1967 - 1968 Candid Photos

The 67-68 A.C.C. organized a successful carnival which was held in our gymnasium on May 11, 1968. School clubs and organizations created a vaiety of fun-filled booths which provided temendous entertainment for everyone.
Christmas Prom
Exchange Students
In the fall these four students from Chelan spent one week at Kam High.

Randy Corn, Doris Lucas, Steve Sachenreuter, Len Townsend (Rotary Sponsor)
In the fall these four students from K.S.S. spent one week in Chelan Washington

Susan Rogers, Megan Suffredine, Lee Hartney, Ross Kipp
Grade 10 Initiation
Graduation Dance
Grand March
Inter School Dance
King and Queen of the Kampus
We think the sign is great
This year the graduating class refrained from extensive paint jobs about the city but left a rather more forceful mark on Mt. Paul. The white limed letters "68 KSS GRAD" are about forty feet high and was no fly-by-night operation. Three students started the operation three weeks prior and planned it down to the last inch.

First they made scale drawings and them mapped out the letters. Finally on the night of Saturday June 8th about twenty boys packed 50 pound bags of lime up the mountain. At 10:30 the boys returned to town with mission accomplished.
It's alright, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow!
Daddy, they're playing our song.
Hurry! The storm's comin' fast!
But they said Batman never came on Sundays!
It's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.
They said there'd be days like today!
I'm sure my waist isn't that large!
Someone hand me a tomato!
I want to play my drum, pa-pa-pum-pum, rum pa-pa-pum!!
O.K. Snoopy, where are ya'?
I dare you to come and get her!!
Let's see: That's a c-a-t or is it a k-a-t? Hmmm!!
Sadie Hawkins Dance
West Side Story

The production Westside Story displayed a limitless scope of talent among our faculty and students. It is thought to be the greatest achievement in the dramatic arts in the Kamloops area.

Mr. Kerr, the producer and director, was the moving force behind the play's success. His talent, his drive for perfection manifested themselves in this truly fantastic production.

This play involved choreography and song. James Colistro, a former K.S.S. student now a successful New York choreographer, instructed the actors in their movement and Mrs. W. Owen excellently directed the difficult song routines.

Christine Philion and Connie Glover displayed remarkable ability in choreography. Brian Long, long recognized as a talented actor scored another success. And Mr. J. D. Howard, relatively unknown in the field of acting, excellently portrayed the na´ve pharmacist ("villiage idiot").

The production displays two segments of lower class society of the big city. These segments are of different color and culture and we are able to gain insight into the origin of some racial problems. The play is a modern version of Romeo and Juliet and it shows the difficulties of young lovers of different cultures. It is a moving story ending tragically in death. Throughout the play we felt the inevitability of the tragedy and we can recognize the need for understanding among men. And before we reach understanding we must learn to tolerate the differences between men. Let us hope this wonderful play has helped us to realize this need.
Woodwork Crew