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1963 - 1964 Candid Photos
Candid Photos
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But I've gotta pass
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You have not got any film!
First three check IT; Next two file IT; The rest star at IT.
All alone am IHow come some guys rate two
My hasn't he got pretty toes
(pretty toes Van Dyke)
But it's in her somewhere
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Sadie Hawkins
Fulton House deserves credit for sponsoring one of the best dances of the year. The theme "Sadie Hawkins" was well carried out with pictures of the appropriate "Dog Patch" characters, drawn by Jack Surline, on the cafe walls. The hilight of the dance was presentation of 1arge red "K's" to the four exchange students from Coulee Dam, Wash.
King and Queen of the Campus
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Queen: Janine Pepper, King: John Oldham
Inter-School Dance
April 24th was the date of the big Inter-School Dance with North Kamloops. This Dance was sponsored by Fee House and had for its theme "Hats". The cafeteria was decorated with pink and white streamers, balloons and hats of many shapes and forms. Music was supplied by the Volcanoes and a floor show by the students added the extra spice to make the dance most enjoyable for those who attended.
Get Acquainted Dance
October 18th was the date for the Student Council "Get Acquainted Dance". The purpose of the dance was to let the new students acquainted. The cafe was decorated with streamers of school colors – red, black and white with crest from K.S.S. and John Peterson on the walls.

The Dance was a tremendous success with one of the largest turnout our school dances have had. Music was well supplied by the Spartans.
Davis House Dance
With the "Beatles" making such a big hit. Davis House was prompted to a "Beatle” Dance on Feb. 1. The cafeteria was attractively decorated with miles of black and white streamers and the usual “Beatles", guitars, etc. on the walls. The Coachman provided the entertainment for the dance and the Spartans made a hit with their "Beatle" numbers.
Dance Anyone?
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Christmas Prom
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The Christmas Prom, one of the biggest social events of the year, was held on December 20th. The gym was extravagantly decorated with miles of white streamers, many colored balloons a large brightly lit tree and huge cedar wreaths tied with large red bows. The lighting added the final touches to make the Prom "perfect" All students who attended agreed that it was the best way to begin their Christmas vacation.
News Flash: Dorm Exposed!
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Kampus News Front
If someone walked up to you and pulled out a gun, what your reaction be?
Challenge Cup Games
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Caught at last!
Bob Simons gives Mrs. Dundon a nickel so that he can stand in Mr. Howard's door way. Mr. Howard witnesses the transaction. Was it worth it Bob?
Dan Cadden passes Co. 34 at Easter much to Mr. Thomas' disgust.
"Come on! Ringo"
Janice Zingrich beats out a tune with the other "Red Ants"
Mr. McMillan and Gordon Honey read P.A. announcements.
K.S.S. Gets Ookpik
The new national symbol for Canada has stolen the hearts of many people and this is no less the fact at KSS. Here Carol Fowlie and Ken Steel become acquainted with the Ookpik which the Honourable Arthur Laing (The Minister of Northern Affairs) presented to the school.

To another Arctic Owl, the little fellow probably rates no more than a hoot of derision. He can't fly (he has no wings). He's got seal fur where his pin feathers should be. And those Donald Duck feet would have trouble clinging to a tree stump on a windless day. In fact he is the only stuffed, seal­skinned, flat-footed owl extant. But, in recent weeks the Ookpik has received highly profitable publicity for Canada's export trade.

Ookpik's spectacular flight to fame and fortune was launched by the Federal Government. Designed by a 54-year-old Eskimo widow in Fort Chimo, on Ungava bay, Ookpik went to Philadelphia last November as mascot of a Canadian trade fair and won the hearts of all he met. Trade officials happily took orders under the impression that an Ookpik­filled warehouse existed back in Ottawa. By then, the Ookpik craze was in full flower.

The Department of Northern Affairs awarded contracts to two toy companies to produce Ookpiks in assorted sizes. Ookpik's home, the Fort Chimo co-operative, gets royalties of 10 per-cent on all sales. Negotiations are under way for Ookpik jewelry wallpaper and sweaters. Already he has been the subject of a question in the House of Commons ("Is he protected?") the star of a TV show and guest of honor at a dinner, 'er Ookpiknik, given by the National Men's Press Club.
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