig, dig, those knees

The Sprites played excellent games this year, as they won 4 and lost only 2, in a new league. They also defeated Barriere in an exhibition game.

The team was entered in two tournaments. They failed to place in the "A" Girls Tournament, but came right back to win the Challenge Trophy in the "B" Girls Tournament.
Mr. Manley
Senior Cheerleaders
Anne Menzies, Niki Norbert, Susan Nicholson, Elva Nye, Cheryl Gustafson, Janine Pepper

Teh senior cheerleaders were kept very busy this past year as they cheered for the Devils, Angels, Sprites and Totems. They participated in tournaments at Salmon Arm and Vernon.

Hep, Hep, Show your pep,
Ginger up and catch the step
Fight, Fight, with all your might,
Clean'em up and do it right.

Yea Kamloops
Peter Broderud

David Marshall

Brian DeBeck

Randy Smith

Gary Mirtle

Gerry Hill

Bob Hearn
The Totems were coached by Peter Hall this year and
he did a very good job. The team pulled many upsets as they won 15 of their 20 games all season (including exhibition games). They were entered in 3 Senior "B" Tournaments and they managed to win one of these, although they made the finals in every case.

They were also entered in one Senior "A" Tournament and managed to defeat two of the teams before being eliminated. Top player was David Smith as he won a most valuable player position in the "A" Tournament.

Good Luck, Boys.
Danny Harrison

Allan Kipp

Jamie Thomson

Ernie Smith

Ken Preece

David Smith

Doug Hunter
The Curling Club was a very active winter organization. Its members attended bonspiels in Salmon Arm, Ashcroft, and Kelowna and also held a 28-rink bonspiel inKamloops. Curling Club attendance was good. 48 K.S.S. students and 12 John Peterson students belonged.

To the left is pictured the Curling Club Executive. Seated are Sue Potts and Gayle Meiklejohn. Standing are Tony Benstead and Neil Burton.
Front Row (left to right) - Vicki Philion, Janice Fowler, Tana Clark, Joan Edworthy, Marguerite Hystad (Pres.), Ann Torregiani, Cathy MacDougall, Patsy Torregiani, Maureen Reynolds.
Middle - Karen Hughey, Daphne Smith, Deron Bacon. Shirley Mortenson, Judy Maki, Gladys Yeseyko.
Back - Sandra Connolly, Rae Dalgleish, Linda Ottley, Brenda Blanchard, Joy Johnson

Y-Teens carried out a busy schedule this year. They continued with their child adoption plan and also held a school-wide project of filling Christmas hampers for needy families. Their Wednesday noon do-nut sales and occasional car washes were the Y-Teens chief source of funds during '62-'63.

Bowling Club

Girls' team to Kelowna.
Front, Left to right, Wendy Hoye, Louise Burns, Sandra Poutney.
Back, Lynn Green, Janice Chisholm

Mixed team to Kelowna.
Front, Left to right, Wendy Williams, Linda Goodrich, Marilyn Barnes.
Back, Wylie Abel, Ross Walker.

Boy's team representing K.S.S. at Kelowna.
Left to right, Gary Cutler, Robert Serviss, Lester Lee, Kit Nagurski, Mike Seminoff

Wylie Abel shows 'em how at the Inter-School tournament which K.S.S. won.

Bowling Club Executive
Back Row: Ron Betker, Jim Robinson, Bryan Farquharson, Dick Parkes (VicePresident)
Middle Row: Jim Jamieson, Gary Cutler, Kit Nagurski, Dan Conroy (President) Mr. McWhannel(sponsor)
Front Row: Lynn Green ("Average" secretary) Marilyn Barnes, Lynne Maskel (Recording secretary) Mission: Mr. Howard (co-sponsor).

Look Ma! No hands - A Strike
The Kamloops Secondary School Dancers
Getting ready to leave for KelownaLeaving for Kelowna
Coreographer Butch Colistro at the door
Foreground Gene Pasiuk and Bill BonterGirls Niki Norberg and Susan Nicholson
Boys Gene Pasiuk and Bill Bonter
Butch Colistro did a wonderful job this year by being the choreographer and dance trainer for our school, which this year did the production of West Side Beat. It was taken from the Musical "West Side Story", and there were approximately 30 students taking part in it, including 12 boys who were congratulated by adjudicators for their interpretation. The leading parts were taken by Butch, Judy Summers, Judy Tredwell, Gene Pasiuk and Bill Bonter. Niki Norberg and Susan Nicholson also did a fine job with their duet. Others in the cast were; Elva Nye, Lyne Jones, Petrina Gregson, Barbara Derewenko, Sharon Mitchell, Ann Menzies, A. Surrett, Ken Terry, Larry Morgan, Albert Matter, Mike McKinnon, Jim French, Andy McLaren, Ray Antoniak, Tyler Wiley, and many others who gave their help and support for the success of the dance. The group's first big performance was in the Okanagan Musical Festival where they received a mark of 86 and many fine comments by the adjudicator, Mari MacBirney. At the end of April they danced in the Yale-Cariboo Musical Festival where they received a mark of 89 from adjudicator Jean Simpson. They received the top marks in these festivals and received a diploma on both occasions.

They also danced for the members and cast for the Dominion Drama Festival in the Green Room Sessions. They were praised by audience, visiting critics and adjudcator. They were asked to dance for other occasions but due to shortness of the school year, they ended the dance when appearing in the Yale-Cariboo Musical honors performance.

Congratulations to Butch and also to Mr. Kerr, the sponsor, for making this group such a success.
Drama Class

The drama class had an active season this year. The members are: Roger Abbey, Rodger Waddell, Harry Dawson, David Workman, Lawrence Hystad, Tom Stanley, Daphne Kelgard, Mary Elsie McMurphy, Melinda Whitaker, Gwen Day, Louise MacArthur, Bonnie Dobbs, joy Johnson, Florence Smith and Gordon Honey. With Mr. Kerr as their sponsor they won a three-way tie for best production in the Ashcroft High School drama festival. Mr. Kerr won the best directors award and Gordon Honey won the best actors award. In Merritt they won the best visual award and Gordon Honey won the best actors award there to.
Future Nurses
The Future Nurses had a successful year under the sponsorship of Mrs. Kelleher. The president was Clarice Cameron, Vice-president was Sue Buckham. They co-operated with the hospital staff in providing Christmas treats for the older patients and play therapy for the children. Other members are Bev Bishop, Carolyn Blake, Ruth Clapperton, Joy Jackson, Donna McAuliffe, Sharon MacCartney, Kathy McDougall, Sharon Mitchell, Shirley Nakashima, Carol Schellenberg, Linda Shaw, Nina Shenton, Vanina Slater, Helen Strong and Doreen White. Some of the Future Nurses have already been accepted for nurses training.
Chess Club
The newly-formed chess club had a successful season under the sponsorship of Mr. Oldham. The members were (front row, left to right) Sandy Harris, Brian Buckley, Reinhard Blumenscheit and Chris Bates. (back row, left to right) Ivan Halvorson, Dean Stenson, Bill Mugford and ?

At the end of the season Reinhard Blumenscheit was in first place with 11 points Ivan Halvorson second with 8 points and Sandy Harris third with 7 points.
Badminton Club

The Badminton Club got off to a late start this year but was successful towards the end of the season. Miss Allen was the sponsor and two tournaments were held: a singles tournament and a doubles tournament. In the singles tournament, Robert Smith was the champion of the experienced players and Sandy Dalgleish was the champion of the beginners. The members were: Sandy Dalgleish, Glen DeGregorio, Bill Demkiw, Nick Antoniak, Ray Antoniak, Richard Botta, Brian Buckley, Ray Shellard, Bob Affleck, Allan Campbell and Betty Heron. In the above picture (left to right) are Bob Affleck, Robert Smith and Jim Fulton the doubles champions, and Glen DeGregorio.
Track and Field
The "Main body" if the track team
Many athletes have been turning out for track this year: Paul Webber, Tony Benstead, Mike DeBeck, Mike Bertrand, Margaret McLean, Janice Zingrich, Pat Murdoch, Jo-Anne Kipp, John Mehain, Bob Smillie, John Oldham, John Scott, Mary Thompson, Mary Shannon, Jamie Thomson and Wendy Williams.

There are a number of new members in our school who are interested in track: Mary Shannon, Lyle Dunston, Dave Manders, Margaret Maloney, Milt Williams, Walter Sitko and Dave Webster.

Last year we were very successful at Vernon as Mike Bertrand captured the mile event, Paul Webber, the broad jump, Janice Zingrich, the 220 yd;, and Margaret McLean the 100 yd. We expect this year's team to do bigger and better things at the meet being held at Kelowna on June 7 and 8.

Paul Webber represents Kam High in the broad jump, hop-step and jump, and the 100 yd. sprint.
The track team has taken first in the Inter-School trackmeet in teh 20 years and under class, (Kamloops amassed 79 points and Nor. Kam., 77) In the 16 years and under class, Kamloops received 67 points to John Peterson's 41 points.
Inter-House Track & Field
The Inter-House Trackmeet was very successful this year and we hope the interest will remain as high in the future. Final checkings proved very necessary as the standing were close:
Pearse133 1/2

Congratulatons to Pearse House and also to the runners up for their fine efforts.

A number of boys sign up for their events at one of the House meetings.

Dave Manders leaps over the high jumping bar to win that event.

The spectators were very interested in the trackmeet and they cheered their favorites to show their support.

The girls run the 100 yd. dash as Margaret McLean places first and Pat Murdock comes second.

The girls make the final relay before coming round the last bend.

The boys are lining up for the start of the open mile which was won by Mike DeBeck with a time of 5 minutes 13 seconds. Lyle Dunstan was second and Mike Bertrand, third.

John Scott glides over the bar as he places high in that event.
Inter School Dance
March 29 was an important day in the lives of K. S. S. and Nor-Kam students. On that date our students and our neighbours across the river, gathered in the North Kamloops gym for the third annual InterSchool Dance. The Mardi Gras theme encouraged students to turn our in some unique costumes.

Lynn Green, Sandra Steele, Wolfcub Allan Campbell, and their little playmate, Kit Nagurski enjoy an intelligent conversation at the Inter-High Dance

Butch Colistro and an unidentified railroader.
Yale-Cariboo Music Festival
K. S. S. is proud of the students who represented the school in the Yale-Cariboo Music Festival and of those whose success brought honour to the school even though they did not represent the school directly.

Shown are Sharon Tucker, Chris Bates, Peggy Willis, Petrina Gregson, Linda Shaw, Ken Terry
and Mabel Young. These students, who are members of Mr. Hosek's string class, played string ensembles and solo numbers in the festival and were commended by the adjudicator. Mr. Hosek also entered brass and reed trios and quartets from this school. A reed trio composed of Jan Zingrich, Richare Geier and Don Grafton; and a brass quartet of Joan Edworthy, Alan McLean, Dab Hearn and Victor Danna, were awarded first place in their respective classes. The School nand and the Kamloops Secondary School Dancers gained top marks for their performances.

After many months of hard work, the I. A. Students completed their project - a car ???

On the invitation of the Students' Council, the Chilliwack High School Choir and Band gave two spring concerts at K. S. S. Dale Warr, who directed these groups, is a former K. S. S. graduate.

Several hundred K. S. S. students were thrilled by the visit of the B. C. Lion's quarterback Joe Kapp, who spoke on the value of high school football and later conducted a clinic. Mr. Kapp was accompanied by Mr. Dennis Veitch, minor-football co-ordinator for the B. C. Lions.

One cold, miserable, bleak morn, a few of the boys bravely started wearing short pants in high hopes of stgarting a new fad. But to the disappointment of many (mainly girls), the fad did not flourish.
King and Queen Dance

Peter Davies, Joan Sowerbyk, Sue Buckham, and John Scott take a breather

Queen Judy Summers and King Bob Smillie

Traditional House Dance stag line

Master of Ceremonies Gordie Honey bellows out the next number
The high-light of the spring social activity was the King and Queen Dance held in May and sponsored by Fulton House. This was the best attended House dance of the year. Of the eighteen contenders for the positions of King and Queen, Judy Summers and Bob Smillie were successful.
Miss Turner and Mr. Wilson live it up.

Do you mind? Even we members of royalty must have our privacy.
Bob is crowned by last year's Queen, Merne Cullen, while Judy and former King Russel Stewart look on.
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Student Council
The K.S.S. Student Council Executive for the 1963-'64 term was:
(seated left to right) Sharon Carson - Social Convenor, Laurie Nickerson - Vice Pres., Vern Dale-Johnson - President, Heather Trent - Secretary, Cheryl Gustafson - A.C.C.
(standing) Rodger Waddell - F.A.C. and John Oldham - Treasurer.
The A.C.C. executive for the past year was
(seated, left to right): John Oldham - Pres. Pearse House, Sharon Carson - Sec. , Linda Woodbury - Treasurer, Cheryl Gustafson - Chairman, and Bud Atkins - Pres. Fulton House.
Standing are Rick Beal - Pres. Fee House and Allan Shumka - Pres. Davis House.
Fine Arts Council executive for the 1963-64 was
(seated-left to right) Barbara Derewenko - Secretary, Rodger Waddell - Chairman, and Sharon Carson - Treasurer.
Standing are Sharon Tucker and Linda Irvine
Those members missing from the picture are Lynn Dalgleish, Marg Ladbury, John Balf, and Darlene Hoshowski.
Student Exchange with Coulee Dam Washington

The Kamloops exchange students are
from left to right: Doug Hunter, Cheryl Gustafson, Sharon Carson and Rodger Waddell.


This year the Kamloops Rotary Club and the Coulee Dam Rotary Club sponsored a student exchange. The exchange took place from November 7th-16th. The students were driven to the border, where the exchange took place, by members of the Rotary Clubs.

The Kamloops Students enjoyed an extensive tour of the Grand Coulee Dam and the Columbia Basin and got "first hand" information of the school system.

Doug and Sharon made the return trip home by plane while Cheryl and Rodger came by car.

The four exchange students from Coulee Dam, Washington are,
from left to right: Wayne Clemens, Bob Dunham, Perry Owens and Carol Smith.


The four students from Coulee Dam were guests at the Fulton-House Dance and were presented with large red K's by president Vern Dale-Johnson.

Both groups spent a busy week and were guests at the Rotary Club Luncheons in both Coulee Dam and Kamloops.

All eight students agreed that the exchange program was most informative, educational and lots of fun.
Kampus Life Houses


President: Allan Shumka (3rd form Left)
Secretary: Jarine Pepper (4th from Left)
Sports Representatives: Terry Jolly (Far Left), Bob Patterson ( 2nd from Left), Pat Murdock (Far Right), Robir Lancaster (5th from Left)


President: Rick Beal (3rd from Left)
Secretary: Pat Fuoco (4th from Left)
Sports Representatives: Randy Murphy (2rd from Left), Paul Kipp (Far Left), Valerie Moffat (5th from Left) Janice Pauzei (Far Right)


President: Bud Atkins (3rd from Left)
Secretary: Thea Boultbee (4th from Left)
Sports Representatives: Stew Haughton (2nd from Left), John Rogers (Far Left), Joan Sowerby (5th from Left), Nita Jongschaap (Far Right)


President: Johr Oldham (4th from Left)
Secretary: Jack Surline (Far Right )
Sports Represertatives: Dave Murphy (Far Right), Jim Butkus (5th from Left), Marg McLean (3rd from Left ), Judy Johnson (2nd from Left)
K.S.S. Gets Ookpik
The new national symbol for Canada has stolen the hearts of many people and this is no less the fact at KSS. Here Carol Fowlie and Ken Steel become acquainted with the Ookpik which the Honourable Arthur Laing (The Minister of Northern Affairs) presented to the school.

To another Arctic Owl, the little fellow probably rates no more than a hoot of derision. He can't fly (he has no wings). He's got seal fur where his pin feathers should be. And those Donald Duck feet would have trouble clinging to a tree stump on a windless day. In fact he is the only stuffed, seal­skinned, flat-footed owl extant. But, in recent weeks the Ookpik has received highly profitable publicity for Canada's export trade.

Ookpik's spectacular flight to fame and fortune was launched by the Federal Government. Designed by a 54-year-old Eskimo widow in Fort Chimo, on Ungava bay, Ookpik went to Philadelphia last November as mascot of a Canadian trade fair and won the hearts of all he met. Trade officials happily took orders under the impression that an Ookpik­filled warehouse existed back in Ottawa. By then, the Ookpik craze was in full flower.

The Department of Northern Affairs awarded contracts to two toy companies to produce Ookpiks in assorted sizes. Ookpik's home, the Fort Chimo co-operative, gets royalties of 10 per-cent on all sales. Negotiations are under way for Ookpik jewelry wallpaper and sweaters. Already he has been the subject of a question in the House of Commons ("Is he protected?") the star of a TV show and guest of honor at a dinner, 'er Ookpiknik, given by the National Men's Press Club.
Candid Photos
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The Red Devils
Left to right:
FIRST ROW: Bob Hearn, John Scott, (Co-Captain), Paul Webber, Dave Webster, John Oldham.
SECOND ROW: Reinhard Blumenscheit, Dave Murphy, Dave Jordan (Co-Captain), Garry Mertle, Randy Murphy, Peter Davies, Mr. Martino (Sponsor & Coach).

The Red Devils has a very busy and successful year. They compiled an overall record of 35 wins against 2 losses in high school competition, and in the course of a long season, travelled over 3,000 miles. The team won its opening games against Oliver, Penticton, and Vernon, and went on to win every league game. At the Vernon Christmas tournament, the Red Devils took second place, winning over Chilliwack and Oroville, but losing narrowly to Penticton in the final. Two Devils, Dave jordan and Dave Murphy won spots on the all-star team. In their own Christmas Tourney, the Devils won easily over Quesnel, St. Ann's, Salmon Arm and the Totems.

After Christmas, the team travelled extensively, first to Vernon and a tournament win on Jan. 10; then to Orville on Feb. 1 & 2, where they lost to the Hornets, who had not lost a home game to a Canadian team in 10 years; then to Chilliwack on Feb. 15 to another victory over the Frontiersmen. In between, they played the Penticton Sr. B men, B.C. champions, and the
B. C. Lions.

In the Valley Finals, the Devils defeated both Oliver and Penticton to win a berth in the B.C. finals.

On Feb. 30, the Red Devils travelled to Vancouver to play in the B.C. Finals. Prior to the Tournament itself, they played the U.B.C. Freshmen, losing by 1 point, and Vancouver College, winning handily.

In the tournament, the Devils lost only one game, to Prince Rupert, the eventual tournament winners, and won all the rest to place 5th., the highest placing ever for a team from the Okanagan, Kootenays, or the Cariboo.
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Red Angels - Basketball
Left to right:
FIRST ROW: Pat Murdock, Jo-anne Kipp, (Co-Captain) Valerie Moffat, Laurie Bell, Gail Stephens.
SECOND ROW: Miss Minette (Sponsor & Coach), Sharon Tucker, Janice Zingrich, Mary Thompson, Karen Bond, Bonnie Stewart, (Co-Captain), Karen Hughey (Manager).

The victorious cries of "We won!" echoed through the K.S.S. halls this spring. Yes, once again the Red Angels brought the coveted B.C. Girls' Basketball trophy back to Kamloops. The girls owed their success to the skillful training of Miss Minette.

Earlier in the season, the Angels won the right to represent the Okanagan Mainland League at the coast by defeating teams from Salmon Arm. Vernon, Penticton and Oliver.

Well done, girls! We're proud of you!

Needless to say, the Red Angels's 1963-64 season was very exciting and successful. They began the year with a "barnstorming" trip through the Okanagan. The Angels emerged victorious in all their league games with Salmon Arm and Vernon and won their own 7th Annual Invitational tournament.

At the Okanagan finals in Salmon Arm, the girls defeated Penticton and Salmon Arm to win the right to represent the Okanagan in the B.C. championships in Vancouver. At the B.C. finals, the Angels defeated Burnaby South, Como Lake, Victoria High, Prince George, Salmon Arm and Queen Elizabeth, who were slated to win the tournament.

The Red Angels, for the third time in five years won the B.C. Champ­ionship and brought the trophy "home".
This year's team members: (Left to Right)
First Row: Mr. Kalyk (Coach and Sponsor), Dave Marshall, Larry Barton, Bud Atkins, Peter Bonderod (Co-Captain), Brian Marchuk, Ron McGuire (Manager)
Second Row: Keith Yow, Brian Kipp, Paul Kipp, Norman Cleveland (Co-­Captain)
Missing: Jack Surline, Bob Patterson, John Rogers, Jamie Thompson

This unusual name for the Senior "B" boys team is derived from the confusion concerning the team's actual name. Mr. Kalyk the coach, always has the boys shout "Stars" before play on the court is resumed. However, the team is also referred to as the "Totems".

Call them what you will, they are one of the finest Senior "B" teams the school has ever had. They have speed, good height, team co-ordination, excellent scoring capability, and enthusiasm.

All of these factors have contributed to the fact that the Totems-Stars came second in league play and came second in the final tournament.
Left to Right:
First Row: Miss Ingledew (Co-Sponsor), Penny Marshall, Joan Sowerby, Anita Jongshaap, Sandra Swaine, Mr. Palsson ( Coach and Sponsor)
Second Row: Thea Boultbee, Shirley Taylor, Karen Johnson, Carolyn Kassiones, Lynn Simons, Mary-Jane Cowan (Manager)

This year the Sprites basketball team was coached by Mr. Palsson. Miss Ingledew was co-sponsor and also helped with the coaching. The team manager was Mary-Jane Cowan. The Team got off to a poor start by losing their first few games but soon settled down. From then on, they won a majority of their games. Travelling this year was limited to Chase, Barriere, and Merritt to play games with the local teams. In the final tournament in Merritt the Sprites were beaten in the final game by one point in the first three minutes of overtime, by the North Kamloops Cherubs. The team feels it has a successful year but hopes to win the Senior 'B' Championship for this area next year.
This year's football team: (Left to Right)
First Row: John Sbrocchi (Maskot), Jim Fulton (Manager)
Second Row: Mark Tait, Jim French, Wayne Gesy, Buddy Ringer, Jim Ringer, Dave Workman, Bob Morrison, Wally Denault
Third Row: Jim Butkus, Dan Cadden, Bill Baker, Morrie Morrison, Don Youwe, Ron McGuire, Jim Wyse, Bill Mainprize, Grant McLeod (Coach)
Fourth Row: Andy McLaren, Terry McKay, George Berton, Tony Benstead, Charlie Cook, Earl Stoughton
Fifth Row: Bob Gordon, Ken Cooper, Ray Stewart, Clive Giolma, Bert Gaiten, Doug Smith, Garry Rutherford. Brian Bogetti
Missing: Terry Galbraith, Glen Esselmont, Roy Jackson Ken Priece Wayne Leveay Sandy Cassidy, Ray Shellard, Gerry Collinge, George McGillvary, Terry Gay

The Red Devils football team, consisting of players from North Kamloops as well as K.S.S., ended the season in a tie for third place in the four-team loop. The Devils, who were in the cellar until the final game of the season, defeated Kelowna 15-14 to gain a share of third place. Over the season, the Devils won 1 and lost 5 for two points.

The head coach again this year was Grant McLeod. Assistant coaches were Ron Long, defensive-line coach; Vic Carroll, assistant defensive-line coach; and Tom Brown, offensive-backfield and
line coach. Dan Conroy was business manager.

The offensive captain was Doug Smith, and Terry Galbraith handled the defensive captain's cuties.

In spite of a rather disappointing season for the team, attendance was good at the home games. In fact it is improving steadily every year.

Football Cheerleaders

This year's Football Cheerleaders: Left to Right)
First Row: Christine Edwards, Susan Smith
Second Row: Linda Edwards, Alapna Westerman, Leila Vanstone, Wendy Bertrand, Diane Edwards
Missing: Diana Hay, Lyann Maxwell, Renae Gay, Wendy Anderson, Kathy Worsfold, Nar Galbraith, Yarcy Labylor Linda Yokome, Lesly Summers.
This year's members: (Left to Right)
First Row: Penny Marshall, Lynn Simons
Second Row: Joanne Kipp, Wendy Williams, Linda Green, Laurie Bell
Third Row: Mr. Finn (Coach), Thea Boultbee, Karen Bond, Janice Zingrich, Mary Thomson, Margaret McLean, Pat Murdock, Karen Hughey, Calista Harvey, Miss Minette (Sponsor)

Girl's sports started off this year with grasshockey under the guidance of Mr. Finn and Miss Minette. The first trip was to Salmon Arm and was more or less a "get together" of all the teams. The first real tournament was at North Kamloops. Vernon came out on top and Salmon Arm and K.S.S. tied for second place. The team travelled to Winfield for the last tournament of the season. Although they didn't come out victorious, the trip was still worth­while.

Coaches: Miss Minette, Mr. Finn
This year's members: (Left to Right)
First Row: George Low, Bill McLean, Bob Haywood, Doug MacDonald, Roy Sakaki
Second Row: Mr. Kalyx (Coach and sponsor), Leonard Thompson, Larry Barton, John McIver, Alan McLeod, Brian Marchuck, Ray Shellard, Brian Henderson, Doug Couston
Missing: Ken Begg, Phil Steel, Jack Surline

Although K S S is not noted for its interest in soccer, a club was formed this year which competed in the local league. The club, sponsored by Mr. Kalyk, practiced each week at the Exhibition Park, the John Peterson grounds or our own. The team consisted of:
  • Bob Haywood

  • Ray Shellard

  • Ken Begg

  • Roy Sakaki

  • Phil Steel

  • Larry Barton

  • George Low

  • Bill MacLean

  • Alan McLeod

  • Leonard Thompson

  • John McIver

  • Doug MacDonald

  • Jack Surline

  • Brian Henderson

  • Doug Couston

  • Brian Marchuk
The team played four games, lost three, and as a result, they came last in the league.
The Curling Club at K.S.S. did not enjoy a tremendously successful season--not as lively, as last year ­ although it was still a good season all round. The club, sponsored by Mr. Barker and Mr. Densmore was made up of about ten rinks of about fifty students. The executive this year was
  • President Jim French
  • Secretary Carol Marsh
  • Treasurer Donna Miller
The club entered one bonspiel this year but was unsuccessful at Ashcroft; Dave Rodger's rink competed with with teams from Salmon Arm, Vernon, Lilooet and Ashcroft. In the club bonspiel Ron McGuire's rink, composed of Ron, Gerald Fisher, Doug Smith and Bev Raymond came first. The club hopes to do better next year as curling is an excellent sport and easily learned by beginners.

This year's executive: (Left to Right)
First Row: Carol Marsh (Sec.) Donna Miller (Treas.)
Second Row: Tony Bensted (Vice Pres.), Jim French (Pres.)
Skiing Executive: Left Marg McLean (Sec.), Right: Bert Gatien (Pres.)

Sponsors: Miss Kalinowski Miss Ingledew

The ski-club is a new addition to K.S.S.'s extra-curricular activities this year. Apart from weekly trips to Mt.Tod, the members also skied at Lac Le ]uene. The members took and eight-week course at Tod, headed by Al and Millie Menzies. At the end of the course, the members participated in various slalom events. The president of the club is Mert Gatien, and the secretary is Marg McLean. Some of the minor activities were various challenge cup games with the A.C.C.. All in all, it was a successful year.
Bowling executive, L. to R.
1st row; Lynn Green (sec.), Wendy Williams, Marilyn Barnes, (Pres.), Darlene Stewart, Louise Burns.
2nd row John Miller, Ron Betker, Ron MacKay.

Bowling has completed its year at Kamloops Secondary School. This year's executive was: Marilyn Barnes president and Lynn Green — secretary. Team captains were not needed as there were not enough bowlers for perm­anent teams. With your help we would like to have a more consistant league next year.

As usual, fifteen bowlers were selected to bowl at the Western Canada Roll Offs in Kelowna in March. Under the mangement of last year's president, Dan Conroy, we bowled in the following teams:
Girls: Louise Burns, Elaine Ferguson, Lynn Green, Sandra Swaine, Lynda Young
Boys: Brian Dunsmuir, Bryan Farquharson, Murray McDonald, Allen McLeod, John Miller
Mixed: Marilyn Barnes, Gary Cutler, Wendy Williams, Ron McKay, Darlene Stewart.

Although we did not win, we did our best and had a good time Mr. McWhannel and Mr. Lennox travelled with us as sponsors.

The executive would like to give special thanks to all students who turned out for bowling this year. We hope to see you all again next year.
Club Members (L to R)
FIRST ROW: Byron Hill, Bill Hepper (pres.) Lloyd Moffatt, Roger Scoular, Clipton Landals, Michael Tredwell, Fred Wismer, David Rogers, Stuart Malcolm, Steve Healy, Philip Bradshaw
SECOND ROW: Margaret Ladbury, Diane Phillips, Janice Cavazzi Shari Dusdale, Heather Stewart, Susan Howie, Christine Ladbury.

Badminton players a K.S.S. have enjoyed a very active season under the sponsorship of Miss Allen and Miss Kalinowski. At their first meeting, Arthur Filuer was elected president, Lloyd Moffat-vice president, and Heather Stewart-treasurer. The membership fee was set at $2. The club played Thursday evenings and Fridays after school.

Mr. B. Dalin, the interior singles champion and Mr. J. Carson, president of the Kamloops Sr. Badminton Club visited the school in November and have a demonstration on proper badminton technique.

February 7th saw the first doubles tournament. Shari Dusdale and Janice Cavazzi won the girl' s doubles and Greg Forget and Mike Tredwell, the boy's doubles. At a later doubles tournament, Shari and Janice again won the girl's doubles play and John McIver and David Rogers the boy's doubles.
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Pirates of Penzance
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Producer and DirectorMr. Tom Kerr
Musical DirectorMrs. M. Owens
OrchestraMr. Frank Hosek

SamuelJohn McIvor
Pirate KingDenny Harrison
FrederickJohn Kingsbury
RuthRae Campbell
General Stanley's DaughtersLinda Bertrand
Sheila Jones
Janine Pepper
Melinda Whitaker

Girls' Chorus:
Carol Fowlie, Fern Zais, Mary-Ellen Whitaker, Linda McKim Judy Maki. Lorraine Jones, Marilyn Paull, Gwen Day, Heather Zais, Pat Pulley, Marilyn Barnes, Andres Whitaker, Bonnie Horn, Anne Preto, Karen Hughy Shirley Mortenson, Susan DeBeck, Laurie Bell, Cheryl Kanester, Alice Kennedy, Judy Harbridge, Lynn Berry, Frances Bentley

Pirates' Chorus:
Bruce Striegler, Rod Arnold, Wayne Gesy, Phil Steele, Byron Hill, Richard Hay, Russell Noakes, Ricky Campbell, Jim French, Doug MacDonald, Dave Stewart, John Ragers, Dan Cadden, Andy McLaren, Wayne Atkinson

Policemen's Chorus:
Richard Hay, Phil Steels, Ken Steels, Bill Smith, Byron Hill, Garth Eland, Ken Terry, Jim Wiggins, Randy Ollett

Stage ManagerMr. W. McMillan
Business ManagerMr. V. Jones
House ManagerMr. D. McWhannel
PublicityMr. J. Thomas
CostumesMiss C. McArthur
Ticket SalesMr. C. Goodwin
Decor SupervisorMrs. E. Dundon
Lighting and Sound SupervisorMr. Wilson
AssistantsDrama Class. I.A. Department
Lighting DesignButch Colistro
TechnicalNeil MacDonald

When Frederick was yet a little boy, his nurse (Ruth) was told to apprentice him to become a pilot. She heard the word incorrectly and apprenticed him to a band of PIRATES, remaining with him herself as a maid-of-all-work.

As the play opens, Frederick's term of apprenticeship is completed and he urges the pirates to join him in embracing a more lawful calling. They refuse.

Just then, a group of girls-all wards of Major General Stanley, appear. Frederick sees their beauty. He announces Ruth. Mabel and Frederick are mutually attracted.

The other girls are seized by the pirates. When the Major General arrives, he dissuades them by telling them he is an orphan. Later the Major General's conscience leads him to confess his falsehood and a crisis ensues. But the police come to the rescue in the name of Queen Victoria.

Ruth explains that the pirates are really all noblemen who have gone wrong. They are pardoned and permitted to marry the Majors General's wards.

Special thanks again go to Mr. Kerr, Mrs. Owens, and Mr. Hosek for their hard work in making the production the success it was. Also special thanks to all the persons not mentioned previously - without their help the production could never have been so successful.
K. S. S. Band
This year's executive consists of:
Left to right
First row: Janice Zingrich, Joap Edworthy (Pres.), Joan Sowerby (Sec.), Niki Norberg
Second row: Doug Hunter (Treas.), Dave Cavazzi, Gerry Hill
Missing: Mr. Thomas (Manager)

This year the band has had a very active programme. It got off to an early start with Graduation Ceremonies of K.S.S. and the Nurses' Graduation in September. The annual concert, held in conjunction with the Glee Club, was a tremendous success.

Concerts throughout the year were played at the Kamloops Indian Residential School and at Tranquille. The band also performed at several school assemblies. On Remembrance Day the members marched to the cenotaph and played. The Angels and Devils were greeted home from Vancouver by the band to the lilting tune of "For He Is A Jolly Good Fellow".

This year the band introduced a new money making project — a tag day. The band, aided by the Music 22 class, tagged the downtown area as well as completing a house-to-house canvass.

This year the band again performed in the Yale-Cariboo Music Festival in April. The band travelled by train to Vancouver to compete in the Kiwanis B.C. Music Festival. Here they again they placed first; but, with a mark of 91. At this festival they finally were able to defeat the Kitsilano Boy's Band (This band beat them out last year by one point).

In May the band will travel to Penticton to compete in the Okanagan Musical Festival.

For the rest of the year the band will be holding several outdoor concerts throughout the city.

A great deal of hard work has gone into organizing the band this year. The band members would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hosek for the time and energy he spent with the band members. They are sure that it was through his efforts that the band did as well as they did.

The band this year consists of 56 members.
Glee Club
This year's executive: (From Left to Right)
Thea Bou1tbee (Treas.) Yvonne Martin (Sec.) Heather Trent (Pres.), Linda Irvine (Vice Pres) Trudy Nicol (Social)
Missing: Francis Bentley (Wardrobe) Pat Pulley (Music)

1963-'64 has been another successful year for the Kamloops Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Owens. We have been able to bring to the greater Kamloops area, an aspect of higher musical culture through the sponsorship of the "Treble Clef Society". We have sung successfully in the Kamloops and Penticton Music Festivals and have entertained at many local service clubs.

We were invited by the Clinton High School to participate in their Graduation Ceremonies, which we considered a great honour.

A home bake sale and a ticket blitz were our main money raising projects in which the whole group willingly participated. This money along with a very greatly appreciated donation made possible the acquisition of new concert gowns. We ended our year with an enjoyable beach party at Shuswap Lake.

There are fifty members which occupy the alto, second soprano, and soprano sections of our choir.

This years' Y-Teens (L to R)
First Row: Sharon Tucker, Gladys Yaseyko, Sharon Connolly, Karen Hughey
Second Row: Linda Ottley, Linda Shaw, Daphne Smith, Peggy Cunning, Wendy Reid.

A busier year we couldn't have had. The entire club took to the road for a conference in the fall to gather ideas and meet other Y-Teens. At Christmas, the school's help enabled us to give an enormous hamper to a needy family. A talent show and a sock dance built up our funds so that we were able to give much­needed money to the Retarded Children's Boarding Home. The voices of our Penny Drive Choir, so thrilled the school that everyone gave generously to the children. (A special thanks goes our to Miss Allen). The Preppers' Committee, in conjunction with the rest of the girls, planned a house party and week-end camp at the lake. With the help of our most able sponsor, Mrs. Elder, our club has been engaged in activities in and out of school, and has helped its members to make friends out of acquaintances.

The school paper "Hi-Lights" once again under the sponsorship of Miss Turner had a very successful year.

The staff was:
Seated (left to right) Audrey Zwarich, Anne Balf, Linda Woodbury Sharon Carson, (Editor) and Barbara Derewenko (Ex­change Editor);
Standing (Left to right) Micky Smith, Randy Murphy­(Co-Editor), David Woodbury, and Alice Kennedy.

The Hi-Lights staff would like to thank all those students who helped make their year a success.
Library Club
This year's library club members are: (from L. to R.)
FIRST ROW: Cecile Beaubien, Marilyn McKeown, Heather Zais, Janice Williams, Calista Harvey.
SECOND ROW: Bill Mugford,(Pres.), Evelyn Frolek (Sec.) Alice Kennedy (Vice-Pres.), Sharon Munter, Margaret Ladbury, John Kingsbury.
MISSING: Bev. Elliott.

Each member of the Library Club works once a week (or more) in the library. He may take charge of the circulation desk, process new books or mend old ones. As the library club is one activity that carries on through the whole school year. Some members spend more time at library work than other students do at any seasonal sport.

To help compensate for all the hours of work the club sometimes has a supper and show party. But, the library club is primarily a service club and the main satisfaction of belonging is in contributing time and effort as a service to the school.
First-Aid Club
Mr. Goodwin (right) shows Lynn Dalgleish (centre) and Bonnie Dobbs(left) how it is done.

This year, the first-aid club with its twelve members and super­visor Mr. Goodwin has held its meetings in room 113 on Thursday noons. The president of this years club is Lynn Dalgleish.

The course "St. Johns Ambulance First Aid" consists of practice in bandaging injuries and fractures, performing artificial respiration, and taking immediate steps to save lives in case of accidents The club members also study human physiology in order to understand the functioning and structure of the body.

This course is necessary for nursing, and is preliminary to an industrial first-aid certificate.

At the end of school term, the members are examined by St. Johns Ambulance First Aid officials. If they pass their exams, they receive a certificate of Senior First Aid which will be good for five years.
Projectionists Club
L to R
Bryan Farquharson, Johp Balf, Darrel Frolek, Ricky Dommett, Jim Budperick

The projectionists club this year has been more or less disorganized with Mr. Verma as sponsor and John Balf as president.

Two films were shown--"Gidget goes Hawaiian" and "Blue Hawaii". The club also showed films for other clubs and helped with classroom films. Club membership was about 10.

"Now, just thirteen turns to the left and we'll be all set to go."
L to R
John Balf, Gary Redel

Future Nurses
This year's members: (Left to Right)
First Row: Melodie Kika, Donna Miller Judy Edworthy, Lynn Dalgleish, Carol Fowlie, Jane Davidson.
Second Row: Shirley Nakashima, Marilyn Osborne, Edna Peterson, Sandra McConkey, Kay Fedderson.

Under the sponsorship of Miss MacArthur, sixteen future nurses have been meeting throughout the year. Miss Rowles, Director of the School of Nursing at the Royal Inland Hospital has helped plar the program.

Before Christmas, the club made hand puppets for the children's ward at the R.I.H. In January, Mrs. MacKenzie, a member of the R.N.A.B.C. and day supervisor of the R.I.H., spoke to the club on the various fields of nursing and different nursing programs. At one of the most interesting meetings, Susan Buckam (first year student), Marilyn Markle (second year student), and Terry Sandiford (third year student), all from the R.I.H., spoke to the club on their particular years of training. Another interesting speaker of interest was Mrs. Wolfe, a physiotherapist from C.A.R.S.

The club spent the afternoon of April 20th at the hospital. They were shown a film describing a day in the life of a student nurse Miss La Pointe, associate director of nursing, then spoke on the three­year diploma program as opposed to the five-year university program. Following, was an extensive tour of the hospital.

The future Nurses plan a cake walk before the end of the year to raise money to buy a rocking chair for the hospital.
Future Teachers
Delegates to UBC Future Teachers Conference receive instructions.
L to R John Stockwell, Cathy MacdDugall (Pres.). Lynn Mugford.

Under the sponsorship of Mr. Howard, the Future Teachers Club once more got rolling this year. This year's president was Cathy Macdougall, this year's secretary was Rae Campbell.

Two of this year's members, Lynn Mugford and John Stockwell, attended the B.C. Future Teacher's Convention at U.B.C. in January. They enjoyed themselves immensely and obtained valuable information from other B.C. Future Teachers Clubs.

In conjunction with Lloyd George Elementary School, a number of students sat in on classes and observed methods of teaching and maintaining discipline. They also helped the teachers mark papers.

Teachers Club is hoping for a larger attendance next year the Future. Who knows — you may be the one who travels to Vancouver as the club delegate.
Esperanto Club
Executive & Study Committee Left to Right:
1st Row - Randy Smith; Celista Harvey (President), Alice Kennedy
2nd Row - Bill Mugford, John Stockwell

This year, for the first time, our school organized an Esperanto Club. Mrs Elder, the girls' guidance counsellor sponsored arn supported the organization.

Celista Harvey was elected president and a Study Committee of Randy Smith, Bill Mugford, Alice Kennedy and John Stockwell was elected to prepare and deliver the lessons.

The club later obtained books on Esperanto in order to allow members to progress at their own rate.

The support shown by the students this year was encouraging and we hope to see them all again next year, as well as many others.
News Flash: Dorm Exposed!
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Dance Anyone?
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Get Acquainted Dance
October 18th was the date for the Student Council "Get Acquainted Dance". The purpose of the dance was to let the new students acquainted. The cafe was decorated with streamers of school colors – red, black and white with crest from K.S.S. and John Peterson on the walls.

The Dance was a tremendous success with one of the largest turnout our school dances have had. Music was well supplied by the Spartans.
Sadie Hawkins
Fulton House deserves credit for sponsoring one of the best dances of the year. The theme "Sadie Hawkins" was well carried out with pictures of the appropriate "Dog Patch" characters, drawn by Jack Surline, on the cafe walls. The hilight of the dance was presentation of 1arge red "K's" to the four exchange students from Coulee Dam, Wash.
Christmas Prom
Click for larger view

The Christmas Prom, one of the biggest social events of the year, was held on December 20th. The gym was extravagantly decorated with miles of white streamers, many colored balloons a large brightly lit tree and huge cedar wreaths tied with large red bows. The lighting added the final touches to make the Prom "perfect" All students who attended agreed that it was the best way to begin their Christmas vacation.
Davis House Dance
With the "Beatles" making such a big hit. Davis House was prompted to a "Beatle” Dance on Feb. 1. The cafeteria was attractively decorated with miles of black and white streamers and the usual “Beatles", guitars, etc. on the walls. The Coachman provided the entertainment for the dance and the Spartans made a hit with their "Beatle" numbers.
Inter-School Dance
April 24th was the date of the big Inter-School Dance with North Kamloops. This Dance was sponsored by Fee House and had for its theme "Hats". The cafeteria was decorated with pink and white streamers, balloons and hats of many shapes and forms. Music was supplied by the Volcanoes and a floor show by the students added the extra spice to make the dance most enjoyable for those who attended.
King and Queen of the Campus
Click for larger view

Queen: Janine Pepper, King: John Oldham
Kampus News Front
If someone walked up to you and pulled out a gun, what your reaction be?
Mr. McMillan and Gordon Honey read P.A. announcements.
Caught at last!
Bob Simons gives Mrs. Dundon a nickel so that he can stand in Mr. Howard's door way. Mr. Howard witnesses the transaction. Was it worth it Bob?
Dan Cadden passes Co. 34 at Easter much to Mr. Thomas' disgust.
"Come on! Ringo"
Janice Zingrich beats out a tune with the other "Red Ants"
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Challenge Cup Games
Click for larger view

You have not got any film!
First three check IT; Next two file IT; The rest star at IT.
All alone am IHow come some guys rate two
My hasn't he got pretty toes
(pretty toes Van Dyke)
But it's in her somewhere
But I've gotta pass
Annual Staff
Students Council
Left to Right
FIRST ROW: Barbara Allan, Fawn McGillivray, Brenda Ehlers, Sandra Swaine, Mary Serviss, Niki Norberg, Margaret McLean,Alice McArther, Lynda Irvine
SECOND ROW: David Woodbury, Jerry, Hill, Bud Atkins, Karen Bond, Pat Murdock, Pat Bell, Carole Long, Joan Sowerby, Dave Marshall, Ken Gordon
THIRD ROW: Randy Murphy, Byron Hill, Rick Campbell, Mike DeBeck, Brian Kipp, Ron Strong, Bill Murdock, Joe English, Ted Price, Don Marshall, Bill Biden, Dave Murphy
MISSING: Mike Morgan

Left to Right
FIRST ROW: Lynne Mugford, Niki Norberg, Alice Kennedy
SECOND ROW: Peter Fairchild, Fae Stroulger, Ann Menzies, Maureen Marshall, Barry Hill-Tout
Margaret McLean, Niki Norberg,
Bill Murdoch, Dave Murphy, Jack Surline
missing: Karen Barger
Anne Menzies and Mary Thomson
Bud Atkins And John Rogers
Missing - Jamie Smith and Jane Davis
Trudy Muller, Valerie Moffat
Randy Murphy, Paul Kipp
Robyn Lancaster and Suzanne Owens
Brian Cowan, Cherie Kassiones, and Ron McGuire
missing: Dave Marshall
Candid Photos
Way Out
"All that in a little test tube"
"'tis" "''t isn't"
"Darn thing"
Click for larger view
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Dorm Hilites
Click for larger view
"So Wonderful and White"
Best Production"
"Mayor of Torontal"
Runner Up
Agnes Foley Judy Harbridge Sheenan Ferguson
Senior Cheerleaders
Niki NorbergRobyn Lancaster
Anne MenziesSusan Nicholson
Junior Cheerleaders
Left to right:
Maureen Marshall, Gaylene Redel, Jean Embleton, Linda Jean Nicholson
Football Team
QBQuarter BackEEnd
CBCorner BackTTackle
FBFull BackGGuard
HBHalf Back  

A "D" after a letter indicates that the player plays defence.

Missing: Ray Shellard HB, John Rogers CB, Ralph Edgett T, Bob Williams T, Bill Mainprize DHB, Phil Baker DHB, Brian Bogetti HB, Charlie Cook G, Ron McGuire G.

This years football team was greatly improved over the previous year's squad. Under the able coaching of Head Coach Grant McLeod, the defensive coach Rev. Jackson Strapp, and the offensive coach Jim Knowler the "Big Red Machine" achieved a league record of 4-4. A major factor in these wins was George Grant, the Devil's powerful fullback who received the Most Valuable Player Award for the league. George also attended the B. C. lions training camp in the summer. Also attending the camp was "Big Ron" McGuire. The Devil's played an exhibition game to Oak Bay of Victoria in the historical "Snow Bowl". This turned out to be aptly named as the concrete-like ground and icy weather conditions prevented the playing of good football. The game was very close and the Devils lost by only one touchdown. It is hoped that an avenging match will be arranged next year.

This spring the Red Devils held two weeks of training in order to allow the coaches to look over the new squad of rookies and to coach them in the fundamentals. Things look good for the "Red and Black" and next year could be the one when the Okanagan Championship is returned. Keep your fingers crossed everybody!
The Red Devils
25 Randy Murphy Frd 6'1" 11 Paul Kipp Grd 5'10"
13Gary MirtleFrd6'2"21Brian KippGrd5'10"
24Brian MarchuckFrd6'2½"15Dave MarshallGrd6'3"
10Dave MurphyGrd6'4½"14Bud AtkinsCtr6'1"
12Bob PattersonFrd6'3"20Larry BartonFrd6'1"
22Bob HearnGrd5'10"23Jack SurlineCtr6'2"

Coach - Mr. Martino Managers - Dave Scott and Jamie Smith

This year the Devils achieved one of the best records ever. Throughout the year they remained undefeated in league play and won every tournament they entered. These included their own Christmas Tournament, the Vernon Tournament, and the Totem Tourney in Penticton. They lost only one game to a high school team, a squeaker to Oroville, Wash. Many of the players gained recognition also, Dave Murphy, Bob Hearn, Randy Murphy, and Dave Marshall all receiving All-Star trophies at various tournaments. In addition, Bob Hearn and Dave Murphy both gained Most Valuable Player awards, Hearn at the Kamloops and Vernon tourneys and "Big Murph" at the Okanagan Finals.

The Devils defeated all comers easily in the Valley Tournement and travelled down to Vancouver for the Provincial finals highly-rated. They overcame last years champions, Prince Rupert, but lost narrowly to the hot Alberni Chiefs. After this, the Devils seemed to lose heart, and were thrashed by North Surrey and eliminated. One bright spot was the placement of Dave Murphy to the Provincial All-Star Team.

Things look even better next year as the Devils lose only two players. They have an extensive schedule, and plan to play much better competition. It looks as if Mr. Martino and KSS might have a Provincial Champion.
Red Angels
Left to Right
FIRST ROW: Nita Jongschaap (co-manager), Joanne Kipp (co-captain), Valerie Moffat, Lorrie Bell, Noreen Marshall, Gail Stevens
SECOND ROW: Miss J. Minette, coach, Carolyn Kassiones, Judy Johnson, Pat Murdoch, Mary Thomson, Karen Bond, Suzanne Owens, (co-manager)

The RED ANGELS had an excellent season under their hard working coach Miss Minette. Practices started in October, and our girls lost only three games all season. The Angels didn't hold their usual tournament this year, but went to one in Vernon, where they shared top honours with Trail. The Angels ended their year with a trip to Vancouver for the British Columbia finals in March. They represented Kamloops well, losing only their final game to Salmon Arm in an overtime match. This placed them second in the tournament. Three Angels, Joanne Kipp, Mary Thomson, and Pat Murdoch, placed on the all-star teams during the season.
Sprites and Totems
Junior A Boys
Missing: Theresa Bohn
Left to Right
FIRST ROW: Valerie Moffat, Joanne Kipp, Mary Thomson, Carolyn Kassiones, Judy Johnson, Noreen Marshall, Gail Stevens
SECOND ROW: Miss Minette, coach, Tana Clark, Lynda Jean Nicolson, Lorrie Wilson, Karen Barger, Sharon McHale, Cherie Kassiones, Susan Harvey

The Grasshockey Team started their practices in September this year. They had a very good season with Miss Minette and Mr. Finn coaching the team. The team won four games in the season. They participated in two tournaments, one at Salmon Arm and one at Vernon (for the finals). In these they lost to Salmon Arm and Winfield respectively.

Grasshockey is turning out more enthusiasts every year, and this year Kamloops High was able to produce a "B" Team also.
Ski Club
The Ski club, a relatively new club in K.S.S's extra curricular activities had a successful year under the sponsorship of Miss Ingledew.

The members took an eight week course at Mt. Tod under the instruction headed by Jim McConkey. During the final session, slalom races were held for those taking the course. Trophies were won by Sharon Fuoco and Don Youwe. The Ski Club is hoping that next year will be another active and successful year.

The executive were: Rick Beal President, Anne Menzies Secretary

Curling Club
A Winning Team: Enzo Timetzo, Kerth Collins, Janice Cavazzi, Susan Davis

The Curling Club got off to a "rocking" start under the co-sponsorship of Mr. Barker and Mr. Hay. The members practised on Tuesdays from 4-6 at the local rink. They participated in two bonspiels this year and won one. The Curling Club has indicated that they would like more members next year.

The executive is: President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer, David Rogers, Stewart Malcolm, Dianne Phillips, Jim French

Christine Ladbury and Ann Balf, Miss Allen (sponsor) Fred Wismer, Pat McGill

The Badminton Club this year was organized in September and was indeed a success. They sponsored a girl's and boy's singles' tournament after Easter, and the winners received a trophy at the Award's Day Assembly. The sponsor of the club was Miss Allen.

The executive was as follows:
President: Chris Ladbury
Vice President: Anne Balf
Executive Aid Committee: Bill Hepper, Pa t McGill, David Rogers
Sports Candids
Click for larger view
The Band
Click for larger view

Under the direction of Mr. Hosek, our 45 member school band has had another very successful year with plenty of concerts and plenty of honours. Its season began with the graduation exercises in September. In November it took part in the Remembrance Day Ceremonies at the Cenotaph and, assisted by the junior music classes, held a city-wide chocolate drive. In December, the month of Christmas, the band gave its traditional Christmas Concert.

After the Christmas holidays it played for a Scout Jamboree at the arena and in March it entertained many Kamloopsians with its Spring Concert. At this not only did the band play as a group but also individual students played solos, duets and so forth. Many of these students went on to win awards later in the year at the local music festival. After this the band needed money for trips, music and new uniforms so the band members did some house-to-house canvassing and downtown tagging to raise the necessary funds.

May was a busy month for the band with a grand total of four performances. They began with a performance for the convention of school board secretary-treasurers and then, on special request put on another spring concert. Because they had won in the local music festival, the next step was the Okanagan Music Festival at Vernon where they again carried the honours. This was followed by a trip to Castlegar to give another concert.

June is the month for outdoor concerts and the band gave three of these. They played at Tranquille, at Riverside Park and at the Provincial Home. All in all, the band has had a busy year for, as well as these performances it has given many minor ones ego at school assemblies through out the year.

The members of the band would like to thank Mr. Hosek for devoting his time and talent in order to mould a band of which our school is proud. Mr. Hosek's efforts are greatly appreciated.
FIRST ROW: Nita Jongschaap, Arline Oishi, Randy Murphy, (Editor) Brenda Ehlers, Liz Ottens
SECOND ROW: John Rogers, Mickey Smith, Margaret Ladbury, Margaret McLean. Mary Thomson. Lorrie Wilson, Lorraine Shaw, David Hemmingway, and David Woodbury.
Future Teachers
FIRST ROW: Lynn Mugford, John Stockwell, Marjory Humphery
SECOND ROW: Claudine Kirby, Prances Davis. Sharon Woodhouse, Marilyn Piller, Alice Kennedy, and Linda Ottley.
Left to Right:
FIRST ROW: Ada Paine, Barbara Loucks, Carol Smitt, Pat Phillip, Ka~en McLean, Sharon MeHall, Laurie Wilson, Vicki Phillon
SECOND ROW: Judy Harbridge, Moira Hays, Chris Ladbury, Sandra Connolly, Shirley Lampman, Mary Rose Coseo, Linda Martin, Brenda Blan­chard, Rosemary Laurance
THIRD ROW: Pat Blanchard, Carole Long, Sandi Taylor, Daphne Smith, Lynn Mugford, Jane Davis, Lynda Ottley Susan McDonald, Donneen Head, Lorraine Osborne

Y - Teens had a successful season under the sponsorship of Mrs. Elder and Mrs. Oak.

Regular activities which were carried on by Y - Teens throughout the year were babysitting at the Retarded Children's Boarding Home every Thursday after school, donating cookies to the home every week­end, helping at Tranquille every Tuesday night, and selling donuts every Thursday noon at K.S.S.

In October Y - Teens held their Initiation Party. Forty new members, dressed as Nursery Rhyme characters, were welcomed into the club.

Y - Teens won first prize of $15 for their float in the foot­ball Queen Contest.

In November, the Y - Teens Recognition Service was held and ini­tiated members became official Y - Teens.

December was a busy month. With the help of the school, Y - Teens collected sixteen large boxes of food in their hamper drive. Fifty-four dollars were raised by Y - Teens in their Penny Drive. This money was given to the World Service Division of the Y.W.C.A. A car rolling party was held during the Christmas holidays but it wasn't too successful due to the cold weather.

In January Y - Teens saw a film, heard guest speakers, and enjoyed a pizza party.

In February - Linda Ottley and Carole Long represented the Kam­loops Y - Teens at a conference in New Westminster.

The Y - Teens hope they have been of service to their community.

They would like to thank all students who helped them help others by contributing to their hamper and penny drives.

Photography Club
"I told you that you had the camera the wrong way!"

Mr. Gad - sponsor
Neil MacDonald
Kane Scott
Barry Hill-Tout
Sandy Gabrie
John Stockwell
Peter Fairchild
Ed Street
Glee Club
All rows left to right:
FIRST ROW: Kathy Baines, Judy Hughes, Corinne Black, Lorraine Shaw,
Gail Cruickshank, Donna Miller, Marilyn Osborne.
SECOND ROW: Judy Maki, Brenda Ehlers, Joanne Odynsky, Linda McKim, Laurel Osborne, Sandra Connley, Kathie Middleton.
THIRD ROW: Terry Clarkson, Terry MacDonald, Gwen Angell, Shirley Lampman, Ann Coates, Maureen Tilton, Diana Hay, Sherry Farnsworth.
FOURTH ROW: Shannon Pelky, Donna Stratton, Anne Grube, Anne Balf, Susan DeBeck, Teresa Bohn, Fran Bently, Trudy Nicol, Sheila Jones.
FIFTH ROW: John Rogers, Sandy Gabrey, Dave Stewart, Rod Young, Russell Noakes
SIXTH ROW: Neil Burton, John Kingsbury, Ray Nicol, John Stockwell, John McIver, Ricky Campbell.
Future Nurses Club
L to R
FIRST ROW: Valerie Moffat, Linda Ziebart, Carol Wilkinson, Judy Maki, Elaine Brown
SECOND ROW: Ronalie Wheeler, Sharon Fuoco, Daune Carlson, Liz Ottens, Sheila Johnson, Maureen Wilson, Nancy Evanski. Rosemary Lawrence
First Aid Club
Four who took the First Aid Test
Top: Pat Schoening, Mary Serviss
Bottom: Linda McKim.
Missing: Judy Edworthy

Some very remarkable and rapid recoveries occurred this year among the wounded and unconscious - reported the First Aid Club. This was particularly noticeable on their Thursday Afternoon meetings, they said!

The club, sponsored by Mr. Goodwin, took their St. John's Ambulance tests in February. They were tested on their knowledge of the functions and structures of the body and the skill with which they could bandage injuries and so on.
Coulee Dam Exchange
Brenda Ehlers and Margaret McLean
Randy Murphy and Brian Kipp
Dan Woodworth, Linda Wheeler, Janet Chapmen, and Jim Slaughter.
Orville Exchange
Niki Norberg and Fae Stroulger
David McKinley and John Rogers
Dan Shultz, Kay Walker, Kass Kernay, Charles Cox
Smile - You're on Candid Camera
Do you remember that day back in January when YOU were on TV? Those cameramen were in the halls and cafeteria - remember? Some lucky students were filmed during their Home Ec., Art, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry classes. Others made their TV debuts at a band or basketball practice. That film, made by CHAN TV, Vancouver, was shown in April. Since then it has been shown all over BC to campaign for more money for schools.
Click for larger view
Click for larger view
King and Queen of Kampus
Click for larger view
Annual Staff
Editors-in-chiefDiana Heron, Arlene Wright  Literary EditorsNancy Holman, Ross Fromhart
Business ManagerLundy Sanderson Activities EditorMarg Corbould
Personals EditorTom Legg Sports EditorsWynne Maynard, Frank Copithorne
Art EditorTed Parker AdvertisingJoan Corbould, Allan Young
AssistantsPat Corbould, Laura Cummings, Wineva Sanderson  PhotographyPhoto Club

Why is this Annual called the "Kampus"? Last year's Annual staff selected this name with the request that it would be used in years to come. Throughout the province each school's Annual is recognized by its traditional title. It is our hope that the Kamloops High School Annual will also be known by a definite name.

Another matter we may as well enlighten you on is the reason for the $1.00 tariff. Since its announcement there have been continual groans of anguish and mumblings of "robbery." In truth, each Annual, reflecting the price trend, costs $1.77. The extra 77c on each copy we have in turn extorted from our advertisers. Believe us when we say they took no more kindly to inflation than you. However, as we are sure your wages and allowances have increased in proportion to prices, you won't mind too much.

In conclusion; we invite you to criticize this Annual as acidly and destructively as you desire. Please don't worry about constructive criticism; it would come too late to be of use to us and those unknown editors of next year's Annual would probably ignore it. However, if you find your wrath uncontrollable and disturbing to your digestion, you might ask yourself this soothing question, "What have I done to make this a better Annual?"
Senior High Council
Vice-PresidentBILL OWENS
Social PresidentLILA BLACK
Boys' Sports Rep.WALTER HAMM
Girls' Sport Rep. PHYLLIS SLATER

ONCE more another year has rolled. around and it is time to prepare the school Annual. It is time not only to look back over the progress of the year but to look forward into the future.

The year is probably highlighted by the excellent backing that Dr. ' Hitschmanova and the "Adopt a Child Fund" have received. A new high was reached in athletics when the High School Basketball team won the B.C. Inter "B" championship. What better proof of a healthy school spirit could we have?

The overcrowding in the school has increased from last year and many activities which had become port of school, life have had to be dropped. New activities such as the showing of the ilm, "Stage Door Canteen" have been very successful.

Lack of accommodation is grim and may necessitate staggering of school hours and other inconveniences: both to the staff and students. With ingenuity and a keen school spirit the Kamloops High School activities can be carried on until the new school is ready with all its added possibilities.

May every success be yours.

Cym Williams
The Red Devils
Early in the autumn the would-be Intermediate "B" basketball team was approached by Mr. Wright with an offer to be sponsored by the High School. After much deliberation and the prospects of missing a few days of school travelling around the country, we decided to accept the offer. Then, under our able coach, Maury Hornsby and enthusiastic manager Chris Wright we began our practice routine.

Very soon we received our uniforms which were of the brightest red available. This inspired our present name, the Red Devils. Our first chance to prove our ability was the visit the Duke of Connaught boys spent in our city. This game resulted in the first victory the Red Devils had won with a visiting team. That night after a snack downstairs in the K.A.A., we were told by Mr. Wright that the "Dukes" had invited us to play a return game in New Westminster the following week. At Friday noon we set out for the Royal City in great spirits. After passing the time on the train the usual way, we pulled into New Westminster and were met by our billets. Saturday night we settled down to play a real game, and a real game it was. Baskets were made abundantly by both teams, and at half time the score ran, Dukes 14, K.H.S: 12. Running neck and neck the final score resulted in a 29 all tie. After the first five minutes of overtime the score was still unchanged. Then in the second five-minute overtime, the Dukes dealt their death blow with a 37-31 victory over the Red Devils.

The next exhibition game in the Inter “B” class was the game we played with Kelowna. These boys suffered a mishap and a few of their players were incapacitated. In the game they showed the effect of the accident and bowed to Kamloops to a 61-15 defeat.

News was announced of. a visit from the famous Vancouver Arrows "B" team. This had our boys worried a little. On a Saturday night we buckled down to show our style to this coast team. Vancouver led the play most of the night until Kamloops came through in the dying minutes of the game to pull a fast one to cool off the Arrows at 27 -26. On we went undefeated on our own floor.

Every Wednesday night the K.H.S. squad played in the city league. These games served to keep us in shape and practice. The Red Devils, although the youngest team in the league, beat all teams at one time or another. This showed that K.H.S. had the ability to play ball. The final outcome of the city league left us in a poor third position.

Next on our play card was the interior semi-finals. Kelowna was our first victim. After beating the supposedly classy Kelowna team at their Scout Hall in Kelowna, we looked forward to the next game with them with victory in our minds. This series ended in a 80-49 victory for the high riding Red Devils. The result of this game entitled us to play the tough Penticton team. After beating us in what greatly resembled a rugby match they came up to play a return game. We triumphed this time to the tune of 69-57. This last game gave us the Interior Championship. All that remained now was the talented young Ryerson United Inter "B" team.

From all accounts these boys were hot stuff having beaten the cream of the coast . The team settled down to three good nights of practice before meeting Ryerson in a two-game series. Friday night, Kamloops High used everything in the book on the Ryerson quintette to wallop them by a clean seventeen points. Saturday night, to an appreciative crowd, holding in memory the defeat of last year, the boys took up the battle to finish off our opposition. Not so, the Ryerson squad was out for blood. At half time, our seventeen-point lead had been chiseled to a seven-point lead. Down to the dressing room we went with long faces. Then our coach poured on the heat. This had a very significant effect on the rest of the game. In the second half we started to push 'em up. At the final gong we had copped the B.C. Championship at a '65-53 victory. That Saturday night
ended a notable year in the history of Kamloops Inter "B" Basketball. The huge cup we won finally found its way back to Kamloops after an absence of twenty years. We polished things off in great style and tucked away a swell dinner given by Sandy Sandiford .

So ended the season under our famous sponsor,"The Ole High School.” Let's carryon next year, K.H.S.
Junior High Assembly
Graduation Dance
"Eats" in Home-Ec Lab
Kam High
Grad Banquet

Round About
Click for larger view
The Merchant of Venice
Click for larger view

Kamloops High School presented "The Merchant of Venice" by William Shakespeare as their production of the year. After a delay because of the ban caused by the diphtheria scare, it was eventually produced under the able direction of Miss Carr on the nights of February 5 and 6 and the afternoon of February 3. The afternoon performance was for the student body. The beautiful costumes, the lighting and the scenery added the right atmosphere for the play. A great many students contributed their services to make the play such a success.
Members of the Cast:
AntonioGerald Duclos Prince of MoroccoRoy Cummings
SalarinoAlbert Eppler LauncelotGordon Ross
SalanioHadden Gregory Old GobboDoug Whyte
BassanioKen Klapstock LeonardoAllen Young
LorenzoHorace Fairman  JessicaBetty Slivorsky
GratianoIan Pyper BalthasarSheila Gillespie
Portia Shirley Fraser TubalBud Hannis
NerissaFrances Cameron SalerioVictor Newman
StephanoSybil Gilmour Duke of VeniceAllan Fry
ShylockMichael Morrison Clerk of the CourtImogene Durand
Lighting:Lundy Sanderson, George Wigley
Scenery: Ted Parker, Wineva Sanderson, Doreen Blankenship, Pat Corbould, Buddy Burgoyne, Jimmy Duthie.
Make-up:Miss Bradley, Shirley Hume, Bonnie Boyd, Carol MacGillivray, Marjorie Craker.
Music was supplied by the string section of the orchestra under the direction of Mr. A. N. McMurdo.

Click for larger view
Musical Notes
Click for larger view
Kampus Kapers
Click for larger view
Senior High Council

Ken Boyd
Mr. Lawrance
President's Message

As we close the books and settle all accounts at the end of another year, we pause to reflect upon the year's activities.

The financial and artistic success of our production, "The Merchant of Venice" is an evidence of the willing spirit of co-operation between the staff and student body. Assemblies, dances, and House plays were of a high calibre and the social organizers of the school should be given much credit.

In sports, K.H.S. was well represented at the New Westminster and Kelowna basketball tournaments, and in the badminton tournament at Haney.

The generous response to the week-long drive for the "Save the Children Fund" belies the oft heard remark regarding the selfishness of modern youth.

With the creation of the Good Citizenship Award this year, outstanding students shall no longer go without honor and recognition.

Best of luck to the graduating class.


Vicki Stevens

Ted Williams

Lorraine Tabbernor
Social President

Doreen Lamb
Girls' Athletic Pres.

Gordon McQuarrie
Boys' Athletic Pres.

Beverley Bessette

Girls' Graduating Class
Click for larger view
Boys' Graduating Class
Click for larger view
Annual Staff
From left - Back row - Tom Campbell, Gordon Wright, Don Munro, Mr Curtis.
Middle row - Des Howard, ??, Jim McGowan
Front row - Doreen Dick, Norah Corbould, John Wing, and Joan Bergiven
Annual Staff
From left - Back row - Tom Campbell, Gordon Wright, Don Munro, Mr Curtis.
Middle row - Des Howard, ??, Jim McGowan
Front row - Doreen Dick, Norah Corbould, John Wing, and Joan Bergiven
Click for larger view
Click for larger view

Back Row: Ralph Walker, Mickie Macdonald, George Ellis, George Scoott, Clarence Austin, Stuart Harper, Marm Turnstall, Lynn Herchmer

Second Row: Maud Batchelor, Lillian Dundas, Bessie Manson, Dorothy McLean, Grace Penzer, Ethel McCannell, Reta Macdonald, Maggie Smith, Nellie Klemmer, Zellah Slavin.

Center (Second Row): Annie Howell and Jessie Macdonald

Third Row: A.F. Matthews (principal), William Carment, Elsie Howell, Beatrice Vicars, Ethel Whitmore, Elwell Walker, Mr. Logan (assistant principal)

Sitting: Ethel Austin, Annie Noble
Click for larger view
Davie Fulton and M. L. Wade
M.L. Wade and Eleanor (Carson) Serviss (?)
Reg Fuoco and Jack Davis
Alex McKay, Des Verma, Davie Fulton, Gordon Lloyd
Alex McKay, Ed Tait, Reg Fuoco
Des Verma, Alex McKay, and Nelson Riis
Alex McKay, Des Verma, and Davie Fulton
Dick Dickens
Claude Richmond and M.L. Wade
Joan and John Brown
Ray Zacharias and Alex McKay
Bill (Butch) Wood and Don Sandner
Jack Davis and ?
Pat (Brighton) Lawrence and spouse
Clara Kirkham (Ma), Doug Francis
Dreena (Clow) and Robert Bobrowich
Alex McKay and wife
Roy Hyslop
Lynn Rutherford
Des Verma and Elmo Marshall
Bill Crawford
Dreena (Clow) Bobrowich, Alison MacLean and Bob Bobrowich
John Thomas
Brian McMorran
Jack and Diane (Bond) Buckham
Pirates of Penzance
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Front row, left to right: Jolly Carson, ?, Peggy Nichol, Jean Archibald, Bessie Slck, Irene Cooper, ?, Dean Fisher, Phyllis Rees, Jane Irwin, Muriel McPherson, Bessie Laroque, Maragaret Moncrieff, Muriel McDiarmid, Margaret McDonald

Second Row: Earl Klinck, Mingay Killen, Doug Carson, ?, ?, Frank Potter, Jane Service, Dorthy Wodlinger, Mrs. Potter, Larry Parlow, ?, John Hannah, ?, John McMurdo

Policemen: Jim McMillan, Bill (Bud) McMillan, ?...
Three Nights at the Opera
Creating Frederick
The Major-General's Daughters
Mr. and Mrs. Potter
The Scourge of the Seven Seas
Mabel and Frederick
"Ain't Life Great!"
"Ruth" Rees
"Major-General" Fisher
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Those Whom We May Thank For "The Pirates of Penzance"

Here’s one time you have me, editors. I have been asked to give an account of the producing of the Operetta “Pirates of Penzance”, which, you all know, was presented by members of the K.S.H.S. If I could remember half the incidents which occurred during rehearsals, it would fill volumes – (so I won’t remember). As one of those who took part, I shall try to give an account from the cast’s point of view.

Tryouts took place about the middle of January, the first rehearsal being on January 21st, and the final performance on February 25th (in the course of such a time three monocles met their fate. A-men).

At this point I should like to thank Miss Lawrence for allowing members to practice in her classroom.

Saturday afternoon rehearsal was always welcomed by the cast, not just because of refreshments, McE., but for the programme broadcasts from Kelowna, giving complete records of the operetta as sung by the D’Oyle Carte Opera Co., and also because of criticism of our work by Miss Harrison, Miss Harman and Miss Lindsay, which were certainly appreciated by all.

Our Saturday afternoon rehearsals were divided into three separate periods: first act, refreshments, and second act. You all know about the first and second acts but you don’t know about the refreshments.

Mr. Potter had an entirely new experiment to try out regarding tea-time etiquette.

OBJECT: To examine the properties of a new compound, operacast before, during and after action of “pleasant-smelling” liquids and foods.

PROCEDURE: Boil water over gas jet, add tea, --(enough to fill one operacast). Fill small glass beakers to almost brim with liquid, adding lactic fluid and C12H22O11 (milk and sugar to you scientists of 11A) to taste. Mix well with stirring rod. Drink.

Catalysts:- sandwiches and cake. (supplied by members of cast under convenor, M. Macdonald).

OBSERVATION: Compound has strong affinity for catalysts. After a brief spell, the compound takes on a contented appearance (necessary to use Carnation milk for this experiment).

CONCLUSION: Vocal chords are much “sweeter” for second act.

The cast was invited to give a few numbers at club meetings of The Gyros and Rotarians, after which refreshments were served. Mr. Lackey very kindly invited all members of the cast to the matinee performance of “You Can’t Take It With You”, which, I am sure, was thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Mr. and Mrs. Potter are certainly to be congratulated on their patience and good nature during all rehearsals. No harsh words were spoken as they were not all together necessary. We were allowed to dance while waiting for rehearsals to begin and I think that helped put us all into the “swingy” spirit of the Operetta.

As for the members of the cast, you can take it from me, there isn’t a finer bunch to work with than they.

Applied Art
The most interesting place to be opera night is behind scenes. We arrived at school early—six o’clock in fact, --for “making up” takes time. After six the “powder-and-puff” room was in a continual bustle until the pirates went on the stage at eight-fifteen. Those taking part came as soon as they could (which wasn’t very early, sometimes). They took off their coats and hats and we started.

Some girls preferred to put their own make-up on and we really didn’t blame them. Others were more trusting. The girls were finished long before the boys because they were easier to do. My! what a fine group of scarlet cheeked lasses they were!

The boys took longer. It seems queer, but they didn’t seem to like the cold cream—said it was too cold! Nor did they like our finished product – bronzed faces with crimson lips and cheeks. Yes, they had rouge and lipstick on. To counteract this, they grabbed the adhesive tape, the crimson and the black lining pencil and proceeded to decorate themselves. “Scars” were popular – tape was even more so. Two boys even sported black eyes – artificial, of course. Hairy chests were penciled in and a “policeman” artist set to work to fill up the vacant spaces.

Costumes donned, back they came to the make-up room to take advantage of the numerous mirrors. If anyone tells you girls are vainer than boys, don’t believe them. Some pirates seem to have taken options on the mirrors, straightening out this and that scar—trying to break the mirror with terrible faces.

And Ruth, who entered our “dungeon” a pretty young girl, emerged with crow’s feet, a wrinkled face and grey hair. Miss Reid decorated several boys with moustaches, --the Pirate King with a fierce black article, the Police Chief with a long droopy ditto and Frederick with a misplaced eyebrow affair.

By eight, everyone was ready except the policemen. They were more easily satisfied than the pirates. All they asked is that they be made to look tough!

At last Mr. Potter came to tell the pirates to go on to the stage. In a few minutes everything was quiet. The doors to the auditorium were closed but we had to tiptoe, for any loud noise could be heard there. Every time the players came off the stage, they were enthusiastic about their audience. Clapping could be heard through the doors every once in a while.

Then came intermission and the make-up room once again became crowded with people renewing their make-up. Several pirates had to be changed into policemen but that was done quickly. Again the girls trouped on the stage and there was silence.

We heard a great clapping. The curtain must have been drawn many times. The costumes came off and our room was crowded with boys and girls eager to have their complexions removed. Cold cream disappeared. Two pounds of it went in three nights! The alcohol for removing false hair was misplaced the first night and the crepe hair had to be pulled off with the cream. But off it came. Half an hour after the final curtain had been drawn all our work had disappeared.

We had a wonderful time backstage and we are sure we had just as good a time as those on stage.
Graduating Commercials
Girls' Basketball
Girls’ basketball enjoyed a prosperous season through 1938-39 and topped their success by capturing the cup and championship at the basketball tournament. The girls did not win the city league championship this year, but were leading the loop for most of the season.

The squad was well balanced; experienced and inexperienced were well moulded in a fast, high-scoring quintette, paced by Betty Hoover and Lucille Wright on the attack, Dorothy Burrows and Kay Boss on the rear guard.

Coach Webb has developed the weaker members of the squad, until it has reached its present well balanced power. With a tight defense and plenty of basket-getters on the front line, the team was high in the city league ratings until the play-offs. The jinx then settled on the gals, and did not leave them until the tournament when the ladies played some of the best basketball seen in these here parts in many a season. They swept through all opposition, easily collecting 40 points in two games and dropping but six. Two players were added to the team for the tournament, but the extras were Muriel Watters and Jean MacEwan.

Coach:Miss Webb
Forwards:Betty Hoover (capt.)
Lucille Wright
Peggy Nicol
Centres:Joan Hoover
Viola Neil
Guards:Doreen Burrows
Marion Ellis
Marjorie Robillard
Kay Boss

Boys' Basketball
Although failing to maintain the high standard of the 1938 team, this year’s basketball squad turned in a creditable performance, considering that nearly all the players were introduced to the game only this year. With but two men who had played before, the red and blacks made up for their inexperience with speed and spirit. The boys ended up in the city league cellar, but never did they loose by never more than half a dozen points, and on several occasions, downed the haughty senior teams.

Under the coaching of Mr. Ellis, and under the captaincy of Harry Smith, the boys soon learned to heave the melon with surprising finesse. Attendance at practices was nearly one hundred percent, and this is one reason why the lads soon developed into capable basketeers.

The team had to play older, heavier and (at times) better opposition, yeah! Speed was in favour of the scholars and they outran every team in the league. The squad was about the equal of other teams in regard to height. In length, the boys rand from Allen Corbin, who towers 5’5” to Lawrence Harling, a mere lad of six feet three inches. One wag reflects that Harling is so tall that he has snow on his hat all the year round.

Near the beginning of the season, the K. A. A.’s doors were opened to students, admission being nil. The home-work harassed turned out en masse to support the team and though the boys didn’t win, they came close enough to hand the customers a thrill.

Meet the boys:
Coach:Mr. Ellis
Forwards:Harry Smith(capt.)
Lawrence Harling
Allen Corbin
Norman Wasylkow
Centres:Jack Mathieson
Bill Haggerty
Guards:Russell Burtnick
Frank Aldworth
John McElroy

Hockey Team
Hockey had a bumper season in the 1938-1939 among High School stick-weilders, for never before had there been such enthusiasm and skill demonstrated as in the past season. The school even entered a team in the Senior City League, and up until their last game, the boys were loop leaders.

Saturday morning games attracted puck-chasers from every room in the school and gave the less-skilled players an opportunity to play. Then, too, there was a junior league, with three games being played every week. Some of the better players were also enlisted on all-star teams representing Kamloops in the midget, junior and senior divisions.

The High School’s entry in the senior league was made only after one of the teams had to drop out. The scholars surprised everyone, however, as they swept to two straight victories over older, heavier and more experienced opposition. The students had but two advantages: more speed, and more fight.

In the last two games, the boys weren’t able to gather any more points, but they lost both games by close margins and were always in there giving everything for ye olde alma mater. Here is their record:
1st game:High School - - 5Hudson’s Bay - - 4
2nd game:High School - - 3Esquires - - 1
3rd game:Mercantile - - 7High School - - 4
4th game:Hudson’s Bay - - 4High School - - 2

The Team
Goal:Harry Smith (capt.)
Defense:Stewart Peterson, Lawrence Harling, Lloyd Whiteman, Frank Aldworth
Forwards:Jim Baird, Earl Klinck, Ed O’Connor, Warren Peterson, Dick Neil, George Marriott, Norman McDonald

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